‘I’d rather have HIV than diabetes’: Doctor says people can live with the virus – but type 2 diabetes reduces life expectancy by 10 years Are oranges and grapes key to fighting the flab? Two compounds ‘could help beat obesity, diabetes AND heart disease’ Artificial sweeteners WON’T help you lose weight: Long-term use of the alternative sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease Breakfast sets you up for the day…and your LIFE: Missing morning meals increases risk of diabetes and obesity later in life Britain’s diabetes epidemic is fuelling a record 160 amputations a week, figures reveal and rising obesity is behind the trend Chemicals in shampoo, toys and floorboards may ‘raise your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and be toxic to your liver’ Chemicals used to make cash register receipts could raise the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer Child obesity ‘is triggered in the womb’: Women who suffer temporary form of diabetes in pregnancy have babies that gain weight early in life Could a FAT transplant combat obesity and prevent diabetes? Could eating blueberries add years to your life? A daily bowl could protect against obesity, heart disease and diabetes Diabetes cases to soar by 700,000 as obesity epidemic takes its toll Diabetes medicines now cost the NHS more than £1BILLION a year as Britain’s obesity epidemic continues to soar Diabetes ‘threatens to bankrupt NHS’: Treating obesity-linked illness already costs £10billion a year Diabetic? Blame your ANCESTORS: Poor diets generations ago can increase relatives’ risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes today, study reveals Diet drinks are NOT healthier: Artificial sweeteners still cause diabetes and obesity, study finds Drink milk for breakfast! A glass every day with toast or cereal could keep diabetes and obesity at bay, scientist claims Eat SALMON for good gut health: Omega-3 boosts the diversity of the microbiome to ward off diabetes, obesity and Crohn’s disease Expectant mothers who sleep less than 6.25 hours a night face nearly TRIPLE the risk of pregnancy-related diabetes – elevating obesity risk for them and their baby Fat can PROTECT you against obesity and diabetes, improving blood sugar control and metabolism, study finds Feeling hungry or full is down to our BONES: A hormone they produce affects how we metabolise sugar and fat – and the discovery may help in the fight against diabetes and obesity ‘Fizzy drinks are the new smoking’: All cans and bottles should carry labels warning that sugar causes obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, politician claims Good gut bacteria could provide new treatment for obesity and diabetes How too MUCH sleep can make you ill: People who get more than 10 hours a night have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity How your friends ARE good for your health: Sociable people ‘have more diverse gut bacteria, lowering the risk of obesity and diabetes’ Is BARLEY the latest superfood? Grain reduces appetite and blood sugar levels – ‘helping prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease’ Is it possible to catch diabetes? It sounds absurd, but that’s what a reputable new study suggests. And it may be that other ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as joint pain and even obesity are contagious, too Just an hour or less of resistance exercise a week reduces your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity by 29% Lack of sleep for even a few NIGHTS ‘may raise the risk of diabetes and obesity’ Life expectancy among women has stalled due to a ‘rise in obesity, physical inactivity and diabetes’ not austerity, report finds Looking forward to your Saturday lie-in? Careful, it may be a health hazard: Changes in sleep pattern between work days and weekend can raise chance of obesity and diabetes Losing just 30 minutes of sleep a day could lead to life-shortening obesity and type-2 diabetes Low-calorie sweeteners found in diet drinks RAISE the risk of obesity and diabetes by affecting how the body processes sugar More than 500 children now have type 2 diabetes: Shocking toll of obesity means some young as NINE have been diagnosed More than seven million face heart disease, diabetes and cancer within the next 20 years due to growing levels of obesity Most parents feed their babies solid food before six months – raising their risk of obesity and diabetes ‘My diet is 82% FAT and I’ve never been healthier’, dietitian claims – as research shows it’s carbs that fuelling the obesity and diabetes epidemic Now you can enjoy a guilt-free Diet Coke break: Artificial sweeteners ‘do not raise obesity and diabetes risk’ Obesity and diabetes cause around 800,000 cancers a year, with women being nearly twice as likely to suffer as men, according to the first study of its kind Obesity and diabetes may lead to Alzheimer’s by wearing down the LIVER, finds study Obesity crisis driving up liver disease cases: Patients with type 2 diabetes DOUBLE their risk of the condition Obesity crisis sends diabetes rate soaring among under-40s: Number being diagnosed with type 2 up six-fold in 20 years Obesity will kill you far earlier than cigarettes, diabetes, or hypertension, study warns Parents are giving babies solid foods too early – raising their risk of obesity and diabetes, warn experts Pregnant women who eat fast food every day are putting ‘THREE generations at risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes’ Pregnant women with obesity and diabetes are six times more likely to have children with ADHD, study finds Quarter of heart failure patients now have diabetes: Experts warn rising rates of obesity means illness is reaching ‘epidemic’ levels Rates of new US diabetes cases fall again as obesity rises: Federal data show a remarkable drop over 10 years – but officials warn there’s a catch Record four million in the UK have diabetes: 90% of sufferers have obesity-related Type 2 variant Single injection could cure both obesity AND type 2 diabetes without any side effects, study finds ‘Single session’ of shisha is worse than a WHOLE packet of cigarettes: Trendy hookah smoke is linked to diabetes and obesity in a major study Sleep disorder already linked to obesity and diabetes ‘can double risk of fatal cancer’ Soaring obesity levels mean NHS is now spending 8% of its entire medicines bill treating diabetes Sugary sports drinks ‘raise the risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay’ The Government’s carb-heavy healthy eating guide could be CAUSING obesity and type 2 diabetes, nutritionist claims The ‘magic pill’ to prevent obesity, diabetes and lower your risk of cancer? Just WALK for 30 minutes each day, expert reveals The trendy juice-only crash diets that are ruining women’s health: Weight-loss fad loved by thousands can cause diabetes, tooth decay and even obesity The video Coca-Cola DOESN’T want you to see: Re-make of iconic 1971 ad stars patients with diabetes, obesity and missing teeth blamed on years of glugging sugary drinks The world now has a sweet tooth: Soaring sales of soft drinks and more sugar in foods is contributing to a ‘growing crisis in obesity, diabetes and heart disease’ Toll of Britain’s obesity epidemic exposed as diabetes prescriptions soar by 50 per cent in six years Toll of rising obesity laid bare: NHS prescriptions for diabetes drugs DOUBLES to 50 million in 10 years Why MANGO really is a ‘superfood’: Tropical fruit ‘helps to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes’ Why WHEN you eat is just ‘as important as what’: Irregular meal patterns linked to greater risk of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes World is facing ‘unrelenting march’ of diabetes: Soaring obesity sees number of people with the deadly disease QUADRUPLE to 422 million in 35 years 135 diabetes amputations every week: Obesity blamed for 17% rise in operations A blow out breakfast, ‘average’ lunch and small dinner is the best weight-loss combination for those suffering from diabetes or obesity, study finds A third of adults have ‘borderline’ diabetes – but most don’t know: Rising tide of obesity means number who have ‘prediabetes’ has trebled since 2006 ADHD drugs may fuel obesity in children: Study finds commonly-prescribed antipsychotic pills derail metabolism in teens and raise their diabetes risk £1m an hour ‘lottery’ of NHS diabetes care: Thousands face complications including blindness, strokes and even death because of ‘shocking’ variations in treatment 1 in 3 adults are on the brink of diabetes but 90% of them don’t know they’re at risk – are YOU one of them? We reveal the signs to watch out for… 20p tax on fizzy drinks ‘would slash disease rates’: Thousands of children could be saved from cancer, diabetes and heart disease in later life by new levy 24,000 with diabetes ‘are dying needlessly’: Fewer than half of patients get vital checks, say MPs 35-inch waist triples female diabetes risk… And for men, 40 inches raises risk by FIVE times 7p tax on a can of Coke ‘would save NHS £300m’: Levy would help to cut diabetes cases by 50,000 and strokes and heart disease by 33,000 over 20 years A cheap 1p diabetes pill can stop heart attacks and strokes and save the NHS billions each year in looking for new treatments, says British researchers A cup of Earl Grey to keep the doctor away: Fruit extract can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and prevent diabetes A cure for diabetes: Crash diet can REVERSE Type 2 in three months… and Isobel and Tony are living proof that you CAN stop the killer disease A few minutes of light exercise, rather than a sweaty gym workout, is all that is needed to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests A moment on the lips…! Swapping just one soda for water is a ‘game changer’ for cutting your risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease A varied diet CAN prevent diabetes – but eating healthy is more expensive, say experts as they call for government help A weekend lie-in ‘can raise risk of diabetes’: Moderate changes to the time you get up can reduce levels of compound that lowers blood sugar Alzheimer’s breakthrough as diabetes drugs can REDUCE the severity of the memory loss caused by the disorder Amazon’s Alexa will be used as a ‘virtual medical coach’ to monitor patients with diabetes, asthma or depression in their own homes America has the HIGHEST rate of diabetes in the developing world – while the UK, Australia and Lithuania are among those nations with the lowest rates of the condition An early or late menopause can raise the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25% An end to insulin shots? Diabetes patients could take a pill containing tiny NEEDLES that inject insulin in the stomach when it dissolves, study says Another bad night? People who struggle to sleep six times more likely to develop diabetes Another benefit of the fasting diet: Now doctors say 5 days of 770 calories could REVERSE diabetes Another reason not to put off that diet! Losing even a FEW pounds has a dramatic effect on your joints and risk of diabetes, says leading doctor Are chemicals in food packaging making children fat? Experts warn they expand waistlines and increase the risk of diabetes Are GERMS to blame for type 1 diabetes? Discovery that bacteria ‘destroys insulin-producing cells’ raises hopes of a cure Are the BCG vaccines a solution to type 1 diabetes? Patients’ blood sugars drop to near-normal levels three years after the jabs Are YOU apple shaped? Beware! Study reveals body shape – not dress size – determines your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes Are YOU at risk of type 2 diabetes? Simple blood test could identify those most likely to get disease 10 YEARS before it strikes Are YOU at risk of type 2 diabetes? Take this test to find out… Army veteran, 31, may become the FIRST person in the world to be ‘cured’ of type 1 diabetes: Diet and exercise regime and a rare gene have all kick-started insulin-producing cells in his pancreas As ‘nature’s multivitamin’ eggs should be prescribed for everything from diabetes to memory loss, study claims Ask Dr Ellie: Did diabetes take my sense of smell? ASK THE DOCTOR: Could stress have given me diabetes? Ask the Doctor: Will my son’s children inherit his diabetes? ASK THE GP: I lost my sense of smell from a diabetes drug. What can I do? Dr Martin Scurr answers your health questions Ask the pharmacist: Is there a best time to take my diabetes medication? Asparagus is latest weapon in the fight against diabetes as study reveals it controls blood sugar Avocado could be doing wonders for our waistlines and diabetes risk – but not if we eat it on toast, study says Baby boomers are at risk of heart disease and diabetes as a ‘staggering’ 8 in 10 have too much fat around their waists Backpacker who thought her numb toes and hair loss were the result of hiking and swimming as she globe-trotted had undiagnosed diabetes – and could have DIED during her trip Banish BMI! Measuring waist-to-height ratio with a piece of STRING is ‘a better indication of heart disease, stroke and diabetes’ Bed rest during pregnancy could harm your baby: ‘Putting your feet up increases risk of blood clots, diabetes, depression and having a smaller newborn,’ warn experts Beer is GOOD for you! Compounds in the beverage can prevent a host of conditions including diabetes Being fat and having type 2 diabetes ‘more than DOUBLES the chances of liver cancer’ Believing in God could help combat diabetes, controversial new research suggests Binge drinking raises a woman’s chance of type 2 diabetes: But there’s no increased risk for men Blackcurrants may lower diabetes risk: ‘Antioxidants in the fruit affect how the body breaks down carbohydrates and sugars’ Blood pressure drugs could DOUBLE the risk of leg amputation in patients with type 2 diabetes Both types of diabetes could be CURED by a daily probiotic pill that ‘rewires’ the body, scientists claim Breakthrough for diabetes treatment as it emerges immune system drug can delay onset of the illness Breakthrough twice-a-day weight-loss pill ‘reduces the risk of diabetes by a FIFTH’, landmark trial finds Camera that stops diabetes patients from losing a foot: New device that checks for ‘hot spots’ could spot dangerous ulcers before they develop Can car exhaust fumes cause dementia? Asthma. Heart attacks. Cancer. Even diabetes. Why experts fear traffic pollution may be linked to a list of health problems Can putting a metal tube inside your gut reverse diabetes? A new form of weight-loss has slashed Julie’s need for insulin jabs ‘Can the fasting diet reduce my weight and ease my diabetes?’ Our expert explains why dieting is essential for overweight patients to protect their future health Can these goggles STOP you getting diabetes? Light-emitting glasses could control blood sugar levels Cancer, heart disease and diabetes could soon be diagnosed using a simple spit test Cancer. Asthma. Diabetes. These are just some of the diseases that could be detected from your FINGERPRINT Cannabis tied to serious type 1 diabetes complications, study finds Can’t pee straight? Now there’s a device which improves men’s aim AND helps detect prostate cancer and diabetes Chemical in sugar may cause diabetes by derailing metabolism, study finds Chemicals in medicines, food packaging and toys increase men’s risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure Children who skip breakfast ‘more likely to suffer diabetes’: Youngsters who don’t eat morning meal more likely to be insulin resistant Children whose mothers developed diabetes while pregnant are nearly TWICE as likely to suffer from the condition Coffee reduces risk of diabetes: Increasing intake by 1.5cups each day can cut chances of developing condition by 11% Common diabetes drug may help combat ovarian cancer by slowing tumour growth Common diabetes drug may work by changing gut bacteria, study finds Common diabetes drug metformin could cause thyroid and heart problems, experts warn Common painkiller ‘could help prevent premature ageing’: Ibuprofen can help diabetes and dementia patients from growing old before their time Commuting just 10 miles to work each day ‘increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer’ Contracting Mono when you are young makes you more susceptible to arthritis, diabetes, celiac and other autoimmune diseases in later life Controversial CRISPR gene-editing could replace daily insulin injections in diabetes patients Could a cheap drug PREVENT type 1 diabetes? ‘At risk’ children will be given common treatment for disease to see if it stops it developing Could a fry-up be good for you? Scientists discover that eating a big breakfast prevents diabetes and high blood pressure Could a key ingredient in tequila help weight loss and fight diabetes? Scientists discover the agave plant could be turned into a sweetener Could a liquid diet reverse diabetes? It ‘could transform treatment and provide a drug-free way of treating the condition’ Could diabetes be triggered by a virus? Alert as scientists identify pathogens that could derail insulin in the body Could diabetes trigger DEMENTIA? People with type 2 suffer ‘memory loss and declining decision-making skills’ Could eating cheese give you diabetes? Research suggests too much of certain foods can make the body unhealthily acidic Could enjoying a nap KILL you? Sleeping for more than an hour during the day ‘increases the risk of diabetes by nearly half’ Could five cups of coffee a day help you live longer? Drink found to reduce chance of heart disease, Parkinson’s and Type 2 diabetes thanks to compound in the beans Could going low-carb help you fight off diabetes? The usual advice for Type 2 is to eat plenty. But now a number of patients and doctors are leading a growing rebellion Could pigs cure diabetes? Transplanting insulin-producing cells to from animals to humans could remove the need for jabs within three years Could probiotics prevent DIABETES? Gut bacteria imbalance ‘triggers type 2 disease’ Could STRESS give you diabetes? It’s not just the overweight who are at risk, doctors warn Could THIS be a cure for diabetes? New drug ‘cocktail’ may boost insulin production by 40-fold, study claims Could this be the end of daily injections for people with Type 1 diabetes? ‘Game-changing’ treatment restores production of insulin Could this diabetes drug help beat cocaine addiction? Medication ‘curbs dependence by targeting brain’s reward center’ Could this end organ rejection? Breakthrough shows a discarded diabetes drug could prevent life-threatening complications after heart transplant surgery Could this stem cell breakthrough offer an end to diabetes? Expert promised his sick son he’d find a cure Could wine keep my diabetes in check? Could you stomach it? How a plastic sheath in your gut could trigger weight loss AND reverse diabetes Could your LOVE HANDLES hold the cure for diabetes? Stem cells from fatty tissue may be an unlikely remedy for killer disease Could your TOOTHPASTE give you type 2 diabetes? White colouring used in food, suncream and toiletries could lead to the condition, study finds Could your weekend lie in KILL you? Social jet lag ‘increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease’ Crash diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes by rebooting insulin producing cells, study finds Cutting daily calories by a THIRD could reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia by 40% Cutting out one fizzy drink a day slashes diabetes risk by 25%: Replacing sugary beverages with unsweetened tea or coffee could combat epidemic Daily fried food doubles diabetes risk in pregnancy: harmful chemicals in items such as chips or fried chicken thought to affect how body controls sugar Daily pill that could reverse diabetes brings hope to millions of sufferers Danger of pacifiers: Most popular plastic teethers contain hormone-disrupting toxins that cause autism, diabetes and cancer, study reveals Deep-sea diving tank combined with injections of a patient’s own stem cells to treat diabetes Developing type 2 diabetes in middle age may be an early sign of pancreatic cancer, researchers warn ‘Diabetes – The Hidden Killer’: Damning investigation shows the burden the preventable condition has on the NHS Diabetes blunder putting patients’ lives in danger: They’re told they’ve got milder type 2 – but actually have type 1 Diabetes causes 3 times more deaths than previously thought – making it the third biggest killer in the US Diabetes causes more than 120 foot and toe amputations a WEEK in England – up by more than a quarter since 2013 Diabetes cost America $327 BILLION last year as the rate of diagnoses rockets to record-high Diabetes could be halted by tiny balloon that burns the gut – helping the body absorb sugar again Diabetes could be revolutionised by new skin patch that tests blood sugar AND delivers drugs when needed Diabetes cuts life by 10 YEARS: People diagnosed with the condition at 50 ‘are twice as likely to die before 75’ Diabetes danger in just ONE sugary drink a day: Chance of developing Type 2 increases by a fifth ‘Diabetes doesn’t stop me from living my dreams’: Country singer and former Voice contestant RaeLynn on managing her condition with life on the road Diabetes drug could hold back Alzheimer’s: 200 patients recruited for major trial that could transform way condition is treated Diabetes drug could save millions from dialysis and death by preventing and slowing kidney disease Diabetes drug cuts Parkinson’s risk by helping the body to self-clean damaged or ageing brain cells, major study finds Diabetes drug metformin could help you lose weight, say scientists who found it works better than diet and exercise at keeping the bulge off Diabetes is actually made up of FIVE different conditions – not two, discover researchers Diabetes is ‘epidemic’ with 400 million sufferers worldwide: Number with condition set to soar by 55% within 20 years unless humans change way they eat and exercise Diabetes patients are encouraged to ‘take care of their own health’ using a personalised website that tracks weight, blood sugar and alcohol intake Diabetes patients are TWICE as likely to develop cataracts – the leading cause of blindness across the world, 15-year study reveals Diabetes pill that could help us live to 120: Common treatment set to be trialled next year in the hope it could stave off illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diabetes raises the risk of getting dementia by 60% Diabetes rate hits all-time high in the US: Diagnoses rocket among baby boomers, poor families and minorities as experts warn ‘only the rich can afford a healthy lifestyle’ Diabetes revolution: Artificial pancreas could spell the end of finger pricks and injections within two years Diabetes risk for children of stressed dads: Hormones can cause a change in sperm that gives offspring higher blood sugar Diabetes risk of two takeaways in a week (and women are more in danger) Diabetes starts to SHRINK our brains in middle age before reducing our mental capacity in retirement, study suggests Diabetes sufferers ‘go through bereavement process’ after diagnosis Diabetes warning over use of statins: People who take the drugs are at increased risk of developing condition Diet and exercise are ‘better than drugs at controlling type 2 diabetes’: Patients who took part in weight loss programme ‘had healthier blood sugar levels’ Diet Coke WON’T stop you getting diabetes: Two glasses of calorie-free drinks a day ‘doubles the risk’ Diet drinks and low-calorie meals trick the brain into making you FATTER and trigger diabetes, study claims Do YOU have a high BMI? It won’t raise the risk of a heart attack – but you ARE more likely to get type 2 diabetes Do YOU have a low sex drive? High blood pressure, diabetes and being overweight could be to blame Do YOU have diabetes? Don’t let the scale fool you! How millions of SKINNY adults are not being warned of the risks – and what you can do to avoid it Do YOU have heart disease, diabetes or depression? Then you’re more likely to be lonely and disabled later in life Do YOU have pre-diabetes? Take this one minute video test to find out… Do you need to cut your caffeine habit? Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day DOUBLES your diabetes risk Doctors will send TWO MILLION obese patients on £435 cookery and exercise classes in bid to stem diabetes (and taxpayers are footing the billion-pound bill) Does you child have a crooked bite? They may die EARLY because of their higher risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease Does your breath smell like nail polish remover? You could have diabetes: Doctors reveal what different illnesses SMELL like DON’T have that nighttime snack! Eating out of sync with your biological clock puts you at risk for heart disease and diabetes, a new study shows Don’t throw out cold pasta – ‘resistant starch’ could ward off diabetes DR ELLIE CANNON: Is my diabetes down to blood pressure pills? DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Convincing evidence that we CAN turn back the diabetes tsunami (but it’s hard when hospitals keep giving patients sugar-packed breakfasts) DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: I was right… you can reverse diabetes with diet. Just ask MP Tom Watson! DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Proof the 5:2 can help fight diabetes, cancer… and even dementia DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The diabetes diet revolution – super soups, shakes and delicious dishes to help you lose weight (the fast and easy way) Dr Michael Mosley’s new and improved Mediterranean 5:2 diet can cut the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even depression Drink TEA to prevent type 2 diabetes: Compounds found in leaves help block sugar from being absorbed into the bloodstream Drinking coffee cuts diabetes risk: Regular drinkers tend to have smaller waist and BMI Drinking diet drinks or using artificial sweeteners ‘could increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes’ Drinking three cups of coffee a day slashes your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by a quarter Drinking trendy bone broth like Gwyneth Paltrow could ‘lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and protect against type 2 diabetes’ Drinking wine three times a week ‘cuts diabetes’: Risk can be reduced by nearly a third by consuming alcohol ‘little and often’ Early menopause raises the risk of Type 2 diabetes: Women who start the change before the age of 40 are four times more likely to develop the condition Early puberty could increase a girl’s chance of diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer, scientists warn Eat healthily and exercise regularly? You can still get Type 2 diabetes: One in 10 diagnosed with condition found to be perfectly normal weight Eat to beat diabetes and week by week watch the weight fall off! Dr Michael Mosley explains the changes you will experience if you follow his 800-calorie diet Eat to beat diabetes and week by week watch the weight fall off! Give your new diet a turbo-boost with Dr Michael Mosley’s easiest fitness tips ever! Eat to beat diabetes in just eight weeks: It’s the life-changing diet that can help you avoid or even reverse Type 2 diabetes. And the best part? It’s the tasty way to get back to health Eat to beat diabetes: As millions of Brits battle the deadly condition the creator of the 5:2 diet shows how YOU can reverse it… in just eight weeks Eat to beat diabetes: Delicious dinners that are just 500 calories, quick breakfasts that will keep you full until lunch and comfort food that could save your life Eat to beat diabetes: Guilt free sweet treats, scrumptious puds you won’t believe are low in sugar and why you never need to buy a loaf again Eat to beat diabetes: More delicious recipes that could help you steer clear from medication forever Eat to beat diabetes: Why you can STILL enjoy these takeaway treats – or opt for a super salad that will fill you up Eating button mushrooms daily could prevent type 2 diabetes by boosting gut bacteria (but it must be a particular portion size) Eating for two ‘harms the health of mum and baby’: Consuming sugary foods may disrupt crucial processes leading to heart disease and diabetes Eating fresh fruit daily could cut risk of diabetes by 12%: New research reduces fears it is unhealthy because of high sugar content Eating full-fat milk, cream and cheese CUTS risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds Eating in keeps you slim! Home-cooked meals ‘slash risk of type 2 diabetes by 15%’ Eating just two servings of nuts a day may combat type 2 diabetes (but peanuts won’t help, say experts) Eating less than 1,000 calories a day for up to five months can CURE Type 2 diabetes Eating lots of pasta during pregnancy doubles the risk of children getting Type 1 diabetes by the age of 16, study finds Eating meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23% due to its high-iron content Eating nuts and cooking with vegetable oil ‘prevents the progression of type 2 diabetes’ Eating walnuts twice a week could slash the risk of type 2 diabetes by a quarter Eating whey protein before breakfast could prevent diabetes: Substance used by bodybuilders helps to stop blood sugar levels spiking from food End of the diabetes jab? New insulin implant controls blood glucose levels without injections End of the diabetes jab? Scientists find insulin-boosting hormone that could do away with daily injections Energy drink link to diabetes: Combination of caffeine and sugar causes glucose and insulin levels to ‘spike’ in teenagers Erectile dysfunction affects MORE THAN HALF of men with diabetes: High blood sugar damages the nerves needed to become aroused Everyone over 40 should be tested for diabetes, says health watchdog EXCLUSIVE: Couch potatoes no more: Gogglebox’s overweight Tapper family shed several stone between them after father Jonathan’s diabetes diagnosis and fat-shaming of daughter Amy Exercising regularly WON’T offset the risk of sitting for long periods of time: An hour of activity a day isn’t enough to stave off heart disease, diabetes and cancer, study finds Experimental blood test could detect ‘multiple diseases’ including cancer, MS and diabetes, experts claim Family doctor of a teenager who died after the warning signs of her diabetes were repeatedly missed is allowed to continue practising – despite her ‘serious failures’ Fantastic feasts to end the week: Eat to beat diabetes with these amazingly indulgent dinners and brilliant brunches for lazy mornings Fasting diet ‘slows ageing and prolongs life’: Cutting calorie intake by half for five days a month slashes the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes Fasting for 24 hours ‘may cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes’ Fat fathers-to-be ‘have overweight daughters who are at greater risk of diabetes and premature ageing’ Father who lost both wife AND 25-year-old daughter to uncontrolled type 1 diabetes urges others with the condition to look after their health First-born children are more likely to get diabetes… but they are taller and slimmer too Fitbit-style wristbands on the NHS for the obese: Thousands of patients will be given the devices as part of drive to prevent diabetes Fizzy drinks lethal toll: Scientists warn they kill 184,000 a year through diabetes, heart disease and cancer Flesh-eating infection linked to diabetes drugs that killed one and left 11 others with mutilated genitals, FDA warns Forget the fears about designer babies – we MUST edit our genes: Controversial technique could wipe out cruel genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis – and even help prevent diabetes, academic warns Found, the ‘ultra-bad’ cholesterol present in elderly and Type 2 diabetes sufferers ‘Frightening’ rise in diabetes cases: More than 750 people are being diagnosed with condition every day From abortion to diabetes: The 9 medical words doctor says should be BANNED because they cause offence or confusion to patients From liver to kidney and pancreatic cancer, how DIABETES can increase the risk of the disease From measuring your neck to check for diabetes to picking-up the phone to test your hearing: 10 DIY medical tests you can do right now! Fructose is the WORST sweetener – causing diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease when added to snacks Fruit juice timebomb: Health experts say stick to one glass a day as teenagers’ poor diets are blamed for increased diabetes risk Furred-up arteries. Diabetes. Eye disease. Dementia. Depression. Why doctors now believe they could all be triggered by one SILENT KILLER Garlic can slash the risk of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, conclude scientists Get off your backside! It’s madness for the NHS to spend millions fighting type 2 diabetes when the simple cure is exercise, says DR MICHAEL MOSLEY, who reversed HIS own diabetes Girls under ten hit by Type 2 diabetes: Seven cases recorded with increase blamed on sugary diets and lack of exercise Giving children antibiotics increases their risk of diabetes – with boys ‘particularly vulnerable’ Giving millions of patients already on statins a new type of drug ‘could slash their heart disease risk even further’ and protect against type 2 diabetes Global diabetes epidemic is ‘vastly underestimated’: Another 100 million people may have condition linked to poor diet and lack of exercise Global insulin demands are set to skyrocket by more than 20% over the next 12 years as more people battle type 2 diabetes Gluten-free diet could give you type 2 diabetes, study warns Going veggie IS good for you! Ditching meat lowers risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes – ‘and you can get all your daily protein from a pot of yogurt’ Good news for those who like a brew – drinking tea could cut risk of type 2 diabetes Google searches for anxiety and depression soar, while those for dementia and diabetes double: Search engine reveals the state of the nation’s health Gorging on fruit and vegetables is the key to preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma Gorging on junk food is as damaging to your body as DIABETES, experts warn Grandfather, 68, claims to have cured his type 2 diabetes by following a strict diet of dark chocolate and grapes for two years Groundbreaking screening tool is the first to map ‘junk DNA’ for mystery gene mutations that cause cancer, diabetes, and dementia – and experts say it could ‘revolutionize medicine’ Half a handful of NUTS a day can prevent early death: Peanuts ‘slash risk of cancer, dementia, heart attacks and diabetes’ HALF of all US mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy – putting their babies at risk of heart disease and diabetes Handful of nuts a day could prevent type 2 diabetes: Omega-6 rich foods lower a person’s risk of developing the condition by 35% Have you got pre-diabetes? One in three of us is on the brink of full diabetes – which cuts SIX YEARS off your life. And fat or slim, you may be a victim Have YOU tried the Atkins diet? High-protein diet may help you lose weight but it ‘DOESN’T protect against diabetes’ Having depression or diabetes raises the risk of dementia by up to 80% – and even more if you suffer both Having diabetes is a warning sign of one of the deadliest forms of CANCER, shocking study finds HEALTH NOTES: Sniffer dogs that spot diabetes danger signs Health risk for women who work night and day shifts: Intermittent schedule puts them at ‘especially high risk’ of type 2 diabetes, Harvard study warns Heart disease and type 2 diabetes could be prevented by taking a single pill in future, major study finds Heart disease may begin in the WOMB: The children of pregnant women with pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes or a smoking habit are more at risk of the condition in later life Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes…why lack of sleep is much worse for women Heart patients taking statins face a higher risk of type 2 DIABETES as study adds further fuel to scientific row over the cholesterol-busting pills Heart risk up for women with diabetes: Chance of suffering any kind of problem is three times higher than those without the condition High blood pressure? Go Nordic: Eating like a Viking can reduce the damaging effects of being overweight – and stave off type 2 diabetes High blood sugar during pregnancy increases your CHILD’S risk of type 2 diabetes in later life, study shows High cholesterol LOWERS the risk of diabetes: New study reveals why taking statins may be harmful High-fat diets ARE the best: Mediterranean diet ‘significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease’ Hi-tech patch available on prescription could end the pain of needle tests for diabetes sufferers ‘Holy grail’ of breakthroughs sees scientists create single treatment that could provide life-long cure for a host of diseases from diabetes to cancer Hope for breast cancer patients who suffer heart woes from chemo: Scientists successfully predict who will – and discover an existing diabetes drug could offset the side effects Hormone that could fight infertility – AND diabetes: Kisspeptin could also be used to make IVF even safer Hospitals in England are amputating more limbs than EVER because of diabetes with more than 27,000 body parts cut off since 2015 Hospitals where one in three patients have got diabetes: Bill for NHS expected to soar to £17bn How a bad night’s sleep raises risk of diabetes How a bowl of porridge or slice of rye bread can help stave off diabetes: Whole grains could reduce a person’s risk of developing type 2 by up to 34% How a poor diet in your 20s lasts for life: People who eat more fat when they’re young ‘face diabetes and heart disease risk as they age’ How a transparent patch made from your own blood cells can stop diabetes amputations How becoming a vegetarian can CURE diabetes: Plant-based diets improve blood sugar levels, scientists claim How butter and cheese can keep you slim – and even ward off diabetes: Saturated fat has long been demonised by doctors, but evidence now suggests it could be healthy How coffee can help keep diabetes at bay: Four cups slashes the risk by 25%, say scientists How fat mothers are harming their babies: Those born to obese parents ‘risk heart attacks, diabetes and asthma in later life’ How fatty food triggers diabetes: Scientists believe discovery paves way for Type 2 ‘cure’ How frying is ‘HEALTHIER than boiling’: Sautéing vegetables in olive oil ‘increases antioxidants – helping prevent cancer and diabetes’ How having type 2 diabetes before 45 increases the risk of menopause THREEFOLD and 10 years earlier How losing just 5% of your body weight can significantly improve health: Shedding moderate amounts ‘lowers risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes’ How NEANDERTHALS could be to blame for some people getting diabetes How pumping iron could prevent heart disease and diabetes How spending too much time SITTING DOWN kills 70,000 people and costs the NHS £700million each year because it leads to heart disease, type two diabetes and cancer How that bowl of noodles could send you to an early grave: Instant varieties AND ramen ‘increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes’ How to beat diabetes…by the first Poldark: Robin Ellis to release a cook book for those with or at risk of developing the condition How to beat diabetes: Simple test to show if you need treatment How to lose weight – the scrumptious way: From roast chicken with garlic and thyme to lemon and prawn kebabs, deliciously simple recipes you can eat to beat diabetes How too much testosterone can make a man SICK: Higher levels of the sex hormone linked to diabetes and prostate problems How TV’s first Poldark keeps his diabetes at bay – with prunes, oats and walnuts How Type 2 diabetes could be banished by a tiny balloon inside the gut How VIAGRA may ward off type 2 diabetes: Pill found to slow development of the disease in ‘at risk’ patients How walking to work could reduce your risk of diabetes: People who ditch the car are 40 per cent less likely to develop the disease How watching TV can increase your risk of diabetes: Every hour spent slumped in front of the screen can raise chance of developing the condition by 3.4% How your coffee habit could SAVE your life: Five cups a day ‘lowers your risk of early death from heart disease and diabetes’ How your HEIGHT affects your health: Taller people have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes – but greater risk of cancer Human pancreases could be grown in RODENTS in a bid to cure type 1 diabetes Hunter-gatherer style diets of seasonal vegetables and wild game replenish gut bacteria and stave off diabetes and asthma, leading professor claims ‘I cured my diabetes with a 12-minute workout’: Man, 67, says his intense get-fit routine has stunned doctors I had a stark choice: a sugar-free diet… or diabetes – just look at me now! says Gloria Hunniford I plunged to six stone and was too tired to even carry my babies. But I won’t be beaten by diabetes I reversed my diabetes in just 11 days – by going on a starvation diet Immunotherapy is fighting cancer but leaving 1% of patients with diabetes – and scientists ‘have no idea why’ Indulging in a Christmas dinner or milkshake might diagnose diabetes in patients being tested earlier than the standard glucose drink Is a Type 1 diabetes cure on the horizon? Scientists start a world-first trial feeding babies powdered insulin, as US researchers also reveal a blood pressure pill could treat the condition Is broccoli a secret weapon against diabetes? Extract of the vegetable may help patients regulate their blood sugar levels Is diabetes infectious? Condition may spread through toxic meat and blood transfusions like mad cow disease Is this the breakthrough that will soon end diabetes? New implant would tackle cause of the disease Is type 2 diabetes caused by BACTERIA in the gut? Toxins trigger insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels, study finds Is YOUR job killing you? Long hours stuck behind a desk to impress the boss can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes It’s been linked to breast cancer but may ward off diabetes. Confusing? So what is the truth about women and alcohol? It’s not just the fat who get type 2 diabetes. Steve Redgrave got it – from his genes. And here the Olympic legend tells how the disease is starting to affect his body Just ONE DAY of binge eating could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes: Overeating fatty foods over 24 hours ‘impairs insulin sensitivity in young, healthy individuals’ Just ONE unit increase in BMI between pregnancies doubles a woman’s diabetes risk Just three MINUTES of exercise a week could prevent diabetes, say scientists Just two cans of soda a WEEK can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and a stroke Kate’s family thought she was anorexic, but what she actually had was diabetes Lack of sleep to skipping breakfast: The less-known factors that can give you diabetes Lack of sunshine increases the risk of diabetes MORE than being obese Laws protecting children from digital junk food adverts are ‘insufficient’ and could lead to heart disease, cancer and diabetes, experts warn Loneliness is ‘AS deadly as a lack of exercise and diabetes’: Poor social network ‘drastically increases risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer’ Lose that baby weight or risk developing diabetes or heart disease: Study urges new mothers to get healthy Lose weight the CUBAN way: Economic crisis triggered an average weight loss of 11lb and slashed the risk of heart disease and diabetes Losing just ONE gram of fat could cure Type 2 diabetes: Process unclogs the pancreas to kick-start insulin production again Low-carb diets favored by Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston really DO work: Scientists discover they ‘may prevent diabetes’ Mangos could prevent heart disease and diabetes, finds controversial study funded by suppliers of the exotic fruit Man’s blood turned MILKY after his obese frame, poor diet and uncontrolled diabetes caused the fat in his veins to build up 28 TIMES higher than normal Marriage is a life-saver: It cuts the risk of death from high blood pressure, cholesterol AND diabetes ME & MY OPERATION: The jab that can potentially reverse Type 2 diabetes in just TEN DAYS Men are more likely to die from diabetes because they’re ‘too macho to diet’ Men with low sperm counts are at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, study suggests Men with obese wives are at greater risk of diabetes… but fat husbands don’t have the same effect Millennials’ health plummets after the age of 27: Study finds the generation has unprecedented rates of diabetes, depression, and digestive disorders Millions of men who have this ONE common scrotum condition are more likely to have heart attacks and develop diabetes, finds study for the first time Millions of patients diagnosed with 3 common eye conditions face a greater chance of Alzheimer’s: Age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and eye problems from diabetes all boost risk by 50% Millions of people with diabetes could be spared the pain of daily injections as scientists develop an insulin PILL More bad news if you’re overweight: Eating ANYTHING increases your risk of diabetes, groundbreaking new research reveals More than 100 MILLION Americans have diabetes or its precursor, staggering CDC report reveals More than 500 diabetes patients are ‘dying prematurely’ every week, charity claims More than 90% of receipts contain dangerous chemicals linked to infertility, autism and type 2 diabetes, study reveals More than a quarter of British adults are living with at least TWO long-term health conditions including diabetes and heart disease More than four million British children are obese or overweight: Warning of ‘absolute crisis’ in child health leading to heart disease, cancer and diabetes Mother shares heartbreaking post after three-year-old daughter dies from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes Mothers with diabetes are more likely to have children with autism, study suggests My sister died because she didn’t take diabetes seriously New cases of diabetes have risen by a THIRD in just 10 years: Theresa May says ‘more needs to be done’ as a record 4.5 million now have the condition New diet jab helps obese people lose more than a stone: Common diabetes drug injected at breakfast suppresses appetite New dietary advice to prevent type 2 diabetes: Eat more cheese, apples and yoghurts and cut down on red meat and potatoes New mum who blamed tiredness and weight loss on the demands of motherhood dies from undiagnosed DIABETES aged 26 New test will diagnose type 2 diabetes ‘years earlier’ by examining compounds in the blood: Early warning could prevent complications including strokes New warning for obese pregnant women: Overweight expectant mothers and those with diabetes ‘at risk of damaging their baby’s HEART’ NHS should make gastric bypasses more widely available, urge campaigners after study reveals the procedure can CURE type 2 diabetes NHS will put 5,000 diabetics on ultra-low calorie ‘soup and shake’ diets to reverse Type 2 diabetes Now there’s no excuse not to eat your greens: Leafy vegetables contain chemical nitrate that improves heart health and combats diabetes Number of UK adults diagnosed with diabetes has increased by more than half in ten years Obese children are 4 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as youngsters are becoming fatter than ever Obese people and those with diabetes or heart disease should stay at home during rush hour say scientists who warn ‘traffic pollution aggravates health conditions’ Omega 3 and 6 supplements may protect obese people from type 2 diabetes: Fatty acids in flaxseeds and vegetable oil alter how ‘insulin’ genes are expressed, study finds On your bike, diabetes! We turned Dad from a 19st fast food junkie facing amputation into a super-fit cyclist – and his fitness plan can work for YOU One in four diabetes patients skimp on their insulin because they can’t afford it – putting their lives at risk One in three diabetes patients ‘are given the wrong medication while in hospital’ Over 600 children and young adults are now being treated for a type of diabetes usually only seen in the over-40s Passive smokers in diabetes alert: Risk of developing Type 2 increases by 22% compared to non-smokers Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before turning 40 are ‘THREE TIMES as likely to die young from a heart attack or stroke’ Patients with diabetes are ‘up to 31 per cent more at risk of cancer’ and have far worse chances of survival, researchers warn People who use an oral rinse TWICE a day are destroying good bacteria that lives in the mouth and are 55 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 3 years, reveals Harvard study People with depression are 60% more likely to develop diabetes Police stop me as I can’t walk straight: Patients with dyspraxia and diabetes reveal their humiliation at being called drunk when they are suffering a serious health condition Poor diet during pregnancy can give your future grandchildren diabetes, researchers say Poor diet of salty fast food causes half of stroke, heart disease and diabetes deaths in America, figures reveal Popular statin ‘may raise the danger of diabetes’: Cholesterol-lowering drug carries high rate of harmful side-effects, campaigner warns ‘Postcode lottery’ of health checks means 75% children with diabetes ‘risk amputation, blindness and stroke in later life’ Potatoes aren’t just bad for the waistline – they could also trigger DIABETES: Daily serving ‘raises the risk by 33% Pregnant mothers at risk from diabetes even if they only have mildly raised blood pressure because doctors assume they are fine Pregnant women suffering from depression are THREE times more likely to develop diabetes Pregnant women who take a common diabetes drug are more likely to have overweight children, reveals ‘surprising’ study which contradicts previous research Prescribe EXERCISE not drugs to help treat ‘heart disease, diabetes, back pain and arthritis’, doctors told Proof that new diet CAN reverse diabetes: Major study shows patients put on 850-calorie soup and shake regime DOES beat type 2 condition Proof that weight-loss surgery saves lives: Blood pressure and effects of Type 2 diabetes found to be reduced if patient has operation Protein discovery that could reverse the damage of diabetes: Breakthrough could lead to cheap drug that would halt disease Psoriasis sufferers are up to TWICE as likely to die early as they are at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer Radical NHS plan to tackle Britain’s diabetes ‘epidemic’: Patients to be put on liquid diets of health shakes and fat-free soups for up to FIVE MONTHS to help reverse condition that affects millions Referring NHS patients to Weight Watchers classes cut their diabetes risk by half, study suggests Replace your rice and potatoes with lentils! Eating pulses reduces blood glucose levels by up to 35% and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, study reveals Revealed, the REAL reason junk food is so bad for us: Harmful molecules in chopped and refrigerated products raise the risk of heart disease and diabetes Revealed… why your penis and nipples are darker than the rest of your skin: Sex hormones cause pigmentation in puberty – but ‘darkening can be a sign of diabetes’ Revealed: The damage artificial sweeteners and diet fizzy drinks cause to the body and why they increase the risk of type 2 diabetes Revealed: The ONE particular type of exercise that will reduce your risk of developing life-long diabetes Rise in pregnant women with diabetes: CDC figures reveal more and more women need special care to prevent life-threatening blood pressure in childbirth Risk of diabetes could double for new mothers who don’t lose baby weight Saliva test for cancer hailed as holy grail for early detection of deadly disease: Analysis could also be used to spot diabetes and dementia Saturated fats that actually BEAT diabetes: Molecules found in some dairy items including yoghurts can cut Type 2 risk Scientists create first human-sheep hybrids – paving the way for organs to be grown in animals for transplant even providing a cure for diabetes Scientists discover strong link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s: Drugs used to control glucose levels may halt progression of dementia Scientists hail type 1 diabetes breakthrough: Study reveals those diagnosed before 7 may suffer the most – but there’s still hope for teenagers Scientists say ‘gross’ keto drinks favored by celebrities could prevent and control diabetes by curbing blood sugar spikes Scientists warn cancer risk ‘is 27 per cent higher for women with diabetes’ amid fastest growing modern health crisis Screen pregnant women for diabetes 11 weeks earlier to slash the risk of deadly preeclampsia, study suggests Secrets to make this one diet you CAN stick to. Eat to beat diabetes in just eight weeks: It’s the life-changing diet that can help you avoid or even reverse Type 2 diabetes Shift workers are ‘more likely to be fat and suffer health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure’ Should you shake up your diet? We put eight High Street slimming drinks to the test as a major study says there is proof they can reverse diabetes Signs of type 2 diabetes appear more than 20 YEARS before a sufferer is diagnosed as scientists warn ‘much earlier intervention is needed’ Simple 60cm plastic sheath that can reverse diabetes by mimicking a gastric bypass could be rolled out across the NHS Sitting down less can cut diabetes risk by up to 75% and reduce your waist size Sitting in a special diver’s tank may ward off diabetes risk Skinny people get type 2 diabetes too: 10st 7lb man who exercised regularly is stunned to learn HE has the condition – which he then REVERSED in 11 days with new diet Skipping breakfast raises the chance of Type-2 diabetes by a third – and starting the day with muesli is the best way to ward off the deadly condition Skipping meals makes you GAIN weight: Fasting causes belly fat and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes Slash your risk of diabetes by eating soups and shakes: Crash diet lowers chances by 90% Smoking cannabis could reduce the risk of diabetes by controlling blood sugar So THAT’S why you keep waking up! From heart failure to diabetes to fatty diets – what your body’s trying to tell you at night Soda is worse for you than sugary food: Sweet drinks put people at GREATER risk of developing type 2 diabetes Sorry, but you DO need to floss: Dentist warns not doing so can lead to diabetes and even death Standing up could lower your risk of diabetes: Study finds sitting for long periods is dangerous even if you offset it with a workout Statins may RAISE the chances of diabetes: Cholesterol-lowering pills increase the likelihood of the condition – but doctors say the benefits ‘outweigh the risks’ STOP drinking skim milk! Full-fat dairy ‘reduces risk of diabetes – and helps you LOSE weight’ Stress at work ‘raises diabetes risk by 45%: Strain a factor even among the slim Sufferers of high blood pressure and diabetes are most at risk of developing dementia but staying healthy in middle age provides protection, reveals study Suicides and drug overdoses kill 16% more Americans than diabetes, study reveals ‘Superbugs will kill more than cancer and diabetes by 2050’ say MPs amid growing threat of antibiotic resistance Swap steak for Greek salad to slash your risk of diabetes: Risk falls by third in those who eat a plant-based diet Sweatband to replace finger-prick test for diabetes by transmitting data on blood sugar levels to handheld device Sweeteners DO cut calories but they ALSO increase your risk of diabetes, experts warn Syrup found in biscuits, ice cream and energy drinks fuelling diabetes on a ‘global scale’ Take sunshine pills to silence snoring… and how mulberries can help diabetes sufferers Taking fish oil in pregnancy may reduce a child’s risk of diabetes by improving their response to insulin Taking high dosages of statins raises the risk of developing diabetes in older women by 50% Taking statins ‘increases your risk of getting type 2 diabetes’ by nearly half because drugs can prevent insulin from working properly Taking statins raises the risk of Type 2 diabetes by nearly a third: Findings reopens debate about the pills benefits and side effects Teenager died after doctor repeatedly missed the warning signs of undiagnosed diabetes – and gave her sleeping pills instead Teenager with type 1 diabetes is first NHS patient to receive a life-changing insulin pump that mimics the pancreas and means she no longer has to inject herself Teenagers with a weak handshake are more likely to suffer diabetes and heart disease in later life, warns new evidence The 1p pill that could slash the risk of breast cancer: Thousands of women who take cheap diabetes drug are ‘less likely to develop the disease’, scientists discover The best way to prevent type 2 diabetes? Make your own food: Two home cooked meals a day slashes the risk by 13% The chemical secrets of the Mediterranean diet: High levels of magnesium help to reduce risk of strokes, diabetes and heart disease The diabetes patients denied Theresa’s life-changing patch: Postcode lottery means device that monitors glucose levels without finger-prick tests is not available to all The doggy doctors who save their owners’ lives every day: From diabetes to allergies, they’re specially trained to sniff out danger and raise the alarm The health benefits of having a big bum: Women who are pear-shaped have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes The hidden dangers of a sweet tooth: Grisly diabetes campaign shows how too much sugar can cause gaping wounds and gangrene The no-surgery ‘gastric band’ that helps patients shed a quarter of their weight AND beat diabetes The obese THREE-year-old who has type 2 diabetes: 5st girl from Texas is thought to be youngest ever case of the disease The Paleo diet is ‘dangerous and increases weight gain’, diabetes expert claims The plastic plague: Hormone-disrupting chemicals in everyday things like water bottles DO cause cancer, diabetes, ADHD and autism – and cost US $340 BILLION a year The popular herbal tea that may control or even prevent diabetes: Chamomile influences food absorption, professor claims The secret to a long and healthy life? Eating CEREAL: Diet high in grains ‘reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes’ The secret to staving off diabetes? Eat four eggs a week and plenty of cheese and yogurt The shocking images that reveal what diabetes can do to feet in hours: Man, 41, may have to have his toes amputated after they ‘EXPLODED’ overnight on holiday when he stubbed his foot The shocking images that reveal what diabetes can do to your feet in just 10 DAYS The simple Eatwell Plate plan that can halt type 2 diabetes in its tracks and help sufferers shed a stone in four months The soaring cost of diabetes: NHS spending nearly DOUBLES to almost a billion in a decade – thanks to the nation’s bulging waistline The star footballer with an insulin pump in his kit bag: Ben Coker is an ‘incredible inspiration’ who doesn’t let diabetes hold him back The starvation diet that can REVERSE type two diabetes: How dramatic weight-loss could lower blood-sugar levels The THREE vital health checks all diabetes patients should have to save their life The toxic truth about vegetable oil: Cooking with ‘healthy’ fats increases the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer There is a THIRD type of diabetes: Experts warn people with type 3c are being misdiagnosed and that is why they aren’t recovering These sons REVERSED their fathers diabetes by making him cut out pasta and bread. So why does the NHS advise the complete opposite? THIN people get diabetes too: 1 in 5 ‘healthy weight’ adults at risk of type 2 because they spend all day sitting down Think being slim will protect you from heart disease and diabetes? Think again! Even slender people can be fat on the inside Think you’ve got a healthy BMI? Think again: 8 MILLION Britons are at high risk of heart disease and diabetes despite a ‘normal’ reading Thousands of diabetes patients to get life-changing glucose monitors (as used by Theresa May) on the NHS Three patients REVERSE their type 2 diabetes by fasting for 24 hours three times a week Tiny sensor placed under the skin to replace finger prick tests for diabetes: Smartphone app will alert patients if their blood sugar level drops or is too high Tired, thirsty and always need the loo? YOU could be one of the hundreds of thousands of people with undiagnosed diabetes Too much AND too little sleep is ‘as damaging to your health as a bad diet and sitting all day – raising your risk of heart disease, and diabetes’ Too much red meat in your diet ‘can raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 50%’ Traditional Chinese medicine may prevent heart disease and diabetes, say scientists Tummy troubles? It could be too much coffee, a slipped disc… or even diabetes Turning the heating down just 1°C tackles type 2 diabetes – and is just as good as medication Twelve minutes of exercise a month can protect your heart and lower your risk of diabetes Type 1 diabetes ‘takes 12 years off your life’: Alarming figures reveal life expectancy has not improved in two decades Type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be diagnosed by simply shining a LIGHT on your skin, claim scientists Type 2 diabetes breakthrough: Scientists create first pill that not only STOPS the condition in its tracks but also helps patients lose weight – and it could be available on the NHS within 3 years Type 2 diabetes drug could be used to treat nicotine withdrawal for people trying to quit smoking Type 2 diabetes drug could combat Parkinson’s: Test results suggest treatment could stop the disease in its tracks Type 2 diabetes IS reversible: Eating just 600 calories a day for 8 weeks can save the lives of millions of sufferers Unhealthy lifestyles ‘cut lifespan by 23 years’… but you’d have to suffer diabetes, a stroke AND a heart attack before you’re 40 Unhealthy lifestyles mean Millennials face a ‘toxic cocktail’ of back pain, diabetes and dementia in retirement, warns report Vitamin D in childhood prevents type 1 diabetes: Sunshine supplement boosts the immune system of those susceptible to the condition and lowers their risk Vitamin D is an ‘inexpensive solution’ to heart drugs find scientists as they reveal the sunshine supplement can repair and prevent the damage caused by diabetes and high blood pressure Want to avoid diabetes? Take up yoga or weight lifting: Study finds 3.5 hours of exercise a week nearly HALVES the risk Watching television for three hours a day may increase a child’s risk of diabetes We’re in the grip of a diabetes epidemic. But these four people — all diagnosed within weeks of each other — reveal how you can tell you’re in danger of Type 2 condition Weight loss surgery could REVERSE the effects of ageing: Study finds it can protect against diabetes, heart disease and cancer ‘We’re a nation of porkers’: Diabetes expert complains on national radio that we’re eating ourselves into an early grave What’s YOUR risk of serious disease? New quiz reveals your likelihood of cancer, diabetes, heart or bowel problems – based on you diet, exercise and family history… Why a fry-up isn’t as bad as we thought: Carbohydrates ‘put you MORE at risk of diabetes and heart disease than saturated fat’ Why a nagging wife can be GOOD for your health: Unhappy husbands are ‘less likely to develop diabetes’ Why a varied diet may NOT be best for your health: Eating a wide range of foods is linked to ‘weight gain, heart disease and diabetes’ Why being a night owl is bad for your health: Those late to bed are more likely to have diabetes, weak muscles and pot bellies Why being apple-shaped increases your risk of diabetes: Study uncovers mysterious link between waistline and insulin resistance Why binge-watching Game of Thrones could kill: Watching two episodes each day increases risk of dying from dementia, Parkinson’s or diabetes Why bloating and fatigue could be a sign you need a medieval cure – and why, without treatment, you may end up with arthritic joints and diabetes Why broccoli really IS a superfood: Compounds in the veg lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes Why buying a home from a smoker raises YOUR diabetes risk: Third hand smoke can linger in furniture and carpets for decades Why Cara may be at GREATER risk of diabetes than curvy Kim and Beyonce: The clue is in their body shape! Larger hips means you have ‘a lower risk of being diabetic’ Why eating breakfast will trigger weight loss and prevent type 2 diabetes, reveals study Why eating late at night will do more than just make you gain weight – it also raises risk of diabetes and heart disease, study reveals Why eight hours sleep really IS good for you: Less than six or more than 10 hours slumber a night raises the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes Why expectant mothers should stay out of the sun: Warm weather is linked to diabetes in pregnancy, study finds Why ‘Mamils’ may have the last laugh: Middle-aged lycra-clad cyclists ‘cut their risk of diabetes by 20 per cent’ Why putting on just 1lb could be bad for your health – blood chemicals linked to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems increase with weight gain Why sleeping naked could cut your risk of diabetes… not to mention ward off infections, trim your waistline and make you less exhausted Why that brisk walk may NOT be enough: Exercising for more than 12 hours a week gives the best protection against heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes Why the diabetes epidemic isn’t only due to poor diet and lack of exercise: Rates are going up because ‘people are living longer’ Why women can get away with a lie-in: Disrupted sleep is worse for men – and can increase the risk of diabetes Why you could have diabetes and not know it: Doctors warn five million Britons are at risk – and it’s not just the overweight who should worry Why you MUST eat your greens, pulses and legumes are so important and how the right diet can reverse symptoms: What to eat to beat diabetes Why you NEED to take care of your teeth: Poor oral health may increase your risk of diabetes, study warns Why you should drink FOUR cups of coffee a day: Beverage can cut the risk of heart disease, help you live longer and also lower the chances of developing cancer, diabetes, liver disease and dementia Why you should have a hot bath: It could be as effective as exercising to tackle type 2 diabetes Why you SHOULD stand up on the subway: Briefly standing ‘is the key’ to cutting risk of heart attack and diabetes Why you SHOULDN’T give up coffee in the New Year: Regular drinkers ‘have a lower risk of sudden death, diabetes and cancer’ Why your baby’s BIRTH month could raise the risk of diabetes during pregnancy Will YOU be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? We reveal the key signs and symptoms to watch out for – and how to lower your risk With one drop of blood new test ‘could one day diagnose a myriad of conditions from cancer to diabetes and MS’ Woman, 52, who gorged her way to a size 24 and developed diabetes after feasting on gourmet sandwiches in the staff canteen has dropped four dress sizes and ditched her insulin jabs after using a £6.99 hypnosis app Women plagued by frequent migraines are at 30 percent LOWER risk for type 2 diabetes later in life, study finds Women who mix day and night shifts ‘have a greater risk of type 2 diabetes’ Women who work 45 hours a week have a 63% higher risk of diabetes – but it has the OPPOSITE effect on men Women with polycystic ovary syndrome are FOUR times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes Workplace bullying increases risk of type 2 diabetes by 46%, study finds World’s first diabetes app will be able to check glucose levels without drawing a drop of blood and will be able to reveal what a can of coke REALLY does to sugar levels Yes, CACTUS really is the latest superfood! Prickly plant can ease a hangover, aid weight loss and fights diabetes and heart disease, nutritionist reveals You CAN eat to beat diabetes – so why isn’t the NHS telling you how? The man behind the revolutionary 5:2 diet reveals exactly what should be on YOUR plate You DON’T have to be fat and over 40 to develop diabetes…and I’m proof Zumba and aerobics classes on NHS to prevent diabetes: Obese patients most at risk of the illness will also be taught how to poach and boil food 1 in 3 gay men unsure if they have HIV or not: 23 per cent still ‘never been checked’ despite surge in testing, survey reveals 1 in 6 Britons should be tested for HIV as they live in ‘high risk areas’, new guidelines say 80% of HIV transmissions come from people who have not been diagnosed: CDC report shows desperate need for better access to testing and virus-suppressing drugs Aetna revealed 12,000 patients’ HIV statuses by sending letters with giant envelope ‘window’ that exposed confidential information Aetna to pay $17,000 after revealing HIV status of 12,000 patients by sending letters with giant envelope ‘window’ that exposed private details Alzheimer’s will be as manageable as HIV within 10 years, predict award-winning scientists Americans are ‘more likely to have an STD than Europeans’: New research reveals Iceland is the chlamydia capital of Europe while Washington D.C. tops the HIV league An end to daily pills for HIV sufferers? Groundbreaking trials show new infusion could suppress the virus for MONTHS Anti-vaxxers are as dangerous to global health as HIV, doctor declares as rates of exemptions soar in the US Are scientists one step closer to an HIV vaccine? Harnessing the power of a potent family of antibodies that ‘destroy the virus, could pave way for new drug’ Austerity is driving us to suicide, depression and causing soaring rates of drug use and HIV Baby who has 50 allergies is forced to live as prisoner in his own home: Nine-month-old breaks out in painful hives if he comes into contact with balloons, apples and even his own TEARS Bacteria under the foreskin raises men’s risk of HIV by up to 63% by acting as the virus’ ‘gateway’ into the body ‘Being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence’: Those who take medication may live almost as long as the general population Benefits of circumcision ‘outweigh the risks’: Procedure cuts the risk of HIV, STDs and penile cancer, official report declares Best HIV test ever? Scientists develop a way to detect ‘hidden’ traces of the virus – bringing us closer to a cure Better HIV treatment ‘could be driving up syphilis rates by eliminating the fear factor’, study claims Boy, 7, allergic to the SUN is determined to become a professional golfer – even though playing triggers hives Bride-to-be, 27, left suicidal after waking up to discover she has agonising red hives from head-to-toe and doctors are baffled by her condition Brutal reality of dating with HIV: Woman, 33, opens up about painful experience of disclosing her status on a first date Can the Trump administration end HIV by 2030? ALL gay men and injection drug users should take a daily PrEP pill to stop transmission, US health officials urge Cancer treatments may unlock a cure for HIV Cancer-causing virus is ‘off the charts’ in parts of Australia with experts dubbing it the cousin of HIV and calling it the biggest outbreak ‘ever reported’ Cannabis could prevent mental decline in up to 50% of HIV sufferers, study finds Cases of HIV among gay and bisexual men drop for the first time in 30 years – signalling the end of Britain’s Aids epidemic Casual sex apps may fuel a surge in HIV cases, health experts warn CDC declares that people on HIV medication cannot transmit the virus to sexual partners Cervical cancer could be prevented with an HIV drug: Tablet kills the virus that causes the disease Charities slam NHS England ‘U-turn’ over plans to roll out ‘HIV wonder drug’ Charlie Sheen ‘suffered borderline dementia from his old HIV drugs’ – that he says was cured by new drug in a clinical trial Children as young as 10 are getting tattoos illegally, without realising they risk catching HIV and hepatitis Cocktail of drugs stops HIV in its tracks: Treatment is 93% successful in preventing virus being transmitted through sex Colour-coded blood test that turns blue if you have HIV is 10 times more sensitive than current methods Could a CURE for HIV be in sight? Scientists discover how to boost the immune system to find and kill hiding virus cells Could a monthly injection prevent HIV? Single shot of PrEP drugs is ‘as effective as taking pills twice a day’ Could a new jab PREVENT HIV? Vaccine ‘completely protects against the virus and could have an enormous impact,’ say experts Could a tampon prevent HIV? Silk fibres which dissolve in the body before sex ‘will protect women from the virus faster’ Could an experimental injection offer hope for HIV patients? Patient who has the killer virus keeps it at bay for 10 months after treatment Could an HIV injection be on the horizon? New jab could protect against infection for up to three months Could drugs to prevent HIV actually INCREASE the risk of infection by encouraging people not to use condoms? Could we end HIV transmissions by 2030? Trump is set to announce ambitious pledge during State of the Union – and experts say it’s possible Daily HIV prevention drugs ‘could reduce new cases of the disease by a THIRD over the next decade’ Daily pill to prevent HIV may be offered to thousands of men on the NHS after trials showed it could cut risk of infection by 60% Dangers of buying cheap breast milk on the internet: Experts warn milk sold online should be screened for diseases such as hepatitis and HIV Dating apps and porn could cause an ‘explosion’ in HIV cases because young people are having more casual relationships, NHS expert warns Dating apps such as Tinder and Happn ‘could spark an explosion of HIV’, leading expert warns as STI rates soar Dentist who sparked HIV scare for 6,000 patients and infected four with Hepatitis C by using dirty equipment is struck off for the SECOND time Depression can DOUBLE the risk of dying from HIV for patients too down to go to doctor appointments, study suggests ‘Dirty’ dentist raked in £1,000 a day seeing dozens of patients to fund lavish lifestyle while ‘flouting safety rules putting 22,000 at risk of HIV and hepatitis’ Discovery of how key HIV antibodies behave ‘will form a blueprint to guide scientists trying to build a vaccine’ Discovery of ‘very narrow window of opportunity’ to eliminate the HIV virus in the first few days of infection could pave the way for a vaccine Disease prevention doctor suspended after 4 patients contracted hepatitis C and dozens may have been exposed to HIV Does cholesterol hold the key to a vaccine against Aids? Scientists find way to stop HIV damaging the immune system ‘Don’t let HIV stop you becoming a parent,’ says leading charity: Mothers only have 1% chance of passing virus to their babies Drop in disease deaths in America – but HIV is up in Florida, tuberculosis is hitting poor counties hard, and diarrhea deaths are on the rise Drop in US babies born with HIV: Rate plummeted by two-thirds since 2002, new figures reveal Drug addicts should be prescribed free HEROIN on the NHS: Shoot-up galleries ‘would reduce crime, HIV and stop overdoses’ Drug epidemic stalls decline in white HIV patients for the first time in decades, new CDC figures reveal Drug to combat alcoholism ‘wakes up dormant HIV hiding in the body’ and could prove a ‘game-changer’ in hunt for a cure Eradicating HIV IS possible: As Denmark all but eliminates the virus, experts reveal the simple solution – treatment! Europe’s HIV epidemic is growing at an ‘alarming pace’ as infections reach their highest level since records began, WHO report finds Every American over 15 should be screened for HIV even if they are NOT high risk, influential U.S. panel says Every HIV patient should be given antiretroviral drugs at diagnosis NOT when condition worsens – new WHO guidelines EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen reveals his HIV has been fully suppressed by an injection in a clinical trial – as he joins health officials’ supporting the cause on World AIDS Day EXCLUSIVE: HIV-positive Charlie Sheen praises new doctors’ advice that says meds make risk of spread negligible Fears of AIDS epidemic in Venezuela as HIV patients rely on futile leaf remedy amid drug shortage Fewer Americans are becoming infected with HIV – but the decline isn’t enough to meet national goals Fewer than a quarter of high school students have been tested for HIV – despite 1 in 4 new infections being diagnosed in those aged 13 to 24, experts warn First condom designed to kill HIV ‘could be available to buy within months’ First DIY test for HIV goes on sale in UK: Self-testing equipment has a 99.7 per cent accuracy First drug to prevent HIV takes a step closer to approval First ever HIV immunotherapy drug proves safe in phase 1 trial – paving the way to a cure First ever HIV-positive to HIV-positive liver transplant to take place in a move that will ‘give thousands a new chance at life’ First person ever cured of HIV hails news of a second: The Berlin patient says he would like to meet the unidentified ‘London patient’ as he acknowledges that their cases ‘give hope to people living with HIV’ First transplants for HIV-positive patients on the NHS: Kidneys and liver from infected donors successfully used in breakthrough which ‘will cut waiting lists’ First two-drug HIV treatment regimen gets US FDA approval Fury as Judge rules NHS SHOULD fund £5k-a-year pills that prevent HIV – even without condoms Future HIV vaccine could flush virus out of hiding – allowing the body’s immune system to destroy the cells Game-changing HIV drug PrEP has led to a ‘striking’ fall in the number of gay and bi-sexual men using condoms for sex Gay and HIV positive men should be getting an ‘anal Pap smear,’ doctors suggest Gay man taking daily HIV prevention pills contracts resistant strain of the virus – in first recorded case of PrEP failing Gay sauna in Britain’s ‘unofficial LGBT capital’ fights HIV with first-of-its-kind vending machine that distributes free blood tests Georgia lawmaker and wife of Trump’s former health secretary wants HIV patients to be QUARANTINED to curb the rate of infections Give healthy gay men ‘game-changing’ HIV drugs to PREVENT infection, experts demand Give HIV drugs straight away to slow virus down – and reduce the risk of passing it on Global HIV diagnoses level off at ‘worrying’ 2.5 million a year – as researchers warn there is ‘no quick cure’ Government is accused of ‘not caring’ about HIV after ‘disgraceful’ decision to deny people in England access to free self-testing kits Government pledges England will become the first nation in the world to eliminate HIV by 2030 by improving detection, prevention and treatment Grandmother who was injected with a USED needle during flu jab faces agonising six-month wait to see if she has HIV or hepatitis Grindr to offer HIV test reminders to its 3.6 million users in bid to curb STD rates Half of Britons ‘wrongly think’ you can get HIV from being bitten, spat at, or standing on a discarded needle HALF of gay black men in the US will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime, CDC warns Happy HIV patients ‘less infectious’, study claims: Scientists taught men 8 happiness techniques – and their viral load decreased Has a third person been ‘cured’ of HIV? Now researchers say ‘Düsseldorf patient’ shows no signs of the virus four months after undergoing stem cell transplant HIV baby treated at birth is now ‘virtually cured’ and healthy nine years on without any further treatment HIV breakthrough as scientists discover antibody that neutralizes 98% strains of the virus HIV breakthrough: Cancer drug triggers ‘drastic’ decrease in a patient’s viral load – paving the way to a cure HIV breakthrough: Scientists confirm the virus thrives in TWO types of blood cell, not one – possibly explaining why treatment has failed to wipe out the disease HIV dating app HZone ‘potentially left 5,000 users’ personal details exposed for 2 weeks during database breach’ HIV diagnoses rising in gay men under 30, especially minorities – with rates 4 times that of over-30s who grew up during the AIDS crisis, CDC report reveals HIV drug could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s: Study finds approved pill drastically reduces inflammation in the brain ‘HIV drugs DO prevent spread’: US health official signs groundbreaking consensus to declare infection risk is ‘negligible’ with regular medication HIV drugs DO prevent transmission during unprotected sex: Starting treatment at diagnosis ‘means risk of passing on the virus is minimal’ – even without condoms HIV epidemic sweeps Europe with record number of cases reported – as WHO warns heterosexual sex and drug use is to blame HIV implant could ‘revolutionise’ the way patients are treated, by releasing drugs automatically into the body HIV infections in the UK reach an all-time high – but 25% of people are unaware they have the condition HIV infections in the US fall 20% over the last decade – but NOT among gay and bisexual men or those living in the South HIV on the rise in the over-50s: Warning that reckless sexual behaviour of ‘silver splitters’ has led to an increase in cases HIV patients who drink 3 cups of coffee a day DOUBLED their survival chances HIV sufferers have an almost zero chance of transmitting their infection to others if they receive treatment, according to the largest study of its kind HIV sufferers who smoke are more likely to die from lung cancer than from HIV itself HIV tests give false negative results for up to SEVEN MONTHS if people take a controversial preventative drug, study finds HIV transmitted 1 in 900 times couple has unprotected sex HIV treatment breakthrough: Antiretroviral drugs should be given at diagnosis NOT when condition worsens, landmark trial reveals HIV treatment DOES prevent cognitive decline: New study refutes previous claims that medication is not enough to lower patients’ above-average dementia risk HIV vaccine breakthrough as experts generate immune cells that stay in circulation to stop the virus spreading HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa as it is overtaken by pneumonia and bronchitis, WHO study reveals HIV-positive Charlie Sheen becomes the face of a new CONDOM that claims not to break or reduce sexual pleasure HIV-positive men can have babies if they undergo ‘sperm-washing’ procedure, CDC rules in landmark guideline change Hope for an HIV vaccine as two US-funded clinical trials launch in Africa Hotel worker who took HIV test as a precaution is shocked to discover it’s positive and posts his diagnosis on FACEBOOK in a bid to reduce stigma around the condition How a daily dose of vitamin D ‘helps fight HIV’: Sunshine vitamin ‘boosts the number of immune cells, making treatment more effective’ How Britons remain ignorant about HIV even three decades after its discovery: One third don’t realise people with the virus can work as nursery teachers or chefs How gut bacteria affects HIV: Patients with healthy intestines ‘respond MUCH better to treatment’, study suggests How HIV spread across the globe: Maps reveal the virus ‘moved from America to Europe in waves’ How turning HIV against itself ‘could provide a cure for AIDS’ Hundreds of former patients tested for HIV or hepatitis after ‘unhygienic’ dentist is accused of ignoring infection control rules Hundreds of patients are being recalled for blood tests after fears they are at-risk of HIV after being treated by an infected doctor Hundreds of thousands of Americans do not know they have HIV, new CDC figures reveal amid national push to boost the rate of testing ‘I caught HIV from my husband months after my wedding’: Mother-of-three describes shock of being diagnosed – but insists they now live a completely normal life thanks to treatment ‘I had never experienced such blatant HIV discrimination in my life’: Three positive men were wrongly denied plastic surgery, judge rules ‘I look like the Elephant man’: Mother-of-two reveals how agonising hives left her unable to get out of bed or go to work ‘I thought only people in Africa got HIV,’ says mother-of-three who contracted the condition after summer romance ‘I’m proof HIV shouldn’t stop you being a parent’: Student, 20, gives birth to a healthy baby boy after inheriting the virus from her mother Injection taken every 2 months to control HIV is the ‘next revolution’ in treating the killer virus – scrapping the need for daily drugs Is the cure for HIV just a few years away? Scientists ‘SNIP the virus from infected cells, eliminating it completely’ It is no longer a felony to knowingly transmit HIV in California: Governor signs bill to view the now-treatable virus like all other STDs Leading sexual health specialist says ‘HIV prevention wonder drug’ must be available on the NHS NOW Legal threat prompts NHS to reconsider controversial decision not to prescribe ‘HIV wonder drug’ Leukaemia drug offers hope of an HIV cure to replace the ‘dangerous’ stem cell transplant that has rid two patients of the killer virus, researchers claim Little girl saved – by an HIV-infected liver: World first as doctors transplant organ from HIV-positive mother into her daughter in a desperate bid to cure her end-stage liver failure Major grocery chain under fire for denying HIV prevention drugs for employee ‘because they have not been diagnosed with an illness’ Major new hurdle in the hunt for an AIDS cure: Research shows dangerous ‘dormant’ HIV remains in the body after treatment Male circumcision and HIV antiretroviral drugs ‘significantly reduce new infections’ Man has to choose between possible death or HIV after being offered life-saving kidney from donor ‘who may have been infected’ Mass incarceration of drug users ‘driving global epidemics of HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis’ by turning prisons into incubators Medical milestone as world’s first living HIV-positive donor gives a kidney for transplant Meet Harry, the little boy who’s allergic to WATER: Hot and cold weather can also bring him out in hives. And thousands of Britons suffer the same agony Monthly shots control HIV as well as the daily pills in two big studies More than 1,200 Seattle children are possibly exposed to HIV and hepatitis at school-based dental clinics that used improperly sterilized tools More than one million Americans are at ‘substantial risk of HIV’ – yet less than 1% are taking daily pill that prevents infection Most American HIV patients have the virus for 3 years before it is diagnosed – but rates of early diagnosis are increasing at an ‘astonishing’ rate Mother with HIV who was ‘petrified’ to have a boyfriend in fear of passing on the virus reveals her partner and their child are FREE of the infection thanks to virus-suppressing drugs Mother-of-two who is allergic to the SUN reveals how she controls her painful condition after years of being bullied for breaking out in hives Mum-to-be with HIV who says it’s not the end of the world if baby gets it too as having the virus ‘wouldn’t affect my child’s life’ Mutated HIV strain in Canada is turning into AIDS much faster than usual, report warns New aggressive strain of HIV can progress to AIDS in just three years, scientists warn New cases of HIV in the UK are at their LOWEST levels since 2000 with a 17% drop in one year, official data shows New drug could be a functional ‘CURE’ for HIV by shutting down the ‘turbo engine’ that drives the virus’s spread New HIV antibody therapy ‘eradicated the virus within TWO weeks’ New HIV cases drop by 21% among gay and bisexual men in just one year as controversial PrEP prophylactic drug spreads New HIV cases reach historic low in New York City after rate of people taking preventative drugs surged 1,000% New HIV vaccine could turn deadly condition into ‘minor infection like herpes’ New hope for HIV patients: Pioneering antibody treatment could pave the way for vaccine to prevent infection New Mexico launches a criminal investigation into ‘vampire facials’ that left spa clients with HIV New Mexico spa-goers who got ‘vampire facials’ are urged to get tested for HIV and hepatitis after one was diagnosed with a blood infection New single-dose HIV drug ‘which targets the cells where the virus replicates’ is approved by the FDA New technique to detect cancer and HIV ‘could prove 10,000 TIMES more effective, and lead to earlier diagnosis’, experts claim New therapy could keep HIV at bay without the need for daily pills: Treatment using human antibodies ‘stops virus for up to 19 weeks’ New York man was REFUSED insurance coverage for HIV prevention medication ‘because he engages in high risk homosexual behavior’ Newborn baby whose mother is HIV-negative contracted the virus from an open blister on his DAD’s arm NHS email blunder reveals names of 780 HIV patients… but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt still plans to put MORE doctors’ data online NHS trust that leaked details of 780 HIV patients via email blunder is fined £180,000 for ‘serious breach of the law’ NHS urged to allow patients daily pill which could save millions by dramatically reducing the risk of contracting HIV Novel combination of drugs ‘could eliminate HIV’, scientists claim as they start groundbreaking human trial Now HIV and syphilis can be diagnosed in just 15 minutes: Revolutionary smartphone app ‘could save millions of lives’ Now you can buy a HIV test on the high street: Superdrug becomes first retailer to offer a self-testing kit that can provide a result in just 15 minutes Officials seize thousands of faulty STI and HIV home-testing kits amid fears they gave false NEGATIVE results Once-a-day pill ‘DOES prevent HIV in the real world’: PrEP drugs ‘are effective in protecting healthy gay men from infection’ One dose does NOT fit all for HIV: Drugs that prevent infection are ‘less effective in women – meaning they need higher doses’ One in SEVEN Australians with HIV don’t know they have the virus as number of people diagnosed hits 20-year high One Orthodox Jewish school is driving New York’s measles spread, health officials say: 21 of the city’s 31 new cases linked to Brooklyn yeshiva that allowed unvaccinated kids to come in One step closer to an HIV cure: Engineered molecules ‘kill infected cells and could wipe out hidden reservoirs of the virus’ Only six percent of people at highest risk for HIV are vaccinated against HPV – and the common STI can prove deadly for people living with AIDS On-the-spot diagnosis from a paramedic’s pocket device that could check liver or kidney function and even detects HIV ‘Our babies were given another mother’s milk’: Outraged parents must now wait 3 months to learn if their twins have infections such as HIV and hepatitis ‘Painful history of AIDS is looking like it’s future’: Despite huge advances the ‘HIV epidemic continues among gay men across the world’, experts warn Panic over HIV and syphilis outbreak in Milwaukee: 125 people diagnosed in one of the largest STI clusters ever reported in the US Paramedic is left with lips TWICE their normal size, covered in hives and struggling to breathe by mystery allergy Patient Zero FINALLY exonerated: The gay air steward blamed for starting the AIDS epidemic in the US did NOT start HIV spread, new study confirms Pictured: The woman whose death sparked police probe into dentist and HIV warning for 22,000 patients Pioneering trials using man-made DNA begin in battle against cancer, ebola, flu and HIV with scientists saying the treatment could be the key to defeating them Powerful new HIV drug designed to target drug-resistant strains is hailed a success in late-stage trial Prescriptions to prevent HIV infection increased 1,000% in New York City since 2014, new figures reveal Prince Harry has ‘groundbreaking’ HIV test broadcast live on the Royal Family’s Facebook page – and discovers just one minute later the result is negative Risk of catching HIV from an infected partner is almost eliminated with this once-daily pill Russia plans law to fine people £36 for claiming HIV and AIDS don’t exist as conspiracy theory spreads online and more than 100,000 people were infected with the deadly virus last year Scientists are one step closer to a HIV cure after discovering how it lurks in cells Scientists completely eliminate HIV in living animals for the first time ever using ‘cut and paste’ gene-editing Scientists discover how to flush HIV out of a patient’s body, raising hopes they can eradicate the disease Scientists discover the last unknown structure of the HIV virus after 20 years of dead-end research Scientists edge closer to an HIV vaccine: Single injection protects monkeys for at least 18 weeks Scientists make cells RESISTANT to HIV in major breakthrough against the disease Scientists may be one step closer to a cure for HIV: Injection prevents the virus spreading and could rid sufferers of the disease Scientists use HIV viruses and DNA editing to cure deadly childhood ‘bubble boy disease’ in eight infants left without immune systems Scotland paves the way with anti-HIV drug, but will the move to provide protective treatment put pressure on NHS England to fund the £4,000 a year per patient treatment? Should ALL hospital patients be tested for HIV? A&E department pilots routine testing programme Specialist boarding school at the centre of the tainted blood scandal: Teenage haemophiliacs were called in groups to be told if they’d been infected with HIV – out of 89 pupils, only 16 survive STDs hit record high for the fourth year in a row as Americans stop using condoms ‘because they no longer fear catching HIV’ Students put at risk of HIV and hepatitis from botched blood tests and vaccinations sue their former university Surgeons and dentists with HIV to be allowed to operate on patients after ban is lifted by Government Surgery kills more than HIV, TB and malaria COMBINED: Operations are the ‘neglected stepchild of global health’ after too much money has been pumped into infectious diseases Surprising monkey study could lead to ‘functional’ HIV cure, US AIDS chief declares in rare personal endorsement for a treatment ‘Taking a HIV test is something to be proud of – not ashamed’: Prince Harry calls for the end of stigma around the lethal virus Teenage boys can take HIV prevention pills, study says: Research shows the medication has no side effects for younger users despite fears Teenager, 19, is allergic to her own TEARS because of a rare condition that causes her to break out in hives if she touches water The all-in-one solution to sexual health is on its way: New drugs and products ‘prevent HIV, STDs AND unplanned pregnancies’ The ‘Charlie Sheen effect’ on HIV: Study claims the actor saved lives by inspiring huge surge in rates of people getting tested after revealing his status The Charlie Sheen effect: Actor’s HIV revelation was ‘earth shaking event for disease prevention’ sparking record number of internet searches The ‘elastic band’ circumcision device that could reduce HIV infection rate by 60% The First Dates star with HIV who lost his partner to the disease – and his desperate race to help the charity that saved his life The first drug which can PREVENT HIV: Pills reduce risk by up to 75% in at risk heterosexual couples The girl who could be KILLED by cold weather: Eight-year-old struggles to breathe and breaks out in hives…so is relishing the mildest Christmas in a century The horrific practice putting women at increased risk of HIV: African and Indonesian women ‘dry’ their vaginas with sand and bleach to make sex more pleasurable for men The IVF clampdown: Cash-strapped health authority will only help women left infertile from cancer treatment and HIV start a family The mother who erupts with hives when she’s cold: Allergic reaction means 37-year -old could DIE from a change in temperature The rise of ‘chemsex’: Gay men having 72-hour sex sessions with multiple partners under the influence of illegal drugs is ‘causing rates of HIV and other STIs to soar’ The runner who’s ALLERGIC to exercise: Fundraiser signs up for triathlon in memory of a friend and then develops hives The ‘superhero’ in your vagina: How some women have more HIV-fighting bacteria – and how you can get more too The toddler who is allergic to everything but FIVE foods and can’t even cuddle his parents without coming out in hives The treatment that allows HIV-positive gay men to have unprotected sex: 8-year study reveals those on drugs to combat the killer virus are non-infectious The vagina ring that provides secret HIV protection for women with cheating partners – or those who refuse to wear a condom The woman who’s allergic to her husband’s kisses: Rare condition means contact with his saliva triggers agonising HIVES Thousands of former patients of ‘dirty’ dentist face anxious two week wait for HIV and hepatitis test results Thousands of patients offered HIV and hepatitis tests after whistleblower claims dentist re-used equipment Three Philadelphia dental offices closed after exposing as many as 1,500 patients to HIV and hepatitis by reusing needles Tinder and Grindr dating apps ‘are causing cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV to soar’, experts claim ‘Transformational’ new HIV therapy every 8 weeks ‘blocks the virus and could spell an end to daily treatment’ Trend for ADULTS to drink breast milk is ‘dangerous’ and ‘increases risk of catching HIV, hepatitis and syphilis’, doctors warn Trial for HIV prevention drug PrEP could DOUBLE after warnings hundreds of gay and bisexual men face being turned away from accessing the ‘game-changing’ pill Trials of US HIV vaccine halted after research found it failed to prevent infections Two spa-goers contract HIV after getting vampire facials at a New Mexico clinic – and now over 100 are being warned to get tested for the disease Up to 11% of HIV sufferers in poor countries risk becoming resistant to AIDS-prevention drugs, which could cause hundreds of thousands to die from the condition, study reveals Vaginal ring laced with anti-AIDS drug ‘reduces a woman’s risk of HIV’ by up to 92% Vaginal ring laced with anti-AIDS drug ‘reduces HIV infection by a third,’ landmark trials reveal Viral hepatitis ‘kills as many people as malaria, TB or HIV each year – with a surge in deaths over last 2 decades’ Viral hepatitis kills more people internationally than HIV, malaria or tuberculosis, new report reveals Watch the moment an HIV-infected cell sheds the virus to infect during sex: Groundbreaking video could help create a vaccine, claim scientists What Ebola, HIV and Zika REALLY look like: Artist and scientist’s fascinating watercolours of viruses are based on his own studies of what the pathogens look like under a microscope WHO declares gene editing babies is ‘irresponsible’ – but stops short of a ban: Officials call instead for global database to monitor scientists using the technique after Chinese doctor stunned the world by editing HIV out of twin girls Why 2017 was a milestone in our race to end HIV: The year America told patients ‘you are not a threat’ and two vaccine trials began – but experts warn there are still huge barriers for patients to get drugs Why America’s Deep South still has the highest HIV rates: Widespread poverty and poor sex ed have blocked efforts to control the disease Why ARE some people immune to HIV? Key part of immune cells ‘trigger highly effective response to the virus’, experts discover Why do we shiver when we’re ill? And why do we cry when we’re hurt? Experts reveal the 10 things you’ve always wanted to know about your body Why picking your nose and eating it may be good for you! Filthy habit could prevent cavities, stomach ulcers and even HIV Why some women get HIV but others don’t: Bacteria in the vagina dubbed a ‘biological condom TRAPS the virus, preventing infection’ Why you shouldn’t cleanse your vagina with a cucumber: Medic warns bizarre trend could increase your risk of infections like gonorrhoea and even HIV Why you SHOULDN’T let your child play in a ball pit: ‘99% of them are hives for germs because feces get lost at the bottom’, company claims Woman catches HIV after having her nails done using shared manicure equipment Woman, 21, is branded contagious for a mystery allergy that causes her to break out of hives all over her body every day Women on the contraceptive jab have a greater risk of contracting HIV than those using other forms of birth control or NONE at all World’s first ever HIV-positive to HIV-positive liver transplant has taken place in the US, surgeons reveal Would you have an implant to stop HIV? Under-the-skin device that releases daily PrEP dose could slash infection rates You really CAN be allergic to running! Rare form of hives is caused by vibration – and clapping and bumpy bus rides can trigger the rash too Young gay and bisexual men with HIV ‘are more likely to have risky, unprotected sex’ Zara Larsson wears t-shirt urging people to ‘have sex and save lives’ in condom ad as Durex pledges to donate 10% of sales to fund the global fight against HIV Are school lunches making YOUR child fat? Study slams Michelle Obama’s meals for ‘fueling America’s obesity epidemic’ Are skinny jeans making you FAT? As a study warns they can cut off the blood supply to the legs, one expert warns they’re also fuelling the obesity crisis Are slimming pills FUELLING the obesity epidemic? Dieters using them ‘mistakenly believe they can eat whatever they want’ Are surgeons hiding the deadly risks of obesity surgery? Are we sleepwalking towards a growing obesity crisis? TV autopsy reveals what being fat REALLY does to your body Are you a sweet or a savory addict? The answer will affect your weight: Craving sugary treats ‘increases obesity risk as you get older’ Are YOU sleep deprived? Interactive map reveals the states where people struggle to get enough shut eye (and it’s linked to obesity rates) Are YOU too fat for sex? 1 in 4 think so: Obesity expert gives her top tips on losing weight to boost confidence in the bedroom As a new book says processed food is killing off ‘friendly’ bacteria in our gut… Can eating home-made pickles fight off infections – and obesity? Ashley Graham is normalising obesity! Growing numbers are failing to realise they are overweight because of the explosion in plus-size models and clothing Babies could be given an ‘obesity risk score’ at BIRTH: New algorithm can predict your genetic risk of weight gain Babies set to be treated for obesity in the WOMB: Overweight mothers-to-be could get hormone pill to cut the risk of having a fat child Ban second helpings to fight child obesity: Expert say large portions are the biggest reason youngsters become overweight Ban the elasticated waistband! Comfortable clothing ‘makes obesity acceptable and simply encourages us to get FATTER’ Being too skinny damages fertility more than obesity Believe it or not, Britain is set to become the THIN man of Europe: Obesity crisis will be worse across continent than in UK ‘Big food is like big tobacco’: Former McDonald’s advertising exec reveals the tricks food manufacturers use to persuade the public to eat supersized portions that fuel the obesity crisis Binge-eating is a brain disorder which could be targeted with an anti-obesity pill, scientists claim Bowel cancer is on the rise in the UK: Rates in the under-50s jump by 2% in a decade ‘amid spiralling obesity crisis’ as experts call for screening age to be lowered Bowel cancer rates are on the rise in younger people across Europe ‘due to poor diets, obesity and sedentary lifestyles’ Bowel cancer rates in men soar by a quarter in 35 years – and obesity, smoking and drinking are to blame Breast IS best: Breastfeeding ‘helps prevent infants fight off diseases and lowers their obesity risk’ Brexit could make SUGAR more expensive: EU exit is ‘an opportunity to tackle the obesity crisis’ by cutting farming subsidies, experts claim Bribery works! How paying children money to eat their greens could halt the obesity crisis Britain’s obesity crisis: NHS spending £16m a year on 200 who are too fat to leave home Britain’s obesity epidemic strikes again: Why patients in their 40s and 50s are losing their sight to cataracts British children are among the unhealthiest in the Western world due to high levels of obesity and a lack of exercise, major report finds Caesarean section babies ‘face double the risk of obesity’ than those delivered naturally Calling obesity a disease makes people ‘resigned to their condition’ – and encourages them to eat more Can frozen feces pills combat obesity? Transplanting ‘healthy gut microbes from slim people could improve metabolism’ Cancer rates have reached a record high with more than 800 new cases a day as a result of an ageing population and obesity Cancer rates will rise for women but FALL for men over the next 20 years: Experts blame alcohol, smoking and obesity for soaring levels in females Can’t resist that cream cake? Blame your GENES: Scientists locate obesity DNA which ‘significantly’ affect our size and weight Chemical found in everyday products from baby bottles to banknotes could increase children’s risk of obesity, reveals study for the first time Chewing gum as you walk increases the heart rate and burns extra calories – and could help people fight obesity, claim scientists Childhood obesity and depression are both driven by the same brain abnormalities, study finds Childhood obesity CAN be tackled, but you’ve got to start before the age of 10, say experts Childhood obesity can only be tackled by taxing junk food and sugary drinks and cracking down on TV ads, experts insist Childhood obesity cases up four-fold in a decade: Nearly 21,000 aged five to 19 treated in hospital for weight-related conditions Childhood obesity is fueling an asthma epidemic, experts warn Childhood obesity ‘to blame for early puberty’: Average age falls by five years in century, figures show Children as young as 12 are guzzling energy drinks so they can stay up late to play video games, putting them at risk of obesity, heart problems and even death, as experts call for a ban Children as young as TWO sent to NHS ‘fat camps’ to tackle obesity crisis Children should be given yearly ‘obesity MOT’ from nursery age to stop them piling on the pounds, experts demand Children spending hours a day in front of screens are at risk of ‘short-sightedness, obesity and CANCER’ Child’s obesity risk can start in the womb: Fetuses develop genetic changes that affect fat stores if their moms overeat during pregnancy Chocolate could PREVENT obesity: Scientists say antioxidant in cocoa stops weight gain and lowers blood sugar Chocolate-flavoured protein snack bar with 50% MORE fat than a Big Mac prompts outrage from anti-obesity campaigners Coffee shops in the dock: Health chiefs warns high street chains’ ‘little nudges’ to buy sweet treats are fuelling obesity crisis Colorectal cancer rates and deaths soaring in the US, especially among young adults – fueled by Western diet and obesity, study finds Consistent bedtime could prevent weight gain: Kids who go to bed at the same time every night have much lower risk of obesity in adulthood Consuming just two fizzy drinks a day in pregnancy increases a child’s obesity risk Could a ‘gastric bypass in a pill’ spell an end to diets and be the key to tackling obesity? Could a ‘sugar tax’ on soft drinks help tackle the obesity epidemic? Scientists find 20% price rise deters people and helps battle the bulge Could an anti-obesity jab be on the horizon? Scientists successfully control the appetite of mice by giving them a shot Could an ‘imaginary meal’ pill solve the obesity crisis? Drug tricks the body into feeling full – AND lowers cholesterol and blood sugar Could autism be linked to obesity in pregnancy? Overweight women’s high blood sugar levels may have a detrimental impact on the development of the brain Could coffee prevent obesity? Chemical in the drink found to halt weight gain Could eating DIRT be the cure for obesity? A spoonful of soil may flush fat out of the body, study finds Could giving babies antibiotics be linked to obesity in later life? Study finds evidence drugs reprogramme how the gut works Could house dust be making children FAT? Chemicals found in grime ‘trigger protein linked to obesity’ Could MUSHROOMS be the key to losing weight? Fungi used in Chinese medicine ‘alters gut bacteria’ and could be used to treat obesity Could obesity be cured by turning off a brain receptor? Food cravings and over-eating could be prevented by deactivating one ‘sweet spot’ Could our body clock be linked to obesity? Scientists discover gene that controls sleep patterns also determines how fat we become Could PEANUT BUTTER be the key to fighting obesity? Snacking on peanuts 3 to 4 times a week ‘helps lower BMI’ Could taking vitamin D help you shed pounds? Low levels of ‘sunshine’ vitamin linked to obesity, study finds Could the key to beating obesity be blocking the ‘hunger’ nerve? Interrupting signals telling the brain to eat boosts weight loss Could THIS lead to a cure for obesity? Scientists discover brain cells that control hunger Could this mark the end of BMI? New obesity measure ‘is better at predicting risk of early death – accounting for body shape, not just height and weight’ Could this new op combat obesity? It’s less invasive and cheaper than gastric bypass surgery – and ‘reduces weight by 54%’ Cure for obesity in sight after scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ faulty gene that causes the body to store fat Cut out the cake culture at work, say top dentists because treats are contributing to poor oral health and the obesity epidemic Cute? No, chubby babies face a lifetime of medical problems including obesity, Erb’s Palsy and hypoglycemia Damaging effect of obesity on a woman’s eggs can now be reversed: Drug can ‘restore egg quality to original level’ Deaths during pregnancy are on the rise again ‘due to obesity rates and increasing age of expectant mothers’ Deaths from cancer soar due to obesity, smoking and living longer: Disease is now second biggest killer worldwide after heart disease Delay school start times to 8.30am to benefit teenagers’ health, say doctors: Lack of shut-eye leads to ‘depression, obesity and car accidents’ Depression is as deadly as OBESITY: Almost 1 in 5 fatal heart attacks ’caused by mental health condition’ Depression raises the risk of obesity by up to 49% and heart disease by up to 57%, study reveals Depression, obesity and chronic pain could all be treated ‘by blocking the SAME protein’ ‘Diet pills DON’T WORK – if they did, wouldn’t doctors prescribe them to stem the obesity crisis?,’ says weight-loss expert ‘Disease of kings’ on the rise as more people get gout because of increase in obesity Do YOU have gallstones? You’re also more likely to have a heart attack because both conditions are linked obesity and high blood pressure Do YOU have ‘obliviobesity’? Rising number of parents are oblivious to the fact their child is obese, says doctor who has coined the new phrase Do YOU have the ‘fat gene’? Discovery of protein that controls metabolism could lead to anti-obesity drug Do YOU have the obesity gene? Scientists discover defective DNA affects impulse eating and food choices Do YOU live in one of America’s fattest states? Map reveals the country’s obesity hotspots – and Mississippi tops the list for the second year in a row Do YOU own a spiralizer or drink aloe vera? You’re not alone: Obesity crisis fuels sale of health gizmos and superfoods Doctor wants DIET drinks taxed because they fuel obesity by making us eat more Does this boy look overweight? Furious mother is told her football-loving son, four, is dangerously heavy by an NHS childhood obesity programme Early bedtimes could combat child obesity: Study finds young who sleep for longer consume fewer calories Early deaths from heart disease set to soar by a THIRD in a decade – unless smoking and obesity are ‘aggressively addressed’ Early sale of Easter eggs ‘fuels Britain’s obesity epidemic’: Health chiefs warn shoppers not to fall for tempting displays that go up months before the holiday… so how many calories are there in YOUR favourite? Eat dinner together to tackle obesity: ‘Nanny in chief’ and UK’s top doctor Dame Sally Davies tells families to eat meals around the table to stay healthy ‘Eat no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar a day but aim for six’: New global guidelines are unveiled but critics say they don’t go far enough to tackle obesity and tooth decay Eating for two can make a BABY fat: Too much food and a lack of exercise during pregnancy ‘increases a child’s risk of obesity’ Eating oily fish during pregnancy may prevent children developing obesity and boost their gut health Eating too much salt may raise the risk of OBESITY: Every extra gram can increase the chance of putting on weight by 25% Eight more cancers linked to obesity: WHO says excess pounds drives up risk of brain, blood and ovary tumors Employees with cars could be forced to park up to a MILE from the office in radical NHS plans to tackle obesity Every hospital in England pledges to cut sales of sugary drinks to just 10% in major clampdown on obesity Everything you think you know about calories is bunkum! Obesity expert Dr Giles Yeo reveals the six pain-free ways to cut down on your intake Exercise not diet IS the key to weight loss: Physical activity is ‘magic bullet’ for pandemics of obesity and heart disease Families could get money off their shopping bills if they hit weekly exercise targets under radical NHS proposals to tackle obesity Families told to slash sugar intake by HALF: Report warns of obesity epidemic that could cripple NHS unless levels are reduced Fast food apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are ‘undermining’ the battle against childhood obesity, council leaders warn Fat Britain: NHS figures show obesity-related hospital admissions have risen 15% in a year Fat children have up to six times more high blood pressure risk: Figures lead to doctors calling for taskforce to tackle child obesity Fat patients to be given personalised weight-loss plans based on their DNA, in desperate bid to stem the obesity crisis Fat women who refuse to diet ‘are more likely to get cancer’: Every decade of obesity increases risk of disease by up to 37% Female sex hormone is ‘fuelling male obesity epidemic and causing sperm counts to drop’ as men become ‘feminised’ Fewer Americans want to slim down and nation’s ‘ideal weight’ is up 8lbs – despite obesity epidemic Five more dead after having gastric balloons inserted to treat obesity – bringing death toll to 12, FDA reveals Five people have been KILLED by anti-obesity balloons surgically inserted in their stomachs, FDA reveals Food capsules – not weight loss surgery – ‘could combat the obesity crisis’ Forget tennis elbow, we’re all suffering from ‘office knee’ – and desk jobs and obesity are to blame From Spongebob Squarepants to Pixar’s Inside Out, children’s movies are filled with ‘obesity-promoting behaviour’ as nearly ALL feature unhealthy food, scientists discover Getting fat at work? Make your next meeting a WALK to reduce stress, back pain and obesity, say health officials ‘Give fat people endurance drugs to make them exercise’: So-called ‘doping for lazy people’ could be the solution to the obesity crisis, academic claims Giving antibiotics to babies and children under two ‘raises their risk of obesity in later life’, major study claims Giving babies antibiotics early on could lead to obesity later in life, say scientists Global obesity crisis fuels rise in malnutrition: Poor diet means 1 in 3 people worldwide are now undernourished Global obesity estimates ‘MISS OUT more than half a billion fat people’, experts warn Grannies are to blame for obesity, study claims: Children who live far away from their grandparents are less likely to be overweight Gut hormone ‘could cure obesity crisis by suppressing appetite’ Half of children are overweight before they even reach 11: Researchers identify sharp rise in obesity rates from age 7 as parents give offspring more control Half the country is trying to lose weight: CDC figures reveal 50% of Americans are exercising more and eating less – but obesity is STILL on the rise Hands-on dads stop children getting fat: Playing an active role can reduce the chance of obesity by a third Has this town found the cure for childhood obesity? List of 20 rules – including sweets once a week