I have spoken at many UK conferences, and more recently one in Indonesia about both the technical and creative aspects of SEO. I am keen to do more, so if you are running an event please drop me a message!

DMSS 2019

In November 2019 I flew out to Bali to give a technical talk on ‘advanced uses of Screaming Frog’.

11 Advanced Uses of Screaming Frog Nov 2019 DMSS from Oliver Brett

BrightonSEO 2019

I spoke at April’s BrightonSEO about ‘how to make fake news for links’, which was basically a run-through of all the slightly less serious link-bait/PR stunt projects I’ve been a part of. I also gave this talk at SearchLeeds in the same year.

How To Make Fake News for Links from Oliver Brett
I also did this one at SearchLeeds 2019 and the lovely folk at Edit filmed it… so if you want to watch me, you can do so here:

(Don’t you hate the sound of your own voice?)

SearchLeeds 2018

I filled the boots of a last minute drop out on the technical stage and spoke about the importance of 3rd party user testing, UX reviews, and Lord of the Rings memes.

OHGMCon 2018

Didn’t happen. 

Creative Duck 2018

The Creative Duck are a collective of dynamic small business owners, and they asked Screaming Frog to pop down the road and explain what SEO was. I wrote about it here.