and walking to school – are highly effective, doctors claim Having children ages women MORE than smoking and obesity: Offspring add 11 years to DNA associated with longevity, study finds Healthy food labels ‘are fueling the obesity crisis’: People eat more thinking they’re making a better choice Healthy school dinners and nutrition classes for children and parents reduce obesity over teenage years, study finds Heart disease crisis in the South: Report warns soaring rate of obesity and poor diet is crippling the region at a pace we can’t keep up with Heart disease warning for bisexual men: Poor mental health, high rates of smoking and obesity put them at higher risk than any other orientation Hidden calories are fuelling the obesity crisis: Britons eat 50% more than they realise, warn experts High-street retailer Next is selling plus-sized clothing for children as young as THREE years-old as experts warn UK is sitting on a childhood obesity timebomb Hormone DOUBLES the risk you’ll get FAT – ‘raising hopes of obesity-busting pill or jab’ Hospital admissions for obesity soar by 18% in a year! NHS figures reveal 617,000 were blamed on bulging waistlines last year (and that’s 10 times more than when records began) How Beyoncé is making kids fat: Celebrity food and drink endorsements are fuelling childhood obesity, doctors warn How childhood obesity brings forward puberty and could harm a woman’s baby chances How children’s character Sportacus could help Government tackle obesity How COPPER could help combat obesity: Essential nutrient ‘plays a key role in breaking down fat cells’ How e-cigarettes may help to fight obesity: Vaping using food flavours ‘helps to suppress cravings’ How fat is YOUR country – and which nations have the highest obesity rates? These new maps may surprise you… How fighting fat with fat could offer a new way to battle obesity How healthy is YOUR state? Hawaii claims the top spot in annual report AGAIN – as Mississippi is scolded for staggering obesity, smoking and child poverty rates How loneliness leads to an early grave: Feeling alone ‘shortens lifespan as much as obesity’ How many calories are YOU guzzling? Beers including Stella, Becks and Budweiser to list all nutritional information on the bottle in a bid to stem obesity crisis How NICOTINE could help to prevent obesity and dementia: Drug ‘reduces appetite and slows the brain’s ageing’ How obesity damages the brain: Study finds excess weight leads to Alzheimer’s by triggering cells that wear down crucial synapses How olive oil reverses heart disease threat: Eating Mediterranean diet found to reduce obesity and blood glucose levels that can lead to the condition How ‘skinny hormone’ jab may end obesity in 10 years: revolutionary injection reduces hunger by a third How sweet ‘bribes’ to stop tantrums put children at obesity risk How traffic-light signals could help fight obesity: Red, amber and green warnings on menus ‘slash the number of calories a person consumes by 10%’ How YOU could be to blame for YOUR child’s obesity: Lack of parental oversight ‘means children are free to snack’ How your friends could be making you fatter: Obesity can spread through communities like a ‘social contagion’ How your grandfather’s weight could wreck your health: Damaging effects of obesity can be passed down through genes Hysterectomies before 35 QUADRUPLE women’s risk of heart failure and increase obesity risk by 20% ‘I’m 27 stone but have NO desire to be thin’: Fat Girl Dancing and TV star Whitney Thore speaks out about her battle with polycystic ovaries – and why the link between obesity and health problems is exaggerated Is Audrey Hepburn the key to stopping the obesity epidemic? Is climate change the answer to the obesity crisis? Hotter weather leads to higher exercise rates Is food PACKAGING to blame for the obesity epidemic? Tempting images of extra large portions ’cause people to eat 135% more calories’ Is junk food to blame for the obesity epidemic? Scientists say NO! High-fat foods and sugary drinks ‘don’t influence BMI’ Is obesity CONTAGIOUS? Spores of bacteria from the gut’s of fat people ‘could spread to healthy individuals’ Is the key to fighting obesity as simple as eating carrots and broccoli? Two fist-sized portions a day reduce ‘bad fats’ in the body It’s called the great outdoors for a reason! Access to nature REDUCES depression and obesity, study finds It’s not just rotting teeth and obesity you’re risking: From dementia to liver damage, the real toll of too much sugar It’s not your fault you’re fat: Obesity could be caused by gut bacteria rather than over-eating It’s the pudding police! Jeremy Hunt is slammed over plan to ‘name and shame’ restaurants offering indulgent desserts as part of war on obesity It’s the way you eat it: Gorging on a high fat diet can ‘prevent obesity and improve your metabolism’ Jamie Oliver launches manifesto to cut childhood obesity in half as he welcomes government sugar tax Jamie Oliver’s outrage over ‘watered down’ child obesity strategy: Chef joins doctors and health campaigners in condemning the Government’s ‘underwhelming’ plans Junk food adverts are causing UK teens to eat an extra 18,000 calories a year and feeding childhood obesity, a new study warns Junk food firms fail miserably to meet a sugar-reduction target set by the Government to cut child obesity Junk food portion sizes haven’t changed in 20 YEARS despite the obesity epidemic Just one extra spoonful at mealtimes makes kids fat: Experts call for tougher guidelines on portion sizes amid fears Britain is facing obesity time bomb Just ONE hour of jogging or swimming a week is ‘more effective in fighting obesity than counting calories’ Just one traumatic event increases a woman’s risk of obesity by more than 10%, a study reveals Kids who drink orange juice in the morning ‘have a higher obesity risk’ while skipping breakfast makes them more likely to snack later, study finds Labelling obesity a disease ‘is an excuse not to diet’ as people with condition think they have no control over their weight Lack of exercise is to blame for bulging waistlines and obesity epidemic NOT eating more calories, study finds Liver disease set to be the top cause of early deaths by 2020: Alcohol and obesity blamed for the increase Loneliness is as great a health risk as obesity: Social isolation and living alone significantly increase a person’s chance of dying early Majority of GPs back ‘sugar tax’: Two-thirds of doctors want levy on high-sugar foods and drinks in bid to curb obesity Make grazing on unhealthy food socially unacceptable to fight obesity, expert claims Male fertility crisis: Obesity, smoking and exposure to plastics are to blame for huge drop in sperm quality, scientists say as rate of men who may need treatment to conceive soars Man dubbed ‘The Human Doughnut’ sheds 29st to drop from 41st to 12st after morbid obesity left him housebound Middle-age spread raises the risk of dementia by up to a THIRD because it restricts blood flow, reveals global study of 1.3million, as experts say findings are a wake up call to tackle obesity epidemic Ministers launch an urgent review into childhood obesity in the UK in hope of HALVING levels of overweight youngsters over the next decade Ministers ‘risk lives’ by ducking complete ban on deadly trans-fats in processed foods when obesity strategy was watered down Ministers sign off plans to ban junk food adverts on TV before 9pm watershed in crackdown on childhood obesity More than a THIRD of Americans suffer arthritis – and obesity is driving up rates nationwide, report suggests Most mothers ‘are giving their babies too many calories’: Infants put on path to obesity, warn experts Mother drops from 18st 5lbs to 10st after doctors said OBESITY was to blame for her cervical cancer diagnosis Mother’s shock after doctor tells her to put her baby on a DIET to ‘stop obesity before it begins’, despite the infant being a healthy weight Mothers who smoke during pregnancy ‘put children at risk of obesity later on’ MPs demand a ‘minister for hunger’ as watchdog reveals one in five children in Britain have ‘limited access to food’ – while elsewhere the UK faces an obesity crisis Nearly 80% of hair products aimed at black women contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and obesity, study finds Nearly a THIRD of births are now caesareans due to fears of childbirth, obesity and growing numbers of older mothers, NHS figures show New obesity INJECTION ‘triggers significant weight loss’: Tiny beads inserted into the stomach ‘block the hunger hormone’ NHS obesity ops up 500% in a decade… and women have three times as many as men Night shifts increase your risk of obesity by a THIRD because it derails your metabolism Nine in ten people WANT sugar and calories to be reduced in food to save them from obesity, survey reveals Nine in ten toddlers are at risk of obesity because they eat too much sugar as new Public Health Minister hints baby snacks could be taxed next No more chocolate bars and crisps for children: Health officials urge parents to allow under-11s just two low-calorie snacks a day to cut down on obesity Nose plugs could be the key to tackling obesity crisis as research finds that disabling our sense of smell can double weight loss in dieters Not all obesity is the same: There are many types which derail metabolism in different ways – which one matters to your health Number of diabetics up 62 per cent in a decade: Obesity blamed as 3.3million now fall victim Obese at four: Children are being overfed by their parents, expert warns as map reveals country’s obesity divide Obesity and alcohol may be more likely to trigger a heart attack than ‘bad’ genes Obesity and high blood pressure in your 50s dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer’s, 25-year study reveals Obesity and high blood pressure ‘speed up mental decline’ for those aged over 50 Obesity campaign in crisis: Four outraged board members resign over controversial report advising us to eat MORE fat Obesity costs the global economy as much as war and terrorism, totalling $2TRILLION each year Obesity crisis forces NHS to buy £1m supersize CT scanners to treat patients weighing up to 50st Obesity crisis has turned the UK into the fat man of Europe! Men in the home nations weigh 13st 3lbs on average – and only guys in the US and Australia are heavier, figures show Obesity crisis in schools: How one child in three is too fat by the age of 11 Obesity crisis in the young fuels demand for ‘fat’ ambulances capable of carrying patients weighing up to 70st Obesity crisis is fuelling rise of a silent killer dubbed ‘human foie gras’ that is leaving drug giants licking their lips at a market that could be worth £17 billion Obesity cure? Just eat LESS! Former top surgeon says weight is worst epidemic to hit country for 100 years Obesity DOES affect the growth of a fetus – increasing the risk of dire pregnancy complications for both mother and baby Obesity DOES run in families: Children are more likely to be severely overweight if their grandparents struggled to shift the pounds, study finds Obesity dulls the sense of TASTE causing people to seek higher amounts of sugar, salt and fat Obesity epidemic to blame for record number of people suffering gout – and the sharpest rise is in patients in their 20s and 30s Obesity exacerbates asthma in children, study reveals Obesity fuels anxiety and depression by disrupting gut bacteria that affect the brain, study finds Obesity fuels rise in throat cancer in men: Form is one of the deadliest as it is often diagnosed late Obesity gender divide: GPs are failing to encourage fat men to attend the weight loss classes women go to and instead tell them to take up football ‘Obesity is a brain disease’: Western diet of sweet fatty junk food ‘makes you forget to stop eating – even when you’re full’ Obesity IS a disability, rules highest EU court after 25st Danish childminder was ‘sacked for being too fat to perform his job properly’ Obesity is a major factor in 40% of US cancers, CDC report reveals Obesity is a ‘slow motion car crash’ that may bankrupt the NHS, says its chief executive Obesity is blamed for 12,000 cancer cases every year: Being overweight can increase chance of developing some forms of the disease by 60% Obesity knocks 20 years of good health off your life and can accelerate death by eight years Obesity legacy of mums-to-be: Carrying too many pounds in pregnancy can give your baby a life of weight problems Obesity linked to greater risk of developing serious lung disease, study warns Obesity map reveals more than 35 percent of people in seven US states are dangerously overweight Obesity pill that re-wires the brain so it feels full could be available within years after scientific breakthrough Obesity ‘raises prostate cancer risk’: 10% of cases could be prevented if men kept themselves at a healthy weight Obesity raises women’s risk of seven cancers by 40%: 18,000 women develop disease each year as a result of being overweight Obesity rates soar among professional baseball players, study shows – but some say it could be a GOOD thing Obesity risk for C-section babies: 84% more likely to be overweight than children born naturally Obesity set to overtake smoking as the most common cause of preventable cancer for women with one in ten linked to weight by 2035, charity’s report finds Obesity should be recognised as a DISEASE because it is ’caused by genes rather than greed and laziness’, claims royal college Obesity stigma: How fat children are shunned at school Obesity warning as councils shut 210 playgrounds in just two years… and at least 230 more face same fate Obesity will be ‘the new norm’ in 20 years – triggering extra 700,000 cancer cases, doctors warn Obesity, heart disease and asthma could all be determined in the womb due to a mother’s diet Obesity. Bloating. Bowel problems. Headaches. It’s blamed for everything these days – so should you stop eating bread? Obesity-related conditions are threatening to ‘overwhelm’ an already cash-strapped NHS, experts warn ‘Of course fat people CAN’T take responsibility for their weight – there’s too much temptation everywhere,’ says obesity doctor Office ‘cake culture’ is fuelling obesity and rotting our teeth with most sugary treats scoffed while we’re at work One in five children in the UK live in ‘constant poverty’ that raises their risk of ‘obesity, mental-health issues and lingering infections’ One or two coffees a day ‘WON’T harm your baby’: Moderate amounts of caffeine in pregnancy ‘doesn’t increase the risk of obesity or behaviour problems’ Overweight children CAN blame their parents: Genes are responsible for leaving some infants susceptible to obesity Overweight patients ‘dying because NHS is poorly prepared for obesity epidemic’ Painkillers increase the risk of OBESITY by 95% reveals shocking new research as prescriptions for the drugs double to 24 million in 10 years Parenting classes can reverse child obesity: Eight-week courses teaching mothers and fathers about how to offer their children vegetables and tell them to go to bed are a success, Oxford study finds Pay people to work out, top medic tells health officials: New report tables wildly unconventional approach to beating America’s obesity crisis People can be fat AND fit as study finds obesity doesn’t automatically lead to ill-health Pill for obesity a step closer after breakthrough identifies cells which convert ‘bad’ fat into ‘good’ Plus-sized models ‘are FUELLING the obesity crisis’: Ads featuring larger models ‘promote the idea being overweight is acceptable’ Pregnant woman’s diet ‘can alter her child’s DNA causing obesity in later life’ Progress of life expectancy in the UK is the second slowest in the world – behind only the US – because of the obesity crisis, official report reveals Protein IS the secret to staving off hunger pangs: Snacking on nuts and seeds in the afternoon can help beat obesity Pupils ‘should be WEIGHED at school every year’ to help tackle Britain’s obesity crisis, say leading paediatricians Pupils should stand in class and squat rather than sit during assembly to fight child obesity, says health campaigner Put sugar tax on unhealthy products to prevent obesity and tooth decay, say scientists Quarter of babies now born by C-section as rise in obesity levels and older mothers sees caesarean births surge by one third in 15 years Raise a glass to the ‘red wine pill’ to cure everything from obesity to cancer Rates of dementia have dropped 15% per decade since the 1980s but experts warn soaring obesity crisis threatens to undo the hard work Record number of teenagers are having obesity surgery on the NHS, with ops doubling in five years Recurrent miscarriages may be the fault of MEN: Scientists link them to poor sperm with DNA damage ’caused by obesity and previous STIs’ Restaurants are urged to stop offering children free ice creams, cakes and chocolate in fixed-price menus in crackdown on childhood obesity Restaurants told to slash calories in pizzas and pies to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis Revealed: The four different types of obesity and why not all benefit from risky weight-loss surgery Revealed: The most common reasons people avoid sex, from obesity to watching too much porn Revealed: The top 10 stroke triggers, from obesity to high blood pressure – and how 90% of attacks could be prevented with basic lifestyle changes Revealed: Where obesity-related cancer is hitting America hardest – and why women have DOUBLE the risk Rice and easy! People should consume an extra 50g of rice every day to beat obesity (so how much are people eating in YOUR country?) Rise in women having induced labours ‘because of Britain’s obesity crisis and soaring numbers of older mothers’, NHS figures show Rise of the SUPERSIZED ambulances: Obesity crisis sees health bosses spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on vehicles designed to carry overweight patients Rising cost of a healthy diet fuels the global obesity crisis: Fruit and veg prices TRIPLE as the price of ice cream HALVES School becomes first to introduce DAILY fitness classes to tackle obesity – including squats to pick up a football and lunges to tie up shoelaces Schools ban pupils sharing birthday sweets because of growing fears about childhood obesity Schools should TEST pupils’ fitness like they do maths and English to diffuse the ‘ticking timebomb’ of childhood obesity, say experts Scientists discover the taste of FAT – and say the ‘unique and unpleasant’ sensation could hold the key to tackling obesity Scientists discover those who eat too quickly are five-and-a-half times more likely than slow eaters to go on to develop a cluster of conditions including obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol Serving WATER with school lunches cuts childhood obesity more than healthy menu changes Severe obesity warning for rural America: Men and children living in small towns are THREE times more likely to be dangerously overweight, CDC report finds Should all children be made to run or walk one mile EVERY day to combat obesity? Scheme pioneered at one school MUST be rolled out across UK, experts say Should obesity be classed as a DISABILITY? Debate rages as 25st man takes employer to court after he was sacked for being too fat Shrink pizzas and ready meals to beat obesity, food firms are ordered: Government draws up plans to drastically cut calories in popular fatty foods ‘Size 16 mannequins are making fat acceptable’: Weight loss expert says high street retailers and political correctness are ‘normalising’ obesity Skipping breakfast to lose weight can INCREASE the risk of obesity and heart disease, a study claims Sleeping odd, inconsistent hours raises your risks of obesity and high blood pressure by 27% study suggests Slim down before you get pregnant: GPs issue new advice to women in bid to help prevent child obesity Soaring obesity in women causes womb cancer cases to DOUBLE in just 20 years Split WHO panel fails to agree on sugary soft drink tax to fight obesity epidemic Standing up for part of a TV episode while binge-watching could help avoid obesity, depression and heart disease, experts claim ‘Statins will become USELESS in a decade’: Soaring obesity could render the drugs useless – leaving gastric bands as the only option Stephen Hawking says millions of lives are in danger as a result of the obesity epidemic – and the solution isn’t ‘rocket science’ Strawberries and spinach top the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of foods with the most pesticides linked to cancer, obesity and infertility Strawberries contain dangerous levels of pesticides linked to cancer, obesity, and infertility, study warns Struggling to lose weight? Have a curry: Study explains why spicy chili kick-starts your metabolism and fights obesity Struggling to lose weight? You may be sleep deprived: Insomnia increases the risk of obesity by affecting our metabolism Sugary drinks could be banned from hospitals unless shops on NHS premises take action to discourage people from buying them in crackdown on obesity ‘Take portion sizes back to the 1950s to beat obesity,’ say scientists who warn servings have ballooned Tax on fizzy drinks ‘DOES help tackle obesity’: But taxing ingredients like sugar ‘would have an even bigger impact’ Tax sodas and juices to fight obesity: All sugary drinks should be 20% more expensive if we want to curb weight gain, WHO says The 10-year-old who weighs 20 STONE: Shocking figure reveals the true scale of childhood obesity in Britain The alarming map linking obesity and cancer: Death rates rise fastest in Britain’s fattest region The benefits of being a ‘flexitarian’: Eating meat only once or twice a week cuts obesity risk by HALF The big fat cancer curse: Scientists link obesity to THIRTEEN types of disease including the ovaries, stomach and liver The big fat farce: Government strategy to tackle childhood obesity to be unveiled tomorrow – but many fear junk food ads will stay The children who are so fat they need hip replacements: Five under-19s had the operation last year with obesity the main cause The cure for teen obesity? Eating FIVE times a day: Small, regular meals prevent weight gain – even in those with ‘genetic fatness’ The diet that made me a not-so-big Phil: Radio executive who launched Heart and Magic battles back against obesity The divided states of America: Major health study warns US is at breaking point as the wealthy coasts thrive and the poor south is crushed by drugs, heart disease, obesity and cancer The doctor will feed you now: Calls to send GPs on healthy cooking courses to help fight Britain’s obesity crisis The easiest way to tackle childhood obesity? Make schoolchildren walk a MILE a day, says leading expert The ‘exercise hormone’ really DOES exist: Irisin ‘triggers weight loss and could pave the way for obesity drug’ The fattest states in America: Mississippi is still the country’s obesity capital and Colorado is the fittest as the South swells and the West slims down, study reveals The great sugar farce: Changes in the law mean sugar will be be cheaper and more widely available than ever, fuelling obesity The healthiest states in America: Hawaii is still thriving as the South flounders – but obesity has hit an all time high with 1 in 3 Americans morbidly overweight The link between pregnant women, plastics and fat children: Exposing unborn baby to common chemical ‘may raise risk of obesity’ The ‘obesity paradox’ debunked: Fatter people do NOT live longer – despite claims that more mass keeps you from wasting away in old age The ‘obesity paradox’ is nonsense: Study refutes myth that fatter people have healthier hearts in old age The obesity pill that could replace exercise by turning ‘bad’ fat to ‘good’ The stunning maps that reveal the world at a glance: From manhood and breast size to obesity and divorce rates, how does YOUR country fare? The TRUTH about yo-yo diets: Losing and regaining weight rapidly can make your hair fall out, and harms the heart more than obesity The ugly truth about having a gastric bypass: The frank diary from an obesity nurse There’s no such thing as ‘healthy obesity’: Study reveals most fat people have worse health as the years go by than their thinner counterparts Three in four Britons will be struck by obesity-related illnesses in 20 years (and they’ll be a shortage of 50,000 nurses) Three quarters of ‘healthy’ children’s food claiming to have ‘one of five-a-day’ fruit and vegetables DOESN’T have the recommended portion size –and may be fuelling obesity Tobacco during pregnancy increases baby’s obesity risk: Scientists reveal link for the first time as health officials warn vapes may drive young women to nicotine addiction and cigarettes UK has the HIGHEST obesity rate in Western Europe after it doubled since the 1990s UK heart disease deaths almost HALVED in a decade because of efforts to cut down on smoking but the trend ‘could be reversed by soaring rates of obesity’ UK’s obesity shame: Britain has highest numbers of overweight people in the EU (and we’re also lazy and drink too much) United States of Obesity: CDC map reveals at least 20% of EVERY state is clinically overweight US healthcare spending has rocketed $900 BILLION since 1996 – due to ageing population, obesity and ‘unsustainably expensive’ services US obesity rate hits record high: Almost HALF of women are obese and more than a third of men, CDC report reveals Use traffic light labels and charge more for them in restaurants: Health experts create an eight-point blueprint for how governments can cut down fizzy drinks to fight childhood obesity Use traffic light labels and charge more for them in restaurants: Health experts create an eight-point blueprint for how governments can cut down fizzy drinks to fight childhood obesity Walk 20 minutes to live longer: Huge study reveals benefit of daily exercise (and how a lack of it kills twice as many people as obesity) Water containing ‘good’ bacteria may combat childhood obesity: Daily drink makes youngsters a healthy weight in just one year ‘We need to go back to 3 proper meals a day’: Public health chief launches war on fridge ‘grazing’ which she believes is fueling childhood obesity Weigh children from the age of TWO to prevent them from developing obesity, warn researchers Weight loss after obesity surgery may reverse eye damage, study finds – a year after legally blind Mama June got a gastric sleeve What obesity does to your brain: Fascinating scan reveals how an overweight woman has less grey matter than a skinnier one What REALLY raises your risk of breast cancer? From alcohol to obesity, deodorant to HRT, leading doctor answers questions regularly posed by her patients What’s the key to tackling obesity? FINE fat people if they don’t exercise, say experts Why Americans are dying younger than people in other rich countries: Drugs, obesity and expensive healthcare are hitting the US harder than anywhere else Why ARE companies allowed to advertise junk food in the midst of an obesity epidemic? Ban TV ads before 9pm and stop Coca-Cola sponsorship of the London Eye, says expert ‘Why are we filling hospitals with Costa coffee shops when we are fighting a massive obesity epidemic?’, asks leading NHS weight-loss surgeon Why are we losing the fight against the obesity epidemic? Expert explains how the odds are against getting fit Why ARE women in the UK twice as likely to die in childbirth as their Polish peers? Expert blames a rise in obesity and older mothers Why diet soda is NOT better than regular soda: Low-calorie drinks ‘just as likely to cause obesity and heart disease by confusing your brain’ Why EVERY school should go back to having its own nurse: Classroom care ‘key to halting childhood obesity and anxiety timebomb’ Why GARDENING could be the best medicine: Prescribing outdoor activities ‘would ease obesity crisis’ Why MEAT is as bad for your waistline as sugar: Protein is fuelling the obesity crisis and ‘should come with a warning label’ Why potatoes could be fuelling the nation’s obesity crisis: A baked spud contains the equivalent of 19 lumps of sugar – almost three times the amount in a can of Coca-Cola Why the war on sugar could be BAD for your health: Government plans to reduce childhood obesity could have the opposite effect Why the YEAR you were born could determine if you’ll be obese: Rise of technology and fast food activates obesity gene in people born after 1942, doctors say ‘Why we need to stop being snobs about frozen food’: Fresh ISN’T always best for our health or pocket, argues obesity expert Why you should never eat in front of the TV: ‘Distracted dining’ leads to overeating, obesity and parents stunting their children’s growth by ignoring them Why you’ll pile on 5lbs per year by ‘going large’: Warning pressure from fast food chains and shops to buy bigger is fuelling obesity Will power can protect boys from obesity – but not girls: Study finds even the least impulsive girls have a higher rate of obesity Winter blues? Head to Hawaii: The Aloha State is crowned the happiest place in America thanks to low rates of obesity and smoking (while West Virginia falls bottom of the table for the 10th year in a row) Womb cancer deaths rise 20 per cent in a decade as experts reveal obesity doubles risk of disease Women ‘twice as likely to have cancer linked to their weight’: Obesity causes 20,000 UK cases a year Working mothers ‘have FATTER children’: Rise in obesity is blamed on women going out to work World faces a ‘staggering’ obesity crisis: Almost a quarter of people across the globe will be severely overweight in less than 30 years, study finds World Health Organisation backs ‘sugar tax’ campaign to curb childhood obesity – and says schools should ban unhealthy food World’s obesity crisis: One THIRD of the global population are now deemed overweight or obese, major study reveals You CAN be fat and fit: Scientists say that ‘healthy obesity’ exists and that physical fitness is more important than BMI You can’t call fat children ‘fat’: Health experts say obesity warning letters must be toned down so parents don’t feel criticised Zap the fat: Stimulating the brain with magnets could be a ‘safer and cheaper’ treatment for obesity, scientists say, as therapy reduces enjoyment of food ‘People have to be able to make their own decisions’: Minister blasts England’s ‘nanny-in-chief’ who wants to tax ALL unhealthy food to ‘nudge’ parents into buying more fruit and vegetables to tackle child obesity A cure for obesity? Scientists create a 1cm device that attaches to the stomach and tells the brain it is full through gentle zaps of electricity A daily jab could knock out hunger pangs of children born with obesity genes, reveal scientists A lifetime of bad choices: The shocking anti-obesity advert that will make you think twice about your long-term eating habits Adverts are to blame! Mouthwatering images of food ‘fuelling Britain’s obesity epidemic’ Almost 10,000 lives in Britain could be saved in the next ten years if the nation can halt the obesity epidemic, research suggests Always tired? Lack of sleep might not be to blame! Obesity and depression make us want to nod off during the day, experts warn American teens are too fat to fight crime, war and fires: Military, police and fire stations face critical dip in recruits amid surge in young obesity American women are getting FATTER: For the first time, more than 4 in 10 are obese – while male obesity rate remains stable America’s healthcare system is hostile to lesbians, experts warn as studies show they suffer higher rates of obesity, smoking, and psychological disorders than heterosexual women America’s obesity epidemic laid bare: Maps reveal at least 20% of EVERY state is clinically overweight An apple a day could keep obesity away: Granny Smiths promote friendly bacteria helping us feel fuller for longer Ancient thunder god vine could hold the cure to the obesity epidemic: Herb used in traditional Chinese medicine led to a 10% drop in mice’s body weight within a WEEK Another reason marriage is bad for your waistline: If your spouse gains weight ‘your risk of obesity DOUBLES’ Are diets making you FATTER? Expert warns regimes are a ‘waste of time’ and are contributing to Britain’s obesity epidemic Everyday foods from over-ripe bananas to cheese and beans could be to blame for your heart palpitations ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” Most watched News videos ” ” ASK THE GP: Will a memory clinic help my husband? Dr Martin Scurr answers your health questions ” ” ASK THE GP: Will a memory clinic help my husband? Dr Martin Scurr answers your health questions ” ” DR ELLIE CANNON: How do I get rid of nose blisters? ” ” DR ELLIE CANNON: How do I get rid of nose blisters? ” ” Arthritis sufferer had her hip replaced at just 28 after begging for the life-changing procedure ‘that doctors originally said she was too young for’ ” #HelpHollie: Gareth Bale joins stars posting selfies with pants on their heads to help find a bone marrow donor for eight-year-old schoolgirl #MeToo behaviours are ‘endemic’ within the NHS, Royal College of Physicians warns as it publishes new code of conduct to tackle the culture #SmearForSmear: Women including Tamara Ecclestone and Rebekah Vardy post smeared lipstick selfies as they throw their support behind cancer campaign $1 paper patch that changes color when it comes into contact with Zika could slow the spread of the virus, experts say $50 blood test could spot killer diseases from heart attacks to breast cancer BEFORE symptoms show: Millions who are at risk due to their genes could be saved ‘A film that can save your life… with boobs, there’s something for everyone’: Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds urges women to check for breast cancer in bizarre video ‘Artificial’ kidney that could mean thousands won’t need dialysis or a transplant ‘Black box’ addiction warnings for 175 prescription painkillers to stem ‘epidemic of abuse and overdose’ ‘Brussels sprouts drug’ could treat Alzheimer’s: Supercharging vitamin A found in the Christmas vegetable may stop dementia in its tracks ‘Clean living’ youngsters who cut gluten, dairy and grain on fad diets are creating a generation with weak bones, health charity warns ‘Compelling scientific evidence’ that being stressed makes you FAT says inventor of the revolutionary 5:2 diet ‘Crash’ diets should be prescribed on the NHS because they have better results than other weight loss regimes, Oxford University professor claims ‘Devastating’ loophole means bladder cancer patients face FIVE-MONTH wait for life-saving NHS treatment – despite 62 day time limit ‘Don’t have oral sex while pregnant’: Mothers-to-be are at higher risk from STIs that could kill their baby ‘Game-changing’ high-tech scans could predict risk of a heart attack YEARS before they occur and save thousands of lives ‘Healthy’ chips may sound like a contradiction in terms, but some can be good for you. Here, NHS dietitian Noor Al Refae selects five of the best… ‘I have a constant burning sensation down through my leg and foot’: The amputees in agony from limbs no longer there ‘I miss her desperately every single day’: Mother pays tribute to her daughter who died of breast cancer at just 33 ‘I miss the parts that are vanishing but she’s still there’: Husband and wife share their agonizing journey after her diagnosis of ALZHEIMER’S at 59 ‘I want Britain to be the country to cure dementia’: Jeremy Hunt to announce record £816 million investment in health research ‘I want to loom to the moon’: Heartbreaking quest of brave five-year-old battling aggressive brain tumour who wants to make the world’s longest loom band to raise money to help others ‘I was 26 and most type 1 diabetics are diagnosed in childhood’: The deadly danger too many diabetics aren’t warned about ‘I was like a zombie’: Singer with the same pain disease that has crippled Lady Gaga reveals she ditched the cocktail of drugs she was prescribed and was cured by a £9.95 cream ‘I’m off out to buy a hula hoop!’: Sport England #ThisGirlCan ad is praised for showing women fitting exercise into REAL life ‘If my son was a dog, I’d have him put down’: Mother whose son suffers from ADHD says she is fed up of her daily, violent battles with him ‘It’s been four years of torment for us’: Mother reveals her boy, 13, ‘lost his imagination’ after a horse kicked him in the head ‘I’ve never known silence’: Social media erupts with hundreds of heartbreaking tinnitus tales after Susanna Reid reveals she is battling the condition ‘Morning people’ are 48 per cent less likely to get breast cancer than those who are sharpest in the evening, major study finds ‘My baby was born with TWO heads’: Mother’s relief as giant growth on her son’s shoulder is found to be a cyst ‘New Delhi’ superbug brought to UK by health tourists could make routine operations too dangerous to carry out ‘Ninja drug’ prevents Alzheimer’s by destroying harmful cells in the brain ‘Nobody would want to marry this face’: Teenager with giant facial tumours dreams of dressing up as a bride but lives as a recluse because of cruel taunts from strangers about her condition ‘People keep asking where we’ll get our protein from’: Two brothers hope to become the first in history to row the Atlantic on a strictly VEGAN diet ‘The wound is now 1cm wide compared with 5 in wide before’: Suction machine that means an end to painful skin grafts ‘We just want to see her grow up’: Parents try last-ditch attempt to save their newborn whose closing blood vessels leave her just a 15% chance to live past six months ‘We risk returning to the days where common infections can kill’: Chief Medical Officer warns antibiotic-resistance crisis is ‘biggest global health challenge we face’ ‘What she can do might seem small, but it’s huge to us’: Adorable 9-year-old girl with childhood Alzheimer’s still lights up when she hears Christmas music ‘Where can I get some Viagra to help with my nosebleed?’ Doctor highlights the flaws of a health app after chatbot diagnosed him with erectile dysfunction because of a bloody nose ‘Why are ballerinas and computer games artists seen as more vital than NURSES?’: Head of the NHS blasts ‘outdated’ immigration rules ‘Yes, it looks medieval. But this ‘rack’ beat my backache… and helped me ditch crutches’: Exploring IDD Therapy ‘Your country needs YOU!’: Sperm banks in the UK and Australia target men with adverts that make donating seem manly and heroic because they can’t offer money £1,000 on vitamin drips, £350 on smoothies and even £300 on a shaman healer… my bizarre and VERY pricey month living like Gwynnie on her Goop-inspired diet £10 test a ‘lifesaver’ for lung patients: Developers say it could flag up potentially deadly infections early saving thousands of lives £100 blood test to target cancer: New exam could allow doctors to tailor treatment to patients’ DNA £12,000-a-year asthma jab is a ‘beacon of hope’ for thousands of people with a severe form of the disease which does not respond to inhalers, after NHS agrees to pay for funding £125 DNA test that checks for 100 conditions: It will assess your risk of everything from Alzheimer’s to cancer or even going bald £125 Superdrug gene test that claims to show if you’re at risk of breast cancer or Alzheimer’s, not to mention whether you’re related to a Hollywood superstar £1m payout to widow left pregnant when her husband died in routine op tragedy ’caused by knee surgeon playing God’ £2 blood test may end needless prostate cancer treatment by assessing levels of protein and identifying life-threatening tumours £2.50 a day pill to beat strokes: A million Britons could benefit from drug available for use within weeks £3 a day pill to help 550,000 heart patients: Drug hailed as the biggest breakthrough in 15 years after reducing death rates by a fifth set to be available on the NHS from May £40 test could cut number of babies born prematurely: Analysis checks for levels of a key protein and can predict births up to four months in advance £430m flagship hospital slammed after patients are issued with ‘Downtown Abbey-style’ HANDBELLS to attract attention £45 EpiPens that millions of allergy sufferers rely on to save their lives have ‘FATAL flaws’ and are ‘unfit for purpose’, says coroner who presided over Pret A Manger death £5 blood test will save thousands of women: Highly sensitive screening detects protein released when heart muscle is damaged £5 test that can rule out threat of heart attack in 30 minutes: Simple blood check would save NHS millions by telling A&E patients they’re not seriously ill £60m promised to cancer victims hasn’t been spent: Patients ‘having to jump through hoops’ to get drugs they need 1 in 2 Americans take prescription drugs, report reveals 1 in 3 Americans will struggle to swallow in old age: Scientists race to develop ways to reverse the possibly fatal condition as the population ages 1 in 3 children in Europe are now obese or overweight – and it’s triggering a surge in gut problems 1 in 3 patients don’t take ANY of the opioids they are prescribed after surgery – but most keep them because they don’t know where to dispose of them 1 in 3 US veterans suffers depression and 25% binge-drink, survey finds 1 in 4 adults admit they would swim in a pool if they had diarrhea – as CDC warns infections from contaminated pools are on the rise 1 in 4 non-smokers are exposed to dangerous levels of second-hand smoke: CDC reveals progress has stalled after huge drop since the 80s 1 in 4 patients end up in A&E because GPs and social care have failed them despite suffering from preventable conditions, report finds 1 in 5 college students have anxiety or depression, new report reveals – and experts blame selfies 1 in 5 NBA players have heart scans that appear abnormal, study reveals 1 in 5 people at high risk of a heart attack are NOT bothered about improving their health, study claims 1 in 5 US teenagers has suffered at least one concussion, figures reveal 1 in 5 women feel pressurised to lose weight after pregnancy because their PARTNERS aren’t happy with the way they look 1 in 6 Americans binge drink weekly: Most knock back 7 drinks each per sitting – to reach a national total of 17 BILLION downed beverages a year 1,000 unvaccinated Brooklyn children received the MMR shot this week after New York City declared a state of emergency to control the measles outbreak 1,300 babies were killed or maimed through NHS negligence last year costing the health service £1billion 1.3 million US teenagers have high blood pressure – but that rate is plummeting thanks to new screening standards, study finds 10 celebs with AWESOME teeth (and how to get their look for a fraction of the price!) 10 E.coli salad victims have developed kidney failure, CDC reveals as the number of people sickened by romaine climbs to 98 10 foods that could reduce your risk of cancer by boosting your immune system, nutritionist claims 10 more cases of tuberculosis confirmed in a Texas high school – bringing the total number of infections to 24 10 REASONS: to eat a Mediterranean diet 10 stone at 10 years old… how this young girl shed 2st by ditching four packets of crisps and two litres of Coke-a-day 10 ways to beat cravings and lose weight WITHOUT dieting (and it starts by channelling the superhero in your head) 10 ways to cope when the clocks go back: Avoid late-night work outs, take care of your gut and do NOT scrimp on sleep like Elon Musk 10 ways to thrive when life gets tough, two leading psychologists explain 10% of Britons are ‘close to breaking point’ because of stress, with people in their 40s and 50s suffering the most 10% of Britons won’t seek medical help for an STD because they are ‘too embarrassed’ 10% of cancer SURVIVORS are still smoking a decade later – averaging 15 cigarettes a day 10% of women who suffer constant ringing in their ears attempt suicide, study suggests 10,000 Alzheimer’s patients a year are left on hospital wards despite being cleared to leave – because of a lack of social care beds 10,000 treated in hospital for being dangerously fat as admissions rise TENFOLD in a decade 100,000 high-risk surgery patients suffer sub-standard care after treatment 100-strong army of British military medics will set up Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone to treat doctors and health workers struck by the deadly virus 10-minute test that detects a stroke from a few drops of blood is a ‘game-changer’, scientists say 10st schoolboy put HIMSELF on a diet and lost 3st after being embarrassed he looked ‘like a tomato during PE’ 10-year-old boy who survived two bouts of cancer only to have his bone marrow transplant attack his own body is finally in remission with hard-won experimental treatment 11 NBA stars join forces to surprise 10-year-old fan who has fatal degenerative disease with signed jerseys and invitations to their games 11 signs you’re addicted to love – and how to overcome it 12% of Britons feel ‘utterly exhausted’ all of the time – with twice as many women suffering as men 12-hour nursing shifts are ‘slave labour’: Nurses’ health ‘put at risk’ while patient safety suffers, union warns 12-year-old girl creates bucket list of things to do before she goes blind in 2 YEARS – including a selfie at the top of the Eiffel Tower 13 Reasons Why drove huge surge in Google searches for ‘how to commit suicide’, report reveals after the show insisted it did not ‘glamorize’ suicide 14 more hospitalized bleeding from their eyes and ears after using fake weed in Illinois – pushing the total number of victims to 70 140 girls aged 14 in England had babies last year as well as 94 women over 50 – but number of births overall falls to an eight year low 14-day-old Indian baby has the DEAD FOETUS of his twin removed from his stomach after doctors find a strange lump 14p-a-day tablet could ease pain for millions of arthritis sufferers without dangerous side effects 15 years old, 17 stone and desperate for a gastric band: Teenager begs for NHS weight loss surgery because ‘dieting doesn’t work and she has no social life’ 150 minutes of exercise a week in late pregnancy can cut the risk of women suffering post-natal depression 15-year-old is diagnosed with a life-threatening liver disease after doctors told him SIX times that he was ‘just a moody teenager’ 16 children a DAY are hospitalized with gunshot wounds in America, new figures reveal 17 MILLION Britons risk starting a house fire by cooking while drunk 18 extra years of health for the affluent: Want a long, healthy life? Live in Richmond upon Thames or Wokingham (and avoid Manchester and East London) 18-years-old and still wetting the bed: University student, who wore nappies until he was 7, speaks out about his lifelong bladder problem 1930s clip reveals the creator of Wonder Woman, Dr William Marston, using a machine to compare the emotions of women according to hair colour – so who was the easiest to scare? 19-month-old boy suffered a STROKE caused by a tumour on his brain: Father reveals horror of finding his son floppy and unable to move 19st mother addicted to snacking sheds 9st after becoming breathless tying her shoelaces 19st mother is shamed into shedding 8st after her son created horrific mock-up of her demanding piles of junk food 2,000 steps to a healthier heart: Walking that far every day for a year can reduce heart attack and stroke risk by 8% 2,300 Americans hospitalized by pizza in 2017 (including some who fell out of bed reaching for a slice), report reveals 2.5million children in the US and 500,000 in the UK do not receive the life-saving measles jab each year, data reveals amid surge in antivaxx scare stories (so how many miss out in YOUR country?) 20 foods that will nourish your brain, the ones to avoid and super-healthy recipes: How to eat to beat dementia 20 minutes of daily exercise reduces the risk of developing depression later in life by a third, study reveals 20% of type 2 diabetics will NOT benefit from exercise – and it’s their genes that are to blame 2016’s new superfood? Black pudding: Breakfast staple loaded with protein, iron and potassium set to fly off the shelves 2017 was the saddest year yet: People across the globe experienced record high levels of stress and worry, study reveals 20-stone mother who was so fat she could only fit into husband’s XXL clothing sheds half her body weight and seven dress sizes 20-stone woman dies days after having gastric bypass operation so she could play with her grandchildren 21m Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol – more than number of people with cancer, shocking landmark report from U.S. surgeon general reveals 21st century men are obsessed with their bodies and PORN is to blame, finds documentary 22 MILLION Americans will be cancer survivors by 2030, experts predict 23-year-old takes her first steps in NINE years after being confined to bed with disabling illness… and she’s grown four inches 24 days, 24 celebrities: Sienna Miller, Richard Branson, and Richard E. Grant join campaign to urge YOU to donate bone marrow in memory of Millie, 21, who died from leukaemia 10 years ago 24 hours from death: Duncan Bannatyne’s daughter reveals she is lucky to be alive after mistaking signs of sepsis for a HANGOVER 25% of students say they were traumatized by the 2016 election, study says 25st bride-to-be died because she was obese and not because she injected banned tanning drugs, inquest rules 27st mother-of-six was ‘willing herself to die’ until she shed an incredible 18 STONE and dropped 12 dress sizes 27st woman who didn’t bath for 20 years in case she got stuck in the tub sheds HALF her body weight and 13 dress sizes 27-stone mother who was terrified of going abroad in case she got stuck in a plane seat loses 16 STONE and ten dress sizes 27-year-old woman who was ‘too young for cancer’ survived a stage three tumor that took up her ENTIRE breast 29-year-old fitness model gets breast implants removed after she says the silicone gave her seven years of ‘brain fog, bald spots and rashes’ 3 more children diagnosed with rare polio-like disease in Seattle 30 STONE woman who lost seven babies finally has healthy daughter after gastric band helps her shed 17st 32 kids’ medicines recalled after tests spot ‘microbial contamination’ which could cause life-threatening infections 32inch waist? Your heart could be at risk: Half of adults overestimate how large they need to be to be at greater risk of disease 32st obese father told he had two years to live sheds 13st after creating popular blog of ‘superfood’ recipes 32st woman who couldn’t lose weight – despite only eating 800 calories a day and having weight loss surgery – is finally diagnosed with a hidden TUMOUR 33 stone man loses 15 stone in a YEAR after seeing ‘horrific’ photos of himself at his brother’s wedding 34 stone man loses half his body weight after being forced to use a pregnant woman’s seatbelt on a plane 34st man died after doctors delayed giving him a potentially life-saving MRI scan because he was too big for the hospital’s scanner 35-year-old woman has a 15lb tumour removed from her kidney after she complained she was putting on weight 36, the age we start thinking healthier: Death in the family, warning from doctors and unflattering photos are type of events that make people think differently 36,000 bottles of eye drops recalled after they were found to contain PRINTER INK 38 minutes of exercise every day ‘cuts cancer of the womb risk by half’ 39p skin patch ‘can halve the risk of death after a stroke’ by lowering blood pressure and relaxing veins and arteries to improve circulation 3D printed skull gives 7-year-old boy new lease of life two years after tragic fall crushed 50% of the bones in his head 3-in-1 test that ‘virtually guarantees IVF success’ could be available within months 40% of Americans wrongly believe alternative therapies like special diets and cannabis can cure cancer, report reveals 40% of medical marijuana users quit taking other prescription drugs – and their doctors don’t even know it, study finds 40% of new mothers say they feel anxious or depressed in the first three months after giving birth, survey finds 40% of young kids use TOO MUCH toothpaste – putting them at risk of tooth decay, CDC warns 400 maternity blunders a day: One in five births are hit by errors and 64,000 harmed the mother or her baby 41 STONE woman who got stuck in a toilet cubicle and had to be rescued by five firefighters sheds half her body weight after fearing she would die 41% of children in England did NOT see their dentist last year, ‘unacceptable’ figures reveal (and only HALF of adults had a check-up in the past 24 months) 41ST father who gorged on pork pie sandwiches loses half his body weight after breaking his car seat 42 STONE man dies from penile cancer – because he was too fat for life-saving scans 43 million women have heart disease – more than HALF of them do not do exercise to offset the disease… and that figure is growing, study finds 44,000 die after ineffective flu vaccine causes the number of excess winter deaths to TRIPLE – the highest level this century 5 more states sue Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma – and founder Richard Sackler – for fueling the overdose epidemic that has blighted the US 5 of the best nit treatments to get parents through this school term 5 of the best… pregnancy leg remedies 5% of adults in households with kids use e-cigarettes – raising the risks their children will develop asthma and become vapers later in life 5:2 diet – which involves cutting back on calories two days a week – reduces the risk of heart disease, research suggests 50 Shades of sex ed: Gynecologist claims Ana is on the wrong birth control – and explains why you should NEVER put ice cream in a vagina 500 new cases of female genital mutilation in one month are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’, campaigners warn 500,000 denied 7p-a-day breast cancer drug: Pill that reduces chance of disease by 40% in women at high risk still to be licensed for use a year after NICE urged doctors to prescribe it 52,000 cancer cases a year are spotted too late: Delays blamed on ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality and pressure on GPs not to refer patents for costly tests 562 NHS complaints every day is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’, experts warn as grievances over cancelled or delayed appointments soar by a fifth in a year 6 million Americans have heart failure as deaths from the disease surge among young people, study finds 60% fewer insurers cover opioid addiction drugs now than in 2007 – but almost all cover the painkillers fueling the overdose epidemic, study finds 60% of e-cigarette users say they want to quit – but only a quarter have tried, study finds 60% of US adults don’t do ANY muscle-strengthening exercises – despite guidelines saying sit-ups and push-ups should be done twice a week 60p ‘Viagra’ price war: As patent ends, companies queue up to sell copycat version of impotence drug 62,000 pounds of beef recalled over E. coli concerns days before Memorial Day weekend – just a week after a top hot dog brand recalled its frankfurters 7 million Americans have the flu: 19 states and NYC have been hit hard – but it is MUCH less deadly than last year, CDC reveals in first report of the season 7 million women suffer incontinence: Now, the UK’s top doctor has revealed her own ordeal to break the most embarrassing taboo of all 70% of NICU mothers suffer postpartum depression – but do not receive special screening for it 700,000 overweight NHS staff to be offered free slimming classes and warned ‘shed pounds to set a good example to patients’ 700,000 pupils to be given flu spray: Children are virus superspreaders, say officials 72 percent of Americans are willing to try CBD oil to treat pain, survey finds 74 children, believed to have been used in Nazi experiments and PRESERVED for nearly 80 years in the basement of a university, are finally given a funeral 74 per cent of hospitals do not consistently give women C-sections on demand and mothers who want one face ‘judgemental attitudes’ 75% of black adults develop dangerously high blood pressure before the age of 55, study reveals 75% of fresh chickens sold in supermarkets carry deadly food poisoning bug: Study reveals Morrisons and ASDA shamed as the worst offenders while Waitrose and the Co-op show improvements 75% of heart attacks in young people are due to lifestyle choices – and could be avoided by following six simple rules 75% of us are risking food poisoning thawing out turkeys in the bath, garage or garden, experts warn 7ft and STILL growing: Rare condition means Robert, 24, is a prisoner in his own home – because he’s grown out of his wheelchair 7PM – How the first signs of heart disease can be detected in children as young as FIVE, study reveals 7st woman misdiagnosed as anorexic is given Botox injections to ‘freeze’ stomach tissue, allowing her to keep food down 8 small changes you can make every day to beat sluggishness and boost your energy (with no effort!) 81 and not giving up anytime soon: One of Britain’s oldest nurses reveals why she refuses to retire and her fears about the NHS becoming privatised 84,000 cases of common cancers could be PREVENTED every year if the nation lost weight, exercised more and drank less ’85 percent of what you do is what you eat’: Celebrity trainer who whips the Victoria Secret models into shape reveals why a juice detox is a no-go and the ONE diet that will work 9,000 US children killed by opioids and heroin since 1999: Overdose death rate TRIPLED among kids as the youngest got hold of their parents’ pills and teens turned to street drug 9/11 first responders have TRIPLE the risk of stroke and heart attack – but are not eligible for compensation 92-year-old RAF veteran forced to wait more than 26 HOURS in A&E because there were no beds available amid winter NHS crisis 93 dead in flu outbreak: Mother ‘broken’ after teenage daughter, 18, dies of bug sweeping UK as deaths soar by 77% in a week as country struggles against aggressive ‘Aussie’ and ‘Japanese’ strains 95% of Oregon anti-vaxxers watch an online video and print their OWN exemption certificate from the state government website A £12 jar of serum saved my sex life, says mother who suffered the painful symptoms of early menopause A 10-second ‘snip’ can cure tongue-tie in babies. So why aren’t parents told about this painless procedure? A 15-minute daily workout will ‘put three years on your life’ A 22-year-old’s remarkable before-and-after acne pictures reveal how a common medication transformed her complexion in just a few months A 26lb ovarian tumour is finally removed after causing pensioner excruciating pain for TWO YEARS and left her looking pregnant ‘A baby at 19 was my only hope of becoming a parent’: Teenager gives up university after doctors said she needed a hysterectomy A baby is born with opioid withdrawal every 15 minutes, costing America $2.5bn since 2004 – and rates are rising, research reveals A bacon butty for breakfast is a ‘health time bomb in a bun’ A bath a day IS good for eczema: Smearing children with moisturiser after soaking will soothe dry skin, allergists say A beard can reduce the risk of skin cancer: Facial hair blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays A beer a day keeps a heart attack at bay: Even one can reduces risk of disease by a quarter A beer belly raises a man’s odds of prostate cancer: Every extra 4in on the waist increases risk of dying by 18% A better way to diagnose depression? Scientists can now ‘see’ mood disorders using brain scans A big breakfast before flying is one way to beat jet lag: ‘Carb-loading’ could reset passengers’ body clocks on a long-haul trip A Big Mac and calorie count, please: Fast food giants, pizza chains and coffee shops should publish nutrition details A big sister’s love: Five-year-old nurses her little brother through terminal muscle wasting disease, tying his shoe laces, helping him dress and feeding him breakfast A bigger belly increases your risk of dementia because fat cells trigger brain-damaging inflammation, finds study A blast of sound helps bones heal faster and can be used at home A blind father-of-four is able to SEE for the first time in 30 years due to a chance spot of a pair of revolutionary artificial vision glasses on Facebook A blood test for cancer? Simple liquid biopsy could identify where in the body a tumour exists A blood test for leukemia? Genetic changes in the blood can be spotted five years before patients develop the disease A boring job really CAN make you brain dead: Lack of stimulation ‘affects memory and concentration later in life’ A brain tumour is making me go deaf – so why does the NHS refuse to ‘zap’ it? One woman’s battle for pioneering treatment ‘A brain tumour made me follow my dream to become a MERMAID’: Accountant, 25, recovers from rare growth to set up an underwater entertainment company A brave little boy – and a mother’s hardest decision: Sky News presenter Paula Middlehurst on how her son had to lose a healthy foot in order to walk A bride and a widow at 16: Teenager marries her terminally ill high school sweetheart in heart-breaking hospital ceremony just days before he dies in hospital ‘A broken arm saved my life’: Boy, 11, visits hospital with an injured wrist – and is diagnosed with a serious heart condition A broken heart can cause as much damage as having a heart attack: Severe emotional stress found to cause permanent injury to the organ A broken night’s sleep is as bad as NONE – and can lead to feelings of anger and guilt A bump on the head as a child ‘increases the risk of ALCOHOLISM in later life – but only if you’re a woman’ A burst aorta used to mean death or a major operation…now there’s a one-hour fix: A ‘inner-tube’ that will save 3,000 men a year A cancer cure in just one jab? British scientists say they have found the disease’s ‘Achilles heel’ paving the way for ‘revolutionary’ new treatments A car crash saved my life: Student only found out he had a BRAIN TUMOUR after treatment for major road accident A case of lazyitis? Not bothering to exercise ‘should be treated as a medical condition’ A cat, who almost lost all of his nine lives after developing cancer on his paw, sees the tumour SHRINK within days of eating cannabis-oil laced food A chance of fever, aches and headaches… How scientists could soon be giving a FLU forecast A chemical found in everyday products from plastic feeding bottles and containers to banknotes may increase the risk of breast cancer, alarming study reveals A chilly blast up your nose to stop it running: Laughing gas delivered via a balloon destroys tissue that causes symptoms A Christmas miracle: Mother-of-two, 35, given four years to live is breast cancer-free after taking a revolutionary drug and said she can finally ‘dare to dream’ A Christmas miracle: Step by dramatic step, how doctors performed open-heart surgery on baby Jessica just 20 minutes after she was born A cloud over our lives: Air pollution linked to learning problems and depression A cockroach was stuck in this woman’s EAR for a week: Insect crawled in while she slept and she woke up to discover two bug legs sticking out A coffee a day could keep MS at bay: Caffeine protects against multiple sclerosis, study finds A colon or a question mark? Doctors release fascinating image of a baby’s unusually-shaped large intestine A compound in cannabis is ‘significantly’ effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, study reveals A contraceptive jab for men? Injection that lowers sperm count is found to be ‘96% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies’ ‘A Corrie fan saved my life after they spotted a dark mole on my arm’: Sue Nicholls received an email warning her it could be cancerous A couch potato lifestyle changes your BRAIN: Lack of exercise alters the shape of neurons that control heart function A couch potato lifestyle doesn’t just make you fat – it also shrinks your BRAIN A credit card bill really CAN trigger a heart attack: Financial stress doubles the risk, study warns A cup of blueberries a day to keep the doctor away! Eating 150g of the fruit daily ‘slashes the risk of heart disease by around 15%’ A cure for baldness? Scientists discover immune cells that trigger hair growth – paving the way to a cream treatment A cure for chlamydia? Scientists discover key genes that control our immune response to the infection and could pave the way for new treatments A cure for cocaine addiction? Scientists discover how to target the brain to make the drug seem less enticing A ‘cure’ for Down’s syndrome? Scientists discover compound that reverses learning difficulties caused by the condition A cure for heartburn? Stomach bracelet ends misery of reflux… and it’s now on the NHS A cure for itching? ‘Exciting’ study reveals the annoying sensation can be stopped by shining a LIGHT on the skin A cure for memory loss? Scientists REVERSE forgetfulness in aging mice by blocking a molecule in their brain A cure for one of the world’s deadliest viruses? Experimental drug protects four monkeys from lethal dose of Nipah which kills up to 75% of those who catch it A cure for pancreatic cancer ‘could be available within ten years’, scientists claim A cure for peanut allergies? New powder capsules protected 67% of children from reactions – paving the way to FDA approval A cure for PTSD? Bizarre study wiped painful memories in people by ‘reactivating’ their trauma then injecting them with an anesthetic A cure for skin cancer: Doctors announce historic breakthrough as ‘spectacular’ drugs bring hope to thousands A CURE for the middle-age spread? Scientists identify a gene that causes us to pile on the pounds in our 40s and 50s – and it could be fixed by a pill A cure for thyroid problems the NHS ignores – or quack doctor’s poison? Mary gave her daughter hormones prescribed for crippling tiredness. Then police arrested her for child cruelty A cure for tinnitus? Hope for millions tormented by ringing in ears as scientists edge closer to developing first drug treatments A daily aspirin may help beat bowel cancer: Patients who take painkiller were 50% less at risk from dying of the disease A daily aspirin may slash bowel cancer risk for the obese: Regularly taking drug reduces chance of developing disease to same level as a person of normal weight A daily brisk walk doubles 70-year-olds’ chances of living past 80, study finds A daily handful of WALNUTS can slow the growth of bowel cancer by ‘reducing blood supply to tumours’ A daily jab of a bone hormone could reverse age-related memory loss, study finds A daily round of easy calf stretches could prevent older people from suffering falls by improving their blood flow and strength, study shows ‘A daily shower isn’t necessary’: Bathing every day could INCREASE your risk of infections, warn experts as they reveal how many times you should wash A daily tomato pill to cut heart attacks: Drug ‘boosts blood flow and artery health’ A daily wine or beer is good for your memory – and better than being teetoal A day we didn’t dare hope for: Premature twins born at just 27 weeks prepare for first day of school A daydreamer? No, your child may have undiagnosed ADHD: GP sets up treatment centre after sufferer son had to wait SIX years for diagnosis A daytime nap enhances FALSE memories in the brain causing you to believe you saw things that you didn’t, study finds A deadly kiss: Toddler was left covered in an angry rash after catching herpes from her father’s cold sore A desk job could make you 60% more likely to die earlier: Hour’s exercise every day is needed to help beat deadly effects of working 9 to 5 A detained immigrant has contracted chickenpox in California prison holding 1,000 asylum seekers A diet of dunking: Mother with rare stomach condition forced to live solely on tea and biscuits A diet of red meat and chocolate could help RELIEVE painful inflammatory bowel disease symptoms, study claims A diet rich in whole grains slashes risk of liver cancer by 40%, study finds ‘A disaster from start to finish’: Baby is left with a scar from her ear to her eye after she was SLICED open during her C-section delivery ‘A disaster from start to finish’: Mother’s fury after her baby is left with a scar from her ear to her eye after she was SLICED open during her C-section delivery A disgraceful scare story – so don’t bin your bacon sarnies: One nutritionist questions the claims made by the World Health Organisation after it declared war on red and processed meat A donor and the mother she saved will mark their newfound friendship with a Champagne toast on Christmas Day – after two years of exchanging touching anonymous cards A donor heart saved Taylor at six. Now his life hangs in the balance again A dose of statins limits the increased risk of dementia after a concussion, study finds A double celebration: Mother and daughter who were diagnosed with breast cancer within weeks of each other have both been given the all clear A double eSTRESSo: Warning – your daily coffee is a powerful drug and can even spark panic attacks A drink a day ‘cuts heart disease risk by a fifth’ researchers claim…so don’t worry about having a dry January A drink a day for pregnant women ‘will NOT harm unborn baby’s development’ A drug to slow down Alzheimer’s disease will be available by 2025, experts predict A drug to slow the spread of dementia could be available in three years and a ‘vaccine’ that prevents the disease within a decade, experts say A fat father’s legacy? Obese males could pass on genes that make their children and GRANDCHILDREN overweight A father’s touching diary to the premature baby he feared would not survive: Daisy-Mae who was born 103 days early becomes web sensation after her dad charts her brave battle to pull through A faulty boiler. A trip to the pool. Even cat fur… What’s behind your dizzy spells? A fear of the Pill, condoms and coils leads to 15 million unwanted pregnancies worldwide each year ‘A fertility operation nearly killed my baby’: Mother who didn’t know she was pregnant nearly lost her son when she had invasive surgery to help her conceive A few beers a week could help men start a family by boosting their sperm count, study suggests A few drinks ARE good for you! Study claiming five glasses of wine a week takes years off your life is completely wrong, says top scientist ‘A few weeks after surgery I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself. It broke my heart’: Mother, 49, wins £900,000 payout from NHS after medics missed mouth cancer which destroyed her face A FIFTH of acne sufferers have considered suicide while more than half have suffered verbal abuse from friends and family A FIFTH of American children are now obese, new CDC figures reveal A fifth of British mothers become pregnant while on holiday – with Spain the ‘conception hotspot’ A FIFTH of patients turning up to A&E have self-treatable conditions including sore throats, athlete’s foot and head lice A FIFTH of university professors take the same ‘smart drugs’ as students to keep up with workload, claims academic A fry-up DOES cure a hangover: Leading alcohol researcher says carbs in the meal aid recovery A full moon DOES affect our sleep – and it’s all because of our inner caveman A funny thing happened on the way to chemo! Cancer treatment is no joke — but this patient’s inspirational (and very funny) account reveals a positive outlook can be transformative… A gene test told Lynne she risked bowel cancer. So she took a drastic decision… A glass of cranberry juice is packed with more sugar than cola: Officials warn some fruit drinks have more than a day’s recommended intake in a single serving A glass of milk a day ‘keeps arthritis at bay’ – but only if you are a woman A glass of red is NOT good for the heart: Scientists debunk the myth that drinking in moderation has health benefits A glass of red wine a day could keep polycystic ovaries at bay: Compound in grapes and nuts ‘corrects hormone imbalance in women with PCOS’ A glass of red wine a day really DOES keep the doctor away, study reveals after people who didn’t touch a drop were 11 times more likely to end up in hospital A glass of wine a day CAN protect against heart disease – but only if you have a specific gene carried by just 15% of the population A glass of wine a day can stop people piling on the pounds and even help you LOSE weight A glass of wine a day could help you avoid a heart attack: Women drinkers have a lower risk of cardiac arrest than teetotallers A glass of wine a day does NOT damage your heart health (but it doesn’t help it either), study claims A glass of wine a day is NOT good for your health, it only works if you have a maximum of three per week A glass of wine a day strengthens the bones (but bad news for the boys as beer has no effect) A glass of wine a day will NOT affect a woman’s chance of beating breast cancer A glass of wine on the train eases the strain: Growing numbers of passengers rounding off working week with a drink on the journey home A glass of wine or pint of beer each night raises the risk of a stroke, finds major study that debunks myth that light drinking protects health A glass or two of wine or beer a day can help to stave off Alzheimer’s, biggest ever study finds A glimpse of hope as blind are given stem cell jab to give back sight A global pandemic of a flu-like virus could kill 900 million people if it started to spread tomorrow, experts warn A global threat: G20 promise to implement action plans as first-line antibiotics now fail in a quarter of adults with pneumonia A good excuse for a takeaway: Eating curry every day can ‘stave off infections’ A good excuse to eat steak tonight: A high protein diet is linked to LOWER risk of raised blood pressure A good night’s sleep really does clear the mind: Scientists find the brain flushes itself of toxic waste while you are asleep A good night’s sleep really DOES prevent illness: Shut-eye helps our immune system to remember invading germs A GP’s verdict on the apps that let you see a doctor over your mobile: We review seven programmes that will bypass the wait A gynecologist’s guide to sex: Expert answers the 7 most common questions – from fighting infections to period sex to penis size A handful of walnuts a day keeps heart disease at bay: Nuts found to lower cholesterol without causing weight gain A head injury left Alex unable to communicate for 18 months. Then they scanned his brain… with astonishing results A healthier flatter tummy in just SIX weeks: The secrets of feeling great – and losing weight – by keeping your ‘friendly bacteria’ happy A healthy lifestyle builds brain resilience and really WILL keep dementia at bay – even if you’re predicted to get it – and here are the tips to follow, reveals largest study of its kind A high fibre diet could slow the progression of prostate cancer A high fibre diet stops you from getting ill by preventing gut bacteria from eating the body’s first line of defence A high-fiber diet CAN prevent and beat bowel cancer – but it has to be from CEREAL because fruit and vegetables do not boost survival rates A high-fibre diet could protect against flu and colds by boosting people’s white blood cell count, study finds A hip op that’s strictly for the young at heart: Craig Revel Horwood on how a new joint like his could keep you active A home visit from the Stork: New £100 fertility DIY kit goes on sale ‘A hospital is not always the best place for a dying child’: NHS watchdog says terminally ill kids should be allowed to receive 24-hour care in the comfort of their own home A hot shower, a stroll round the park and a curry: The expert’s guide to beating your cold in just 24 HOURS A hug could kill him – but this 15-year-old refuses to give in: Teenager with rare disease that causes his skin to rip at the slightest touch is inspiring people with motivational speaking A HUG is enough to soothe the pain of loneliness, scientists find for the first time – but psychologists warn cuddles are in danger of dying out because technology is changing the way we interact A kiss with Van Persie and poker in Vegas: Terminally ill young mum, 30, draws up ‘bucket list’ of things she wants to do before she dies of motor neurone disease A knock on my head changed my personality – it made me a nicer person! A lack of sleep can leave you ‘functionally DRUNK’, in a matter of days, experts warn A lack of sleep can reduce a man’s sperm count by a THIRD A lack of sleep really DOES make you fat: Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain of 2lb in under a week A late flu outbreak is about to hit hard, CDC warns: ‘Mild’ season is turning rampant as a deadly secondary virus emerges A lesson for the dummies in charge at New Look A lethal drugs loophole: Debbie, 41, took painkillers for a bad back. But when her doctor tried to wean her off, she turned to online pharmacies who sold her 3,700 codeine pills in the months before she died. How CAN that be legal? A lethally sweet relationship: An excoriating attack by a cardiologist on the cosy links between politicians and the food giants, whose refusal to cut sugar levels is causing countless deaths A life ruined by a tick bite: Wildlife volunteer, 32, is left with the ‘body of a pensioner’ and in daily agony after being bitten in Mexico A life transformed by a simple tub of Vaseline: This girl’s skin was so damaged she couldn’t move or talk. Today she’s a thriving student thanks to the product we’ve all got at the back of our bathroom cabinet A life without proper food: Keaton, 5, will never eat due to bizarre medical condition A little-known drug-free treatment can have an amazing effect on Alzheimer’s sufferers. So why does a top charity refuse to endorse it? A low-calorie diet IS the key to youth, scientists claim after finally discovering the ‘holy grail’ link between metabolism and aging A lower radiotherapy dose is just as good as targeted treatment for women who have breast cancer A low-fat diet full of fruits and vegetables could reduce the risk of breast cancer death, new study finds A magnet in my underwear cured my hot flushes: Belinda Carlisle says she’s found a menopause miracle. But do the experts agree? A magnetic wire could replace the lottery of cancer blood tests: Device threaded into a vein is 80 TIMES better at detecting tumor cells, study finds A man has been left with TWO HEARTS after surgeons discovered a donated organ was too small – minutes before a life-saving transplant A matter of ‘life or death’: Countless lives are at risk after cyber security experts warn pacemakers are vulnerable to hacking A medical miracle: World’s most premature baby, born at 21 weeks and five days, goes home to her delighted parents A Mediterranean diet fights off depression: Loading up on fruit, veg, nuts and olive oil helps ward off illness A Mediterranean diet is not just good for the heart, it protects the liver too! A Mediterranean LOW-CARB diet is better for your heart and waistline than a LOW-FAT plan, study shows A milky drink really can help you nod off – but only if the cow was milked at NIGHT: Cattle produce more sleep-inducing compounds after dark A million patients are taking anti-depressants ‘they don’t really need’ fuelling growing epidemic of addiction to prescription medicines A mini-midwife aged just FIVE! Schoolboy Joby helps deliver his brother then saves newborn’s life by untangling cord from round his neck ‘A miracle has happened’: Mother’s delight as eight-year-old daughter becomes the first in the world to beat deadly brain cancer A moment on the lips, 30 minutes on the hips: The Coca-Cola calculator that reveals how long it takes to burn off the calories in just ONE CAN A mother-of-three given months to live after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer claims organic juices helped to shrink her tumours so she could watch her daughter marry A mother-of-two, abandoned by her husband after she was left to haul around her diseased 4-STONE leg for TWO YEARS, is finally being treated thanks to a stranger’s kindness A mother’s instinct: Parents who naturally go to stroke their babies when their little ones are in pain may help to reduce their discomfort A mumps crisis is coming as vaccines wear off, Harvard report warns A nation hooked on ‘happy pills’: GPs treble doses of anti-depressants in 15 years as Britain heads towards top of world table A nation of lifesavers: Stars turn out to salute Britain’s Everyday Heroes – and join the MoS’s mission to make first-aid lessons compulsory for EVERY schoolchild A nation of rotten teeth: Extractions in young children soar by 10% in four years – with sugar-laden diets to blame A nation of walking DISASTERS: Average Briton suffers 10,787 injuries, illnesses or accidents in their lifetime A ‘natural’ facelift… with vitamin jabs that perk up Katy Perry’s posterior! The bizarre beauty trend getting under celebrities’ skin A needle in my ankle beat my incontinence A new binge-drink limit: MPs consider guidance of eight units in a day A new cure for super gonorrhoea: Trial drug cocktail of two antibiotics clears up the STI which is slowly becoming resistant to current first-line drugs A new drug that ‘switches off’ food cravings is on the horizon after scientists discover the way in which our brains govern hunger A new knee grown from your nose! Pioneering therapy could transform arthritis treatment A new lung cancer drug combination slows tumor growth in up to a quarter of treatment resistant cases – even after other therapies fail A new remedy for patients suffering from lung conditions: Take up singing! A new target for the life-on-Mars probe: Nasa hand-held scanner is being used to detect bed sores before they occur A new way to measure alcohol in the blood? Scientists create tiny device that sits beneath your skin and can tell if you’ve had too much booze within 3 seconds A new way to predict the sex of your baby: Scientists find chemical reactions provide tell-tale signs when carrying a girl A night out with the lads IS good for men: Male bonding lowers stress levels (and is more relaxing than an evening with the wife or family) A packet of cigarettes a day ’causes 150 cancer-causing mutations to a smoker’s lung cells’ every year A pain in the neck: Study finds those who type on tablet computers face muscle problems and shoulder strain A Parkinson’s disease PANDEMIC is on the horizon, researchers warn as cases double in 25 years and it is now the world’s fastest growing neurological disorder ahead of dementia A photo a day keeps the blues away! Posting a daily picture online gives people a routine, reduces loneliness and makes them more in touch with their surroundings A photo of your FINGERNAILS could reveal anemia: Scientists create new cell phone app that can measure red blood cell count without a blood test A piece of cheese a day keeps the doctor away: Despite its high fat content it SLASHES the risk of heart attack and stroke (but the portion must be this one size) A piles operation is agony, but its worth it in the end, and the surgery that is the perfect excuse to scoff ice lollies A pill commonly used to treat fungal nail infections could cure bowel cancer, research suggests A pill for loneliness? Scientists race to treat the condition that causes mental illness and even premature death A pill to slow ageing could be on the horizon after scientists DOUBLE the lifespan of worms by turning off their ‘old-age gene’ A pint a day keeps the doctor away! Regular drinking preserves ‘good cholesterol’ levels – drastically cutting your risk of a stroke, study reveals A pint of beer a day ‘can double men’s fertility’: But coffee and being vegetarian cuts odds of conceiving A pint of strawberries a day could stave off breast cancer, study finds ‘A pizza ad made him want to lick the TV screen’: Junk food commercials DO make children hungry and nag their parents for unhealthy meals A quarter of adults can’t even manage a weekly half-hour walk: Sedentary lifestyle of Britons laid bare by new NHS figures A quarter of Americans have a disability that affects their independence, CDC report reveals A quarter of black boys in urban areas have sex before age 13, study finds A QUARTER of cancer patients use marijuana to treat their symptoms and 75% want to try it, study finds A QUARTER of children have now tried drugs with youngsters able to access illegal substances on social networks A QUARTER of deaths each year are avoidable – with the average person losing 23 years of life A quarter of men over 85 had sex in the last year: Study reveals it’s harder for women to find love later in life because there aren’t enough men to go round A quarter of nurses hold down two jobs: Staff taking on agency roles to boost their salary because they pay more per hour A quarter of pregnant women are ‘highly concerned’ about their weight, with 7% suffering from eating disorders A quarter of retired Americans take ineffective omega-3 supplements: Study reveals only one kind of fish oil actually helps your health – but most of us don’t realize that A QUARTER of stillbirths in the US could be prevented by lowering blood pressure and smoking in women, new study claims A QUARTER of teens smoke marijuana: New figures reveal young people are shunning hard drugs and cigarettes for vaping and weed A quarter of transgender and non-binary high school students have been sexually assaulted – and kids at schools with bathroom restrictions are twice as at-risk, study finds A quarter of us have liver damage – and a dry January isn’t enough to undo the damage, warn experts A race against time: Desperate mother of 6-month-old boy, born with half a heart, publicly pleads for a transplant as she reveals she fears her son will die waiting for one A real brush with death: Woman swallows a COMB while trying to push tablets down her throat A real life Christmas miracle: How Ollie’s pounding heart and life-threatening condition only stabilised when his parents went to visit the newborn in hospital on December 25 A reason to avoid the buffet? One in six who’ve been on an all-inclusive holiday in the last three years have fallen ill after queuing up for dishes that have been reheated A reason to ditch the sashimi? Doctors remove a 9-FOOT tapeworm from a Singaporean man’s rectum (and it had to be folded 18 times to fit into this picture) ‘A recipe for disaster’: Whistleblower claims troubled firm at centre of NHS body parts scandal ‘underestimated’ scale of human waste and cut costs so much they refused to buy gloves, trousers and vaccines for staff A record-breaking 5million people will be on NHS waiting lists by 2021 – one in 10 patients – without extra funding, says health boss A regular glass of red wine ‘can help women ward off breast cancer’ A revolutionary laser treatment could kill off breast cancer in 15 minutes – and with no need for a mastectomy. No wonder doctors are excited A robot zapped away my prostate cancer in just five days A rocky marriage raises men’s risk of heart attack (but wives are fine): Ups and downs linked to rises and falls in a man’s blood pressure, cholesterol and weight A salad a day keeps brains 11 YEARS younger, boosts memory and could help prevent dementia, new study suggests A sample of your faeces could tell you if you’re at risk of dementia: Bugs in the gut ‘may lead to’ the memory-robbing disorder A sausage a day could lead to cancer: Pancreatic cancer warning over processed meat ‘A selfless stranger has come to my rescue’: BBC journalist facing race against time in her cancer battle reveals gratitude as medics find her a stem cell donor ‘A seven-day NHS is simply not possible’: 200 consultants sign letter expressing their ‘deep concerns’ over Jeremy Hunt’s plans A sick joke! NHS moans about lack of funds but FAILS to collect hundreds of millions from health tourists because doctors don’t think it’s their duty to recover costs A sight to behold: Three-year-old girl born without an eye is the first in the UK to have one created from her own STOMACH FAT A simple smile could hold the key to having your way with women, new study says A single doctor wrote one THIRD of vaccine exemptions for San Diego school children – claiming 141 kids couldn’t get shots because of ‘allergies’ and immunity issues ‘A single mole caused cancer to spread through my body – now I only have months to live’: Horror of man, 24, whose holiday sunburn led to life-threatening disease A single workout could save your life: Study reveals one gym session is enough to transform your heart health ‘A smoothie a day keeps my Crohn’s away’: Mother, 36, claims special blend of spinach and carrots has cured her agonising symptoms A sore throat, a painful tongue and difficulty chewing: The 10 little-known symptoms of oral cancer that are often dismissed as harmless A specific type of bacteria in your stools can reveal whether you can lose weight: Even healthy eaters cannot shed the pounds without high levels of prevotella in their faeces, finds study A spoonful of sugar can boost memory, mood and make the brain work harder, study finds ‘A spot on my nose was CANCER’: Teacher has drastic surgery to re-build her face using skin from her scalp A step closer to the Fountain of Youth? Scientists get first glimpse of genes ‘in the act of ageing’ – and confirm low-calorie diet DOES keep you young A steroid jab in the bottom could ease hip pain caused by osteoarthritis for up to 12 weeks A stick-on skin patch for hay fever that blocks the release of histamine could relieve symptoms all day long A story of survival: Mother charts daughter’s recovery from brain aneurysm doctors said would probably kill her in incredibly touching photo diary A stranger’s silly prank on holiday left our poor boy in a wheelchair: Reece had his whole life ahead of him … then his mother got the phonecall every parent dreads A stressful job really CAN kill you – by raising your cholesterol A supermarket shopping trolley has 361 times MORE bacteria than a toilet door knob (unsurprisingly the ones at an upmarket store were the cleanest) A supportive partner is just as important as a good boss to prevent burnout at work A sweet way to stop the pain of heartburn: Candy that stays in the mouth overnight may help ease the symptoms of acid reflux A sweetener in ice cream and soda is crippling our children’s livers: Study shows fructose is as dangerous for young organs as alcohol A tale of two healthcare systems: Mother who gave birth in America AND England compares her experiences of everything – from free-flowing US drugs to comforting British food A tale of two toddler brain scans: One shows the shocking impact caused by abuse and the other reveals the difference love can make – but can you tell which is which? A tearaway boy. His frail great grandad. And the magical mutt who transformed both their lives A third of adults don’t know if e-cigarette vapor is harmful to children, despite warnings it exposes kids to harmful chemicals A third of Americans are on a diet – including one in 10 who FAST – but just as many are still obese, study finds A third of Americans are on drugs that could make them depressed – and they probably don’t know it, new research reveals A THIRD of Americans under 40 care for older relatives – and another third will do by 2023 A third of cancer patients turn to herbal supplements and meditation – but many do not tell their doctor, study finds A third of children live with a parent suffering emotional distress – the highest proportion on record, official data shows A THIRD of depressed new fathers have thought about hurting themselves or their child, alarming study shows A third of patients say their GPs are so rushed they are worried they will be misdiagnosed A third of pregnancy-related deaths in the US happen up to a YEAR after giving birth – mostly of preventable heart issues, CDC report reveals A THIRD of pregnant women do NOT believe cannabis is harmful to their foetus – despite medical guidance urging expectant women to avoid the drug A THIRD of premature deaths could be avoided if we all cut out meat, Harvard study finds A third of us go to work with flu: Millions admit going back to the office while still contagious with the virus A third of us have no idea what a ‘normal poo’ looks like: Survey reveals many of us aren’t aware of bowel cancer warning signs A THIRD of women cannot afford cancer treatment: Cost of drugs mean overwhelming number of female patients have high risk of relapse A tiny laser can now BURN away cancerous brain cells: Pioneering treatment is to be offered to patients in the UK for the first time ‘A tiny scratch helped us become parents’: New technique helped Laura to conceive after years of trying A titanium implant gave my arthritis the elbow: Sufferers get relief from pain and immobility with an implant that meshes with the arm bones A tot of brandy and a belly laugh – the quirky ways of coping with chemotherapy A trembling cursor or struggling to scroll online could be early signs of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, reveal scientists A trip to a spa, a day at the seaside and being a bride for a day: The modest but heartbreaking final wishes of the 21-year-old dying from cancer A true labour of love: Scientist who lost her husband to early onset dementia at just 51 embarks on a PhD and discovers new way of diagnosing the disease A T-shirt that tells you your heart is in trouble, an ECG by phone uses your fingertips and the two-minute warning necklace… some of the wearable gadgets that could save your life A tummy bug left me unable to swallow ‘A vaccine destroyed my life… but I am PRO vaccines’: Woman who contracted rare autoimmune disorder after a shot slams anti-vaxxers saying her case is ‘one in a million’ and jabs are safe A vaccine for colon cancer? Experimental shot may prevent tumors for over a million people at high risk for the disease, study suggests A vaccine for fentanyl addiction? Just two shots block drug cravings for 15 weeks in rats, study finds A vaccine for prostate cancer? British scientists design a breakthrough drug which boosts the immune system’s ability to track down and kill deadly cells as soon as they appear A varied diet may NOT be healthy: Eating different types of food causes people to take in MORE calories that could lead to weight gain and health problems A very cautionary tale for Bonfire Night: Horrific image shows life-changing injuries teenager suffered when a firework exploded in his hand A Vitamin jab is all pain, no gain, Rita Ora A weekend lie-in will NOT repay your sleep debt if you burn the candle at both ends during the week A weekly yoga class can help ease stress during pregnancy and reduce women’s fear of childbirth A woman left deaf by a huge chunk of EARWAX finally gets it removed in stomach churning footage ‘A WORM was wriggling in my lip’: American biologist finds parasite in his mouth… and then uses forceps to remove it himself A yawning gap! Mums lose more sleep than dads: Chance of regularly not getting enough shuteye goes up by 50% for every child a woman has A zap in the back to ease the misery of constipation: Wire implant delivers electric shock to help the digestive system A&E already in crisis as patients are turned away and operations cancelled by hospitals on ‘black alert’ A&E crisis? Blame ministers, not the flu: Doctors tell patients to ask their MPs for more health funding as the NHS suffers its worse winter on record A&E departments are already straining from winter demand, NHS boss admits – but he insists the service IS strong enough to cope A&E departments are performing at their worst ever levels since the 4-hour time targets were introduced 13 years ago, leaked figures show A&E departments must send a THIRD of patients home on the same day, says NHS as it scrambles to free up more hospital beds A&E misery continues as hospitals fail to meet waiting time target for five MONTHS – and it’s getting worse A&E patients facing waits of up to 24 HOURS: Leading doctor warns casualty departments in Wales are ‘on the edge’ A&E strikes MUST be called off: Walk-out could be ‘extremely damaging to patients,’ medical leaders warn A&E unit at new £60m hospital to be closed at night because there are ‘not enough doctors’ A&E waiting times are getting worse as hospitals struggle with bed-blocking – and there’s worse to come, medics warn A&E waiting times in England are worst for a decade as hospitals strain under the pressure of ‘exceptional demand’ A&E waiting times on the rise as number of patients waiting more than four hours hits eight-year peak A&E waiting times soar to worst EVER levels with over 5,500 patients a DAY left unseen for more than 4 hours A&E whitewash: After chaos caused by casualty closures, NHS boss orders ‘review’ by the same people who had proposed shutting units A&E winter crisis could have been avoided if £700m emergency cash injection had been spent on the front line – rather than hospitals ‘paying off their debts’ A&E with first ‘airport style check in’ set to be scrapped as patients exaggerate symptoms to skip the queue Aa-aa-CHOO! Here’s ten facts not to be sniffed at about those pesky coughs and sneezes AAARGH! Traction is back: But it’s nothing like the torture suffered by James Bond – as this grateful spine patient can testify Aaron Hernandez DID have CTE: Family sues after brain test results reveal the NFL star had one of the most severe forms of the disease ever found when he committed suicide in his prison cell Aaron Hernandez had the most severe CTE case ever seen: Scientists reveal his brain tissue showed extreme damage to memory and impulse control Abandoned insomnia drug could be new weapon in treating cancer without toxic side effects ABC foreign correspondent describes contemplating taking his own life years after losing his father and grandfather to suicide Able to smile again, the girl who had a 4lb tumour removed from her face after being flown to Britain for life-saving surgery Able to think, unable to communicate: Newlywed has been left TRAPPED in her body for 9 years after suffering from a tummy bug – leaving her husband to grieve for the life they had planned together Abortion in US drops to lowest level since it was legalized in 1974 Abortion pills now rival surgery for US women amid restricted access to surgical operations – and overall decline in unwanted pregnancies Abortion rate falls to all-time low in developed countries thanks to better access to contraception Abortion rate plummets to an historic low, CDC figures reveal About to go under the knife? Visit your dentist first… and other simple steps to speed recovery About to have an op? Trim your nails and start singing! The surprising ways you can boost your recovery and get home quicker Absence of a key chemical in the brain, responsible for feeding memory, could be used as an early test for Alzheimer’s Absent parents ‘harm child’s IQ’: Brains of youngsters who spend more than six months away from their mother or father found to mature at a slower rate ABSTAIN from sex to prevent Zika: CDC urges couples to delay pregnancy for 6 months to lower the risk of microcephaly Abstaining from sex ‘does NOT make you a better athlete’ despite the ritual being followed by champion boxers and footballers Abstinence-only sex ed programs violate human rights and do nothing to prevent risky sexual behavior, health officials claim in damning new report Abuse accelerates puberty in children: Kids who experience sexual abuse develop a year earlier than their non-abused peers Academic pressure is now the ‘last straw’ for stressed teens and is behind a peak in youth suicides at the start of exam season, worrying report reveals Acclaimed photographer who is BLIND, hid his disability from colleagues for decades as he took his famous images, in an astonishing tale of triumph over adversity that is now a film Account manager, 25, woke up in the MIDDLE of surgery to treat his ruptured appendix and thought he was ‘choking to death’ on the breathing tube down his throat after a foreign nurse gave him too little anaesthetic Accounts assistant is left infertile because she was too embarrassed to go for a smear test: 34-year-old was diagnosed with cervical cancer after her FIRST screening – which she delayed for 7 years Acetaminophen could also help to ease our anxieties: Pills could reduce the anguish of situations that cause psychological pain Achy joints, migraines and stomach cramps? Ditch the painkillers and learn how to EAT your pain away in seven simple steps Acid reflux drugs to prevent stomach cancer could DOUBLE your risk of stomach cancer, study claims Acid reflux raises the risk of cancer of the throat, tonsils and sinuses in older people, study finds Acne ‘cleared up’ by a dose of green tea: Antioxidant properties have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects Acne drug could prevent deadly heart attacks and strokes: Scientists accidentally discover an antibiotic that targets spots also stops arteries hardening ‘Acne medication left me partially blind’: Mother prescribed common antibiotics can no longer drive due to blurred vision Acne pill nearly kills woman 22: Horrified to learn massively swollen leg was caused by a blood clot Acne sufferer, 25, whose skin was so bad strangers called her a ‘spotty freak’ says CANNABIS oil finally banished her spots after 8 years of problem skin Acne sufferers are more likely to suffer from depression because of the ‘shame or embarrassment about living with it’, study finds Acrobat, 31, diagnosed with a cancer so rare that 5 smear tests failed to detect her golf ball-sized tumour Act now or babies will DIE: Charities beg firm behind a ‘miracle £450,000 drug’ for crippling genetic condition to work with NHS to make it available Active children may lower their risk of heart disease and even cancer in later life: Exercising in youth permanently ‘turns down’ genes that cause inflammation Actress has 5 operations to rebuild her nose after contracting deadly flesh-eating bug while working with the homeless Actress Robin Givens receives breast cancer test results from The Doctors – two years after losing her sister to the disease Actress Sheridan Smith catches the boot camp bug Actress, 26, who discovered she had thyroid cancer after finding a lump in her NECK releases pictures of her growth to save others from the ordeal Acupuncture can relieve the extreme tiredness suffered by 40% of breast cancer patients Acupuncture can ‘significantly’ reduce period pain by at least 50% for up to A YEAR, study finds Acupuncture causes a 79-year-old woman’s lung to COLLAPSE prompting doctors to warn of the life-threatening complication of the trendy treatment Acupuncture causes a 79-year-old woman’s lung to COLLAPSE prompting doctors to warn of the life-threatening complication of the trendy treatment Acupuncture causes weight loss by stimulating appetite-suppressing hormones Acupuncture ‘could treat pain in A&E’: Procedure is found to be a safe alternative to drugs for some patients Acupuncture ‘does not improve chronic knee pain’ Acupuncture ‘doubles the chances of getting pregnant through IVF’ Acupuncture’s painkilling secret revealed: It DOES work but only if the needle is twisted correctly, claim scientists Ad watchdog probes contraceptive app that takes user’s temperature but is linked to 37 unwanted pregnancies Add years to your life with a 15 MINUTE walk: Brisk stroll each day ‘cuts the risk of early death by 20%’ Addict, 44, who snorted £400 of cocaine a week over 25 years reveals how it ATE away at his nose and caused ‘lumps of flesh’ to fall off in grim pictures Addicted to bread, pasta and potatoes? Blame your taste buds! Food scientists discover a sixth sense for carbohydrates and those that have it have a larger waist Addicted to smoking cannabis? Blame your DNA: Marijuana dependence is linked to specific genes Addiction is a ‘brain disorder not just a behavioural problem,’ say experts Addiction is not a brain disease, but rather a disease of personality, psychiatrist argues Adding cheap lentils to meals could combat high blood pressure, trial reveals Adding chilli to food really CAN help you lose weight: Compound in fiery peppers tells the body it’s full, preventing over-eating Adding GINGER to asthma medications can help make them more effective Adding insult to injury: Hospital parking firm charges jump 22 per cent – despite Government pledge to scrap fees Adding just two-and-a-half teaspoons of sugar to your tea DAILY increases your risk of Alzheimer’s by 54%, study finds Additive found in soap, toothpaste and shampoo is linked to cancer and liver disease Adele’s throat operation cured my ‘Rod Stewart’ voice: Mother hails laser therapy that saved the Brit winner’s vocal cord – and her own speech ADHD ‘affects as many over-60s as children’ as youngsters ‘may not grow out of condition’ ADHD diagnosis is more common in children who are youngest in their school year, Harvard study finds ADHD doesn’t exist and drugs do more harm than good: Doctor claims symptoms can have routine causes that are ignored due to knee-jerk diagnosis ADHD doesn’t just affect children – a THIRD of people still suffer symptoms in adulthood ADHD drug Ritalin ‘should be prescribed with caution’ because scientists STILL can’t say whether it’s safe after 50 years of use ADHD has surged by almost 70 percent in the last 20 years, study finds ADHD medication could cause birth defects: Pregnant women who take Ritalin have 28% higher risk of babies with heart deformities, study finds Adorable boy, 8, buys first pair of sneakers after undergoing surgery to stretch his left leg which was two inches shorter than his right Adorable or a danger? Therapy dogs spread superbugs sick kids – increasing their risk of infections 600%, doctors warn Adult film star, 33, feared she was going to die after allergic reaction to injection caused her top lip to swell to FOUR TIMES its normal size Adults learn to fat-shame when they are CHILDREN (and parents may be to blame) Adults smacked as children have higher risk of mental illness later on, say scientists Adults spend EIGHT TIMES longer watching on-demand TV than exercising, survey finds Adults with ADHD are more than THREE TIMES as likely to develop dementia Adults with bad eyesight have higher risk of dementia: Study identifies first ever clear link between vision and brain function Advert for £40 contraception app is banned after claims it was ‘highly accurate’ in helping women avoid pregnancy are labelled ‘misleading’ Advertising watchdog tells 150 autism ‘therapists’ to stop peddling false claims that zinc and vitamin C supplements can cure the disorder Adverts for controversial GP at Hand service are BANNED for failing to tell patients they must leave their current doctor Advice to patients to fast before surgery may be scrapped after pilot scheme finds drinking tea, coffee or juice helps recovery ‘Advocate for yourself, never give up’: Pregnancy joy for lupus sufferer, 29, who was told she could never carry children – as she urges others to seek second opinions Aerobic exercise may treat drug or alcohol addiction by halting the flood of a feel-good chemical, trials show Affluent over-65s more likely to drink at dangerous levels: One in five breach guidelines on safe levels of consumption Africa braced for epidemic of deadly airborne PLAGUE after it infects 1,300 people in Madagascar and map reveals the nine countries officials fear it will spread to next African Americans are prone to being overweight and store fat regardless of diet and exercise: Some 8% carry a gene that causes calories to remain in tissues rather than being burned off African Americans are up to 200% more likely to get Alzheimer’s than white people – but scientists still don’t know why African girl, 12, can finally smile after surgeons removed the FOOTBALL-sized tumour engulfing her face that was slowly suffocating her African-Americans are living longer – but STILL dying 4 years earlier than whites, CDC study shows After £450m boost, GPs are still failing to spot cancer: Quarter of patients forced to visit three times before a referral After 12 years, 5 operations and a prosethic blade, a sportsman who destroyed his leg and turned to drink finally has the freedom to run again and is aiming to break a world record After 40 YEARS of research – the FDA approves first drug to treat severe form of multiple sclerosis After Andrew Marr blames his stroke on overdoing it on the rowing machine at 53, how risky is high-intensity exercise for the over-fifties? After Cannes ‘banned’ women wearing flat shoes on the red carpet, one expert reveals just how damaging high heels are to the body After claims they’re ineffective and even fuel the rise of superbugs… Could using an antibacterial soap be BAD for you? After EIGHT agonising miscarriages in just 2 years, 27-year-old realises her dream of becoming a mother… THREE times over After fluoride, how LITHIUM could be put in tap water to beat depression After it’s revealed states where marijuana is legal have more car crashes, second study claims the number of fatalities HASN’T increased After those pictures of Prince George, an anxious mother asks: When is it safe to swaddle like Will and Kate? After tragic death of 15-year-old schoolgirl Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, DR MIKE DILKES reveals everything you need to know about deadly allergies Afternoon heart surgery ‘is 50% more successful’: Human body clock means the body is better at responding to a traumatic event later in the day Afternoon radiotherapy sessions could reduce side effects such as pain, scarring and incontinence for breast and prostate cancer sufferers Age DOESN’T bring happiness: Financial worries, social media and the rude reality of adulthood mean ‘your 30s are no longer your happiest years’ Age is just a number: Older people who feel ‘young at heart’ have better sex lives Age limits on e-cigarettes ’cause uptick in pregnant teens smoking tobacco’ Age proof your body: Buying comfy shoes. Cleaning out your ears. A top doctor reveals the surprising little life changes that’ll keep you fit for decades longer Aged 94, and frail as a china doll, Sophia struggled to get out of bed. ‘Come on!’ said the nurse. ‘You’re just being lazy’ Age-related diseases like cancer and dementia could be preventable after scientists rejuvenate old human cells in the lab Aggressive brain tumour caused woman to become obsessed with religion and believe she had spoken to the Virgin Mary Aggressive cancer which claimed life of woman who visited doctors FIFTY-EIGHT times before she was diagnosed was ‘undetectable,’ coroner rules Agonising condition that causes woman’s skin to feel like it’s ‘burned by hot flames and injected with splinters of glass’ leaves her trapped indoors for 20 YEARS Agonising ear pain that’s easy to cure: How a pillow with a hole can help end weeks of discomfort Agony of 3-week-old boy who has lost 60% of his skin to rare disease – and now faces a life wrapped in bandages Agony of adorable girl, 10, whose face is falling apart due to rare disease that attacks the soft tissue of her cheeks Agony of aspiring model with 5 PINTS of excess fluid in her leg: Bizarre condition has left 24-year-old suicidal and desperate for liposuction Agony of boy, 6, who suffers from rare condition that makes him deaf, blind, and unable to talk – with wafer-thin bones, and milk-white skin and hair Agony of British cancer boy, 9, as immigration ‘issue’ could force him to leave the US months before finishing treatment that is his only chance at life Agony of cystic fibrosis sufferer, 29, who was given a new lease on life thanks to a double lung transplant but contracted a virus from her donor Agony of daughter forced to travel 140 miles a DAY to see her father with dementia after the NHS moved him to a different care home Agony of family who fought to approve a drug for their kids’ rare and fatal disease that robs them of speech, mobility and sight. Now the FDA has passed it – but it’s too late for them Agony of girl, 6, with constant full-body itch caused by rare liver disease that leaves her screaming and scratching through the night – and only a transplant will save her Agony of man who heard his penis SNAP during sex – and had to keep it in a sling for two months afterwards Agony of man, 42, who broke his PENIS during sex (and says he heard it snap) Agony of mother who suffers from condition ‘harder to control than cancer’ as she is forced to have half her face cut off Agony of parents forced to turn off one twin son’s life support machine – on the same day they took his brother home Agony of Teen USA contestant, 16, who is fighting for the tiara while battling life-threatening digestive disease Agony of the arthritis that tests can’t spot: Thousands are told they’ve just overdone it in the garden and miss vital treatment Agony of the pensioner who has three ‘TOENAIL HORNS’ growing out of her foot Agony of the women left behind by the national mesh scandal: After a change in medical guidelines thousands of women will be spared controversial surgery, but who will help the victims left behind? Agony of toddler whose eczema is so severe his tiny body is covered in excruciating sores which bleed every day Ah-ah-achooo! Mysterious condition causes girl to SNEEZE up to 12,000 times every day AI could detect heart disease faster, earlier and cheaper than any other test, studies find AI detects Alzheimer’s disease SIX years early – with 100% accuracy in small study AI spotted lung cancer BETTER than expert radiologists, study finds AI toilets which scan your urine and faeces before you flush could one day ‘pick up on diseases earlier’ AI will make doctors ‘obsolete’ due to robots being ‘cheaper to hire and train than medics’ AIDS deaths have HALVED in a decade as more than 50% of sufferers have access to treatment AIDS epidemic could be ‘wiped out by 2030’ after new infections and deaths fall by a third in a decade AIDS pandemic has finally reached ‘the beginning of the end’ after 30 years, campaigners say AIDS vaccine ‘cures’ 5 patients – who have now been ‘virus-free’ 7 months WITHOUT the help of daily drugs Aim for seven to seven-and-a-half hours sleep: Any more OR less raises your risk of lung cancer AND dementia Air circulating on planes can be TOXIC and cause seizures, nausea and breathing difficulties, flight attendants claim Air filter could kill 99.9% of deadly bacteria and viruses floating in the air in the blink of an eye and may even replace the traditional face mask Air hostess beats cervical cancer AND saves her chance of motherhood after ignoring doctors’ advice to have a hysterectomy Air pollution can lead to potentially-fatal kidney disease, new report shows Air pollution can make you FAT warns Dr Michael Mosley Air pollution can reach the womb: Scientists find toxic soot particles inside the placenta after being breathed in by pregnant women Air pollution in towns and cities ‘ages brains of over-50s by three years’ Air pollution increases people’s risk of Alzheimer’s and suicide by nearly FIVE TIMES, study finds Air pollution increases the risk of cot death: The developing lungs of babies are unable to cope with exhaust fumes Air pollution is cutting the global life expectancy by up to TWO YEARS, worldwide study reveals Air pollution IS linked to breast cancer: Six women working at the busiest border crossing in the US developed the disease within 30 months of each other Air pollution is shaving YEARS off people’s lives: Some cities could extend lifespans by more than a year if they got air quality under control, study warns Air pollution is the new tobacco and is killing seven million people a year and harming billions more, head of World Health Organisation warns Air pollution is to blame for ‘up to 33million asthma-related A&E visits’ around the world as fumes from cars and factories worsen the common lung condition Air pollution kills 3.2 million people across the world every year – that’s more than Aids and malaria COMBINED Air pollution linked to raised stroke risk: Studies reveal smog connected to death, anxiety and hospital admissions Air pollution linked to weaker bones, fractures and increased risk of an early death, a new study reveals Air pollution may damage a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom: Toxic car fumes ‘raise the risk of erectile dysfunction’ Air pollution may have caused 3 MILLION premature births across the world since 2010, shocking report reveals Air pollution ‘triggers heart attacks even in areas where levels are deemed safe… and the damaging effect is felt within ONE day’ Air pollution warning as scientists discover boys exposed to toxic air in the womb and throughout childhood may have worse memory Air pollution ‘will kill up to 6.6 million a year worldwide by 2050’ – and emissions from India and China will have the largest impact Air travel exposes you to dangerous radiation – but what is the health risk? An expert explains… ‘Airborne peanut allergies on flights are a MYTH’: Leading scientist claims it’s impossible for a reaction to be triggered this way Airplanes need to carry more medical equipment to prevent passengers who have heart attacks from DYING, doctors warn Airport screening for diseases like Ebola and swine flu misses around HALF of infected travellers because people ‘lie about exposure to avoid delays’ Airport security trays carry more disease than TOILETS: Hand luggage check points are a breeding ground for flu, pneumonia and viruses that can cause brain damage ‘Al desko’ dining is making you FAT: Workers eat thousands of empty calories lunching on junk from vending machines and cafeterias, CDC study finds Alabama mother-of-three welcomes SEXTUPLETS less than a year after painful miscarriage Alabama woman claims water tainted by toxic chemicals from a 3M plant gave her cancer – forcing her to lose a kidney and bathe in bottled water Alarm as cervical screening rates continue to fall – with women aged 25-49 most likely to miss a smear test Alarm over the ‘worrying’ gaps in scientists’ understanding of ovarian cancer – but how can YOU tell if you’re suffering from this ‘silent killer’? Alarming rise in uterine cancer: Deaths are up 21% and diagnoses up 12% since 1999 – despite huge drop in rates for most other cancers Alarming surge in suicide attempts among young adults, study reveals Alarming trend of teenage girls poisoning themselves as a form of self-harm: Cases soar by a third in five years, doctors warn Alcohol can crush a MAN’S fertility too: Study shows both men and women should cut out booze if they want to conceive Alcohol causes SEVEN cancers, top doctors warn in landmark new report Alcohol companies accused of exploiting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by ‘targeting young people with drink campaigns’ Alcohol DOES give you cancer, say scientists … bit of a downer for Friday night down the pub Alcohol DOES make you happier – but only in the short-term, experts warn Alcohol hotspots of England revealed: Manchester and Merseyside top the liver disease league, while people in the West County are the healthiest Alcohol hotspots of Great Britain revealed: Central Scottish residents drink the most – and have the highest death rate – while Londoners drink the least Alcohol increases the risk of skin cancer by up to 11% by causing irreparable DNA damage Alcohol industry ‘is fueling unhealthy drinking habits’ by failing to update unit guidelines on its wine, beer and spirits THREE YEARS after they were released Alcohol IS a gateway drug: Booze triples a person’s likelihood of taking cocaine – even if they have never come into contact with it Alcohol IS bad for your health… EVEN in moderation: Just one glass a day ‘increases the risk of various cancers’ Alcohol is good for your health: Leading science writer claims tipple can prevent cancer and may help improve your sex life Alcohol sales have dropped 15% in states with medical marijuana – with WINE hit the hardest Alcohol sales in England would fall by 38% from £35 billion to £22 billion a year if everyone kept to the recommended 14 units a week Alcoholic mother, 48, who drank up to FOUR bottles of wine a night now has two months to live – and warns others ‘don’t ruin your lives by heavy drinking’ Alcoholics to get liver transplants on the NHS for the first time but critics say those who bring ill-health on themselves shouldn’t get help Alcoholism drug ‘is a stammer cure’: Treatment is discovered by chance after man given the medicine found his speech impediment eased Alcoholism IS genetic: Scientists identify key DNA which makes some people more vulnerable to the addiction Alcopops are ‘fuelling a rise in liver deaths’, warn doctors as death rate rises 40% in just 10 years Alder Hey Children’s Hospital ‘requires improvements’ say health inspectors Aldi recalls flour bags in 11 states after E. coli outbreak sickens 17 people and hospitalizes 3 Alert as breast implants are linked with cancer: French watchdog gives firms a year to act – or face blanket ban ‘Alex Trebek, go kick cancer’s butt!’: Mother-of-two who beat stage 4 pancreatic cancer pens open letter to Jeopardy! host after he revealed devastating diagnosis A-lister trainer secrets: Kerry Washington’s Pilates teacher Julie Turner on how she pushes celebrities Alkaline water does nothing: Tom Brady and Beyonce swear by it – but scientists say it’s just a fad All 50 US states to screen newborns for ‘bubble boy disease’ after grieving mother’s DECADES-long fight that touched hearts nationwide All babies could get hepatitis B jab as infections soar: Numbers affected have doubled in past decade All cardiac arrest victims should be sent straight to a specialist heart unit no matter how far the distance because it increases survival chances ALL foreign nurses, midwives and dentists to face tough new language tests before being allowed to treat patients in bid to improve safety ALL forms of hormonal contraception increase breast cancer risk by 20% which lasts for five years after women stop taking it, largest study to date finds ‘All I had to do was look in his eyes and I knew he was there’: Widow whose husband died of ALS and Lyme disease pens heartbreaking account of her battle to accept that he was dying All I want for Christmas is some curly hair: Boy, four, suffering from rare cancer pens heartbreaking letter to Father Christmas ‘All I want for Valentine’s… is a new heart’: Time is running out for 21-year-old to find a donor after she was diagnosed with a condition for which a transplant is the only cure All Lulah wants for Christmas is… a blood donor: As this two-year-old spends the big day hooked to a transfusion machine, doctors fear critical lack of donations over the holiday All men suspected of having prostate cancer should get £315 MRI tests, says NHS watchdog in move that could save thousands of lives and prevent unnecessary procedures ALL newborns will be given a hepatitis B jab after health watchdog says 96% of cases are among immigrants All non-emergency surgeries over winter should be scrapped to prevent another crisis, senior medics suggest All pregnant women and new mothers across England can now access specialist mental health support so ‘no-one slips through the net’ All pregnant women should eat fish: Good balance of fatty acids ‘is vital for normal brain development in unborn babies’ All pregnant women suffering morning sickness to be offered drugs rather than ‘suffer in silence’ All school children in Britain should be tested for mental health illnesses, say experts All smiles, the little girl saved from lethal birthmark thanks to pioneering drug All talk, no action! Millennials are more interested in threesomes than any other generation – but the rate of young people DOING the deed has plummeted All these men and women are 55. But, after taking a revolutionary new test, some are ageing faster than others. So would YOU dare find out your body’s REAL AGE? All they wanted for Christmas was a pair of feet… and their wish came true! Brothers born with no toes get their first prosthetics – and can now play football pain-free All this eight-year-old wants from Santa is help for his cancer-stricken friend to live: Schoolboy’s letter pleads for charity donations instead of presents as this Christmas maybe her last All US adults should be screened for depression – and women’s mental health assessed before AND after childbirth, experts claim ‘All we want for Christmas is for Daddy to be alive’: Girl, 4, and her brother, 8, issue heartbreaking plea for £30,000 to pay for pioneering therapy for their 36-year-old cancer-stricken father ALL women should be offered a smear test: Cervical cancer screening ‘must be extended to the over- 65s – as one in five new cases are in older women’ ‘All women should have fertility checks at 25 – and most 30-year-olds should freeze their eggs’: Leading expert reveals the checklist every couple wanting to conceive should read… All you need to know about THAT little blue pill: As Viagra turns 20, experts reveal the pros and cons of one of the world’s most talked-about drugs Allergic mother-to-be forced to live on Big Macs during pregnancy… and gives birth to a 10lb 2oz whopper! Allergic to love: Meeting my soulmate brought me out in itchy eczema… until he proposed Allergic to my unborn son: Mother scarred for life after reacting to her baby’s hormones while he was in the womb Allergy Allergy Allergy Allergy Allergy Allergy Allergy explosion as climate change and emissions send unprecedented levels of pollen flying across the US Allergy sufferers from all over the world are flying to California allergy center for ‘immunization course’ that feeds them small doses of their trigger food for weeks Almond Breeze recalls 145,000 cartons of almond milk over fears it may contain REAL milk Almonds boost male fertility: Eating seven nuts a day could improve a man’s sperm count and quality Almonds, perfect snack for health: Handful a day can keep heart healthy and beat the flab, results of six new studies conclude Almost 1 in 10 newborn babies have a genetic disorder that could be treated to prevent poor health in adulthood Almost 1 million British children are suffering from mental health problems, report reveals Almost 100,000 NHS staff have taken at least a MONTH off work to deal with emotional stress in the last three years, ‘unsurprising’ figures show Almost 100,000 teenagers are ‘super obese’ and can no longer return to a healthy weight without drastic weight-loss surgery, warn experts, and the bill could cost taxpayers £543million Almost 16 new cases of FGM are reported every DAY in England – with girls aged 5 to 9 most commonly affected Almost 2,000 women in six months are recorded as victims of female genital mutilation, first ever official figures for England show Almost 300,000 more NHS operations could be carried out every year if staff planned to leave earlier and schedules were more organised, watchdog finds Almost 40% of pancreatic cancer patients could protect themselves from the deadly disease by making simple lifestyle changes Almost 40% of servicewomen struggle to conceive – and only 5 military treatment centers offer IVF, report finds Almost 5,000 asthma inhalers are recalled as charity warns faulty devices ‘could put lives at risk’ Almost 50% of U.S. men have HPV infection that causes cancer of the cervix, head, neck, throat, penis and anus, shock figures reveal Almost 600,000 ambulances faced life-threatening 15-minute waits at A&E last winter as the NHS struggled to cope with unprecedented pressure Almost 8,000 patients endure mixed sex wards: Number treated trebles in two years in breach of NHS rules Almost 900,000 Britons are too fat to work: Number is five times the official figure, says academic Almost a QUARTER of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary: One in 6 adults received drugs they didn’t need in 2016 – driving us towards antibiotic resistance Almost all female genital mutilation cases performed in the UK are just legal ‘intimate’ piercings Almost half of all teenage girls ‘are avoiding exercise at schools because of anxiety about their bodies and ill-fitting bras causing pain’ Almost half of Britons are too busy to enjoy a lie-in while only a quarter ‘regularly’ sleep through the night, according to survey Almost HALF of eight year olds and a third of five year olds have fillings or missing teeth because of decay Almost HALF of NHS doctors in some areas of the UK are now trained overseas, reveals report which shows the profession has hit ‘crunch point’ Almost half of over-65s take FIVE different types of medication a day. . . So what turned these healthy looking women into pill poppers? Almost half of public sector employees have taken time off work due to mental health problems, survey reveals Almost half of US adults infected with genital HPV – and one in five have a high-risk form – CDC reveals Almost half of US teenagers have sex before they graduate high school – and 80% use contraception Almost half of women REGRET freezing their eggs to focus on career, study finds Almost half of women under 34 don’t enjoy sex and one in three of any age have reproductive problems like infertility Almost home! Twins born conjoined at the sternum have a party to celebrate moving to rehab facility near their home 3 months after risky separation surgery Almost killed by a kiss: Baby spends four days in hospital fighting for her life with HERPES after being pecked on the lips by a family member Almost new 200 cases of FGM are reported every WEEK in England – with London home to more than half of victims Almost one in three men have ‘weak bones and are at risk of osteoporosis,’ small study finds Almost one in three NHS hospitals still allow smoking on their premises despite health chiefs calling for a ban since 2013 ‘Alopecia is a big part of my life, but it doesn’t define me’: Teenager, 15, who lost all her hair to the disease fronts new awareness campaign Alternative medicine is booming among kids: A third of teens take supplements and the rate shunning mainstream drugs has DOUBLED in 15 years, study finds Alternative ‘tapping’ therapy could be used by the NHS to treat anxiety and depression Altitude sickness drug helps man, 48, lose 9.7lbs and overcome his addiction to fizzy drinks by making them taste flat Aluminium could be poisoning our brains and causing Alzheimer’s, professor claims Aluminium could cause multiple sclerosis, say scientists who link the disease to high levels of metal in the brain Aluminium DOES cause Alzheimer’s: Expert says new findings confirm the metal plays a role in the devastating brain disease ‘Always check your bits’: Family of graduate killed by testicular cancer urge others to be vigilant after he blamed his symptoms on backache Always cook tomatoes and carrots but eat spinach and peppers RAW: Our expert guide on how to get the most nutrients from your vegetables Always dieting but NEVER lose weight? Expert reveals the six mistakes we all make – from eating ‘healthy’ food to stress snacking Always eating? You might have the newly-discovered HUNGRY gene that increases appetite and slows metabolism ‘Always follow your instincts’: Mother issues warning after her baby was rushed into emergency surgery for rare heart condition after doctors dismissed his symptoms as excess gas Always getting a cold? Then blame your PARENTS: Majority of immune system traits ‘influenced by genetics’ Always getting cystitis? It could be because your urine’s too acidic, study reveals Always hungry? Go for a WALK: Exercising is better than dieting at helping us eat less Always ill? It’s not vitamin C you need, but a dose of stress Always read the label: How low fat can still mean high calories (and most of us don’t know the meaning of ‘light’ food options) Always seeing the same GP raises risk of missed cancer: Doctors who know patients well could mistake warning signs for ongoing medical problems Always stressed? Your STOMACH could be to blame: Nutritionist reveals how the gut is your ‘second brain’ – and how looking after it can change your life Always worn out? How to trick your body clock so you can feel alert all day Alzheimer’s to be treated by replacing faulty genes, expert predicts after discovery of 11 key genes that raise risk Alzheimer’s breakthrough as experts discover ‘HOW to control the buildup of plaques in the brain that trigger disease’ Alzheimer’s breakthrough as scientists discover how to stop disease in its tracks, paving the way for ‘statin-like’ drug Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Discovery that dementia ‘is caused by deformed blood vessels in the brain’ paves the way for new treatment Alzheimer’s breakthrough: New blood test ‘could predict risk up to 10 years before dementia takes hold’ Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists create first twice-a-day tablet that can repair damage and restore brain function to that of a healthy person in just NINE MONTHS Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists discover the disease’s ‘ground zero’ in a vulnerable set of immune cells – paving the way to a cure Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists discover the protein that causes sufferers to lose their sense of direction Alzheimer’s could be detected in middle age: New blood test reveals warning signs 20 years before symptoms appear Alzheimer’s could begin outside the brain: Toxic proteins behind the disease can develop anywhere in the body before invading grey matter like cancer, reveals study Alzheimer’s disease could be treated with electric shocks to the brain in the early stages, new research claims Alzheimer’s disease may begin in the womb… because women don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables when pregnant Alzheimer’s disease molecule can actually REVERSE multiple sclerosis, say scientists after shock discovery Alzheimer’s disease ravages the brain of sufferers years before any devastating symptoms appear, warn doctors as they urge screening in middle age could stop the process Alzheimer’s drug developed by millennial biotech CEO fails in final stage trial Alzheimer’s gene has been neutralised in human brain cells for the first time, paving the way for a new treatment ‘Alzheimer’s has made my mother constantly CHEERY’: Family of grandmother say the usually-cruel disease has ‘flicked a happy switch’ in her brain Alzheimer’s hits harder earlier in life as people in their 60s decline more quickly than older patients Alzheimer’s hits women harder than men: Experts blame menopause and less time at work for decline in memory and thinking ‘Alzheimer’s is NOT one disease’: Scientists group the memory-robbing disorder into six different categories in a study that may bring us one step closer to a cure Alzheimer’s may affect TWICE as many people as believed after study claims millions more may have toxic brain changes thought to cause the memory-robbing disorder Alzheimer’s may be linked to blood transfusions: Scientists discover the protein behind the memory-robbing disorder could have been transmitted in a now-banned procedure Alzheimer’s may NOT be caused by toxic protein clumps killing brain cells: Study debunks the established theory and could pave the way for new treatments Alzheimer’s risk ‘falls by 11% for every year spent in education’: Scientists believe ‘complex thinking’ helps build reserve that wards off the disease Alzheimer’s solution that requires ‘no prescription or doctor’: Painkiller ibuprofen could ‘eliminate’ the disease, reveal scientists Alzheimer’s sufferer, 55, describes agony of becoming violent and losing his memories because of the disease Alzheimer’s ‘takes more rapid toll on women’ as they deteriorate faster than men Alzheimer’s wonder pill that halts effect of disease, could be available in four years Alzheimer’s won’t defeat me, I have so much to look forward to: One sufferer’s defiant message as dementia rates in Britain soar Alzheimer’s-causing proteins can spread through blood, alarming new study shows Alzheimer’s-like symptoms reversed in mice thanks to special diet of green tea and carrots that restored working memory ‘Am I missing a foot?’ First words of woman, 21, bitten by a SPIDER, who woke from a coma to find her leg had been AMPUTATED Amanda was accused by doctors of ‘faking’ her illness: In fact, her migraines were a sign of an incurable brain tumour Amateur motorcyclist who ‘cheated death’ after being diagnosed with stage four cancer wins a prestigious competition after gruelling 12-operation to replace his jaw Amazing photo of mother’s placenta dyed with ink reveals just how her triplets survived in the womb – and why it’s a miracle her smallest baby is alive Amazing scans show how cancer patient’s 70 lethal tumours disappeared in just 12 weeks thanks to pioneering drug Amazing video shows babies ‘SINGING’ in the womb: Foetus can ‘hear music as early as 16 weeks – and moves their mouth and tongue in response’ Amazing video shows donor organ beating OUTSIDE the body as pioneering ‘Heart In a Box’ technology allows life-saving transplant for young father Amazing virtual-reality goggles that could make thousands of facial paralysis patients feel… smiles better! Amazon is criticised for showing documentaries promoting ‘dangerous’ and ‘unrealistic’ alternative cancer therapies on its Prime Video service Amazon is slammed for selling ‘autism cure’ books by ‘charlatans and quacks’ that claim drinking BLEACH could rid children of the incurable disorder Amazon REMOVES its best-selling teeth whitening kit after we reveal it contains a BANNED chemical which can damage fertility, harm unborn babies and cause chemical burns Amazon set to enter drug store market, selling prescriptions online or via traditional shops Ambulance crews say fuelling row could kill patients after paramedics are ordered to drive around with near-empty tanks so they can respond to more 999 calls Ambulance services records 80% jump in staff leaving the workforce as 33,000 employees have quit since 2010 Ambulance trusts warned to keep sat-navs up to date after delays in finding addresses led to TWO deaths Ambulances called to the same home more than 3,500 TIMES in a year – despite only 1% of the calls needing hospital treatment America DOESN’T have the worst end-of-life care: Fewer terminally ill patients die in US hospitals than in Canada, England and Germany America faces one of the worst flu seasons ever as doctors warn the vaccine is only 10% effective this year – and infections are already on the rise America has hit a ‘dreamlessness epidemic’, sleep specialist claims: Widespread lack of sleep means fewer of us dream at night – and it is affecting our mental and physical health America poised for outbreak of deadly tick fever: Aggressive virus wreaking havoc in Mexico is moving up towards the border, doctors say American Academy of Pediatrics publishes first ever guidelines on tattoos and piercings amid soaring rates of children inking up American Cancer Society lowers bowel screening age by five years amid 50 percent surge in younger adult deaths American children are 60% more likely to die before their 20s than kids in other wealthy countries American fertility hits rock bottom: Women had fewer babies in 2017 than they have in the last 40 years, CDC report reveals American Heart Association president suffers a HEART ATTACK at the annual conference for cardiologists – after giving a speech about his family history of heart issues American life expectancy DROPS as suicides and drug overdoses soar and progress against heart disease grinds to a halt, CDC data reveal American Medical Association opposes CVS-Aetna merger because ‘it will make drugs way more expensive’ American Medical Association stands by its opposition to assisted suicide as advocates claim more states are set to legalize American seniors are sicker than older people in every other developed country – and they struggle the most to afford care to get well American teenagers ‘are MORE likely to smoke marijuana than binge drink’, new maps reveal American women pay more for worse health care: US has highest rate of deaths in labor of any wealthy nation – and women skip appointments they can’t afford, study finds Americans approve of gene editing babies to prevent diseases – but enhancing intelligence is ‘too far,’ study finds Americans are contracting superbugs from weight loss surgery in Mexico: CDC urges slimmers to avoid going under the knife in Tijuana amid boom in drug-resistant infections Americans are drinking more coffee than ever: Rate of people having at least one cup a day rocketed to record-high last year Americans are DRINKING themselves to death: Alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis ‘deaths hit record high’ Americans are fatter than ever: Average US man is 15 pounds heavier than 20 years ago – but barely any taller Americans are filling far fewer prescriptions for addictive opioid painkillers, new data reveal Americans are getting fitter AND fatter: Report reveals growing divide as active people work out more and the less fit gain weight Americans are getting heart-HEALTHIER: Heart disease rates ‘decrease significantly in a decade – as more people quit smoking, improve diets and get more exercise’ Americans are growing bigger but not taller: The average person is nearly obese and 24 lbs heavier than in the 60s, CDC data reveal Americans are having far less sex today than previous generations, study reveals Americans are more ignorant about the dangers of cigarettes than most other countries, study reveals Americans are more immune to the Aussie flu but it’s bound to be a bad year for everyone, expert says Americans are more likely to die of an opioid overdose than in a car crash, report reveals Americans are too drugged up to work: Manufacturing companies are turning to ROBOTS as the opioid epidemic consumes employees in the Midwest Americans spent record-breaking $16 BILLION on plastic surgery in 2016 – up $6 billion in less than a decade Americans, Brits and French are BORN miserable: Length of gene determines how happy you will be – and Danes rank top America’s chubby babies on the decline: Figures show first drop in overweight infants since 2000 America’s first ever uterus transplant is removed just two days after infertile recipient spoke out about her joy and hopes for a ‘miracle’ baby America’s hidden drug epidemic: Overdose deaths from sedatives including Xanax and Valium soar, experts warn America’s history of racism in medicine: From Tuskegee to eugenics, top journal reflects on scandals that created the racial gap in healthcare – and warns Trump’s child separation policy shows ‘the past can reoccur’ America’s medical students are skipping school in favor of YouTube classes – and grades are getting BETTER America’s most promising Alzheimer’s drug trial is HALTED because it has ‘virtually no chance of working’ America’s mysterious polio-like illness has PEAKED at 134 confirmed cases and is now on the downturn, CDC declares America’s opioid epidemic is moving east – from the rural, white Midwest to urban black communities where fentanyl overdoses are soaring America’s top doctors slam the state of women’s health care in the US, calling for policies to give women better access to care and contraception ‘America’s toughest trainer’ reveals the NEW squat moves that will give you a better butt America’s tragic opioid toddlers revealed: Shocking rise in deaths of under fives who take their parent’s drugs America’s Zika hotspots revealed: Map shows counties along the Mississippi Delta have the greatest risk of virus transmission – with some at 100% Amid a growing crisis over the lack of ethnic minority organ donors, a top soul singer in need of a new kidney insists… I’m being sentenced to die because of my race Amid health fears, Diet Coke sweetener in safety spotlight ‘An £11 test could have saved our babies’: Grieving mothers urge the Government to screen pregnant women for little-known bacteria that kills one newborn a WEEK An adult at 18? Not any more: Adolescence now ends at 25 to prevent young people getting an inferiority complex An afternoon nap is as good as a caffeine boost, claims sleep expert and reveals EXACTLY how long your 40 winks should last An afternoon with Ed Sheeran, meeting Man United players and a tour of Coronation Street: Teenager desperately waiting for a lung transplant writes bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies An allergy-free new hip…made from the world’s toughest plastic: Doctors reveal pioneering implant to tackle arthritis An alternative to statins? New drug which ‘halves cholesterol’ with fewer side effects goes on sale in the UK tomorrow An antibiotic found in liver of sharks ‘could revolutionise human medicine’ An antibiotic treatment reversed Alzheimer’s in mice – but only in males An anti-wrinkle ‘jab’ without the jab – but can it REALLY work? Mail on Sunday puts a new ‘DIY filler treatment’ to the test An apple a day could keep tummy bugs at bay: Toddlers given watered down juice recover from illness quicker An apple a day keeps the doctor away… And prevents asthma and beats hiccups! An apple a day really DOES keep the doctor away, slashing risk of dying early by 35% An apple and a half a day could reduce your chance of suffering a heart attack by 40% An aspirin a day could keep breast cancer at bay: Drug ‘lowers the risk of relapse by stopping dormant diseased cells growing’ An aspirin a day could reduce your risk of cervical cancer, study finds An aspirin a day DOES help prevent heart attack, stroke and colon cancer – but it’s most effective if you’re in your 50s An ‘aspirin a day’ for cancer patients makes them 25% more likely to survive their battle, researchers claim An aspirin a day keeps death at bay: Just a quarter of a tablet can help people who have a stroke to survive An avocado a day could keep bad cholesterol at bay – and reduce the risk of a heart attack An egg a day WON’T harm your heart: High-cholesterol diets are ‘not linked to increased risk of heart attack’ An end to altitude sickness? So-called ‘smart drug’ keeps your brain sharp and robust at high altitudes An end to Alzheimer’s? Scientists show how we could block the disease in its earliest stages An end to chronic back problems? ‘Miraculous’ spine implant relieves torment of nerve pain An end to confusing DNA tests? Study claims another test can show you whether your faulty genes put you at risk of disease or not An end to egg-freezing failures? New weight monitor for storage tanks could alert staff to dangerous changes six weeks earlier An END to fillings? Researchers create new product that can be added to toothpaste that repairs enamel and treats cavities An end to risky skin grafts? New technique heals wounds by reprogramming skin cells to do the job themselves An end to stubborn love handles? New skin patch reduces lingering fat by 20% in scientific study An end to the agony of trying uncertain drugs? Scientists can now grow ‘mini organs’ for each patient to see how it reacts to new untested treatment An end to the flu? Oral spray ‘kills 99.9% of infectious airborne germs’ An end to trial-and-error in the doctor’s office? Scientists claim we will all have our stem cells stored on a chip to test out drugs’ effects first An end to vaccine injuries? New ‘smart’ needle guides itself to the right spot and won’t inject if it senses the wrong tissue An end to wrinkles? Genetic researchers reverse signs of ageing in mice as they make hair grow back less grey and smooth skin in ‘unprecedented’ study An end to Zika birth defects? Scientists discover a common malaria drug can protect fetuses from the mosquito-borne virus An entire generation is at risk of going DEAF because under 30s listen to loud music on their phones, expert warns An excuse to eat steak! Low-iron levels increase the risk of heart disease An incentive to switch to e-cigarettes? Smokers have more ‘bad’ and less ‘good’ bacteria than vapers putting them at greater risk of disease, finds study An invention to chew over: Scientists create ‘smart tooth’ that can monitor a person’s drinking, eating and smoking habits An IVF world-first: ‘Infertile’ cancer survivor is pregnant with twins after ovarian tissue transplanted into her abdomen GROWS eggs An omega-3 rich diet really can fight bowel cancer: Eating salmon, walnuts and chia seeds boosts the body’s ability to stop deadly tumours, reveals first study of its kind ‘An optician saved my life’: Girl, 10, is diagnosed with a brain tumour after routine test flagged up a growth behind her eye An orange juice a day keeps the doctor away! Daily glass of OJ ‘cuts the risk of deadly strokes by almost a quarter’ An orgasm a day can lower a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 20%, study reveals An unlucky break! White children are TWICE as likely to suffer broken bones than their black or Asian friends Anaesthetic that lifts depression: Many patients given ketamine showed improvement after just 24 hours Analysing Stan: Psychologists reveal what Eminem’s hit track really means And all because the MAN loves Milk Tray: Men get the most health benefits from dark chocolate Andy Murray serves up ace way to end agony of NHS hip-pain patients as landmark trial reveals operations provide best long term results Angel-faced four-year-old is trapped in his own body and can only communicate using his eyes: Boy’s condition is a mystery to doctors and is so rare it has no name Angelina Effect: Doctors warn over worrying rise in double mastectomies after Jolie’s operation Angelina Jolie eats bugs – and you should too: Why grasshoppers and tarantulas are SO good for your health ‘Angelina Jolie effect’ IS real: Actress’ double mastectomy and reconstruction has raised awareness of cancer treatment ‘Angelina Jolie’ effect sees number of women choosing to have their breasts removed to reduce their risk of cancer DOUBLE – and women in their 20s are now having the procedure ‘Angelina Jolie gene’ may also cause prostate cancer: Faulty BRCA2 is linked to 1 in 20 cases of the disease in men ‘Angelina Jolie op’ is given to women it cannot help: Surgeons are pushing women to have mastectomies they do not need, top doctor warns Angelina Jolie’s doctor urges women to UP their soya intake, devour more of one type of fruit and ditch anti-bacterial soap as she shares her top 10 tips to prevent breast cancer Anger as funding for terminal breast cancer drug that can extend life by months faces the axe: Decision is branded a ‘disaster’ by campaigners Anger is more damaging to health than sadness in old age: Experts say frustrating at losing the ability to do things fuels dangerous inflammation Angola shuts its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo to contain Ebola outbreak that is feared to have killed 25 Animation lays bare how American deaths from drugs, alcohol and mental disorders have TRIPLED since 1980 Ankle patch to stop you constantly dashing to the loo: Treatment stimulates a nerve to help those with an overactive bladder Anne-Marie gorges on fast food and doesn’t exercise yet stays slim. So scientists studied every detail of her life to find out why. Could her case help you? Annoying spot on your nose? It may be cancer Annual health MOTs could assess people’s risk of suicide like they monitor cholesterol levels by detecting warning protein levels in blood, study reveals Annual screening for breast cancer does not reduce a woman’s chance of dying from the disease, according to 25-year study Annual waiting lists for NHS cancer treatment are on course to be the ‘worst on record’ as the health service ‘buckles under the strain’ ‘Anorexia blogs nearly killed me’: Even when Grainne, 17, was starving to death, ‘thinspiration’ sites encouraged her to lose more weight Anorexia could be GENETIC: Scientists discover faulty genes that ’cause’ the eating disorder Anorexia is an illness – NOT something we can blame on skinny models or a lifestyle choice, academic claims Anorexia is not about a fear of getting fat, but rather a pleasure at losing weight, experts reveal ‘Anorexia is often fuelled by PRIDE’: Satisfaction at losing weight can exacerbate the disease, psychologist claims ‘Anorexia left me two weeks from death’: Teenage boy’s weight fell to just 5st after playground bullying about his size ‘Anorexia turned me into an old lady’: Six-stone woman, 30, who dieted from the age of 10 to stay young is left with crumbling bones and varicose veins ‘Anorexic’ doll provokes outrage: ‘Deeply worrying’ toy which shuns food should be banned, say campaigners Anorexic given just 48 hours to live when her weight hit FOUR stone makes remarkable recovery – and shares harrowing photos to raise awareness Anorexic gym addict whose weight fell to 6st and was so thin nurses mistook her for a CANCER patient finally hits healthy weight Anorexic man whose weight plummeted to just SIX STONE after he became obsessed with football almost doubles his size in four months after taking up body-building Anorexic mother, 26, who spent $170,000 on diet pills and downed 200 laxatives a day finally recovers after plummeting to 25kg Anorexic reveals how she was just hours from death after not eating or drinking for a WEEK in order to be ‘thin and popular’ Anorexic schoolgirl told by bullies to kill herself because she was ginger ends up being tube fed after dropping to just 6st Anorexic student who wore children’s clothes ‘was not eligible for treatment’ because her BMI was within the ‘HEALTHY range’ Anorexic student, 19, starved to death after she was failed by ‘Third World’ NHS care: Series of doctors failed former grammar school girl and then deleted emails to cover up their errors, report finds Anorexic teen died the day before she was due to start treatment after urgent test results were put under wrong doctor’s door Anorexic teenager whose organs are failing is checked into a clinic as her ‘last hope’ following her mother’s desperate plea to save her life Anorexic teenagers are being refused NHS treatment because they are ‘not thin enough’ to have reached ‘crisis point’, warns watchdog Anorexic told her weight loss was ‘just a phase’ reveals she was just HOURS from death – and she’s been told she’s too THIN for treatment Anorexic vegan, 27, who weighed just five stone at her lowest point and was suicidal makes a full recovery thanks to yoga and HANDSTANDS Anorexic was a day from death after being called a fat, ginger cow. Now Annabel is a healthy, happy, hairdresser Anorexic who couldn’t eat a GRAPE ‘without wanting to die’ and given two weeks to live credits ballet dancing with her remarkable recovery ‘Anorexic’ who lost 10 stone in 3 MONTHS found to have Crohn’s disease after doctors mistook her sudden weight loss as an eating disorder Anorexic who weighed just 5st was ‘saved from death’ by worried strangers at her gym who FORCED her to see a doctor Anorexic whose weight plummeted to 4 stone fears food so much she believes calories can be INHALED Anorexic whose weight plummeted to 7st warns of the dangers of fitness apps after beating her addiction to calorie-counting trackers Anorexic woman, 26, who weighs just 38lbs is cruelly told by her doctor she could play a living corpse in a horror movie Another 10 cases of polio-like disease confirmed as CDC director says mystery illness striking kids across the US is the agency’s top priority Another 112 victims of the NHS’ tainted blood scandal will DIE before a public inquiry discusses if they should get extra support money Another 123 contract ‘explosive diarrhea’ from McDonald’s salads: Now more than 230 customers in 15 states have fallen ill from the parasite – but the source remains a mystery ANOTHER Alzheimer’s drug fails: Trials of a highly-anticipated experimental treatment cancelled two years early Another Alzheimer’s flop as Merck pulls promising late-stage drug trial after finding it ‘probably won’t work’ Another batch of blood pressure drugs recalled over traces of cancer-causing chemical ANOTHER batch of blood pressure drugs recalled over traces of cancer-causing chemical used in ROCKET FUEL Another boom in MEN getting plastic surgery: The rate of male liposuction, tummy tucks and ‘moob jobs’ soared last year – and facial fillers are up 99% since 2000, new figures reveal ANOTHER cancer-causing toxin found in recalled blood pressure pills, FDA reveals amid global drug recall that has lasted 9 months – exposing millions Americans to carcinogens Another child dies of adenovirus at New Jersey pediatric center: Now 10 have died and 17 are sick after report found the staff’s poor hand-washing is allowing the virus to spread Another deadly brain-eating amoeba is detected in Louisiana water system – but officials say ‘keep drinking from the tap’ ANOTHER drop in US life expectancy: CDC reveals the death rate rose again in 2017 – driving down lifespan for the third year in a row ANOTHER e-cigarette warning: Alcohol in vaporizers ‘has detrimental affect on motor skills and makes them more addictive ‘ Another flash in the pan? Nanny state health targets take the taste out of the traditional fry-up Another good reason to eat your greens: It makes you more optimistic about the future Another health benefit of vitamin D? Youngsters born with low levels are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis ANOTHER increase in children born with developmental disabilities, new CDC report reveals after years of climbing rates Another medical use for cannabis as scientists find it helps reduce seizures in people with severe epilepsy ANOTHER person diagnosed with Zika in Florida: Cases continue to grow despite CDC’s claims they have the virus ‘under control’ Another reason for obese children to go outside: Overweight youngsters with a vitamin D deficiency at risk of heart disease as they grow older Another reason to brush your teeth: Poor oral health increases blood pressure and negates benefits of medication to lower hypertension Another reason to get 8 hours sleep each night: Those who get too much or too little are at risk of being OBESE Another reason to get an early night: Late bedtimes fuel obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors Another reason to go on holiday! Sunshine, red wine and oily fish fight the ageing effects of stress – leading to a longer life Another reason to go to work on an egg – it could lower your blood pressure Another reason to put the kettle on: Three cups of tea a day can ward off heart disease Another reason to quit cigarettes: Secondhand smoke makes people around you FAT Another reason to rethink that late-night cigarette: Smoking DOES make your hangover worse Another reason to stop vaping: E-cigarette flavors are just as bad for lung inflammation as smoking, study finds Another reason to watch your waistline! Women who have a wider middle are more likely to suffer anxiety ANOTHER reason why fast food makes you fat: New research shows processed meals kill off the bugs that keep you thin Another sleepless night? How taping your partner’s mouth shut can actually STOP them snoring Another spike in suicides – particularly among women: CDC report reveals more than 45,000 Americans took their own lives in 2016 (and most were NOT diagnosed with a mental health condition beforehand) ANOTHER state sues OxyContin maker for deceptive marketing of opioids Another study shows a rise in teen suicides following 13 Reasons Why – just hours after the show’s creator published a take-down of research linking the show to deaths Another use for statins? Cholesterol-lowering drugs slash the risk of death from cirrhosis by nearly half Another warning to American travelers bound for Brazil’s carnival as yellow fever death toll triples ANOTHER way alcohol is bad for your insides: Booze ‘allows gut bacteria to engulf the liver, increasing the risk of disease’ ANOTHER woman’s frozen embryos were lost in Cleveland cryotank disaster – despite being assured hers were not affected four months ago Anthrax alert in Namibia as more than 50 people are struck down by the killer disease Anti-ageing drug derived from a compound in green tea, onions and RED WINE is on the horizon: Scientists discover cocktail of cancer medication and plant-based supplement could halt body’s decline Anti-ageing face serum in tumour alert: Product that claims to make skin genetically younger linked to liver cancer in mice Anti-ageing pills and creams that may just make you look OLDER: Why wonder antioxidants could do more harm than good Anti-bacterial kitchen sprays and wipes are a waste of money, claims TV doctor as experiment reveals poisonous bugs return within an hour Antibacterial soap is ‘pointless’ because most people use it incorrectly, expert warns Antibacterial soaps are useless at killing germs and may harm pregnant women, experts warn Anti-baldness drug can cause men to lose interest in alcohol Antibiotic breakthrough as scientists find class of drug that can kill the MRSA superbug Antibiotic demand has surged 65% since 2000: Now 24.5 billion prescriptions are written a DAY – driving us closer to resistance that will cause a global public health crisis Antibiotic madness: A fifth of prescriptions given out by GPs are to patients who do not need them Antibiotic pills ‘can hurt unborn baby’: Common drug linked to cerebral palsy and epilepsy Antibiotic resistance ‘could end modern medicine’: UK’s chief doctor issues stark warning as study reveals most of us don’t even know what term really means Antibiotic resistance soars: Cases of gut bacteria not destroyed by drugs increase by 12,000% in seven years Antibiotic resistance will kill MILLIONS of people by 2050 because the drugs will stop working against once-treatable infections Antibiotic taken by millions is linked to heart deaths: Treatment used for bacterial infections linked with 76% higher risk compare with alternative medicine Antibiotic that can cure hospital-acquired pneumonia is the first new drug of its class for 40 years and could dramatically reduce patient deaths Antibiotic-resistant infections have almost DOUBLED in US children in just 10 years, research reveals Antibiotics could prevent and cure PTSD: Drug helps people ‘forget’ to be scared by bad memories Antibiotics crisis continues to grow, despite GPs being told to stop handing them out because drugs are losing their power Antibiotics don’t clear up children’s coughs any quicker – in fact they’re as slow as using nothing at all Antibiotics DON’T cure flu and bacteria NOT humans become resistant, say WHO experts – as they warn of ‘post-antibiotic era’ where common infections will kill again Antibiotics for babies raise the risk of eczema: Children given drugs before the age of two increase chance by 41% Antibiotics got rid of her chest infection – but Jane says they destroyed her health Antibiotics left father-of-two looking like a ZOMBIE: 38-year-old suffered burns on more than 90% of his body, was temporarily blinded and almost died after an adverse reaction Antibiotics make E.coli grow FASTER than if the bug were left alone Antibiotics taken by hundreds of thousands of people ‘more than double the risk of sudden heart deaths’ Antibiotics taken during pregnancy weaken a baby’s immune system and increase their risk of pneumonia Antibiotics to treat common childhood infections could soon be ‘useless’, experts warn – as resistance to drugs grows Anti-depressant can also help repair failing hearts: Widely-used pill found to work ‘far better’ than standard treatments Anti-depressant could help ease symptoms of Alzheimer’s: Drug significantly reduces agitation associated with the condition Antidepressant could ‘improve old age for millions’ by slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Antidepressant that activates the brain’s ‘garbage disposal’ could PREVENT dementia – by ‘removing toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer’s’ Antidepressant use in early pregnancy does NOT raise risk of ADHD and autism, study insists amid heated debate in the medical community Antidepressants can affect the brain in just three HOURS – not weeks, as previously thought Antidepressants can make you gain weight: Study finds those taking drugs to treat depression are 20 per cent more likely to pile on the pounds ‘Antidepressants have ruined my sex life’: Mother who lost ability to orgasm speaks out on Twitter to help millions of others suffering in silence ‘Antidepressants left my face rotting’: Mother nearly died after suffering horrific allergic reaction to newly-prescribed medication Antidepressants make healthy people TWICE as likely to become suicidal: Experts warn many patients are wrongly given pills instead of therapy Antidepressants taken by millions linked to 28 murders in the UK in the past three decades, reveals shocking investigation Antidepressants? You might be better off TALKING: Psychotherapy can ‘re-wire’ the brain – without the side-effects of drugs Anti-drug film from the 1960’s warns of the perils of taking LSD – by describing a teenage girl’s first acid trip with a hot dog Antioxidant supplements do NOT improve sperm quality, major study finds Antioxidants will NOT help you beat dementia, study warns Antipsychotics prescribed to millions of delirious patients do NOTHING: Study reveals the pills work no better than a placebo – but have toxic side effects and increase risk of death Antiques dealer, 48, who was forced to give up work for 8 YEARS because of her crippling back pain finds a cure – using a device designed for HORSES ‘Anti-shake’ spoon allows Parkinson’s sufferers to eat soup and ice cream again Anti-snore mask that won’t keep you awake all night: New generation of CPAP machines are lighter, quieter and more comfortable Antisocial boys who act out in kindergarten earn less when they grow up, study suggests Anti-vaccination ‘hotspot’ near Portland leads officials to declare a public health emergency over measles outbreak Anti-vaccine billboards warning that shots ‘can kill’ appear in several states – despite spike in outbreaks linked to anti-vaxxer movement Anti-vaccine views are growing ‘alongside populist politics’ such as those backed by Trump and UKIP amid soar in measles cases worldwide Anti-vax Kentucky teen who sued his school for barring him from classes now has chickenpox Anti-vaxxer hotspots revealed: Texas, Utah, and Arizona among 12 states seeing an alarming spike in kids reaching school unvaccinated, study finds Anti-vaxxer kids urged to stay home from Nebraska school after teacher contracts rare ‘rapid-moving infection’ Anti-vaxxers are among the top ‘threats to global health’ in 2019, World Health Organization declares Anti-vaxxer’s son, 30, who contracted measles at a graduation says parents today have ‘no excuse’ to not vaccinate their children after ordeal that left him struggling to walk Anxiety and depression ‘can increase your cancer risk by a third’: Emotional distress thought to damage body’s defence systems against the disease Anxiety is ‘catching’ and can be passed on to children, scientists warn over-protective parents Anxiety may cause dementia – and meditation or mindfulness could slash the risk, study finds Anxiety may HELP with academic success: New study claims anxious students are less likely to drop out of school Anxious parents DO have anxious children: Scientists find the same brain traits for ‘fearful’ behavior across generations Anyone born after 2000 should be banned from smoking says British Medical Association as it backs minimum unit pricing for alcohol Anyone for a glass of POND SCUM? They don’t look appetising, but health drinks full of everything from algae to kale are THE fashionable way to get your nutrients Anyone for avocado chocolate mousse? What about cauliflower rice? Or seaweed pasta? We investigate whether those trendy alternatives really ARE better for you Anyone for Thai Green Curry crickets? Or BBQ worm crisps?: Selfridges reports 11% surge in EDIBLE INSECT sales Apathy in old age ‘an early sign of dementia’: Study shows that losing interest in hobbies could mean Alzheimer’s ‘Apologise, or you’ll send Harvard into disrepute’: Leading cardiologist slams professor who claimed coconut oil is POISON as talking ‘unscientific nonsense’ App saves heart attack patient: Thousands of medics got a phone alert when man, 60, collapsed – and one got there fast enough to save his life App that tells women when they can have unprotected sex without getting pregnant is just as effective – and slightly better – than the pill, landmark study finds ‘Appalling’ treatment of NHS whistleblowers must be investigated: Staff ostracised by hospital bosses demand independent inquiry after ‘whitewash’ Francis Report Apple hires 50 doctors and sets its sights on managing serious diseases as it attempts to win over the medical field Apple wants to monitor asthma risks: Tech giant buys health startup to create a system to help parents track their kids’ breathing Apple Watch can detect sleep apnea and high blood pressure with 90% accuracy Apple Watch caught new mother’s life-threatening thyroid condition – even though she had NO symptoms Apple Watch saved 18-year-old girl’s life by spotting her silent KIDNEY FAILURE from a spiking heart rate as she sat in church Apple Watch saved life of 46-year-old father whose heart was beating TWICE as fast as normal Apple watches could add two years to your life: Study confirms the gadgets encourage you to exercise for up to five extra days each month Apple Watch’s new EKG feature has FDA ‘clearance’ for the wrong people – and could send thousands on wasted trips to the ER, cardiologist warns Apple-shaped women are at risk of a deadlier form of breast cancer (and those who store fat on their thighs, hips and buttocks are prone to a more treatable form of the disease) Apple-shaped women face a greater risk of cancer: Carrying excess fat on the stomach means they are more than 50% more likely to develop lung and bowel tumours Applying petroleum jelly to a cut could be harmful and damages the skin’s natural plaster, reveal scientists Approaching menopause and depressed? You’re not alone: Expert reveals how to handle the hormonal rollercoaster after 40 ‘Approve three-parent babies,’ urges England’s chief medical officer ahead of today’s key House of Lords debate Apps for depression endorsed by health officials are ‘NOT proven to work’ Apps which diagnose skin cancer are UNRELIABLE and are not a substitute for going to the doctor, claim experts Arachnophobes look away now! Pus-filled spider bite ERUPTS with bloody discharge after doctors lance it Architect whose 28-year-battle with OCD saw him wash his hands 50 times a day and spend hours retracing his steps for ‘victims’ he thought he had killed claims he has been ‘cured’ after using MAGNETS Architect, 36, can only sleep for TWO hours a night because he is permanently thirsty and has to drink at least 20 LITRES of water each day just to stay alive – even though doing so could also kill him Are £30 fees to see the GP the only way to cut queues? It couldn’t be more controversial. But as patients are forced to beg for appointments, it may be time to think the unthinkable Are anti-ageing stem cell jabs really safe? Despite concerns, the beauty industry is using them more – with sometimes hair-raising consequences Are asthma inhalers linked to birth defects? Thousands of pregnant women at centre of inquiry into health problems in babies Are autistic people at a greater risk of being radicalised? Those with the condition could be more likely to become ‘lone wolf’ terrorists Are BABY WIPES fueling allergies? Scientists warn the soft cleansers are contributing to a ‘perfect storm’ for food intolerances in youngsters Are back pain drugs making you INFERTILE? Naproxen and diclofenac ‘significantly inhibit ovulation in just 10 days’, scientists warn Are beards GOOD for your health? Yes! Huge variety of bacteria found in facial hair ‘could help develop new antibiotics’ Are better selfie filters driving teens to plastic surgery? Doctors say the boom in cellphone photo editing apps is to blame for the rise in young girls with body dysmorphia Are BOTS fueling your vaping addiction? Study finds most online resources about e-cigarettes are nonsense generated by devices Are car dashboards, frying pans and sunscreen devastating men’s FERTILITY? Modern life ‘poses threat to fatherhood for three out of four males’ Are CARBS the new cigarettes? White bread, bagels and rice ‘increase the risk of lung cancer by 49%’, experts warn Are cheap groceries making you FAT? Government funds for processed foods, livestock and soft drinks are increasing risk of heart disease, study claims Are children finally turning down sugary drinks? Official data reveals number of youngsters consuming them has dropped by a THIRD in nearly a decade Are children more likely to survive plane crashes than adults? Being fitter, having a stronger heart and a more robust seat belt helps young people withstand trauma, experts reveal Are children with ADHD just immature? Children born in August are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition Are coffee’s health claims all froth – or will it leave you full of beans Are diabetics being given diet advice that just makes their problems WORSE? Are doctors HELPING parents avoid vaccines in California? Rogue physicians charge anti-vaxxers $100 for exemptions from shots Are drug trials corrupt? Those funded by big pharmas are 3 TIMES more likely to give positive results Are expensive fitness trackers and sports watches worth the money? Investigation reveals which ones are the most accurate… Are fat people better at sniffing out food? Obese people ‘imagine smells more vividly than their slimmer peers’ Are fat people less intelligent than thin? People who are overweight make wrong food choices as they have ‘less grey and white matter in the brain’ Are fish oil pills a load of old cod? Almost certainly, says 5:2 diet guru from Trust Me, I’m A Doctor Are fish oils for depression a waste of time? ‘No evidence’ omega-3 supplements can help, landmark report declares Are food dyes causing ADHD in children? FDA to decide if there is enough evidence to ban them Are friends more important to our health and happiness than family? They are as we get older so pick wisely, study reveals Are GPs putting patients at risk by diagnosing them on the phone? Are Gwyneth and Victoria to blame for rise in new mothers seeking tummy tucks? Rates QUADRUPLE in 5 years as women opt for surgery to regain their figures Are hay fever sufferers at more risk of heart attack? Hospital admissions ‘rise by 16% during high pollen season’ Are headaches destroying YOUR life? Why your doctor could be to blame… Are health MOTs for the over-40s useless? Illnesses they’re designed to spot could be ‘equally well detected’ without the check-up Are high-achieving parents who met at work behind rise in autistic children? Are hipster beards unhygienic? Facial hair is riddled with bacteria which may spread germs and trigger infections, experts claim Are loving middle-class parents to blame for an epidemic of childhood insomnia? Are magic mushrooms the key to treating depression? Brain scans reveal psychedelic drug trips induce ‘optimistic dream-like thinking’ Are male doctors too complacent about the cancer pill many women say is ruining their lives? Are man’s best friend being killed by women? Gender-bending chemicals used in moisturisers and make-up are causing deadly illnesses in DOGS Are meal-replacement diets safe? Oxford researcher debunks eight myths and says they CAN keep weight off Are men dying needlessly because we don’t make all over-50s have prostate tests? Are migraines triggered by a lack of sunshine? Those who suffer attacks are ‘often lacking vitamin D’ Are miscarriages being diagnosed too early? Experts say doctors ‘should wait longer to confirm fears or risk terminating healthy babies’ Are money problems causing you migraines? You may have a certain genetic variant that makes you 20% more likely to have a headache when struggling to pay the bills Are muscle-building supplements REALLY safe? Experts separate the fact from the fiction… Are newborns ugly? Adults find babies only take on cute characteristics at six months old, study finds Are parsley and celery key to beating yo-yo diets? Experts say they stop the stomach storing fat Are pills containing frozen POO the key to beating hospital superbug? Stool samples from healthy donors ‘restores balance of gut bacteria’ Are pomegranates a fountain of youth? Fruit contains ‘miracle’ ingredient that strengthens ageing muscles and extends life Are SCHOOLS making children obese? Experts warn that even the healthiest parents may struggle to save their kids from fatty daytime food Are scientists FINALLY on the verge of beating dementia? We look at the promising new findings… Are scientists one step closer to a cystitis cure? Discovery that bacteria ‘hook on to the urinary tract raises hopes of new drugs’ Are Shrek, Homer Simpson and Porky Pig making children FAT? Overweight cartoon characters encourage young people to gorge on junk food, study warns Are sit ups BAD for you? Exercise is ‘outdated, a key cause of lower back injury and should be replaced with the plank’ Are skinny people MORE likely to get Alzheimer’s? Why being underweight ‘drives up your risk of developing the brain disease’ Are sleep-deprived doctors REALLY more dangerous to their patients? Study claims staying up all night ‘doesn’t impair medics’ abilities’ Are sleeping pills mother’s NEW little helper? Are sleepness nights to blame for Alzheimer’s disease? Lack of shut-eye may cause long-term memory loss Are smartphones giving us symptoms of ADHD? People who constantly check their phones are ‘less attentive and more hyperactive’ Are SOYA BEANS the key to wrinkle-free skin? Hormone in the vegetable can keep us looking youthful, say scientists Are standing desks a waste of time? Standing instead of sitting ‘hardly increases energy levels so won’t help people lose weight’ Are statins a DOUBLE-action wonder drug? Cholesterol-busting tablets may also help stop the spread of cancer Are statins making my hair fall out? Are statins making us lazy? Men who take them are less likely to exercise, study finds Are statins overprescribed? Study warns the risks of the controversial drugs outweigh the benefits for millions of heart patients Are STATINS the key to beating cancer? Patients taking cholesterol-busting drugs are ‘half as likely to die’, study claims Are statins worth the side-effects for women? They’re the heart wonder drugs that help millions but many are left exhausted… Are sweetened E-cigarettes being aimed at children? ‘Flavoured devices could get kids hooked on nicotine’ Are teenagers making themselves DEAF by listening to music? Surge in early tinnitus could mean scores of millennials ‘lose hearing before they hit 40’ Are tests for Down’s syndrome needlessly alarming women into abortions? Cambridge University don warns tests can mislead after she had a healthy boy at 44 Are the germs in your gut the key to a long life? Experts believe bacteria could determine your weight and risk of disease Are the new super-suncreams worth buying? Here, our expert gives his verdict… Are these all-singing-all-dancing fitness trackers really that ‘smart’? Are these health trends REALLY good for you? We reveal the pros and cons of 9 wellness fads, from avocado toast to green juices – and the results might surprise you Are these new health MOTs worth having? Are these the strangest FEET ever? Woman’s ‘scissor deformity’ sees her index toe sit on top of her biggest digit (and it means she can’t walk without wearing specially-made shoes) Are they bad for cholesterol and how many can I have?: Unscrambling the truth about eggs Are those pills you have been taking for years the wrong type? It’s quite possible, say experts who advise you to be prepared to switch medication Are toothpaste and SOAP making you resistant to antibiotics? Chemical in everyday toiletry stops infections responding to drugs Are UK women in denial over state of their health? Brits more likely to rate themselves as fit than most other European countries Are video games to blame for teenagers suffering fragile bones? Doctors issue warning after boy, 17, is left with a fractured hip because he wasn’t getting enough sunshine Are waters with added vitamin and minerals a total con? Read our nutritionist’s verdict… Are we a nation of hypochondriacs? Majority of people wasting NHS resources on allergy tests they DON’T need, experts say Are we another step closer to preventing Alzheimer’s? Scientists discover genes that reveal vital clues about how the disease progresses Are we being told the whole truth about the new ‘wonder’ stroke drug? Worrying side-effects. Missing emails. And a very troubling question about the alternative to warfarin Are we doing IVF wrong? Study shows using just one healthy embryo increases your chances of a healthy baby Are we drinking ourselves to death? More than a MILLION people were admitted to hospital last year due to alcohol Are we falling out of love with vitamins? Sales fall as we opt for healthy food and tighten our purse strings Are we finally winning the war against superbugs? Drug that ‘kills MRSA’ is hailed as first viable alternative to antibiotics Are we giving up on cardiac arrest patients too soon? More and more victims are waking AFTER the traditional 48-window when doctors talk about ‘pulling the plug’ Are we nearing a cure for cancer? Holy grail is ‘closer than ever’, oncologist claims Are we on the brink of a UNIVERSAL cancer cure? Cutting off key supply routes to starve diseased cells of nutrients ‘eradicates tumors’ Are we on the brink of another whooping cough resurgence? CDC says the pathogen has mutated, making the vaccine less effective Are we one step closer to designer babies? Genetically-modified embryos could be made in British labs ‘within months’if approved tomorrow Are we one step closer to discovering the elixir of youth? Enzyme that triggers muscle wasting could be key to REVERSING signs of ageing Are we one step closer to eternal youth? Scientists discover how to ‘slow down or stop the ageing process’ Are we reaching the end of the opioid epidemic? Experts say the tide should turn in 2018 – but Trump’s plan isn’t doing much to help the $95bn crisis Are we returning to a postcode lottery? NHS waiting times for hospital treatment soar by 50% in one year under Coalition ‘Are we too ugly to find love?’ Heartbreaking TV series shows bodybuilder with a stoma bag who fears he’ll be alone forever and beautician with no hair who says all men reject her Are wireless earbuds dangerous? Experts warn that Apple’s AirPods could send an electromagnetic field through your brain – as 250 scientists sign petition to regulate trendy tech Are women becoming the unhealthy sex? Busy lives make them neglect their bodies’ danger signs Are women hopeless at saving lives? Female medical students take LONGER to react in emergencies, controversial study claims Are women living in the UK’s most exclusive postcodes ‘too posh to push’? Women giving birth in these areas are almost TWICE as likely to have C-sections to avoid the pain of childbirth Are women more likely to suffer from MOUTH ULCERS? How one writer and her 13-year-old daughter are affected frequently – but her husband and 3 sons seem to have escaped the pain Are women who put off pregnancy fuelling breast cancer boom? One in ten under-45s diagnosed with condition first spot signs when expecting or breast feeding Are YOU a ‘binge thinker’? From infertility to hair loss, experts reveal how worrying is wrecking our health Are you a born worrier? Just dwelling on stressful events can weaken your immune system and make you ill Are you a cereal offender? How breakfast manufacturers’ recommended portions mean you could be making a VERY unhealthy start to the day Are YOU a comfort eater? Experts reveal why fatty and sugary food is so irresistible…from it soothing pain to releasing ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain Are you a drinkorexic? Rising number of women are swapping food calories for alcoholic ones, experts warn Are YOU a jerk? Take this test to find out! Five-question quiz reveals if you have the traits of a narcissist… Are you a lark or a night owl? What your sleep habits reveal about your health Are you a morning person or a night owl? Early risers are MORE likely to have a healthy diet, experts say Are YOU a night owl? It’s probably in your genes: Scientists discover gene mutation that makes some people want to stay up late Are YOU a pushy patient? You’re more likely to get misdiagnosed because your doctor can’t focus on the task in hand Are you a REDUCETARIAN? Rise of people pledging to cut the amount of meat they eat for health and environmental reasons – but not give it up completely Are you a regular social media user? It could be making you PARANOID Are you a risk? Doctors warn of detox dangers after woman is hospitalised with ‘life-threatening’ complications Are YOU a secret celiac? 12 unexpected signs you might be gluten-intolerant – including skin rashes, fatigue and depression Are you a secret redhead? Four in ten Britons carry ginger genes without having red hair – and it could profoundly affect our health Are you a slave to a savory snack? Key gene linked to blood pressure ‘determines YOUR appetite for salt’ Are YOU a slave to OCD? Scientists identify receptor in the brain responsible for symptoms – raising hopes of a single fast-acting drug treatment Are you a smug gym-goer who enjoys a few drinks? Then you might be a borderline alcoholic: Even fitness fanatics can’t undo the internal damage of booze, expert warns Are you a snorter or a squeaker? How the way you sneeze can reveal your real personality Are YOU a spoon or a bridge? Your posture – not big boobs or your weight – determines whether you’ll get back pain Are you a Stiffy or a Bendy? Expert reveals how your joints affect your health – and which type of exercise YOU should be doing Are you a stressed parent? If so, your child is ‘TWICE as likely to be obese’ Are YOU a stressed parent? You could be storing up trouble: Children with tense fathers ‘are more likely to misbehave’ Are YOU a workaholic? If so, you’re at greater risk of ADHD, OCD, anxiety and depression, experts warn Are you a worrier? It could make you HAPPIER: Expecting the worst protects you when events turn out fine, psychologist claims Are you a yo-yo dieter? Scientists reveal the psychological technique that will help you keep the pounds off for good Are you able to taste a bitter chemical found in foods like dark chocolate, coffee and broccoli? It means you are almost 60 per cent more likely to get CANCER, reveals study Are YOU addicted to coffee? Doctors are now treating ‘caffeine-use disorder’ with therapy Are YOU addicted to smoking, sex or shopping? Revealed, the 4 ways you can break free and enjoy your life Are YOU addicted to your smartphone? From separation anxiety to sheer panic if the battery dies, take this quiz to reveal the extent of your problem Are you after a ‘designer vagina’? After reading this definitive guide on the procedures and risks you may change your mind Are you allergic to the sun? One in six of us is – and for some, like James, it makes summer a nightmare Are you always anxious? Psychologist explains why more of us are crippled with anxiety than ever before – and how to think yourself calm again Are YOU always hungry? Nutritionist reveals 5 reasons for your insatiable appetite – and how to curb it Are you always popping heartburn pills? It could be a sign of CANCER, doctors warn Are YOU always tired? Read our guide to how the EXPERTS themselves beat fatigue (including eating chocolate) Are YOU an apple shape? Carrying fat around your middle ‘means you’re more likely to suffer loss-of-control eating disorder’ Are YOU an emotional eater? Experts reveal how to crack the habit and banish comfort food cravings for good Are you an occasional ‘party smoker’? Why you need to stop telling yourself that it’s a harmless habit Are you and your family all making each other ill? Doctor says if you want to change your health you have to change your life – and you can’t do it alone Are you as fit as you should be for your age? Just testing how quickly you get up from a chair can reveal so much about your health Are you as fit as you think you are? You walk the dog, eat well and do the odd exercise class – but is it enough? You may be in for a surprise Are YOU as healthy as you think? Follow this doctor’s guide and give yourself a monthly health MOT Are YOU at risk of a blood clot? From jet-setting to taking the Pill: Leading vascular surgeon explains the 9 top risk factors – and how to beat them Are YOU at risk of a midlife crisis? Doctors describe the 6 tell-tale signs – and how to get past them Are YOU at risk of a sudden heart attack? 1 in 9 men and 1 in 30 women will die from the condition before the age of 70 Are YOU at risk of an avoidable death? Map reveals the postcode lottery of ‘dying from a preventable cause’ Are YOU at risk of an early death? New method to predict ‘brain age’ could determine who is likely to die young Are you at risk of an early death? Take this lifestyle quiz to assess how healthy you REALLY are Are YOU at risk of developing a shock blood clot from flying? Travel-related thrombosis can strike healthy adults months after a flight – so here are the warning signs to watch out for Are YOU at risk of developing dementia? Revealed, the 9 factors that increase your risk of Alzheimer’s… and how you can reduce your risk Are YOU at risk of heart disease? Three in four women have at least one risk factor – but only 16% are warned by their doctor Are you at risk of leukaemia? Scientists identify mutation that can predict if a person will develop blood cancer within five years Are YOU at risk of lung cancer? This online calculator reveals how likely you are to get the killer disease in the next 6 or 16 years Are YOU at risk of painful uterine fibroids? They can leave you infertile, increase the risk of miscarriage and cause heavy bleeding – and 3 in 4 women will suffer them Are you at risk of ‘selfie wrist’? Doctor warns scores more patients have numbness and tingling caused by twisting to get the perfect shot Are YOU battling back pain? Expert unveils the 6 most common causes – and how to fix them WITHOUT painkillers Are you beach ready? YES you are, says weight-loss doctor – but she warns the nation’s bulging waistline is JUST as dangerous Are you being conned by your protein shake? Why the muscle-building supplements favoured by Lindsey Pelas could lack the ingredients necessary to tone you up Are YOU bilingual? You could be protected from Alzheimer’s: Progress of the disease is halted by 5 YEARS in those who can speak 2 languages Are YOU blighted by back pain? We reveal how tackling your anxiety can banish the torture for good Are YOU bloated after Christmas? From eating strawberries to avoiding dairy, expert reveals the 12 simple ways to get a trim tum Are YOU blood type A, B or AB? You’re at higher risk of having a heart attack, major study finds Are YOU cleaning your teeth all wrong? From making small circular movements to brushing the tongue, experts give their 6 step guide to getting the perfect pearly whites Are YOU committing one of the 10 cardinal food sins? From overeating health foods to cutting out carbs, nutritionist reveals the common mistakes we all make… Are YOU confused about fat? From oils to omegas, seeds to supplements, read our expert guide to getting enough (and it’s good news for fish haters!) Are YOU crippled by headaches? From using contraceptives to that time of the month, experts reveal why women are more prone to get migraines Are YOU cursed with the mid-life middle? From cutting carbs to 10-minute toning tips, experts reveal how you can beat the bulge (and why beer might not be to blame!) Are YOU depressed? 10 strategies to try lifting your mood before you need to see your doctor Are YOU dieting wrong? Slimmers should ‘focus on healthy foods they enjoy and not what they can’t have’ Are you drinking a dangerous amount? Online calculator tallies how much alcohol you consume compared to the UK average (and what it adds up to in calories) Are you drinking enough water during the heatwave? Surgeon warns thousands aren’t and could end up needing hospital treatment for KIDNEY STONES Are YOU drinking too much? Answer these 10 questions to find out: Experts reveal the classic warning signs you’ve become dependent on booze Are you DRINKING yourself fat this Christmas? Average party-goer downs nearly 4,000 calories during the festive season Are you eating enough SALT? Nutritionist reveals how lack of sodium can cause nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps Are you eating TOO MUCH fish? Online calculator shows how many toxic compounds you’re eating Are YOU exercising but still gaining weight? Scientists claim HAMSTERS may explain why being active causes people to eat more Are YOU exhausted? From perfectionism to a lack of protein – and even too MUCH coffee – we reveal the seven surprising reasons you might be lacking in energy Are you fat because of your dad? Men’s WEIGHT directly affects genes in sperm linked to appetite and brain development Are YOU fat because your husband is a control freak? This woman put on four stone while married to a man who forced her to over-eat. And she is just one of thousands Are YOU fat? Blame your parents: Being overweight can be traced back to THEIR weight before you were even conceived Are YOU fat? It you could be because you never lost your childhood sweet tooth Are you FATTER than you think? Like millions, these five people don’t realise just how overweight they are – or the risks to their health Are YOU fed up of your partner’s snoring? It can be stopped for £66: Scientists create a first of its kind sleeping mask to block out the noises Are YOU fed up with life? You need to eat more CHOCOLATE: Expert reveals the 10 best mood boosting foods to battle Blue Monday Are YOU fed up with sweating? Well it’s actually the reason we still exist – because heat would have killed us otherwise Are YOU fit enough for your age? Personal trainer reveals ultimate guide on what exercises you SHOULD be able to do Are you food illiterate? 37 million Brits fail to eat their five-a-day – while some believe TURKEY constitutes fruit and veg intake Are YOU getting enough iodine? From sudden weight gain to constant tiredness, expert reveals the warning signs as he blames ‘clean eating’ and gives his tips on how to boost levels Are YOU getting enough nutrients? 11 questions to ask yourself before you start popping supplements Are you going through an early menopause? Hot flushes are not simply an inconvenience – they may be linked to HEART DISEASE in younger women Are YOU going to Africa this summer? Then beware of snail fever – the potentially deadly worm parasite you can get while swimming or enjoying watersports Are YOU going to die in the next five years? Simple blood test can help scientists to predict your chances of survival Are YOU grinding your teeth down? How to treat and eliminate the common stress-related disorder that even affects Demi Moore Are you guilty of texting too much? Just 5 hours on a mobile increases the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome Are YOU happy with the size and shape of your body? Two thirds of women aren’t and half want to lose at least one stone Are you heartbroken like Love Island’s Camilla? How to get over a breakup by following these 7 steps Are YOU heartbroken? Scientists reveal why distracting yourself is the best way to get over an ex Are YOU hooked on caffeine? Experts warn against our growing dependence on tea, coffee and Coke Are you hooked on fish oil yet? The natural wonder drug proven to treat a range of conditions Are you hungover? Stay home: Experts say going into the office after a big night out is a ‘waste of time’ Are you in danger of an allergy attack on your holiday jet? Are YOU in denial about your weight? Average person takes more than 5 YEARS to realise they need to go on a diet Are YOU in the stress danger zone and speeding through life? Experts reveal the warning signs to look out for… Are YOU increasing your chance of cancer without realising? Nearly 60% of us forget parts of the body when applying sun cream – with ears, eyelids and feet most at risk Are YOU living in a gonorrhoea hotspot? Check here: Interactive map shows the rise of the STD in the over 45s across England Are YOU lonely? You may be at risk of dementia: People with high levels of brain-clogging proteins found to be 8 TIMES more likely to be isolated Are YOU obsessed with the royal wedding? Expert warns fandom over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairytale love story can deepen mental health problems Are you on the brink of a nervous breakdown? Revealed: The 8 signs you can’t ignore Are YOU on the Pill? You’re more likely to be depressed: Women who use contraception are up to 70 per cent more likely to be on antidepressants Are YOU one of the thousands who don’t respond to anti-depressants? How common Ibuprofen pills can treat your low mood Are YOU orthorexic? Take this test to find out if an obsession with healthy eating is making you ill Are YOU overdosing your kids with medicine? Study finds 4 in 5 parents don’t understand how to use measuring cups Are YOU overweight? Get a Great Dane: Owners of big dog breeds are ‘more likely to walk their pet’ Are YOU part of Generation X? Then you’re more likely to have a stroke: Baby boomers at lowest risk due to their healthy breakfasts of porridge or egg Are you plagued by an unconscious desire to REMAIN overweight? Experts reveal the real reasons for emotional eating… Are YOU plagued by persistent back pain? These simple exercises may end your misery Are YOU planning a pregnancy? This online tool reveals the poor lifestyle choices which could harm your baby (so, how many are you guilty of?) Are YOU putting your family at risk of skin cancer? Millions are unaware the star ratings on the back of sun cream bottles are just as important as SPF Are YOU putting your family at risk? It’s not just about clean worktops and toilet seats – thousands of germs also lurk on kitchen utensils, keys and plug holes Are you ‘resistant’ to exercise? Researchers reveal why working out has no health benefits for some Are YOU running on empty? Expert reveals the 14 most common reasons we’re tired all the time – and how to get a spring back in your step Are YOU scared of spiders? A cure for arachnophobia and other commons fears are ‘just a heartbeat away’ Are you showering right? A nighttime shower is BETTER for your skin and body clock than a morning wash Are YOU showering wrong? Dermatologist reveals the most common mistakes we all make – and how to scrub up the right way Are YOU slowly making your child obese? The amount you should REALLY serve your kids as it’s revealed 10% of parents give toddlers adult-sized food portions Are you snap happy at a concert? You’re more likely to remember it visually if you take a camera – even if you don’t take pictures (the downside is you may forget what you have heard) Are YOU stressed and anxious? Try this simple breathing technique that claims to calm you down in SECONDS Are YOU stressed at work? Take this test to find out: 7 question quiz reveals whether your boss really is a nightmare… Are YOU stressed out by the election?Try yoga, therapists say Are YOU stressed? Expert reveals the 10 surprising ways to deal with it from washing your hands in warm water to chewing on celery and applying lip balm Are YOU stressed? This definitive 10-step guide will help you stay calm and turn your anxiety into a catalyst for success Are you struggling to conceive? Experts reveal 12 ways women over 30 can boost their fertility Are you struggling to conceive? Experts reveal you may be suffering from a little-known but common fertility problem and small tweaks to your diet could make all the difference Are you struggling to control your cholesterol levels on statins? A brand new jab could be the answer… Are YOU struggling to wake up in the morning? Sleep academics reveal the 8 tips that will make it easier to leave your cosy bed in the winter months Are you suffering exercise burnout? Find out using this quiz – designed by personal trainer to models Elle Macpherson and Daisy Lowe Are you suffering from ‘anxsomnia’? 7 ways to beat sleeplessness caused by anxiety Are YOU suffering from SAD? It could be the reason for your mood swings, carb cravings and lack of sex drive… Are you SURE you have the flu? Or is it just a common cold? Experts explain the red flags to look out for Are you SURE you have the flu? Or is it just a common cold? Two doctors explain how to spot the difference Are you SURE you want a soda with that? Panera Bread launches new cups that show how much added sugar is in each drink as diners become more health conscious Are you SURE you want a straw? They may prevent some tooth staining – but dentists warn there are more risks than benefits for your mouth, metabolism and skin Are you SURE you want granola for breakfast? We reveal how one bowl of these top brands is as bad as a slice of CAKE Are YOU suspicious of strangers? You may face an early death: Study finds trusting people live longer – and America’s life expectancy may dip as trust levels plummet Are you taking too many supplements? Vitamin D warning as study finds Americans are taking ‘megadoses’ which can increase the risk of kidney stones and cancer Are you taking too many vitamins? 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Too much or too little shut-eye raises the chance of an attack Areas where three quarters of nursing homes are failing: Figures show postcode lottery in provision of quality care across the country Arguing parents can give a child teenage depression Ariana Grande shares ‘terrifying’ brain scan that reveals her PTSD almost two years after the terrorist attack on her Manchester concert Arizona declares PORN a public health risk – blaming it for the rise in STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and ‘poisoning the minds of our citizens’ Arizona forced to drop vaccine education video after backlash from anti-vaxxer parents who said it was one-sided Arizona passes bill to EXPAND vaccine exemptions and abolish mandatory warning form for parents – as other states tighten them to crack down on measles outbreak Arizona’s hepatitis A outbreak hits a decade high: Health officials confirm more than 200 cases across the state Arkansas woman, 40, who went to Mexico for bariatric surgery returns with deadly antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria Arms Army medic exposed to uranium in Iraq faces race against time to raise remaining £25,000 for life-saving treatment Army medics drafted in to fill more than 200 nursing vacancies at hospital plunged into special measures Army mother-of-two who battled cancer while pregnant rings the bell on her last day of chemotherapy Around 12 million UK homes don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm – leaving lives at risk from the ‘silent killer’ Around 17,000 elderly at risk as care home giant teeters on the brink: Four Seasons could collapse into administration next week unless £26m payment is made Around 2 billion children across the world live in areas with high amounts of air pollution, shocking report finds Around 7,000 babies born this year will lose their mother before they turn 16, statistics reveal – and the number could be ‘twice as high’ for fathers Around 800,000 people with asthma in England have to cut their food or household budgets to afford vital medication – but prescriptions are free in Scotland and Wales Around the world in Christmas calories: Americans and Brits gorge on a 3,500 kcal festive feast while a traditional Japanese meal of KFC is ‘healthiest’ – map reveals how YOUR holiday spread compares… Arsenic found in water consumed by tens of thousands of Americans can change the structure of the heart – raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes, study finds Arthritis breakthrough as new test diagnoses condition up to a decade earlier – with just a single drop of blood Arthritis drug ‘can help beat dementia’: Disease’s impact on memory could be reversed Arthritis drug could also halt Alzheimer’s: Treatment found to stop progression of memory loss and poor mood Arthritis drug could offer hope to millions with the ‘Angelina Jolie gene’: Drug ‘kills off ovarian cancer cells with BRCA mutation’ Arthritis may NOT be due to ‘wear and tear’: High-fibre diets reduce your risk of developing the condition by up to 61% Arthritis patients are taking too many painkillers – raising their risk of internal bleeding, heart attack and stroke Arthritis patients will be given ‘grow your own’ knee replacements after the cloning procedure is given green light by NHS Arthritis stem cell jab ‘could ease pain for millions’ Arthritis sufferer had her hip replaced at just 28 after begging for the life-changing procedure ‘that doctors originally said she was too young for’ Arthritis sufferer had her hip replaced at just 28 after begging for the life-changing procedure ‘that doctors originally said she was too young for’ Arthritis sufferer, 51, becomes a champion BODYBUILDER after adopting a completely gluten-free diet to cure crippling condition Arthritis sufferers are being offered £6,000 stem cell ‘wonder treatments’ despite lack of evidence to show they work Artichokes, leeks and onions could improve sleep and relieve stress by boosting levels of gut bacteria, groundbreaking research shows Artificial pancreas for diabetics moves a step closer: New gadget ‘controls blood sugar levels BETTER than insulin injections’ for type 1 sufferers Artificial pancreas that helps diabetics sleep safely at night Artificial sweeteners really ARE bad for you: They make you crave real sugar even more Artificial testicle could help infertile men father children by creating sperm from stem cells As 1 in 3 reveal acid reflux gets worse on holiday, we reveal how to STOP heartburn from ruining your summer As 1,000 babies leave hospital with undiagnosed heart conditions each year…the simple test that could have saved newborns like Tommy As a blindness charity is accused of helping pharmacy giant block cheap drug that could help thousands we ask… should health charities stop taking cash from drug firms? As a Chinese Olympic swimmer talks publicly about periods, one expert asks: Why DO most women choose sanitary pads over tampons? ‘As an actor, your face – however leathery – is a part of who you are’: Stephen McGann under the microscope As Angelina Jolie reveals she’s had new surgery to prevent her ‘family’ cancer, it’s not just your mother who can pass on ovarian cancer – your father can, too As artificial intelligence applications become more sophisticated, would you pour your heart out to a robot therapist? As British scientists use viruses to kill cancer cells… Could this be the end of the misery of chemo? As cigarette packs all become the same, leading doctor reveals why standard packaging DOES save lives As dentists are advised to restrict the use of amalgam…should we ALL be worried about mercury fillings? As experts consider possible link to tainted surgical instruments… Is Alzheimer’s caused by a brain infection? As fears grow over drug-resistant bacteria, forcing doctors to hand out ever fewer pills… When you absolutely must take antibiotics As hundreds of Britons die needlessly from melanomas every year… Why are so many deadly skin cancers caught late? As Jackie lay peacefully with flowers on her pillow, our daughter held her hand. Goodbye, Mummy, she whispered: One husband’s impossibly moving story ‘As my brain is eaten away, my personality is too’: Wife, 51, reveals dementia has driven her to beat the husband she adores in fits of violent rages As NHS cuts back, thousands are forced to pay for their operations As paracetamol is declared useless for treating the agony of arthritis, what CAN help? Here, we reveal the best exercises to battle joint pain… As photos show how 70 tumours in one patient vanished in 12 weeks… The anti-cancer missiles that target tumours chemo can no longer defeat As prescriptions for anxiety drugs soar… Why are so many of us falling victim to panic attacks? As receptionists win more power to decide who sees a doctor… how to get past the despot on your GP’s front desk As scans show drug’s impact on brain, a top doctor warns of a psychosis, paranoid delusions and a superskunk schizophrenia timebomb ‘As soon as he held him, he fell in love’: Autistic boy’s life is transformed by his new best friend…a pet lizard called Spike ‘As soon as the camera came on it stopped’: CBS reporter reveals he has Tourette Syndrome – and how being filmed helped him overcome tics As the global shortage of lifesaving allergy jabs worsens…what to do if you can’t get an EpiPen As the Government announces a major review into three health scandals… Why did it take watchdogs so long to listen to women harmed by their treatment? As the NHS insists that we should all take the ‘sunshine supplement’ to beat bone disease, depression and even cancer… can you guess who’s vitamin deficient? As the NHS urges us to use smartphones to improve our care, one woman reveals her cautionary story of how a health app nearly killed her As the peak season for whooping cough starts, watch out if you lack energy – it could be an early sign of the killer coughing bug As the UK’s heatwave continues, can an ice cream EVER truly be healthy? We tested the latest servings… As the Zika virus is branded a global health emergency…are YOU at risk of the infection that can shrink babies’ brains? As thousands develop tumours on their ears and even the soles of their feet… The hidden hotspots that could expose YOU to skin cancer Ashya King’s proton beam cancer therapy finally arrives in the UK… but has the NHS bought the wrong ‘miracle’ machines? Asian diet ‘wards off brittle bones after menopause’: Chemical in soya beans that is similar to oestrogen helps to prevent bones from weakening ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: Athlete’s foot? You can give it the boot ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: Can a cyst be the reason I’m dizzy? Ask DR ELLIE CANNON: Could a diet give me gallstones? Ask DR ELLIE CANNON: Do I really need dry January? ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m awaiting a triple heart-bypass surgery, how long will it take me to get back to full health and hill-walking? ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m not diabetic, so why was I given medication for it? ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: Is the burning in my mouth part of the menopause? ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: Why can’t I clear the big lump in my throat? ASK DR ELLIE CANNON: Why can’t I get rid of this metallic taste in my mouth? Ask DR ELLIE CANNON: Will hormone replacement therapy end my feeling of dread? Ask Dr Ellie: 82 and fit, but I just can’t get any sleep Ask DR ELLIE: Can I wean my autistic son off his awful diet? ASK DR ELLIE: Can weights really bolster my bones? ASK DR ELLIE: Courageous Cheryl helps lift the gloom Ask Dr Ellie: Doctors can’t stop these nosebleeds, do I have to live with them? 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ASK DR ELLIE: Naomi Campbell should not be sneered at for wearing surgical mask on the Eurostar ASK DR ELLIE: Shameless NHS boob job model Josie Cunningham gets taxis for ‘anxiety’ but my male patient couldn’t get treatment when he started growing breasts ASK DR ELLIE: Ulcers leave me so down in the mouth and my hospital appointment isn’t for three months ASK DR ELLIE: Vaccine left me ill for weeks but my GP doesn’t care ASK DR ELLIE: What can I do about my 2.3in aortic aneurysm which could rupture ASK DR ELLIE: What turned our clever lad into a foul-tempered thief? ASK DR ELLIE: Why do I have itchy arms in the autumn and is insomnia a warning of Dementia? ASK DR ELLIE: Will a magnesium bath really calm my anxiety? ASK DR ELLIE: Will a torn quad stop me playing tennis again? ASK THE DOCTOR Why is my daughter so tired all the time? ASK THE DOCTOR: A blocked artery in my neck caused a mini stroke ASK THE DOCTOR: A glass of wine makes me wheezy ASK THE DOCTOR: Am I at risk because I avoid antibiotics? Ask the doctor: Are herbal remedies for menopause safe? ASK THE DOCTOR: Are statins to blame for the pain in my leg? ASK THE DOCTOR: At 57, I’m still waiting for the menopause Ask the doctor: Bad breath is ruining my self-confidence ASK THE DOCTOR: Being double jointed has left me in agony ASK THE DOCTOR: Breast cancer surgery has made my arm swell ASK THE DOCTOR: Can a purple foot soak cure my fungal nails? ASK THE DOCTOR: Can a tooth infection spread to the heart? Dr Martin Scurr answers your health concerns ASK THE DOCTOR: Can an asthma inhaler give you a husky voice? ASK THE DOCTOR: Can anything shift a stubborn verruca? ASK THE DOCTOR: Can drugs to clear up spots make you depressed? Ask the doctor: Can heart pills make your skin blotchy? ASK THE DOCTOR: Can I avoid side-effects of prostate cancer drug? 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How just ONE course raises the risk of depression Asleep for 18 hours a day and unable to attend school for THREE MONTHS: The teenager battling a mystery condition that has left doctors baffled ASOS model’s career was almost ruined when alopecia made him lose 70% of his hair – but a chemical that gave him ECZEMA stimulated his tresses and put him back in front of the camera Asparagus, nuts and seafood linked to spread of breast cancer, study warns Aspirin a day could dramatically cut cancer and heart disease risk – and even extend lifespan, study claims Aspirin ‘can reduce the risk of throat cancer’ by targeting cells known to be high risk factor Aspirin could almost double your chance of surviving cancer: Three quarter of bowel, stomach and throat patients taking a daily dose were still alive five years later Aspirin could boost the chance of surviving bowel cancer by 25%, study claims Aspirin could do more harm than good for heart patients: Doctors told not to prescribe drug for life-threatening condition that causes heart to beat very fast Aspirin could help BEAT cancer: Daily pill can ‘cuts odds of dying of breast, bowel and prostate cancer by a fifth’ Aspirin could lead to cancer drugs that could beat disease without side-effects Aspirin could prevent a broken heart: Popping two pills could save grieving people from dying of sadness, study finds Aspirin could REVERSE the effects of tooth decay by helping teeth to ‘self-repair’, scientists discover Aspirin ‘cuts risk of several types of cancer by up to half’: Regularly taking the drug is thought to block enzymes that help tumours to grow Aspirin fails to reduce the risk of a FIRST heart attack or stroke but can help those who have previously suffered a cardiac illness Aspirin may be useless in preventing heart attacks in at-risk patients – contradicting current NHS advice Aspirin may help you fight cancer by preventing tumours evading the body’s immune system, new research suggests Aspirin taken to thin the blood to prevent strokes ‘can double risk of suffering a heart attack’ Aspiring Miss England, 21, discovers her severe stomach pain was caused by a cyst the size of a 4-month-old foetus (but the eight inch scar that remains has left her low in confidence) Aspiring model told she was ‘too short’ has her legs SURGICALLY lengthened so she can fulfil her dream of appearing on the catwalk Aspiring model’s lip MELTED when dentist’s faulty drill OVERHEATED leaving her scarred for life and ‘looking like a monster’ Assisted dying can cause ‘inhumane’ deaths for patients who don’t pass out and some take as long as a WEEK to die Assisted suicide is now legal in Maine: State becomes the eighth to allow ‘death with dignity’ despite governor’s reservations Assisted suicide is now legal in Maine: State becomes the eighth to allow ‘death with dignity’ despite governor’s reservations Assisted suicide movement set to spread: Colorado’s ‘yes’ vote sets the stage for HALF the country to consider euthanasia next year Asthma alert for Bake Off fans: Popularity of BBC show ‘could be putting home bakers at risk of developing condition from flour dust’ Asthma and hay fever sufferers are 50% more likely to develop cataracts, study finds Asthma costs America more than $80 BILLION a year in sick days, medical bills and deaths, CDC data show Asthma deaths shoot up by a quarter in just five years as experts reveal how the UK rate of fatal attacks is 50 per cent higher than in Europe Asthma drug ‘cut attacks by a fifth’ even for those with severe form of the disease Asthma drug ‘protects sufferers from life-threatening symptoms caused by common cold’ Asthma inhalers emit as much carbon as a 180-mile car journey, says Government health watchdog as it urges patients to use more environmentally-friendly devices Asthma inhalers ‘increase the risk of prostate cancer’ Asthma patients are playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with their lives and risking a fatal attack by not getting the flu jab, charity warns Asthma risk may be 20 times higher for Caesarean babies or children fed formula milk Asthma strikes the rich worst: Sufferers are one fifth more likely to be killed by the disease if they come from a wealthier background Asthma sufferer almost choked to death after FALSE NAIL that had become lodged in her inhaler shot to the back of her throat when she took a puff Asthmatic children FAR more likely to become obese, new study reveals – but inhalers reduce their risk by 50% Asthmatic city children have fewer symptoms if they live within walking distance of a park, study finds Asthmatic Olympic hopeful, 18, gets her breath back after voice training stops her vocal chords closing during exercise Asthmatics should NOT have to pay ‘unfair’ prescription charges for the medication keeping them alive, charity warns Astonishing case of baby girl born with her twin INSIDE her: Colombian doctors stunned to find fetus with arms and legs but no heart or brain still growing inside newborn’s abdomen Astonishing images reveal how two cancer patients have been left with cuts all over their fingers caused by side effects of drugs they have taken Astonishing images show a boy, 10, undergoing a nine-hour heart transplant: Life-saving organ was donated by a nine-year-old girl who tragically died in a car crash Astonishing things your saliva reveals about you – and it plays a vital role in maintaining good health Astonishing video shows a baby’s old heart still BEATING in a dish after it was removed during a transplant Astonishing X-ray shows a woman’s hands glittering – because of the GOLD placed in her wrists and fingers as part of controversial arthritis treatment ‘At a certain age you get rotund, so I avoid sugar’: Tom Conti under the microscope At last I can see my grandchild again… thanks to my new ‘Hubble telescope’ eyes: Grandmother becomes one of the first British patients to benefit from revolutionary new eye implant At last! A vaccination jab that can help to prevent against Lyme Disease At last! The diagnosis that could explain why YOUR joints are so stiff and painful (And no, it’s not just because you’re getting older) At last! The implant that makes it safe for heart patients to have vital MRI scans: £20,000 device can be ‘switched off’ for lifesaving checks At last! Whether you suffer from acne, psoriasis or vitiligo, there’s now a suncream that works for YOUR skin At last, a cure for baldness! Scientists discover how to regrow hair (as long as you’re prepared to pull it all out first) At last, a drug to halt the cruel march of muscular dystrophy: First treatment for disease to be offered to an NHS patient next month At last, all babies will be given a jab for meningitis B: Announcement follows growing pressure from charities warning children were dying At last, an alternative to taking rat poison: The side effects of blood-thinner warfarin bring misery to thousands, but now there’s another option At last, an alternative to the flu jab? Scientists accidentally discover drug that could treat the virus and speed up recovery At least 10 women a DAY are seeking help from lawyers as they demand compensation for the damage caused to their bodies by controversial vaginal mesh implants At least 156 people in 10 states infected with E. coli from ground beef – but officials can’t work out the source of the outbreak At least 21 cereals contain weed killer chemical: Chemical blamed for Roundup cancers found in Cheerios, Nature Valley and Fiber One products At least 21 cereals contain weed killer chemical: Chemical blamed for Roundup cancers found in Cheerios, Nature Valley and Fiber One products At least 300,000 NHS staff to stage four-hour strike and four days of industrial action in row over pay At least 675 patients fall over every day on health service wards: Audit finds many are caused by patients not having walking frames or being unsteady from medication Athenahealth CEO and cousin of George W Bush is caught on film describing the ‘inappropriate things’ he wants to do to a female employee – days after it emerged he assaulted his ex-wife Athleisure clothing is to blame for a 12% spike in demand for liposuction among women as they want a toned torso to pull off the tight clothing, experts claim Athlete, 27, dies from ‘extraordinarily rare complication’ during sterilisation op she had to prevent her children inheriting her disability Athletes should avoid the keto diet: The low-carb, high-fat eating plan makes them perform worse, study finds At-home lamp can treat painful ulcers and varicose veins: Infrared and UV rays kill bacteria and reduce inflammation to promote wound healing At-home stool test is just as effective for early colon cancer screening – but experts say you should not write off the colonoscopy Atish-ow! Man who tried to stop sneeze by holding his nose blasted a hole through the back of his throat… and it could have killed him Atkins or Weight Watchers? Doesn’t matter! It’s sticking to the diet that counts, not the weight loss plan itself, study finds ‘Attention seekers’ who pretend to be sick are costing the NHS £1.7 million a year: ‘Dr Google’ helps fakers make up symptoms with some even injecting themselves with FAECES to become ill Aussie flu and cold weather leads to Britain’s highest weekly death toll for three years as 15,000 pass away ‘Aussie flu’ deaths DOUBLE in a week: Government data reveals the UK is succumbing to two aggressive strains of the killer virus at the same time ‘Aussie flu’ is ‘more severe than the Swine flu’ pandemic of 2009 which killed nearly 300,000 people across the world, expert warns Aussie flu will cause havoc in the UK this winter, warns Renaissance scholar who predicted Brexit and Donald Trump becoming US President Australia bans sunbeds in every state in a bid to slash deaths from skin cancer Author Tony Parsons says he is ‘the fittest man on the bestseller list’ after taking up boxing at the age of 63 Authorities BAN popular textured breast implants from use in Europe amid growing fears they could cause cancer Autism ‘23% more likely in babies born by C-section’: Women warned not to be alarmed by findings because risk still remains small Autism and ADHD do run in families: Having an older sibling with autism raises a child’s risk 30-fold – and ADHD risk increases 13-fold Autism can be spotted by monitoring babies’ reactions to incy-wincy spider and peek-a-boo games, study says Autism could be diagnosed with a hearing test at birth, study says Autism ‘could one day be treated with a probiotic pill’: Mice fed the faeces of autistic children developed symptoms of the brain disorder as scientists say gut bacteria could be to blame Autism fears over MMR vaccine blamed for deadly measles outbreak in Leeds and Liverpool as up to 28 cases are reported and Manchester is on high alert to be hit next Autism is caused by mutations in ‘supporting’ DNA – not specific genes: Genetic screening of 1,800 families reveals why the disorder has eluded scientists for years Autism IS linked to higher intelligence: People with genes related to the condition ‘scored better in mental ability tests’ Autism is NOT just a disorder of the brain: Sensitivity to touch, anxiety and difficulty socialising ‘may be caused by nerve problems in the legs, arms and hands’ Autism ISN’T an inevitable disability – and you shouldn’t assume anything about those who have it, says leading expert Autism may be linked to food allergies: Children on the spectrum are TWICE as likely to have had bad reactions, study finds Autism patients benefit from fecal transplants: Study finds rebalancing a patient’s GUT could treat behavioral symptoms Autism rates in New Jersey soar by 43% to hit national high: Now one in every 35 adults in the state is on the spectrum – but nothing can explain the rise, report finds Autism risk ‘is ten times worse if first child has disorder’, reveals study of two million children Autism risks increases 36% for children born to obese pregnant women Autism symptoms can be reduced 50% in children who received fecal transplants, study finds Autism traits may be edited out in the future using new genetic techniques: Scientists complete successful trial to change the way the brain works Autistic adults could take rave drug Ecstasy to help reduce awkwardness in social situations, researchers say Autistic girl, 5, who didn’t speak for THREE YEARS stuns her parents by suddenly asking for ‘more TOAST please’ Autistic girls have more empathy than male sufferers, study reveals Autistic girls have more ‘masculine’ brains and are ‘affected by the condition in a different way to men’ Autistic man, 31, who drank the contents of his dehumidifier DIED of multiple organs failure Avatar for schizophrenia patients perfectly mimics the threatening voices in their head so they can confront their torment face-to-face Average age of UK mother is 34 as number of babies born falls to seven-year low Average British adult is so unhealthy ‘they are left wheezing from walking up the stairs’ Average Briton spends FOUR years with a hangover Average child will receive £56 worth of Easter eggs and consume 8,000 calories of chocolate this weekend Average person now spends more time on their phone and laptop than SLEEPING, study claims Avid cyclist, 47, nearly dies after rare condition caused his adrenalin levels to soar and collapse – but paramedics assumed he was just a drunken tourist Avid gamer has to have his right leg amputated after falling onto a railway track while hunting POKEMON Avid gardener, 55, dies of tick-borne illness that caused his organs to shut down – but he thought it was ‘just a stomach bug’ Avid runner, 60, reveals how surgery to remove her varicose veins has allowed her to run FURTHER: Experts say middle-aged runners in Lycra are behind a 20% surge in treatment Avid swimmer, 20, claims doctors accused her of ‘secret eating’ after medical condition caused her to pile on eight stone Avocado diet ‘triples chance of success’ for couples undergoing IVF Avocados ‘can help keep you young’ and fight off diseases by tackling dangerous molecules Avoid late night snacks to prevent breast cancer returning: Women who fast for over 13 hours slash their risk by a THIRD Avoid midnight snacks if you sunbathe! Eating at strange times makes skin more vulnerable to harmful UV rays Avoid raw fish dishes during your holiday in Thailand! Doctors warn they are full of deadly parasites which could leave you with liver cancer Avoid table tantrums this Christmas: Psychologists reveal their six top tips for combating fussy eaters over the festive season Avoiding a midnight snack and early breakfast is the key to staying slim: Scientists reveal eating ONLY within a 12-hour window helps keep the weight off Award-winning writer, 47, who thought she was slowly going deaf for 12 years is cured by a simple operation A-Z of history’s weirdest cures… from crystal meth to urine and frogs in butter Babies and toddlers lose 16 minutes of sleep for every one hour they spend using a touchscreen, putting them at risk of doing badly in school in later life Babies and toddlers should spend NO time looking at screens and under-fives be limited to one hour a day, World Health Organization tells parents Babies are ‘almost two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer cerebral palsy if their mother took aspirin during pregnancy’ Babies are at TWICE the risk of having severe flu if they have an older sibling, study finds Babies are more likely to be born premature if EITHER parent suffers depression during pregnancy Babies as young as 6 MONTHS are using smartphones and tablets before they learn to walk or talk Babies born addicted to opioids has TRIPLED in 15 years as America’s heroin and painkiller crisis escalates Babies born as a result of unplanned pregnancies are more likely to cheat and struggle to maintain relationships as adults because of lingering insecurities about being unwanted Babies born in November have a lower risk of developing conditions such as MS Babies born in winter start crawling earlier than those born in summer – because they wear fewer clothes and spend longer on their stomachs Babies born just a few weeks early struggle more in English and Maths at school Babies born to smoking mums ‘have smaller brains and are more anxious and moody than other children’ Babies born via c-section do not benefit from vaginal seeding and the practice may even transmit DEADLY viruses, reveals study Babies born weighing more than 9lb 14oz or under 5lb 5oz have a higher chance of developing autism Babies born within a ‘normal range’ of health have a higher risk of illness, brain damage and death than infants who score a perfect 10 Babies breastfed for less than six months have a 40% higher risk of liver disease later on in life while those with obese mothers have double the chance Babies can feel pain in the womb ‘as early as 35 weeks’ Babies conceived via IVF are SIX TIMES more likely to have high blood pressure at 16 with experts warning the fertility treatment ‘comes at a price’ Babies DO sleep better if you leave them to cry: Letting them nod off alone could help the parents, too Babies exposed to lead and zinc in the womb have drastically higher risk of autism, study finds Babies fed home-cooked food from birth are ‘more likely to eat fruit and vegetables later in life’ Babies getting high on breast milk: New mothers who smoke cannabis could pass on chemicals while feeding and damage their baby’s brain, study claims Babies given antibiotics before they’re one ‘are more prone to eczema’: Drugs increase risk by 40% Babies given Calpol and other forms of paracetamol are more likely to develop asthma Babies given Calpol just once a month ‘are five times as likely to develop asthma’ Babies given paracetamol are nearly a THIRD more likely to develop asthma Babies in the womb prefer listening to Mozart than Adele! Scientists discover classical songs receive the biggest reaction from foetus’ Babies left to cry stay unhappy hours afterwards as stress hormone remains high Babies’ lives are being ‘put at risk’ because midwives are being too optimistic about their mothers’ health, says expert Babies made without mothers ‘will come sooner than we think’, leading scientists warn after study discovered how to make embryos from skin cells Babies needlessly dying and mothers put in harm’s way because NHS funding battle is ‘stopping urgent referrals’ Babies of first-time mothers ‘feel more pain’ from injections: Study suggests child can sense parent’s anxiety Babies of obese mothers are at a higher risk of premature birth, serious illness and death Babies risk being harmed by mothers with postnatal depression due to lack of support from the NHS Babies should sleep with their parents for a YEAR to avoid sleep-related deaths, new guidelines say Babies ‘should still be called premature if born at 37 weeks as infant could benefit from extra two weeks in womb’ Babies to be protected against deadly hepatitis B in new 6-in-1 jab as cases of the cancer-causing virus soar due to immigration Babies were given a trial TB vaccine ‘that did not work on monkeys by Oxford University scientists’, former academic at the institution claims Babies who are breast-fed until six months old are ‘better behaved as children’ Babies who battle meningitis or other central nervous system infections are ‘20% more likely to commit violent crimes in later life’ Babies who hear their parents arguing are more sensitive to stress – even when they’re asleep Babies who sleep in SEPARATE rooms from their parents have earlier bedtimes, take less time to nod off AND get more shut eye Babies with Down’s syndrome who are given green-tea supplements are less likely to develop facial features associated with the disorder, controversial study finds Babies with frequent eye movements are more likely to develop autism, study finds Baby almost dies after being scalded by a drop of hot tea Baby April goes home: Six-month-old with one of rarest conditions in the world is finally ready to leave hospital Baby baptised at birth after life-threatening brain bleed defies odds to make full recovery Baby battles back after being born with a rare condition but is now ‘thriving’ Baby becomes first person in the world to have 3D printed SKULL: Doctors use technology to save Chinese toddler whose head was four times normal size Baby becomes youngest organ donor in Britain after dying at five weeks as kidneys are given to 22-year-old woman Baby blues betrayal: ‘Scandal’ as GPs refer just 7% of mothers with postnatal depression to a specialist Baby boomers are ‘drinking themselves into an early grave’ because they’re LONELY Baby boomers are less likely to know having a bad diet and drinking too much alcohol could give them cancer compared to those in Generation Z Baby boomers’ binge-drinking epidemic: Study reveals surge in over-50s consuming excessive amounts of alcohol Baby born 4 MONTHS early – and one week before the abortion limit – is thriving after doctors gave her zero chance of survival Baby born at 23 weeks weighing just one-pound was so premature she would have been classed as a miscarriage if she had died – but now she’s thriving! Baby born at just 27 weeks defies medical odds to be allowed home – two weeks before her due date Baby born fighting for her life is saved after doctors race 140 miles to get her breathing again Baby born ONE week before the legal abortion limit weighing just 1lb finally goes home after six months in hospital Baby born ‘pregnant’ with his twin brother: Newborn had half-formed infant complete with a brain, arm and legs behind his stomach Baby born three months early at just 3lbs is finally allowed home after being kept warm in a ‘sandwich bag’ – but he still needs oxygen at night Baby born two months early with holes in her heart is brought back to life after ‘dying in her mother’s arms for 11 minutes’ Baby born weighing 0.8lbs – LESS than a tin of baked beans – becomes the smallest ever to survive in India after miracle 4-month recovery in hospital Baby born with 8 LIMBS is flown home after undergoing world first surgery to remove his extra arms and legs Baby born with a birthmark covering nearly HALF his face is set to have laser treatment to shrink it Baby born with a head like an ALIEN has life-saving surgery to break his skull and put it back together again Baby born with a hole the size of an avocado in her skull revealing part of her BRAIN Baby born with bubble boy disease has no immune system and must live in total isolation because ‘even the common cold can kill him’ Baby born with face growth the size of a melon recovers from life-saving op to have it removed after receiving 96 pints of blood Baby born with flat head syndrome now has a special helmet to treat it – after his mother raised £2,000 in a DAY Baby born with HALF a heart survives surgery at just 4 days old and is finally well enough to go home Baby born with her BRAIN growing through the back of her head defies doctors to survive Baby born with her brain outside her head is a ‘little miracle’: Toddler defied the odds after being given just 20 minutes to live Baby born with her intestines OUTSIDE her body is saved after doctors wrap her in cling film Baby born with her large bowel OUTSIDE of her body defies the odds to survive as mother celebrates her first birthday Baby born with huge fluid-filled growth containing part of her BRAIN defies odds to survive surgery and is now thriving Baby born with intestines and bladder outside his body is wrapped in CLING FILM to save him from deadly infection Baby born with meningitis defies doctors after her terrified parents were told she ‘may not survive the weekend’ Baby born with no arms or legs because of a rare condition that affects just a few families worldwide defies the doctors who said he could die at birth Baby born with rare disorder may never open his eyes as parents must wait for him to say what he can see Baby born with THREE arms due to one in a million condition has successful operation to remove the extra limb Baby born with TWO HEADS is lucky to be alive after operation to amputate the 2.2lb mass protruding from his skull that contained part of his BRAIN Baby born with withdrawal symptoms from kratom tea that his mother drank during pregnancy Baby born with Zika-related microcephaly in New York City Baby born without an immune system is finally allowed home after spending three months living inside a germ-free ‘bubble’ Baby boy beats the odds after he was misdiagnosed with a fused brain and doctors told his parents he wouldn’t survive past birth Baby boy born at 23 weeks after doctors told parents he would be treated as a miscarriage celebrates first birthday after ‘sandwich bag’ treatment saves his life Baby boy born three months early ‘without an intestine’ given less than 1% chance to live beats the odds and goes home after 209 days in the NICU Baby boy born with the head and arms of his ‘parasitic’ twin attached to his chest in ultra rare case Baby boy diagnosed with SIX eye tumours after photo reveals ‘ghostly white reflection’ in newborn’s eye Baby boy died from oxygen starvation after midwives failed to notice he had been born under the bed sheets Baby boy is born with an extra penis on his back from his undeveloped twin – and even doctors call it ‘terrifying’ Baby boy is rushed 3,000 miles to the US for emergency surgery to save his sight – after the NHS didn’t operate on a benign tumour growing over his eye Baby boy must have full blood transfusion every three weeks just to stay alive – and a bone marrow transplant is his only hope Baby boy opens his eyes for the first time aged 17 months Baby boy thriving after undergoing world-first heart surgery in the WOMB to cure life-threatening disease Baby boy who suffers from rare form of epilepsy given liquid CANNABIS to stop him fitting Baby boy who was declared brain dead miraculously survives after his life support was switched OFF by doctors Baby boy who was never expected to survive pregnancy is thriving after an in-utero surgery – and six operations in his first year – repaired his fatal heart condition Baby boy winning his battle against rare blood disease dies within 24 hours of contracting ‘overwhelming infection’ Baby boys born with undescended testicles are more than TWICE as likely to develop cancer as adults ‘Baby brain’ DOESN’T exist: Tests reveal pregnant women and new mothers suffer no decline – leading scientists to declare the condition is ‘all in the mind’ Baby brain is a myth: New mothers are BETTER workers and ‘more able to deal with stress’ Baby brought back to life in the back of an ambulance after he was REFRIGERATED: Newborn stopped breathing but survived after his temperature was lowered by 4°C using a cooling blanket Baby died from infection which can be detected with an £11 test: Tragedy prompts coroner to demand Government action over screening Baby dies just hours after family photo was taken and mother claims three-month-old had been ‘held by someone who hadn’t washed their hands’ as she issues warning over deadly strep B risk Baby dies of meningitis just 24 hours after falling ill despite having jabs to protect her against the deadly disease Baby fed only almond milk develops SCURVY: Infant’s bones were so weak he was unable to stand up Baby girl becomes youngest ever to have life-saving operation after heart swells to twice its normal size Baby girl born at 27 weeks, so tiny her arm slipped through her father’s wedding ring defies the odds to survive Baby girl born with a giant red BALLOON-like mass on her face could die unless doctors find a way to stop it growing Baby girl born with ‘back-to-front’ heart endures TWO life-saving operations to rewire her arteries – the first when she was just three hours old Baby girl born with four legs and two spines is thriving after five surgeons remove her parasitic twin during six-hour operation Baby girl born with her stomach and intestines inside her CHEST survives – despite doctors advising her parents to consider an abortion Baby girl born with her TONGUE constantly poking out undergoes surgery so it can finally fit in her mouth Baby girl born with part of her brain OUTSIDE her skull defies doctors to thrive Baby girl born without an eyeball has her socket STRETCHED to make way for a glass eye to stop her face from drooping Baby girl diagnosed with spina bifida at 20 weeks undergoes radical new operation to repair her spine while in the womb Baby girl died of infection she got from an eye exam at top children’s hospital, lawsuit claims Baby girl is born looking like a ‘ready-to-eat counter chicken’ after being trapped with her legs flung forward in the womb Baby girl is born without knee and ankle joints and will have BOTH her legs amputated before her first birthday Baby girl nearly died after doctors failed to realise birthmark on her neck was actually CHOKING her Baby girl only expected to survive a week is now thriving after she was given a ‘HANDMADE HEART’ Baby girl spent 6 days on life support after eating eggs from a bowl that had been used to prepare KETAMINE Baby girl survives after parents refuse doctors’ request to take her home to die Baby girl thriving at two months after breakthrough surgery in the WOMB to treat spina bifida at just 25 weeks Baby girl wakes from a coma after father fought French doctors’ attempts to switch off her life support Baby girl was left fighting for her life in hospital after catching measles as her mother releases shocking pictures of her ordeal and begs other parents to vaccinate their children Baby girl weighing just 3lb 5oz is smallest person to undergo open heart surgery Baby girl who died at just two days old was let down by ‘series of hospital failings’, NHS admits Baby girl who ‘died three times’ after contracting virus that attacked her heart is back home with her family after incredible recovery Baby girl who weighs 38lbs alarms doctors over her constant cravings for food – but her parents blame GOD for her unhealthy appetite Baby girl whose leg broke in childbirth will NEVER heal due to rare genetic disorder – leading her family to travel around the US desperately seeking a doctor to help them Baby girl with a cancerous tumour that engulfs her mouth is being flown from Malaysia to London for treatment Baby girl with a FOOTBALL-sized head has 12 PINTS of fluid drained in a life-saving operation Baby girl with a FOOTBALL-sized head: 7-month-old needs life-saving surgery to remove the deadly build-up of fluid inside her skull Baby girl with ultra-rare genetic condition and epilepsy suffers 40 seizures a DAY leaving her parents terrified she will die in her sleep Baby girls exposed to stress in their first year ‘more likely to suffer mental health issues as a teenager (but boys are unaffected)’ Baby given a morphine overdose after being taken to hospital with a rare hair tourniquet that had cut off blood supply to her foot Baby given NO chance of survival before she was born defies the odds to become a ‘healthy, feisty little girl’ Baby has life-saving operation to BREAK his skull and piece it back together to relieve pressure on his brain Baby hope for ovary swap cancer patients: Third of women who have transplants found to have had at least one child a decade later Baby in California dies from whooping cough: Health officials urge pregnant women to get a booster vaccine against the infection Baby intensive care units ‘at breaking point’: Trend for older mums adds to pressure according to damning new report Baby is abandoned by his parents after horrific condition made his head grow THREE times the normal size Baby is dubbed a ‘little superhero’ after being born with a Batman-mask birthmark across her face – but her parents refuse to have it removed Baby is found to have fully-formed teeth growing inside his BRAIN due to rare tumour Baby is given a ‘handmade heart’ after undergoing risky open heart surgery at just 48 hours old Baby measuring the size of a palm defies the odds to become the smallest infant EVER to survive heart surgery despite being so fragile doctors could not even touch him Baby monitors designed to prevent cot death have no proven benefits, scientists claim Baby monkey born from frozen testicular tissue gives hope to young cancer sufferers left infertile from treatment that they could still become fathers Baby nearly lost four toes when a strand of his mother’s HAIR wrapped around them and cut off the circulation for 14 hours Baby on small Pacific island becomes the first child in the WORLD to be given a vaccine delivered by a drone Baby twists both of his ‘large and firm’ testicles INSIDE the womb and will NEVER be able to have children, reveal doctors in ‘extraordinary’ case Baby was crushed in the womb by a SEAT BELT after a car crash caused her mother to go into labour at just 31 weeks Baby who caught killer Ebola at just six days old is hailed a ‘miracle’ after surviving her ordeal as death toll jumps to 289 Baby who could have choked on her own tongue can finally smile after surgeons slice half of it off Baby who could have choked to death on her own tongue SMILES for the first time after surgeons slice half of it off Baby who didn’t breathe for 17 minutes after birth escapes brain damage after doctors put her in a ‘fridge’ for three days Baby who giggled for 17 hours a day actually had a rare brain tumour that caused him LAUGHING seizures Baby who had a cancerous tumour the size of an ORANGE survives after the growth shrunk naturally Baby who had heart surgery at just two DAYS old faces a childhood of operations until he is allowed on the transplant list Baby who survived five operations while still in the WOMB defies doctors to reach her 10th birthday despite suffering from rare condition that then claimed her little brother Baby who was born at 30 weeks is kept alive in a sandwich bag after his mother had a silent labour while out shopping Baby who was born still INSIDE the amniotic sac was then wrapped in a sandwich bag to keep her alive Baby who was born with a back-to-front heart and had surgery at just a few hours old defies the odds to celebrate her first birthday Baby whose purple, blotchy skin looked like a ‘blueberry muffin’ is diagnosed with leukaemia Baby whose sepsis battle at just 13 weeks left her too traumatised to speak stuns her parents to finally say her first words 3 YEARS later Baby with a FOOTBALL-sized head caused by a deadly build-up of fluid awaits life-changing surgery Baby with a TWO-INCH DEEP cavity in his skull has been abandoned by his parents and faces a race against time for life-saving treatment as his head continues to swell Baby with flat head syndrome is now on the road to recovery – thanks to a £2,000 helmet which he wears for 23 hours a day Baby with flat head syndrome starts treatment after generous stranger pays £2,000 for specialist helmet Baby with less than 5% chance of survival has life-saving surgery after parents find pioneering procedure online Baby with rare condition that made milk shoot out of her NOSE is cured after six operations Baby, 9 months, saved by pioneering injection of cells which acted like a temporary liver Babygrow with lights built in could help thousands of newborns affected by jaundice: Bulbs could breakdown the compound that causes condition’s characteristic yellow appearance Baby’s incredible journey from test tube to toddler: Pictures show IVF child from first few cells to bonny little Jaycie Baby’s sex can be revealed at just SEVEN weeks with new blood test Babysitters put infants at risk of cot death by placing them in unsafe sleeping positions, study finds Bachelors at double the risk of dying from the most common types of cancer Back and neck pain is at a five-year high in Britain with two in five affected as researchers blame the rise in sedentary lifestyles Back at school, cancer girl, 7, who had ‘weeks to live’: ‘miracle’ recovery after mother donated part of liver in pioneering operation Back home with her mother, the healthy baby girl who had a pioneering spine operation INSIDE the womb to treat condition that threatened a lifetime of disability Back implant that banishes pain AND keeps your spine flexible: Mother-of-two Melissa explains how treatment has helped cure her problem Back on track: Inspirational recovery of anorexic nurse who was on the brink of death after weight plunged to FIVE STONE Back pain is the biggest cause of ill health in the world: Issues cause more ‘years lived with disability’ than any other condition Back pain myths busted: It is one of the most common health problems for women in the UK, but are YOU treating it correctly? Back pain sufferer has odd-shaped teeth fixed in bid to alter his chewing action ‘that’s responsible for his agony’ Back pain? Don’t use your laptop or tablet in bed: Chiropractors say people who use devices forget posture causing problems and poorer sleep quality Back with a vengeance! The Victorian illnesses that you thought were history: How modern life has sparked an alarming rise in cases of long-forgotten diseases Backlash as world’s biggest tobacco firm launches £2million campaign to help smokers kick the habit and switch to vaping Backpacker’s leg devoured down to the BONE by flesh-eating bug: Dream trip to China turns into a nightmare after 25-year-old grazes his knee while hiking Bacteria found lurking in gums could trigger an early death in patients with liver disease Bacteria in two-year-olds’ FAECES ‘can predict whether they will be fat by the time they’re 12′ Bacteria pill containing E.coli that could help ease common tummy troubles Bacteria that live on EVERYONE’S skin are becoming resistant to antibiotics, scientists warn Bad at maths? Blame your mother! Pregnant women with low levels of a certain hormone are twice as likely to have numerically-challenged children Bad at maths? Blame your mum: Numerical skills are decided in the womb, scientists discover Bad case of tennis elbow? Just loosen the strings on your racquet: Scientists believe they have found simple cure for condition that affects millions of players Bad grades? Blame your allergies: Teenagers’ marks can drop by 10% if their hay fever plays up during exams Bad habits like smoking and drinking cost a MILLION lost years: 50,000 people a year ‘die two decades too soon’ Bad hair day? Blame it on your medicine Bad news for 500,000 migraine sufferers in the UK as first new drug for 20 years is set to be rejected for use on the NHS – despite proof it prevents nearly half of attacks Bad news for bald men: Hair loss drugs cause erectile dysfunction that lasts for years (and even Viagra won’t cure the problem) Bad news for baldies: Men with hair are perceived as ‘more attractive, approachable and successful’ Bad news for Brits! Living in countries which have less daylight boosts risk of OCD as scientists link the mental condition to time spent in the sun Bad news for cheese lovers: Eating Emmental could be fueling deadly antibiotic resistance Bad news for chocoholics: Dark chocolate isn’t so healthy for you after all Bad news for hypochondriacs! People who rate themselves as less healthy are ‘TWICE as likely to catch a cold’ Bad news for those who hate cleaning: Dusty homes could make you OBESE by spurring the growth of fat cells Bad news for weekend couch potatoes: Men who do DIY are 23% less likely to die young Bad news if you commute to work on the tube! Crowded underground stations and carriages are the ‘perfect breeding ground for the flu’ Bad news if you’re the eldest: Younger siblings have a lower chance of asthma, tonsillitis and even the common cold Baffled by all those conflicting health tips? Read this and you’ll stop feeling so guilty: Coco Pops, full-fat cheese, scotch eggs – what the health experts really eat Baffled doctors discover a Portuguese woman has 2 anal canals after wondering why she regularly got abscesses (and she refuses surgery to correct it) Bagels, eggs and a side of cancer-causing WEED KILLER: ‘Poisonous herbicide is invading the food chain’, experts warn – as traces found in popular breakfast foods Bags for life can spread deadly bugs: Shoppers should keep raw meat and ready-to-eat food in separate bags, warn safety watchdogs Bags of stress: Why Christmas shopping is bad for your health Bake Off it isn’t! Can six sweet-toothed celebrities survive a gruelling fortnight without any treats at Sugar-free Farm? ‘Baking soda can cure breast cancer and mammograms cause it’: Charity reveals 10 myths about the disease as it appoints first digital ‘fake news’ nurse to deal with growing problem Baking soda eases painful arthritis: The kitchen cupboard staple prevents patients’ immune systems attacking their joints Bald men aren’t as fertile as you think: Men who lose their hair at 30 have a lower sperm count, study reveals Bald? Now there’s a jab to make hair grow back Balding magazine editor who partied with a host of stars, including Madonna, reveals how his thinning hair crippled his self-esteem – before a life-changing £9,000 transplant Ballet, barefoot trainers and warm-ups… how David Cameron CAN keep on running with his bad back Balloon-pill swallowed with a glass of water and then inflated in the stomach helps seriously obese patients lose weight in just FOUR months Balloons placed in the bladder can cure stress incontinence Ban ads for breast surgery and diet supplements during Love Island urge campaigners and surgeons: Poll reveals 40 per cent of women also claim the show makes them feel worse about their bodies Ban ALL junk food adverts on TV, social media, digital billboards and video games before 9pm to stop children from becoming obese, campaigners demand Ban anyone born after the year 2000 from buying cigarettes, say doctors BAN anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds: FDA proposal is aimed at cutting skin cancer deaths Ban cartoon characters from food packaging aimed at children, say campaigners as ‘more than HALF of kids’ products that use the tactic are too high in fat, sugar or salt’ Ban e-cigarettes from public places, say world health chiefs: Britain is told to outlaw the increasingly popular vaping devices from schools, hospitals and buses amid health concerns Ban fast food giants from our hospitals, says NHS boss as he calls for crackdown on the amount of junk food on offer to patients ‘Ban fat customers from fast food restaurants like bartenders ban drunks from bars,’ says weight loss expert Ban fruit juice at dinner time: Health experts’ warning to parents over danger of sweet drinks ‘Ban genetically modified embryos’: Scientists call for global action, warning of ‘slippery slope towards the rise of designer babies’ Ban homeopathy on the NHS because there is ‘no evidence it works’, ministers say ‘Ban perfume and aftershave from hospitals’: Doctors complain artificial fragrances are triggering patient asthma attacks and allergies Ban smoking in public parks and squares to stop young people taking up the habit, health officials urge ‘BAN the sale of e-cigarettes to children’: Health experts fear ‘advertising tactics threaten to reverse decades of progress in preventing smoking’ ‘Ban the sale of energy drinks to under-16s’: Campaigners’ plea as it emerges some teens are drinking up to a LITRE in one go Bananas ‘cut stroke risk for women after menopause’: Foods high in potassium found to reduce chance by up to a quarter Bananas in pyjamas: Boy, 3, is cured of insomnia after eating just half a piece of the fruit before bed each night Band of brothers: Strong bond between boys born on the same day with the same deadly heart defect… and treated by the same surgeon Bangladeshi boy, 13, with a FOOTBALL-sized hernia that continues to grow every day Bangladeshi boy, 8, who was slowly turning into stone makes a miraculous recovery – despite his condition having NO CURE Bangladeshi man hasn’t walked in 40 YEARS: 53-year-old recluse is plagued by a 6-stone tumour on his thigh that makes children ‘scared’ of him Bank holiday bomb warning: NHS officials warn England’s 27 major trauma centres to prepare for a second terror attack this weekend Bank manager, 55, had part of her vagina removed after doctors missed the signs of deadly bladder cancer and told her she had cystitis Bank manager, 67, suffered a stroke that made him believe it was fine to masturbate ‘without shame’ in front of his relatives Bank of England’s plastic bank notes will be a ‘breeding ground’ for superbugs, say researchers Banker who weighed just FIVE stone overcomes battle with anorexia after finding love with a neighbour who ‘saved her life’ BAR HUMBUG! Beware those ‘organic, vegan, raw, healthy’ snacks – they can contain as much sugar as toffee and some are as ‘natural’ as a Jammie Dodger Bar manager, 22, loses seven stone in just 10 months thanks to calorie-counting mobile phone app Barbeque heart risk: Regular cooking with coal, wood, or charcoal increases a person’s risk of dying from heart disease by up to 12% Bariatric surgery can reduce heart attacks, strokes and death in obese people – but it depends how much they can keep off after their operation Baring (almost) all for 2015: Members of men’s hockey team – including one Olympian – get their kit off in naked calendar to raise money for cancer charity ‘Bark Man’ has been forced to live in isolation for decades by neighbours afraid of his incurable skin condition that has left him resembling a tree Barmaid, 28, fighting for her sight after her EYEBALL exploded twice Barman who blamed long hours for the pains in his legs is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given just months to live Baseball star returns after chemotherapy: Colorado Rockie’s pitcher will play in his first game following 9-month battle with testicular cancer Basic crunch Battery-powered plaster slashes the risk of a post-op infection by ‘vacuum cleaning wounds’ following major surgery such as a caesarean sections Battle to combat Ebola outbreak in the Congo ‘is failing’ as death toll passes 1,200 mark and damning figures show 100 people a week are catching the killer virus Battle to get £100,000-a-year ‘wonder drug’ that improves cystic fibrosis in days approved by the NHS after health chiefs claim it is ‘not cost effective’ Battle to stay alive: Young soldier and father with aggressive blood cancer issues urgent appeal for life-saving stem cell donors Battle to stop the spread of Zika becomes harder than ever: Scientists discover a much more common mosquito can also carry the virus Battling garlic breath? Eat an apple: Scientists reveal the best foods to get rid of the smell Battling the ‘Army bug’ – with a very hot wash and insecticide Battling the Big C: Alex gave up university to care for a girl he’d been dating for six weeks. Theirs is just one of the awe-inspiring stories in a series that charts the tumultuous lives of cancer patients from the moment of diagnosis BBC 5 Live presenter tells young men to ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’ as he reveals he is battling leukaemia after ignoring a host of warning signs BBC newsreader George Alagiah is diagnosed with bowel cancer and will be off-air for the foreseeable future BBC viewers praise ‘inspirational and brave’ breast cancer survivor who chose AGAINST terminating her baby when she found out the disease had returned while 20-weeks pregnant BBC war reporter, 49, flies to Mexico for a £62,000 MS operation after being refused NHS treatment BBC’s moving NHS documentary Hospital reveals story of a 15-year-old boy who must raise £29,000 for his OWN operation BBC’s man at Wimbledon: How fooling about on a HOVERBOARD nearly ended my tennis playing days Be happy – your genes will thank you for it: Doing good leads to strong immune cells Be warned: Thread veins are more than just unsightly – they’re a tell-tale sign you could get a VERY nasty leg ulcer! Beach body emergency! You’ve only got days to fit into that bikini… but don’t panic – here is how to do it (no diet required) Beam of light that can help banish black dog Beaming baby girl smiles for the first time since having both arms and legs amputated after meningitis ravaged her tiny body Beams of violet light shone into the eyes of preemies could prevent vision problems in later life, study finds Bearded woman who is forced to shave three times a day is left devastated after NHS refuses laser treatment on her skin – because the procedure is ‘too cosmetic’ Bearing their battle scars, the brave breast cancer survivors revealing their bodies to raise funds for charity Beat breast cancer with a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, vegetables and olive Beat insomnia – by getting your cataracts fixed! Scientists claim surgery could help reset our body clocks Beat jet lag by sucking a slice of lemon: Fasting. Special glasses. Or visiting museums. Surprising ways to outwit your body clock Beat loneliness – to avoid a stroke: Why isolation is as bad for you as smoking Beat stress at your desk with CHOCOLATE: Food author reveals her 17 anxiety-relieving snacks to eat at your desk Beat the bloat in 7 days: Rid your pain and discomfort by following nutritional therapist’s simple step-by-step plan Beat the bloat: Expert reveals the real reason for your flabby tummy – and 10 ways to shift it Beating child food allergies could be a piece of cake! How one mother stopped her daughter’s egg allergy with a little sweet treat everyday Beautician, 28, who spent five years waiting for a lung transplant chooses to die and ‘become an angel’ rather endure the agony of her condition any longer Beautiful 17-year-old girl who dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist lost her fight for life, weeks after she started preparing for university, after her family mistook the signs of her killer disease for teenage tiredness Beauty of Botticelli ‘brings on a HEART ATTACK’: Art lover ‘overwhelmed’ by The Birth of Venus becomes latest victim of condition triggered by ‘intense artistic experience’ Beauty queen, 20, addicted to sunbeds warns about the dangers as she reveals the scars she has been left with after having dangerous moles removed Beauty queen, 21, is given 50 electric shocks a DAY from two implants in her chest and brain to stop her from having an epileptic fit Beauty queen, 22, struck down painful, incurable bowel condition urges others ‘not to suffer in silence’ Beauty therapist who was ‘dead’ for 30 minutes after cardiac arrest is saved by her DOG who barked until her boyfriend woke up Beauty therapist, 21, almost dies after developing a deadly form of a common skin condition Beauty therapist, 23, died after her immune system became ‘super-efficient’ and destroyed her heart Beauty therapist, 30, lays in a bath of her own BLOOD after ‘doctors dismissed her vaginal cancer as an STI’ ‘Beaver’ toddler who eats doormats, gravel and grass needs a special cot after gnawing her way through her wooden one as her parents say she even puts her CAT’S TAIL in her mouth Beckham’s buzz on mosquitoes: Star is surrounded by a swarm of 10,000 as he challenges global health leaders to ‘take bold action’ against deadly malaria Becoming a BODYBUILDER helped me walk again: Mother, 28, beats crippling spinal condition to walk down the aisle Bedblocking and waiting times reach record levels: NHS endures worst-ever winter crisis with 200,000 patients forced to wait longer than four hours at A&E Bed-blocking ‘is causing 8,000 deaths every year’: Cancelled operations due to ‘delayed discharges’ thought to cause thousands of deaths each year Bedridden butcher, 40, pleads with doctors to amputate his leg weighing 330lbs after parasitic infection made his limb swell Bedroom chemicals ‘raise child’s allergy risk by up to 180%’ Bedtime aspirin ‘wards off heart attacks’: Blood cells least likely to bind dangerously together if taking drug in the evening ‘Bedtime mode’ on smartphones would mean we’d all get an extra hour’s sleep, expert claims Beekeeper, 30, with no medical training uses the insects’ sting to ‘cure his patients after reading about its benefits in the Koran’ ‘Been in A&E for five hours… Meanwhile the nurse is booking her holidays’: Patient waiting in ‘England’s worst emergency unit’ catches nurse ‘looking at beach resorts on her computer’ Beer and spirits feature in HALF of all TV programmes as campaigners call for tighter advertising restrictions on alcohol Beer DOESN’T give you a belly (well, any more than red wine or a packet of crisps) Beer or wine ‘could be good for your heart’: Glass or two a night found to reduce the risk of heart disease by up to a fifth Beer that’s good for breast cancer sufferers! Non-alcoholic drink packed with vitamins and nutrients has been invented for women whose sense of taste is damaged by chemotherapy Beetroot does NOT warm you up: Study contradicts popular old wives’ tale and finds those who are sensitive to the cold are no less chilly Beetroot juice could help you exercise for longer: Drink helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, reducing the agony of a tough workout Beetroot, the superfood that boosts your muscles: Root vegetable helps recovery after intense exercise, scientists claim Beetroots could help in the fight against Alzheimer’s: Compound in the vegetable prevents the accumulation of harmful protein plaques in the brain Behavior therapy NOT drugs should be used to treat ADHD in young children, say experts Behind the suicide hotline: Operators reveal intense training, heartbreaking calls and how sometimes even they need counseling ‘Being a bridesmaid saved my life’: Mother-of-two discovers lump in her breast while adjusting her dress on the big day Being a chatterbox around your children ‘boosts their IQ and increases their cognitive skills’ because it encourages their understanding of language Being a couch potato SHRINKS the brain: Failing to exercise in your 30s and 40s is linked with dementia and early death Being a couch potato weakens your bones: Adults in their 60s face greater risk of fractures if they spend hours sitting down each day – but walking 10,000 steps each day helps Being a ‘crazy pet person’ can give you a longer life Being a heavy snorer may cause cancer to grow and spread – because it starves vital organs of oxygen Being a night-owl IS bad for you: People who go to bed after 11pm ‘are more likely to binge on alcohol, caffeine and junk food’ Being a single mother is bad for your health: Stress of juggling work and childcare raises risk of heart disease by 40% and stroke by 74% Being an extremist is BETTER for your health than holding moderate views: ‘People with stronger political opinions do more exercise’ Being angry really DOES make us hot headed, while sadness leaves our limbs feeling weak Being around sick people makes us smell: Healthy humans may have evolved to change their scent to warn others of the risk of disease Being bisexual ‘is bad for your health’: People with male and female partners report poorer wellbeing than those of other sexualities Being bullied is ‘worse than child neglect or abuse’: Youngsters tormented at school are much more likely to suffer anxiety, depression or self-harm Being bullied permanently SHRINKS part of the brain ‘which raises the risk of developing anxiety later in life’ Being diagnosed with cancer is now more common than getting married or having a first baby Being even mildly overweight as a teenager ‘raises the risk of heart failure in later life’, scientists find Being fat as a teenager increases the risk of a heart attack later in life Being fat at ANY time in life raises early death risk: People who are ‘severely obese’ raise chance of dying within 12 years by 73% Being fat could help you live LONGER: Overweight people ‘less likely to die from heart problems’ than those who are slim Being forced to exercise can reduce anxiety and depression Being ‘hangry’ is linked to schizophrenia: Second major study on hunger-induced rage finds genetic links to mental illness Being hyperactive may be in your DNA: Scientists identify 304 genes that raise the risk of ADHD by nearly a fifth Being in a choir could help the body fight cancer by boosting the immune system Being lonely is ‘as bad for your health as chronic illness’: Warning many older people go to see their GP simply because they want company Being married can help you stay slim! Researchers find single people are twice as likely to be overweight Being married cuts your risk of skin cancer death: Couples are up to 70% more likely to spot a risky tumor in its earliest stage, study finds Being miserable, working hard and delaying retirement – sadly it’s the key to a longer life Being obese as a teenager raises risk of heart disease in later years: Carrying too much weight thickens cardio muscles and raises blood pressure in adults Being obese can make hot flushes and night sweats worse for menopausal women, study finds Being obese DOES increase the likelihood you’ll die early – and that risk increases with every extra pound of weight Being obese does NOT slow a man’s sperm: Study contradicts the theory that having a high BMI reduces male fertility Being obese IS in your genes! Well, just one to be precise: Mutation ‘triggers weight gain by stopping you feeling full’ Being obese or overweight in middle age ‘speeds up the onset of Alzheimer’s in later life’ ‘Being obese saved my life’: Mother’s scans before weight loss surgery showed she had huge cancerous tumour on her ovary Being overweight and drinking alcohol TRIPLES the risk of deadly liver disease in women Being overweight can INCREASE lifespan for diabetics, controversial study claims Being overweight makes your heart larger and heavier: A rise of 4 in BMI raises the risk of death, reveals first study of its kind ‘Being pregnant left me paralysed’: Mother lost the ability to move before giving birth as baby was pressing on her nerves Being religious improves wellbeing as we age –and every prayer can give believers a boost Being stressed at work increases the risk of Parkinson’s disease – but only in men Being stressed CAN be good for you – it boosts memory Being stressed is as damaging for your heart as smoking five cigarettes a day Being tall can harm your sex life: But it may help your heart and your hearing Being the sole breadwinner is bad for a man’s health – but BETTER for a woman’s ‘Being told I needed a mastectomy left me reeling’: Former first lady Betsy Duncan Smith reveals her shock after six months of gruelling chemotherapy Being underweight INCREASES the risk of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women, study finds Being vegetarian isn’t always healthy: Plant-based diet may raise the risk of heart disease Beloved mother and teacher who contracted drug-resistant superbug in hospital died days after her son married his fiancee by her bedside ‘Belting out ballads saved my life’: Woman, 37, survives collapsed lung because singing made her remaining lung extra strong Benefits from HRT ‘outweigh the risks’: After years of conflicting advice, now a major study finds it is safe Benefits of a daily aspirin DO ‘outweigh the risks’: Drug ‘protects against heart attack, stroke and colon cancer’ in certain patients Benefits of e-cigarettes ‘outweigh the harms’: Devices could cut smoking-related deaths by 21% Benefits of statins are exaggerated and not always the best way to prevent heart disease, study claims Benefits of weight-loss surgery only last 5 years… because ‘obese patients revert to bad habits and regain pounds’ Ben’s chronic cough turned out to be TESTICULAR CANCER in his CHEST: Doctors found an orange-sized tumour wrapped around his heart and lungs Berlin, Warsaw and other urban cities could be struck down by an evolved outbreak of measles ‘because of immigration mixed with low vaccination rates’ Bespoke hip replacement operation that eliminates the problem of uneven length legs offered to British patients Best big brother in the world: How severely autistic Tom, 6, learnt to embrace life thanks to the love of his older sibling Best diets of 2018 revealed: DASH diet comes top for the 8th year in a row – as nutritionists slam keto and Whole30 Best friends who were just days from dying of a lung disease receive life-saving transplants on the SAME DAY Best not to try this at home! Russian dentist, 24, extracts his OWN wisdom tooth using a mirror – and records the experience to make it ‘a little more entertaining’ Best of friends, the seven-year-olds who bonded after surviving liver transplants as babies Best way to get yourself a sickie? Tell the boss you have tummy trouble… but he’s unlikely to be so considerate of depression Best-selling menopause painkillers work no better for vaginal pain than a placebo, study finds Beta blockers ‘could cut Alzheimer’s risk’: Drugs found to protect against changes in the brain Betrayal of heart attack victims: Half of patients who survive are abandoned without receiving life-saving aftercare Betrayal of our nurses: Thousands have been forced to use food banks in the past year because they cannot afford to eat Betrayed by the doctors who turned us into DRUG ADDICTS: How a nation of patients became hooked on prescription pills Betrayed: How families who sacrifice everything to care for loved ones stricken with dementia are being let down by a system that lets the State exploit them Better access to IUDs drove a 20% drop in teen pregnancy and abortions, report finds – but experts warn Trump’s gag rule could block poor young women from the devices Better memory, bigger tum and lower sex drive – how being a dad changes men Better sleep and milder hangovers! Believe it or not, some things do improve with age Better sleep can shave 10lbs off your weight, claims personal trainer for golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: A-list fitness guru insists all of his clients lost weight by getting more shut-eye ‘Between ages 24 and 27 I was pretty unhappy. I dealt with that by getting drunk’: Calum Best under the microscope ‘Between my two marriages I lived by myself for 17 years and used to get quite lonely’: Tony Blackburn under the microscope Beverly Hills becomes the first US city to end tobacco sales (except in hotels and 3 plush cigar lounges after Arnold Schwarzenegger lobbied to protect his favorite bar) Beware hayfever hell… FIVE MILLION new sufferers predicted this summer as the season gets off to a bang amid soaring temperatures Beware of brunch! Binge eating on the weekend can damage your GUT, expert warns Beware of Halloween contact lenses: Opticians warn novelty accessory could leave party-goers blind or cause agonising corneal tears Beware of orange juice with your burger: Pairing sugar-packed drinks with a high protein diet will actually make you MORE tired, study claims Beware of SPF moisturisers: Creams do not protect against skin cancer as well as sunscreen because users fail to apply them all over their face Beware of the death rattle! Crackling noise signals someone has just 23 hours left to LIVE, reveals doctor Beware of the hidden peril in the park: The blinding eye infection contracted from dirt Beware of the Spanx! Control underwear can crush your organs and trigger incontinence, experts warn Beware of warmed up food: Doctors reveal the most dangerous leftovers lurking in your fridge Beware of your weekend lie-in: Expert reveals how much time you can over-sleep without suffering ‘social jet lag’ Beware the blogger balderdash: Scientists warn nine out of 10 influencers publish ‘junk advice on how to lose weight’ Beware the silent ginger gene: Even brunettes and blondes can carry ‘red-head gene’ which is as dangerous to skin as 21 YEARS of sun exposure Beware the tooth whitening kits that promise a Hollywood smile – it’s like brushing your teeth with BLEACH Beware the weekend binge! From bloating to heartburn and piling on the pounds, expert reveals 6 ways over-indulging can harm your health Beware trick-or-treating in California! Study reveals thousands of candy brands have been reported for containing LEAD Beyoncé is going vegan again for Coachella – should you? Nutritionists explain the pros and cons of the star’s 44-day conversion Bickering with your other half CAN have an impact on your health: The way a man rows with his wife shows which illness he’ll get in old age Big babies are almost THREE TIMES more likely to be obese when they start school Big boobed Britain: Soaring numbers of women in the UK still want bigger breasts – despite reductions leading the way in nearly other country Big bottles are making babies FAT: Parents are in danger of overfeeding their infants by using 6oz bottles, experts warn Big families are GOOD for the heart: Four or more babies cuts risk of mother suffering cardiac disease Big Mother: Parents monitor their toddler via CCTV cameras in his bedroom as he suffers up to 16 seizures a day Big Pharma is thriving off the flu: Business is booming as thousands Americans die each WEEK from this year’s historic pandemic Big tobacco counter cover-up: Cigarette displays to be banned in shops from next April Bigger isn’t better: Smaller countries with low healthcare spending are HEALTHIER, report finds ‘Biggest breakthrough ever’: Scientists hail injection that ‘cuts heart attack damage by more than half’ Biggest breakthrough in personalised cancer medicine as scientists develop tailored treatments for leukaemia patients Biggest ever NFL brain study diagnoses CTE in 99% of deceased players’ brains Bike tumble ‘saved my daughter’s life’: Doctors find girl, 4, has rare kidney tumour Bikini waxing could increase the risk of contracting an STI, experts warn Bilingual students advance faster in middle school: Kids who speak other languages improve at DOUBLE the rate of native English speakers, study finds Bill Gates donates $4 million to creating self-destructive mosquitoes in desperate bid to eradicate malaria ‘within a generation’ Bill Gates predicts polio will be eliminated this year as a report reveals there are just 12 cases left worldwide Bill Gates reveals his father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease – inspiring him to invest $100 million in research for fear HE will get it too Binge drinkers are ‘less intelligent’: Having a low IQ causes people to drink more alcohol, scientists claim Binge drinking as a teenager can damage the brain for LIFE: Alcohol triggers changes to the regions affecting memory and learning Binge drinking as a teenager ‘may damage the brain for life’: Alcohol puts young people at risk of anxiety disorders and addiction Binge drinking costs Britain £4.9bn every year due to treating drunks in A&E, road crashes, arrests and court cases Binge drinking in your 20s can trigger heart disease, as being young has no protective effect against alcohol Binge drinking ‘is in your GENES’: Scientists blame a genetic fault for making some people consume ‘much more’ alcohol to feel good Binge drinking is WORSE than first thought: Risk of ‘tremendous liver damage is 13 times higher in people who binge regularly’ Binge drinking leads to alcohol tolerance by slowing down how the brain communicates the feeling of being drunk, study finds Binge drinking ONCE during pregnancy can damage your child’s mental health and school results Binge drinking twice a week for a year adds up to 57 DAYS worth of calories and the weight of a TODDLER Binge eating burgers and junk food as a teenager ‘increases your risk of breast cancer later in life’ Binge eating IS in the brain: Study confirms food addicts have a ‘numbed’ pleasure center – and stimulating certain neurons could stop overeating Binge-drinking students are at risk of permanently damaging their brains: Consuming more than four or five drinks within two hours disrupts the brain’s ability to process information Bingeing on fast food leaves a scar etched in your DNA which is passed down to your children, study finds Binge-watching a TV show doubles the risk of a fatal blood clot, reveals analysis Biological clock ticks for men as well as women: Embryos produced with the sperm of older men are slower to grow Bionic bone procedure that grows implant inside leg could help thousands of Britons with uneven limbs or severe joint discomfort ‘Bionic’ girl, 9, walks for the first time after being cleared of cancer and fitted with metal bones that grow Bipolar patient, 35, starts to go bald after developing ‘moth-eaten’ alopecia from his untreated syphilis Bipolar people are seven times more likely to develop Parkinson’s later in life, new study suggests Bird flu Bird flu Bird flu Bird flu Birmingham is the STI capital of the UK, with more 30-somethings getting infected than ever before Birth control pill recalled after manufacturing mix-up means some women risk taking a PLACEBO instead of a hormonal pill Birth defect in boys ’caused by hairspray: Chemicals are linked to a condition that causes lifelong physical and emotional trauma Birth defect is just the tip of the Zika iceberg: Virus ‘also causes serious brain and spinal cord infections’, experts warn Birth defects linked to Zika virus are ‘more severe than simple microcephaly’, expert warns ‘Biscuits and sausage rolls cost me my leg’: Diabetic man, 50, has his foot amputated after ignoring doctors’ warnings to improve his unhealthy diet Bisexual women and those confused about their sexuality are ‘more likely to suffer from eating disorders’ Bisexual women are ‘more likely to suffer mental health problems than lesbians’ Bishop Michael Curry who gave inspiring sermon at Harry and Meghan’s wedding has prostate cancer and ‘knew diagnosis when he travelled to UK’ Bitter-sweet joy for girl, 8, with terminal ‘childhood Alzheimer’s’ as she celebrates another birthday and is STILL learning new skills – but there remains no cure Bizarre perfume for people who want to smell like SEMEN is inspired by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, maker reveals Bizarre story of the woman born unable to feel ANY pain – who’s spent every day of the last six years in agony since giving birth Black adults are TWICE as likely to die from their first heart attack than whites, new study reveals Black Americans are exposed to more air pollution – driving up their heart disease risk by 25% Black Americans are under-prescribed pain medication ‘because doctors believe false biological differences between races’ Black and Hispanic women are at the highest risk of dying during childbirth – even if they were healthy before, study of 2.5million women reveals Black doctors are paid nearly £10,000 LESS than their white colleagues as figures reveal the NHS’s ‘unacceptable barriers’ for ethnic minorities Black health experts urge Obama to reignite fight against menthol cigarettes which are killing African American community Black infants have less than HALF the chance of survival compared to white babies – and a third of the chance if they live in rural areas Black lung disease rates hit 25-year high: Experts implore coal mines to make drastic changes to protect workers from early death Black man who underwent penis transplant will have it tattooed because the donor was WHITE Black men are ‘TWICE as likely to develop prostate cancer as white men’, study warns Black people face a greater risk of dementia compared to other ethnic groups and those from Asian backgrounds are the least likely to be diagnosed, finds study of 2.5 million Black Wednesday: Today junior doctors will start work – and cause A&E death rates to increase by SIX per cent Black widow spider bite leaves girl, 5, with gruesome bruise while playing in her Massachusetts backyard ‘Black witch’ claims she can cure people of CANCER through magic spells and pacts with Satan and his demons Black women find it harder to lose weight than white women because they have slower metabolisms Blacks and Hispanics breathe more pollution than they make – but whites don’t Bladder drug taken by thousands is linked to dementia: Doctors warn pills should no longer be used because they raise the risk by 54% Blame wine o’clock! Women now drink nearly as much as men as the gender gap in alcohol consumption has vanished over the past century Blamed for wasting doctors’ time, branded attention-seekers and told their ailment doesn’t even exist: Three ME patients reveal the accusations they have endured during their battle with the crippling condition Blast of gas that could replace dentist’s drill and make fillings stronger Blast of oxygen helps heal diabetic ulcers: Device draws it from the air and delivers it into the wound Blast of radiation you get DURING operation for breast cancer could spare patients weeks of gruelling treatment Blast of sound can heal a dicky ticker: Shockwaves may help improve blood flow for angina patients Blast of sound that can give your love life a lift: From sponge pellets to pumps and even sound waves, what’s best for impotence? Blast to kidney can end high blood pressure for good: How revolutionary 60-minute therapy could slash the risk of heart attacks and strokes Blast up the nose to ease migraine agony fast: Hand-held gadget fires tiny molecules of a pain-killing drug into the nasal cavity Blasting prostate tumours with radiotherapy after the disease has spread CAN increase the chances of survival, experts say Blasting the neck with ultrasound waves could help patients with high blood pressure when pills don’t work Bleak maps reveal where hopelessness is driving Americans to death with murder, suicide and overdoses Bleak state of kids nutrition: 1 in 3 eat junk food daily, 80% of their drinks are sweetened, and saturated fat plagues every meal, Harvard study warns Bleak winter for the NHS: More than 100,000 jobs are unfilled, trusts are £4.3billion in debt and 1,000 more patients are waiting a year for treatment than in 2017, report warns Blessed by a baby we feared we’d never have: Pioneering surgery saved woman with cervical cancer and left her still able to become a mother Blind boy learns to ‘see’ with technique used by BATS: Ruben, 8, clicks his tongue, taps his cane and listens for the echo from nearby objects Blind grandmother, 65, will be able to SEE for the first time in 40 years – following pioneering surgery using her TEETH Blind pensioner with dementia is rescued from a CANAL in his pyjamas after being sent home from hospital to the wrong address Blind woman, 37, with multiple personalities lost her sight after an accident but can still see when in her teenage boy character Blinded by a contact lens: Retired engineer is left in agony and unable to drive due to vicious infection caused by tap water Blindness breakthrough as scientists turn stem cells into tissue that allows humans to see Blindness breakthrough: Single gene injected into the back of the eye reverses one of most common types of sight loss Blindness could be REVERSIBLE: Scientists give mice back their vision for the first time ever by activating retina cells using gene therapy Blinking lights and exciting jingles in casinos ‘promote gambling problems by encouraging people to take risks even when the odds are low’ Blitz on red tape to speed up new drugs: Ministers promise to reduce time it takes to go from the lab to patient use by four years Bloated and uncomfortable? From always eating fruit on an empty stomach to drinking warm water with lime, expert reveals the top tips for beating stomach problems Bloated or suffering from IBS? New app uses life-changing diet proven to reduce symptoms to help avoid ‘problem’ foods Bloated or suffering from IBS? Try the FODMAP diet: Revolutionary plan ‘significantly reduces symptoms’ Bloating may not be sign of too many pigs in blankets: Charity warns women having an inflated stomach could be a sign of ovarian cancer Blocking inflammation in the brain ‘stops Alzheimer’s disease progressing – and discovery could pave the way for a cure’ Blogger, 22, battling cancer reveals she is in remission and on ‘cloud nine’ after seven-months of ‘non-stop’ treatment Blogger, 24, is left paralysed with a nerve-crippling illness after stroking a STRAY CAT on holiday in Portugal Bloggers who encourage fad diets low on nutrients are causing weak bones and runny noses, leading expert warns ‘Blonde or brunette, I love changing my wig to suit my mood,’ says teenage alopecia sufferer, 18, who has embraced going bald Blood cancer has affected 250,000 in the UK and can be hard to spot – but the good news is it’s often curable Blood cancer sufferers given drugs lifeline as NHS approve pill derived from Thalidomide that can boost survival by five months Blood check on pregnant mothers to replace risky Down’s test: DNA screening set to be introduced across the NHS after successful trials Blood deliveries to dozens of hospitals could be stalled ‘because 100 couriers plan to go on strike over their pay’ Blood disorder that makes it agony for Love Island’s Rosie Williams to bump her knee (but, on the plus side, it means she’ll never get bitten by mosquitoes!) Blood donations SUSPENDED in Miami amid fears of Zika outbreak after discovery of two new ‘mystery’ infections Blood filter could stop pre-eclampsia mums giving birth too early: Treatment that removes key protein can delay birth by more than two weeks Blood in umbilical cord could be tested to predict a baby’s allergies Blood pressure drugs can lower Alzheimer’s risk by up to 50 per cent Blood pressure drugs ‘may improve a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer’ Blood pressure guidelines ‘must be lowered’: Landmark trial halted 2 years early because it was clear lower pressure ‘helps prevents heart problems and early death’ Blood pressure is being measured all wrong: Device worn for 24 hours is 50% more accurate and could save thousands of lives, scientists claim Blood pressure linked to Alzheimer’s: Higher than average reading raises risk by 46%, study warns Blood pressure pills taken by MILLIONS worldwide ‘raise your risk of lung cancer’, scientists warn Blood pressure secret is unlocked: Hope for better drug treatments after major breakthrough by British experts Blood pressure self-monitoring could save tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year Blood pressure too high? Your salty SKIN may be to blame… Blood stocks of TWO major types are running dangerously low and there may not be enough supply this Christmas, NHS officials warn Blood test could detect Parkinson’s disease before symptoms appear Blood test could spot your risk of Alzheimer’s disease 16 years before symptoms arise, study finds Blood test for ALL cancers that can spot tumours ten years before any symptoms: ‘Liquid biopsy’ will check for DNA shed by growths Blood test for breast cancer ‘could be done at home’ – New exam could find secondary tumours before normal scans Blood test for depression developed after scientists discover the condition causes a spike in certain chemicals Blood test for Down’s set to be offered on the NHS: Super-safe and 99% accurate exam would replace invasive procedure which can trigger a miscarriage Blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies Blood test may give five-year warning of a heart attack: New check detects the levels of antibodies that help protect the body Blood test reveals the chance of a pregnancy ending in miscarriage Blood test shows if breast cancer therapy is working and allow treatment to be tailored to each individual sufferer Blood test that can predict Alzheimer’s: Elderly could be given early warning Blood test that can predict your breast cancer risk ‘years into the future’: Scientists hail ‘truly amazing’ technique as better than a mammogram Blood test that costs less than £50 could help prostate cancer patients get personalised treatment and boost their chances of beating the disease Blood test to spot hidden liver damage: Traffic light system could save lives Blood test to target patients with severe arthritis early: Identifying rogue gene could revolutionise treatment for sufferers Blood test to warn of premature birth ‘could help thousands of mothers-to-be’ Blood test will tell if you’ve had a heart attack within 15 minutes of arriving at A&E: Rapid test found to be twice as accurate as existing one Blood thinning drugs taken by millions slash the risk of cancer by 16%, major study finds Blood transfusions ‘ease Alzheimer’s’: Plasma taken from young people and given to patients with the disease may help alleviate symptoms Blood-encrusted patient trolleys, ‘dirt’ on shower floors and equipment covered in bodily fluids: Filthy hospital comes under fire for putting patients’ safety at risk Bloodletting, laxatives and vitamins straight into your vein: As a notorious Austrian ‘torture spa’ opens in Britain, ZOE GRIFFIN braves… The world’s most brutal detox Blood-thinning drug warfarin can double the risk of stroke: Patients with faulty heart rhythm at increased risk for first 30 days Blow for low carb diets as BREAD is found to cut risk from killer diseases: Millions are at risk of an early death because they do not eat ENOUGH fibre, warns major study Blowing out birthday candles increases bacteria on the cake’s icing by 1,400%, new study claims Blue lips. A deep voice. The quirky ways GPs spot your hidden health problems Blue screen breakthrough: Changing the colours given off by mobiles and TVs could combat both daytime sleepiness and nighttime insomnia, study finds Blueberries boost children’s reaction times by 9% due to flavonoids in the fruit improving brain cell communication Blueberries could cut your risk of heart disease ‘by a FIFTH’ (but you’d have to eat a punnet per day for a month) Blueprint to save the NHS: Dramatic drive to cut costs unveiled that will see dolling out of painkillers scrapped and GPs ordered to crack down on health tourists Blue-tinted specs that can banish the misery of migraines Blunder that saw nearly 50,000 women miss out on smear test invites and results ‘undermines public confidence’, warns Health Minister as NHS announces a ‘major overhaul’ of cancer screening programmes Blundering hospital sent injured child home with a plaster cast on the wrong limb Blush like Bridget Jones? A jab of Botox could help reduce redness and cut out acne-like spots Blushing, ladies? Don’t fret, it’s just a sign of fertility! Sex hormones make women’s faces redder ‘BMI is a waste of time’: Measurement is WRONGLY branding millions of fat people unhealthy, experts claim ‘BMI is a waste of time’: Millions are wrongly branded as too fat – while thin people are being lulled into a false sense of security ‘Body brokers killed my daughter’: Mother describes how her 23-year-old was lured from opioid rehab into a scam ‘sober house’ where she was billed $600,000 for ‘tests’ and plied with heroin until she overdosed ‘Body brokers’ who prey on drug addicts swindled $6.8 MILLION out of Californian insurance companies to charge for unapproved pellet treatment Body parts scandal deepens as 15 MORE sites in Yorkshire are storing waste illegally after troubled firm stripped of NHS contracts Bodybuilder forced to give up his career because of devastating bowel disease is now a fitness model – with a colostomy bag Bodybuilder told to quit due to bowel disease defies doctors to win a national fitness competition – while wearing his colostomy bag Bodybuilder, 28, has a pacemaker fitted weeks before her first bikini competition after battling a rare heart defect her entire life Bodybuilding father-of-four is diagnosed with BREAST cancer after finding a lump while working out at the gym Bodybuilding saved my life, says father who survived aggressive cancer and a heart attack Bone broth could keep you young and healthy Bone cancer victim, 21, opts for leg amputation after doctors warn it’s her only hope of survival after disease spreads to her lungs Bone marrow cancer hope as scientists identify gene that increases risk by 30 per cent Bone-boosting drug that could wreck your jaw: Women taking osteoporosis drug at risk of painful and disfiguring condition Boob job horror for Chinese woman whose implants moved to her BACK and STOMACH Boob jobs DO perk up your sex life – but it’s the money spent (not the bra size) that gives a boost in the bedroom, claims psychologist Boogie yourself slim in 2016! ITV’s Lorraine Kelly reveals how to wiggle the weight away with a unique disco workout Booking a badminton court or pilates class should be as easy as ordering a takeaway, says Sports Minister as she bemoans obstacles that put people off exercising Boost your iron with a glass of red wine and Bombay mix: Many lack this key nutrient but getting enough is easy – and yummy Boosting gut bacteria levels could fight food poisoning, study suggests Boosting the ‘anti-aging molecule’ may protect diseased livers and kidneys too, study finds Boots accused of boosting its profits by milking NHS for cash: Pharmacists ‘told to carry out unnecessary medicine reviews’ Boots faces investigation by health watchdog over claims it’s milking the NHS for cash by treating patients unnecessarily Boots under fire over failure to cut cost of the morning-after pill in 97% of its stores – five months after it promised to do so Booze before bed WON’T help you snooze: A nightcap disrupts sleep patterns, say scientists Booze Britain: Now fifth of women are drinking too much… and rate rises to a quarter in under-24s Booze Traveler host Jack Maxwell, 54, reveals he has blood cancer – but he still traveled the world trying alcohol for the show after his diagnosis Boozing may lead to Alzheimer’s: Alcohol stops the brain from clearing away toxic clumps that lead to the memory-robbing disease, reveals study Boozing, weight gain and failing to exercise INCREASES the risk of breast cancer returning, experts say Bored, can’t be bothered to exercise and always craving carbs? The LIGHTS in your home and office could be to blame Born 11 weeks early, a scrap of life, the girl who proves just what a mother’s love can achieve Born at just 23 weeks but now thriving: Moving photo diary shows how baby Reggie clung on to life after arriving weighing just 2lbs Born survivors: Twins whose mother had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a mastectomy while they were in the womb – and just look how they are thriving now Boss of troubled waste disposal firm at the centre of the body parts scandal DENIES stockpiling human body parts just days after it was stripped of 15 NHS contracts Bosses should be sent on mental health courses to stop employees becoming stressed and depressed, claims major study as expert reveals tips to make you happier at work Bosses should let workers have an afternoon NAP today to help them get over lost sleep after the clocks jumped forward an hour, claims expert Bosses should provide desk fans, special absence policies and places to rest to help menopausal women manage their symptoms, Government report recommends Boston Children’s Hospital sues Saudi Prince for $3.5 million in medical bills he allegedly promised to pay for 2-year-old girl with a rare genetic condition Botched surgery to remove excess skin leaves grandmother who lost 11st scarred for life and in agonising pain Botox could be used as new treatment for stomach cancer as scientists discover anti-wrinkle treatment slows tumour growth Botox ‘cured’ model’s eczema: 24-year-old’s life is transformed after cosmetic procedure eradicates painful skin condition Botox finally approved by the FDA to treat forehead lines as well as frown lines and crow’s feet ‘Botox has saved my life’: Woman, 30, claims her crippling headaches have been cured by injections Botox injections help man, 34, who has not burped since he was a baby, belch again! Botox may help prevent migraines without side effects in children and teens, a new study suggests Botox won’t make you pretty: Favorite of the stars does not make you better looking (sorry, Kylie) Botox, bubbly every day, even pole-dancing! Our team of (ageing) experts share their tips on how to live to be 100 Botox: Have the medical benefits been overhyped? Bottles of wine should be hit with a 5p levy to pay for cost of treating alcoholics, say MPs Bottoms up! Heavy drinkers are MORE likely to live to the age of 85 without dementia, according to major 30-year study Bought a pair of comfy running shoes? Be warned, they may RAISE your risk of injury by changing the way you run Bowel cancer breakthrough as scientists find there are FOUR distinct types of the disease – paving the way for better treatment ‘Bowel cancer can strike at any time – my mum died from it at just 47’: ITV news presenter Charlene White on why young people must be aware of the warning signs Bowel cancer deaths in the UK have dropped by more than 30% in the last two decades due to better treatment – but it is still the SECOND most common cause of cancer death Bowel cancer patients should eat nuts! Eating walnuts, almonds or cashews each week boosts survival (but it must be this exact portion size) Bowel cancer rate doubles for men due to bad diet and ageing population Bowel cancer tests ‘should begin ten years earlier’: Call for screening to be offered from age 45 following new research Bowel cancer: Symptoms, causes and treatment Boxing star Amir Khan offers to pay for life-saving treatment for a 7-year-old Pakistani boy whose eye is engulfed by an enormous tumour Boy 11, is the youngest ever to have a MASTECTOMY due to bizarre tumours in his chest – but he tells girls his scar is due to a shark bite Boy aged just ONE was given anti-depressant medication, horrifying figures reveal Boy born at 27 weeks weighing the same as a loaf of BREAD defies slim odds to survive the rare condition that killed his identical twin brother in the womb Boy born with a giant cyst that covered his eyes and nose celebrates his first birthday with a new face after undergoing life-threatening surgery Boy born with no vocal cords undergoes pioneering surgery to give him a voice – after doctors performed life-saving op to clear his airways during C-section Boy born with two faces who was given ‘zero chance of survival’ and endured cruel taunts from strangers to be put down or killed has defied the odds to celebrate his 13th birthday Boy born with ultra-rare ‘dwarf ribcage’ that threatens to suffocate him Boy dies of sepsis just days before his second birthday after doctors ‘failed to spot the deadly illness’ following surgery Boy given six months to live aged four celebrates his tenth birthday after TEN tumours disappear Boy sent home with nose cream to treat a ‘virus’ now has just months to live after doctors discover his symptoms were caused by a brain tumour Boy suffering headaches and sleepiness is diagnosed with rare condition where the brain slips into the SPINE Boy told he would never walk defies doctors to take his first steps – thanks to the generosity of strangers who donated £135,000 to fund pioneering surgery abroad Boy who feels like the alien in the room: 10-year-old who once told shoppers ‘there’s a bomb in my bag’, bravely describes living with Tourette’s in this moving video Boy who is wrapped up in bubbles. Two-year-old has to be covered head to toe in bandages because any pressure to his skin leaves him with third degree burns Boy who missed summer holiday for cancer treatment receives hundreds of postcards from well-wishers around the world Boy who never cries: Three-year-old who cannot feel pain even with a broken leg due to rare genetic condition Boy who suffered severe brain damage after birth receives £7m settlement from NHS Trust Boy who was abandoned by his mother at age 11 when a cancerous tumour engulfed his ENTIRE face finally gets life-saving chemo six years later Boy whose head ballooned to DOUBLE the size of a FOOTBALL due to a deadly condition has defied the odds and survived after undergoing life-changing surgery Boy whose shoulder was pierced by a 12-INCH ROD after he fell from a window canopy undergoes life-saving surgery performed by four medics Boy with a PIGEON CHEST who threatened to smash his own torso with a hammer is finally cured by a custom-made brace Boy, 10, dies days after being diagnosed with flu, pneumonia and sepsis during school hockey trip to New York Boy, 10, has a kidney in his THIGH because of a unique genetic disorder named after him because it is so rare Boy, 10, saves his mother and new brother by delivering the breech baby after she went into labor six weeks early Boy, 10, who can barely walk due to condition which causes his vertebrae to dislocate is set to take part in 4k run Boy, 10, who developed narcolepsy after swine flu jab is awarded £120,000 in damages Boy, 10, who has been waiting NINE years for life-saving transplant urges people to join organ donor register Boy, 10, wins £5 million compensation after series of doctors’ blunders left him needing a kidney transplant Boy, 10, with schizophrenia and ADHD forced to drop out of school because New Mexico teachers won’t let him take medical cannabis pill in class – despite it being LEGAL Boy, 11, finds 650,000-to-1 kidney donor … on Facebook: Organ from father-of-three who lived just 15 miles away ends Matthew’s eight-year wait for a transplant Boy, 11, has moles covering his WHOLE body because of a one-in-50,000 condition that caused him to develop a brain tumour Boy, 11, is left blind after following a strict diet of potato, meat, apples, cucumber and Cheerios due to his allergies and eczema Boy, 11, is left with legs ‘like raw meat’ after catching alight at a bonfire when he was splashed by petrol Boy, 11, wakes from two week coma after suffering ‘worst head injury medics had ever seen’ Boy, 11, whose skin falls off at the slightest touch is reliant on a wheelchair because he is unable to straighten his legs due to his condition Boy, 11, will have surgery every three months for two years to find which of his favorite foods trigger the incurable disease that’s destroying his throat Boy, 12, dies of the flu in Florida two days after catching a ‘cold’ Boy, 12, left with cerebral palsy after midwife blunder is awarded £8m after 10-year court battle Boy, 12, loses his leg after contracting flesh-eating bacteria that decimated his left calf and thigh in just 7 days Boy, 12, ripped out his hair and threatened suicide after a mysterious reaction to strep throat nearly drove him to psychosis Boy, 12, who doctors feared would never walk or talk after brain surgery defies the odds to become a dance champion and actor Boy, 13, is the ONLY person in the world fighting leukaemia AND another cancer that affects just four other people Boy, 13, who is allergic to his jeans, batteries and even his Xbox suffers horrific reactions which cause his skin to ‘shed like a snake’ Boy, 14, needed FIVE heart operations after he fell off his bike – and doctors discovered he was suffering from a life-threatening illness Boy, 14, who survived a STROKE was told he would never walk, talk or eat again – but just two months later he’s doing all three Boy, 16, almost loses a testicle after it TWISTS 260 degrees and its blood supply is cut off Boy, 16, is first human EVER diagnosed with new mosquito-borne virus Boy, 16, who went to bed in good health died from sepsis just hours after waking up the next morning Boy, 17, has a MELON-sized tumour removed from his nose to help him breathe properly for the first time in years Boy, 17, suddenly collapses and dies from the flu despite showing NO symptoms Boy, 17, who missed puberty due to a rare brain tumor shoots up ONE FOOT in a year after surgeons remove the growth Boy, 2, born with THREE penises due to incredibly rare condition has surgery to remove the extra appendages Boy, 2, died from ‘catastrophic bleed’ after doctors diagnosed rare infection as just sore throat and sent him home with Calpol Boy, 2, is diagnosed with rare form of epilepsy after he cried for 15 hours straight and suffered painful bouts of hiccups and hysterical LAUGHTER Boy, 2, may be scarred for life after Tesco plaster ‘ripped the flesh’ from his face and the wound became infected Boy, 2, who was fighting for his life with meningitis is cured using daily doses of ASPIRIN Boy, 2, with rare eating disorder DIES after getting lead poisoning from eating flakes of painted woodwork Boy, 3, almost dies from sepsis after contracting the ‘silent killer’ from a urine infection that bungling doctors missed 30 times Boy, 3, desperately needs a cure after being diagnosed with ‘ultra-rare’ brain disease that only affects 20 people in the world Boy, 3, diagnosed with a rare tumour that his father also suffers from after doctors wanted to know why his legs were growing at different speeds Boy, 3, dies of meningitis in just 4 hours – days after his brother was given all-clear from the disease Boy, 3, has just weeks to live after his parents allowed a cancerous tumour to grow and swallow up his eye – because they tried to cure him with BLACK MAGIC Boy, 3, is left ‘looking like a burns victim’ after suffering horrific allergic reaction to antibiotics for an ear infection Boy, 3, nearly dies after ‘500,000-to-one’ allergic reaction to half a teaspoon of children’s painkiller Boy, 3, set to miss out on traditional festive treats… because he’s allergic to CHRISTMAS Boy, 3, with rare muscle-wasting disease has tiny life-saving Bluetooth monitor fitted in his chest to alert doctors if his heart fails Boy, 4, born with rare condition that makes one hand copy the other when he moves it is found to have tumour behind his eye Boy, 4, branded ‘the monster’ by cruel bullies defies doctors after battling a watermelon-sized growth on his face that could have choked him to death Boy, 4, cannot walk or talk after he choked on a HAM sandwich causing severe brain damage Boy, 4, dies from the flu just hours after showing symptoms – and his older brother is now in the hospital fighting the deadly virus Boy, 4, has been cured of leukaemia which caused his eyes to bleed and POP OUT thanks to a MailOnline story which attracted donations Boy, 4, has head broken and pieced back together like a JIGSAW after he was born with rare skull condition which didn’t allow his brain to grow Boy, 4, kept in sterile ‘bubble’ to protect him from germs hopes to finally spend Christmas with family he’s not seen for four months Boy, 4, suffers a stroke after rollercoaster ride: Violent head movements lead to tearing of an artery near his brain Boy, 4, who fell in his back garden was hours from death after his face was ravaged by killer flesh-eating bug – caused by a tiny cut above his eye Boy, 4, who swallowed a HAIR PIN: Incredible X-ray image reveals 6cm metal grip piercing his kidney Boy, 4, who will never be able to crawl, stand or walk, suffers from a disorder so rare that doctors have named it ‘Milo’s condition’ after him Boy, 4, with ballooned head who has been bed-ridden since birth will finally undergo life-saving brain surgery after Good Samaritan steps in and starts fundraising appeal Boy, 5, born with his bowel attached to his heart has EIGHT operations to survive after almost dying in his father’s arms three times Boy, 5, fell victim to horrific condition that caused 99% of the skin on his body to peel away Boy, 5, left fighting for his life after suffering horrific reaction to epilepsy medication Boy, 5, may have to avoid scary movies and trick or treaters for life due to a rare brain disease which means a scare could be lethal, family says Boy, 5, takes first steps after experimental drug shrinks huge tumour that was spreading through his body Boy, 5, who was diagnosed with constipation and told to take Calpol is now fighting for his life after doctors discover cancer Boy, 5, who was so terrified of the loo he didn’t go for FOUR months is fitted with a colostomy bag Boy, 5, who was told his cancer was constipation ‘will never walk again’ after an operation to remove the tumour damaged his spine Boy, 5, who woke up one day unable to speak is learning to talk again after being diagnosed with ultra-rare condition Boy, 6, died in Pennsylvania hospital after doctors left him under a heating blanket for 10 HOURS unchecked Boy, 6, dies two weeks after contracting mysterious polio-like disease that is sweeping the US Boy, 6, is fighting for his life as flesh-eating bacteria destroys his legs – but doctors missed it after he tested positive for strep throat Boy, 6, is left with seizures and brain swelling after a contracting a rare virus from a mosquito bite Boy, 6, stuns doctors by taking his FIRST STEPS – despite battling a brain tumour which left him unlikely to ever walk Boy, 6, whose feet grow at different speeds is deemed a ‘health and safety risk’ and forced out of school because his mother can’t afford £300 shoes Boy, 6, with a grapefruit-sized tumour in his eye socket is saved by generous locals who paid for his life-changing surgery Boy, 6, with a rare form of epilepsy may be given cannabis oil treatment for condition that causes him to suffer 30 fits a day following desperate pleas by his mother Boy, 7, battles rare autoimmune disorder as his family desperately searches for one of few donors to match their mixed-race son’s bone marrow Boy, 7, develops narcolepsy after being given swine flu jab leading him to sleep for 19 HOURS every day Boy, 7, dies just 7 months after he went to the hospital for concussion – and scan revealed a rare inoperable brain tumor Boy, 7, dies of flu two days after he was sent home for falling asleep in class Boy, 7, is diagnosed with life-threatening brain tumor while being scanned for concussion after soccer camp Boy, 7, is ordered not to laugh or get excited as rare condition which makes his heart race up to 200bpm could kill him Boy, 7, who developed narcolepsy after swine flu jab is denied compensation because he is ‘not ill enough’ – even though he sleeps 19 hours a day Boy, 7, who died of rare cancer this week inspires New Jersey Governor to sign an executive order allowing broader marijuana access Boy, 7, who lost his kidneys at four months finally gets a transplant after three years in the hospital with infections that left him deaf and nonverbal Boy, 7, who should have been blinded when he lost the visual part of his brain as a baby stuns doctors by being able to SEE well enough to recognize faces and play soccer Boy, 7, whose brittle bones were caused by COELIAC DISEASE is cured by switching to a gluten-free diet Boy, 7, with a rare brain tumour which causes him SMILE shortly before he suffers a violent seizure Boy, 7, with brain tumour sets up his own charity to help other children with the cancer Boy, 8, born without a thumb gets a new hand made from his FOOT after doctors remove a toe to create a wrist joint in pioneering surgery Boy, 8, diagnosed with extremely rare case of skin cancer has just one Christmas wish – to finish his painful drug treatment Boy, 8, dies of a flesh-eating bacteria just days after falling off his bike – despite four major surgeries amputating almost every limb to save him Boy, 8, falls asleep 20 times a DAY after mother claims swine flu jab gave him narcolepsy Boy, 8, is only 3ft tall, wears clothes for toddlers and weighs less than his three-year-old sister because he suffers from a rare form of dwarfism Boy, 8, who lost his legs and hands to meningitis as a baby takes up martial arts – without using his prosthetic legs Boy, 8, who lost his legs and one of his hands to meningitis is now walking again thanks to his prosthetic limbs Boy, 8, whose face has been distorted by giant tumors and caused him to go blind in one eye is called a ‘monster’ by cruel bullies who think he is wearing a mask Boy, 8, whose skin blisters at the slightest touch uses LAUGHING GAS as a way to escape from the terrible pain of his daily routine Boy, 9, born with no ears is delighted with new pair made of cartilage from his ribs Boy, 9, has an agonising belly-button hernia the size of two cricket balls that has forced him to live as a recluse Boy, 9, has half his skull removed after sinus infection spreads to his brain – but he still manages to attend school thanks to a BICYCLE HELMET Boy, 9, left with an untreatable hole in his eye after playing with a laser pointer Boy, 9, who has a swollen belly the size of a BEACH BALL from a rare disease that causes poo to become stuck in the bowels will die without surgery Boy, aged ELEVEN, treated for chlamydia as 1,000 under-16s seek help for sexual diseases Boy, eight, born with a malformed leg now has a foot in place of his knee after reconstructive surgery and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player Boy, eight, left suicidal because of his Tourette’s sees his involuntary tics halted after being given a daily dose of cannabis oil Boy, five, with irrational fear of eating enjoys first-ever meal after undergoing pioneering treatment Boy, four, is ‘slowly being killed’ by a MANGO-sized tumour that has left cruel locals calling him a ‘monster’ and saying he is cursed by an evil spirit Boy, four, suffers agonising burns after Boots pharmacy gave him ear drops for his eye infection Boy, four, with an incurable brain tumour is given just months to live after his parents mistook his bad balance for CLUMSINESS Boy, nine, is in constant agony after a rare condition caused his belly to swell to THREE TIMES the size of a beach ball and left him with deadly liver failure Boy, nine, is left with a gaping inch-wide hole in his leg after he was bitten by a ‘poisonous spider which caused his flesh to decay’ Boy, nine, is the first in the world to have pioneering surgery to correct his C-shaped spine that was squashing his lungs and left him barely able to walk Boy, one, who has beaten meningitis FOUR times but been left disabled and brain damaged needs £30,000 for life-changing surgery to help him walk Boy, seven, is diagnosed with cancer after he fell over at football because he was wearing the wrong boots Boy, six months, whose rare genetic condition leaves him unable to breathe has just MONTHS to live because the NHS can’t agree a price for a ‘miracle drug’ that costs £450,000 Boy, six, is left brain damaged and has a paralysed face after being bitten by a TICK which gave him Lyme disease Boy, six, is left in a coma after his ‘headache and vomiting’ turned out to be a rare condition that caused his brain to SWELL up Boy, six, ‘looked like he was dying’ after developing life-threatening sepsis when doctors failed to diagnose his appendicitis for nearly TWO WEEKS Boy, six, who had 10 organ transplants has spent his first Christmas at home in four years Boy, three, is given just SIX MONTHS to live after doctors found his lop-sided smile was actually a brain tumour Boy, two, has his arms and legs amputated because of a mystery infection that has baffled doctors Boy, two, has life-threatening clot hoovered out of his heart in world-first operation Boyfriend’s penis CRACKED and ‘swelled to the size of a WINE BOTTLE’ after he fractured it during sex with girlfriend Boy’s ADHD turns out to be exhaustion! Doctors say 8-year-old wrongly diagnosed with behavioral disorder was acting up because he was tired from sleep apnea Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with special needs as girls, new figures reveal Boys as well as girls WILL get the HPV vaccine, according to new guidelines Boys could be offered the HPV vaccine as well as girls to prevent rising rates of cancer Boys DO make girls body conscious: Young women in mixed sex schools ‘feel more pressure to be thin and have lower self esteem’ Boy’s ‘lazy eye’ turns out to be a sign of a rare and terminal brain tumour as his heartbroken family are told he may have only nine months left to live Boys reach puberty two years earlier than in the past… and some start to mature at the age of six Boys who grow up in privileged households produce more testosterone and may be at a greater risk of prostate cancer, study finds Boys who start watching porn from an early age are more likely to grow into misogynistic men who objectify women, new study reveals Boys with ADHD are more likely to become obese as adults Brace yourself! From buck teeth to unflattering gaps, the astonishing before and after pictures that reveal how ‘train tracks’ can make ANY smile one to be proud of Brain cancer now the deadliest childhood cancer in the US Brain cancer vaccine made from patients’ own tumours extends life by a year Brain damage from drinking too much alcohol is at a 10-year high: Almost two people A DAY are hospitalised on average, reveal shocking figures (so, is booze damaging your health? Take this test to find out) Brain dead pregnant woman, 21, was kept alive for 123 days – the longest period ever – before delivering healthy twins via a ‘miracle’ caesarean section Brain doctor claims Donald Trump has all the symptoms of predementia despite never examining the president Brain haemorrhage girl, 7, wakes from coma as mother sings her Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep Brain implant cured a boy, 9, of an ultra-rare condition that affects just 50 children worldwide Brain pacemaker could ‘cure’ Alzheimer’s: Implant stops sufferers being robbed of their independence Brain scan spots Alzheimer’s 15 YEARS before symptoms appear: Early detection will help delay onset of disease Brain scans can PREDICT teen depression weeks before their moods change, study suggests Brain scans can spot suicidal thoughts with 91% accuracy, groundbreaking study claims Brain scans could detect depression BEFORE symptoms appear: ‘Striking differences’ identified in circuits controlling feelings and thinking Brain scans could diagnose dyslexic children before they even learn to read and head off difficulties at school Brain scans could predict how depression patients will respond to drugs, therapy, or both, study claims Brain scans of ex-NFL players show how repeated blows to the head may cause toxic build-up of a protein that is thought to lead to the degenerative disease CTE in medical breakthrough Brain scans pinpoint how two vodka lemonades can make you aggressive Brain scans reveal for the first time that eating plenty of salmon, mackerel and sardines protects against Alzheimer’s by boosting blood flow and memory Brain stimulation successfully treats depression in mice – paving the way to drug-free treatment in humans Brain surgery could ‘spread’ Alzheimer’s disease: Protein responsible for dementia may ‘stick’ to tools used during such operations Brain surgery length could be cut to 2 MINUTES thanks to a new robotic drill that works like ‘Google Maps’ by finding the safest possible route Brain training exercises DON’T prevent dementia: Study claims popular video games have NO effect on decision-making or cognitive function Brain training games help to prevent dementia in people at high risk of the disease – and improve their mood Brain training games like sudoku don’t make you smarter! People should exercise, sleep well and socialise to make their brains sharper, finds study Brain training is ‘a waste of time’: Computer games designed for older people are only effective if undertaken with expert supervision Brain tumor patient, 5, astonishes doctors by walking and talking just weeks after surgery that could have left her disabled for life Brain tumour survivor who was left with a ‘resting b**** face’ is finally able to smile for the first time in 14 YEARS after life-changing surgery Brain-boosting Mediterranean diet could slow down the onset of dementia more effectively than low-fat alternative ‘Brain-dead’ patients could be kept alive solely to become organ donors in controversial plans to tackle Britain’s organ shortage Brain-jiggling offers hope for people with Alzheimer’s: Bold experiment poked tiny holes in blood-brain barrier to push treatments through Brainpower of elderly is boosted by video games: Just 12 hours playing dramatically improved multi-tasking ability, memory and attention span Brains are only as old as you feel, as those who claim to be youthful spirits show fewer signs of their mind ageing Brain-training game could make pensioners better drivers – and they only need to play it for 20 minutes a day Brain-training game that reduces dementia risk by 29% is the first to prevent the condition, 10-year study reveals (and here you can try the test for yourself) ‘Branded painkillers are a waste of money’: Shoppers urged to opt for cheap, own brands after scandal of Nurofen tablets being sold for more than TEN times the price Branded painkillers? You’re just paying for the fancy packet, say experts Branded sun creams that cost TWICE as much as cheaper supermarket lotions FAIL to meet NHS guidelines Brave 11-year-old boy who was fighting a rare form of cancer, at the same time as his mother, dies at home after losing his gruelling 3-year battle Brave baby boy just 20 minutes from death survives meningitis two weeks after beating a deadly bleed on the brain Brave cancer patient, 7, arrives in the U.S. for proton therapy after strangers donate £180,000 to fund treatment meaning her parents no longer have to sell family home Brave Daire, 6, has his entire face broken, rebuilt and held together with a metal frame after his head doubled in size Brave girl who had THREE open-heart operations by the age of five to go on dream holiday to Disneyland Brave girl, 7, can smile at last after face tumour size of a tennis ball stopped her eating and drinking Brave girl, 8, overcomes cancer to appear in a movie alongside film hunk James McAvoy Brave little Charlotte, 5, who lost all four limbs to meningitis receives pink sparkly legs in time for Christmas Brave mother who lost one breast to cancer at 26 has her HEALTHY breast and ovaries removed so she can see her children grow up… after doctors reveal she carries the faulty BRCA gene Brave mother, 31, opens up about her ‘horrific’ struggle with post-natal depression after telling midwives to take her baby away and ‘begging’ nurses to let her kill herself Brave Nigerian doctor who survived Ebola hailed a ‘hero in the field’ for using her second chance to continue fighting infectious diseases Brave psoriasis sufferer made to feel like a ‘freak’ proudly shows off the painful red welts covering 97% of her body after a decade of cruel taunts and stares Brave Rosie, 5, has her legs AMPUTATED to fix her spine… and stop her internal organs from crushing her to death Brave school girl, 4, takes chemotherapy drugs to battle painful ARTHRITIS she has had since she was two Brave smile of the Premier League footballer whose super-athletic body has been utterly transformed by cancer Brave teenager who is the only person in the WORLD battling leukaemia and another ultra-rare cancer shows signs of recovery Brave toddler battling OVARIAN CANCER: 15-month-old has a 50-50 chance of survival after being diagnosed with the disease which normally affects women over 50 Brave toddler has her skull cracked open and painstakingly pieced back together to stop her becoming blind or brain damaged Brave toddler has his skull cracked open and pieced back together to stop him getting headaches or going blind Brave toddler survives major surgery to repair TWO holes in his heart… after they went undetected for the first year of his life Brave toddler who lost all four limbs to meningitis begins her countdown to Christmas after beating the odds to survive Brave toddler who touched the heart of football star Michael Owen gets the all clear after 27 rounds of chemotherapy for kidney cancer Brave twins whose very different lives show how cruel the lottery of genes can be Bravery of the girl who is fed through a stomach tube but takes lunchbox to school to ‘fit in with friends’ Brazil nuts can boost a woman’s fertility: Natural antioxidant found in nuts, red meat and seafood improves chances of conceiving Brazilian bikini-line craze leads to rise in sexually transmitted skin infection Brazilian blowout treatment used to smooth frizzy hair may contain cancer-causing chemicals, safety experts fear Brazilian butt lifts surge by 20% amid panic over ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ driving people to get risky work done – but an expert says the buzz word is just a tool surgeons use to fuel the trend Brazilian butt-lift surgeons warned fat must ONLY be injected under the skin and never into muscle or the procedure could kill patients Brazilian president says 1,000 men a year undergo penis amputations due to a lack of water and soap Brazilian scientists to release millions of factory-bred mosquitoes in an attempt to wipe out the insects that carry diseases such as Zika, dengue and yellow fever Brazilian scientists to test AIDS ‘vaccine’ on monkeys later this year Brazilian twins who were born conjoined at the HEAD but who had their own brains are separated in 15-hour operation Bread DOESN’T cause bloating: Experts claim pasta is the real culprit (as are the fatty sandwich fillings we love so much) Breakfast blueberry muffins could contain nearly as much sugar as a can of COKE, study finds Breakfast cereal firms ‘hiding high levels of sugar by shunning traffic light labelling on their packaging’ Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day: Study finds no evidence eating in the morning boosts weight loss Breakfast ISN’T the most important meal of the day: Skipping it or eating it ‘won’t make any difference to weight’ Breakfast might NOT be the the most important meal of the day after all: Scientists find it doesn’t speed up the metabolism or aid weight loss Breaking a tooth saved my life, says mother, 34, who discovered she was ‘weeks from death’ from mouth cancer Breaking Bad has sparked a surge in crystal meth use across Europe, expert warns BREAKING NEWS: Two new ‘mystery’ Zika cases in Florida amid growing concerns the virus has infected US mosquitoes Breakthrough as scientists develop one-shot jab that WILL beat flu Breakthrough as scientists discover how to destroy cancer cells in the blood stream before they infect other parts of the body Breakthrough as scientists use MRI for the first time to spot leading cause of cardiac arrests in young people BEFORE they die Breakthrough blood test brings promise to give up to 16 years’ warning of arthritis Breakthrough blood test for skin cancer patients will warn those in remission if the disease has returned Breakthrough breast cancer drug that can extend lives is FINALLY offered on the NHS in victory for thousands of patients Breakthrough breast cancer scanner detects lumps without using X-rays Breakthrough by British researchers on prostate cancer boosts survival rate Breakthrough cystic fibrosis drug that prevents ‘irreversible’ lung damage in children under 12 is hailed by experts Breakthrough device that can keep donor livers functioning outside the body for 24 hours will revolutionise transplant surgery, experts say Breakthrough drug gives women with aggressive form of breast cancer six months longer to live without condition worsening Breakthrough drug slashes chances of ovarian cancer returning with two thirds who were given the treatment not relapsing within three years, study finds Breakthrough edges scientists one step closer to a cure for cocaine addiction as they ‘turn off’ a protein that causes users to crave the class-A drug Breakthrough for Alzheimer’s: New method could detect the disease YEARS before symptoms appear Breakthrough for babies with cleft palates as scientists claim umbilical cord blood could be used to repair the common facial defect Breakthrough for cystic fibrosis sufferers as scientists use gene therapy to significantly improve the function of patients’ lungs Breakthrough for male contraceptives? US-funded team launch global studies to test a pill and a gel after both were hugely successful in early trials Breakthrough for osteoarthritis: Scientists uncover 9 genes responsible for the agonizing condition – paving the way to better treatment Breakthrough for thousands of suffering from COPD: New tiny valve offering a breath of fresh air for lung patients with the disease which kills 30,000 people annually Breakthrough for type of dementia Robin Williams suffered: New drugs are on the horizon that could stop the killer disease ‘in its tracks’ Breakthrough for woman with one of the largest legs in the world: Pharmacy technician, 53, whose limb weighs 150lbs has revolutionary treatment that finally breaks up her excess fluid Breakthrough hope for MS treatment as scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ autoimmune diseases Breakthrough in battle against stretch marks as £70 band that stops the unsightly condition developing goes on sale in UK Breakthrough in bid to cure blindness as scientists identify gene linked to inherited disease Breakthrough in bid to grow blood vessels in the lab which could revolutionise heart attack and stroke treatment Breakthrough in bowel surgey will spare patients the misery of being fitted with a stoma bag Breakthrough in fight against antibiotic-resistance: Discovery of bacteria’s ‘Achilles heel’ could lead to new drugs Breakthrough in fight against drug-resistant superbugs: Attacking bacteria’s defensive walls ‘makes it possible to kill the infection’ Breakthrough in fight against superbugs as scientists discover exactly how they build up resistance to antibiotics Breakthrough in muscular dystrophy research after scientists edit DNA to strengthen muscles weakened by the genetic disorder Breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis as scientists discover 17 genes that radically increase chance of carriers developing the disease Breakthrough in the fight to end maternal mortality: Rapid urine test could detect dangerous pregnancy-related stroke risk in 3 minutes Breakthrough in the war on skin cancer: Thousands of lives could be saved after scientists develop a simple blood test to detect most deadly form Breakthrough in treating high blood pressure, as scientists discover how the body regulates it – and say discovery could slash risk of heart attacks and stroke Breakthrough means patients could receive organs from ANY donor: New therapy ‘alters the immune system, allowing the body to accept incompatible kidneys’ Breakthrough on ‘incurable’ breast cancer: Scientists find a way to make deadly tumours vulnerable to chemotherapy Breakthrough prostate treatment which will spare tens of thousands of men invasive surgery is being rolled out on the NHS Breakthrough study finds Parkinson’s patients have thinner retinas: Scientists hope research will lead to an eye test that can detect disease before problems with movement begin Breakthrough study offers new hope for multiple sclerosis patients as research finds a way to stop condition worsening through stem cell therapy Breakthrough that can stop middle-aged men needing the loo all the time: NHS laser treatment will ‘ease symptoms for thousands of men with enlarged prostates’ Breakthrough that could end the misery of serial miscarriages: Medics thought to have find root cause of the condition paving the way for inexpensive treatments Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer Breast cancer boost after Angelina Jolie-style surgery that ‘spares’ the nipple and surrounding skin is declared safe Breast cancer cases soar to 27 a day among the under-50s… and experts fear modern lifestyles are to blame Breast cancer cells can SUPPRESS tumour growth ‘by releasing protective proteins’ Breast cancer cells start spreading to other parts of the body long before a tumour is even detected Breast Cancer CheckerAn animated guide Breast cancer deaths halved if patients given ‘wonder drug’ Tamoxifen for 10 years, not five Breast cancer deaths have dropped 40% in America since 1989, study reveals Breast cancer doesn’t mean the end of your sex life… says the surgeon who has had the disease herself – TWICE Breast cancer drug ‘offers precious extra months of life’ by slowing rate of tumour growth Breast cancer drug ‘boosts survival rates by 40%’: Thousands could benefit from two drugs that can eradicate tennis ball-sized tumours in just three months Breast cancer drug halts the spread of tumours by 40% in those with an incurable form of the disease caused by the ‘Angelina Jolie gene’ Breast cancer gel shrinks tumours… and without tablets’ unpleasant side-effects Breast cancer in young women is so aggressive it should be treated as ‘a completely separate disease’ Breast cancer is more costly for black women: The majority of African American patients struggle for years to cope with treatment costs – compared to a third of white women Breast cancer jab ‘prevents the disease in 75% of cases’: Treatment could spare thousands of women the trauma of surgery Breast cancer link to working nights: Three late shifts a week ‘doubles the risk of disease’ Breast cancer patient successfully undergoes ground-breaking mastectomy while AWAKE – which could now be rolled out across the UK Breast cancer patient who planned her funeral celebrates tying the knot after beating the disease… and ‘miracle’ daughter conceived during treatment is bridesmaid Breast cancer patients can now have more lifelike prosthetics than ever: New covers are detailed with nipples, moles and even tattoos and piercings Breast cancer patients could be spared chemotherapy thanks to test which predicts if the disease will return after surgery Breast cancer patients could be spared pain and disfigurement thanks to less aggressive radiotherapy treatment Breast cancer patients could be spared the misery of chemotherapy with new test which predicts if their tumour will return Breast cancer patients’ lives ‘being ruined by side effects of chemo’ that leaves them exhausted Breast cancer patients living alone are less likely to beat the disease: Women who do not have strong support have a 60% higher chance at dying within ten years Breast cancer patients ‘should stay on hormonal drugs for 10 years to slash risk of the disease returning’ Breast cancer patients told ‘keep taking tamoxifen for full five years to improve your chances of survival’ Breast cancer patients who eat cheese, yogurts or ice cream could HALVE their chances of survival Breast cancer patients who ‘fear the worst’ suffer more severe bouts of vomiting, hot flushes and headaches during treatment Breast cancer removal surgery could cause tumors to SPREAD – but it could be prevented with aspirin, study finds Breast cancer screening cuts deaths by 40 per cent: Analysis of 10 million patients finds regular mammograms saves lives among middle-aged women Breast cancer screening falls to a record low as nearly 800,000 women TURNED DOWN their mammogram last year, official figures reveal Breast cancer screening has little impact on saving women’s lives say scientists Breast cancer screening may be beneficial beyond the age of 75 even though routine testing stops at 70, scientists say Breast cancer screening reduces the number of women dying from the disease by 28% – but the benefits of the programme are ‘modest at best’ Breast cancer screening still misses 2,000 victims a year: mammograms fail to detect tumours in women with ‘high density’ tissue Breast cancer screening take up among women aged 50 to 70 falls to decade low after fears mammograms lead to false positives Breast cancer shock as study finds radical surgery to remove lymph nodes ‘has no effect’ Breast cancer sufferer, 53, who had a life-saving mastectomy has differently shaped breasts after the NHS refused to lift her other one – despite promising to Breast cancer surgeons do NOT always order genetic tests for patients that need it, study finds Breast cancer survival rates could be boosted by Herceptin and chemotherapy combo in early stages Breast cancer survivor has just weeks to live after being refused a scan which would have identified FOUR deadly brain tumours Breast cancer timebomb fear: Experts warn that NHS faces crisis as number of women living with disease is set to treble to 1.7m Breast cancer treatment could be transformed with simple blood test that reveals dangerous changes to tumours Breast cancer treatment so effective that two thirds of sufferers end up dying from other diseases Breast cancer treatments could cause heart failure, new report warns Breast cancer under attack: Striking scans reveal the vivid colours of killer cells and the body’s fight against them Breast cancer vaccine in sight: Scientists successfully immunized mice against the disease using stem cells in groundbreaking new study Breast cancer victim freezes her head to MINUS 4°C during chemotherapy to save her hair for the sake of two children Breast cancer victims are denied new ‘wonder’ drug that can extend life by six months: Watchdog to block treatment on cost grounds Breast cancer wonder drug boosts IVF hopes: One in five women who used the treatment were able to have a baby using their own eggs ‘Breast cancer? But I’m fit, healthy… and a man!’ Andy was shocked to learn he had breast cancer – and needed a mastectomy to treat it Breast cancer-suffering MAN who beat the disease is diagnosed with it for a second time at million-to-one odds Breast cancer-survivor who discovers disease has returned while 20-weeks pregnant chooses against terminating her baby and risks her life in moving BBC documentary Hospital Breast implants are being given barcodes by the NHS in an attempt to ‘revolutionise’ patient safety by being able to track them in case they are faulty Breast implants MUST be properly regulated, warn experts after 1,000 people die in three years from boob jobs, hip implants, pacemakers and other surgical implants Breast implants to carry cancer warning: Move follows 18 women in France being diagnosed with rare form of the disease Breast is NOT best – when it comes to IQ: Children who are breastfed ‘are no more intelligent than those who are bottle fed’ Breast lumps that AREN’T a sign of cancer: Every woman fears the worst on finding a lump – but they can often be benign Breast milk bought online ‘infected with bugs including E.coli’: Mothers warned after tests find deadly bacteria in samples Breast milk is best for premature babies: Those fed by their mothers have stronger hearts Breast pumps used by mothers to feed their newborns can contain dangerous bacteria that cause ASTHMA Breast screening falls to the lowest level in a DECADE, ‘extremely concerning’ NHS figures reveal Breast screening saves far more lives than it harms as study finds mammograms slash cancer deaths by a third ‘Breast surgery cost me my toes’: Cancer survivor, 41, develops gangrene after doctor forgets to give her antibiotics following reconstructive operation Breast-cancer drug taken by thousands of women more than doubles the risk of womb cancer, finds study Breastfeeding babies ‘does not protect them against eczema’ Breastfeeding ‘beats statins’ to curb risk of heart disease: Babies given mother’s milk for at least three months less likely to suffer from clogged arteries later in life Breastfeeding boom in UK as well-off older mothers lead the way Breastfeeding can cut a woman’s risk of cancer by a fifth: Thousands of cases could be avoided if mothers persevered with feeding for six months Breastfeeding ‘can help improve symptoms in children prone to autism’, study finds Breastfeeding can reduce a woman’s chance of developing high blood pressure even DECADES later Breastfeeding could help children eat all their veg after exposing them to the flavour through a mother’s milk Breastfeeding does NOT boost a baby’s IQ: Nourishing infants the natural way only makes them less hyper Breastfeeding for a year doesn’t just benefit a baby: It also reduces a mother’s chances of heart disease and stroke later in life by nearly 10 per cent Breastfeeding for at least two months HALVES a baby’s risk of cot death, study suggests Breastfeeding for six months ‘can HALVE the risk of children becoming obese’ Breast-feeding in infancy ‘lowers the risk’ of a child suffering from depression in adulthood Breastfeeding in public ‘still frowned upon’: Mothers made to feel ‘marginalised and ashamed’, study finds Breastfeeding lessons at 11: Top doctors say it should be taught in school to make the practice more widespread Breastfeeding lowers endometrial cancer risk by 11% – if mothers keep it up for at least 6 months, study reveals Breastfeeding may not help cut allergies in children after all: Study shows bottle-fed babies are equally resistant to host of common conditions Breastfeeding ‘may protect against babies from leukaemia’: Risk falls by 20% in those given breast milk for at least six months Breastfeeding mothers are up to 48% less likely to suffer a stroke in later life Breastfeeding mothers should not drink any alcohol: Booze in breast milk is not safe and damages the thinking and reasoning skills of a child Breastfeeding nearly HALVES the risk of an asthma attack: Natural feeding prevents uncontrollable wheezing by 45% ‘Breastfeeding older children is uncommon but that doesn’t make it wrong’: Expert says children up to SIX can get health benefits Breastfeeding protects women against MS: ‘Pregnancy state’ blocks female sex hormones linked to the disease Breastfeeding rates ARE rising – but too many mothers stop before they should, CDC warns Breastfeeding reduces a woman’s cancer risk: Every five months of going natural lowers the chance of developing breast tumors by 2% Breastfeeding reduces the risk of endometriosis by up to 40%: Natural feeding alters hormones associated with the painful disorder Breastfeeding reduces women’s risk of heart disease for up to 15 years, study finds Breastfeeding reduces women’s risk of pain after a C-section by THREE TIMES – but only if they do it for more than two months Breastfeeding ‘significantly’ lowers cancer risk, study finds Breastfeeding your baby for six months will ‘keep you slim in later life’ Breastmilk DOES protect babies against food allergies – especially if their mothers ate eggs, peanuts and shellfish during pregnancy, study says Breath test could diagnose TB in minutes instead of weeks Breath test that can diagnose concussion: Technology could be introduced at rugby and football matches to stop injured players carrying on Breathalyser inspired by tragic mother will speed up the diagnosis of lung cancer – saving thousands of lives BREATHING is the next big thing in fitness – and you’re probably doing it wrong Breathless? You may have Old Lady Heart syndrome: It’s a newly discovered form of heart failure that’s worryingly easy to miss Brexit could KILL 5,600 people a year by making fruit and veg unaffordable meaning their diets are no longer healthy enough, warns Oxford University researcher Brexit threats over hospital food to the cash-strapped NHS: Firms try to hike prices and blame the pound’s fall Bricklayer almost died and needed open-heart surgery after his TOOTHACHE was the source of a deadly infection Bride and groom who spent FOUR YEARS planning their dream wedding end up side by side in hospital after both suffer food poisoning Bride is left with one leg DOUBLE the size of the other after getting an insect bite while on honeymoon Bride needed pain relief injections to walk down the aisle after controversial incontinence surgery left her with an egg-sized blood clot Bride who feared she would never marry after being diagnosed with huge brain tumour finally ties the knot Bride who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just 5 months ago has died three weeks after fulfilling her final wish to ‘get married in white’ Bride who was told she has terminal cancer and only weeks to live dies just five days after her wedding Bride, 24, with severe eczema woke up a week before her wedding with her eyes swollen shut because she was WITHDRAWING from her skin cream Bride, 30 is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer just weeks after her wedding when husband feels lump under her arm while HUGGING her Bride-to-be feared her face would ‘split open’ after horrific allergic reaction to hair dye triggered rosacea just months before her wedding Bride-to-be finds bone marrow lifeline for fiance stricken by cancer after he was given 60 days to live Bride-to-be nearly died before her wedding day when stomach ulcer burst at Bon Jovi concert Bride-to-be organised dream wedding in just 10 DAYS after her boyfriend was diagnosed with incurable stomach cancer Bride-to-be paralysed suddenly by spinal disease takes her first steps in a year to walk down the aisle on her big day Bride-to-be who bravely shared skin cancer scars is hounded by trolls who say she ‘made it all up’ Bride-to-be who was so fat she feared she would die before her wedding day sheds 16.5st – and is now ready to walk down the aisle Bride-to-be with rare cancer thanks strangers after they donated £160,000 in lieu of wedding presents for life-saving treatment Bride-to-be, 25, loses her memory after developing a rare brain condition that left her unable to recognise her own family and friends Bride-to-be, 25, reveals how she was left with a scar from her ear to her chin after mole she had for 10 years is found to be deadly melanoma Bride-to-be, 29, was told she had cancer just four months before her dream wedding but beat the disease five days before jetting off on her honeymoon Bride-to-be’s horror as botched veneers leave her with rotting, black teeth just months before her wedding – and a £7,000 bill to fix them Brighter men reach middle age in better shape: Higher intelligence in early adulthood linked with stronger backs, legs and hands during middle age Bring in ‘Adrian’s law’ to teach students about organ donation, pleads father who lost son, 27, to leukaemia Bristol will be the first British city to have ZERO smokers but other cities such as Derby won’t be smoke-free until 2050, study finds Britain – the fat man (and woman) of Europe: UK will be fattest nation on continent by 2025, with 40% of adults classed as obese Britain braced for a bargain ‘Viagra’ boom: Thousands more to get impotence pills on NHS as price plunges 93% ‘Britain could soon be the sick man and woman of Europe’: Academic demands answers from Jeremy Hunt as the UK’s life expectancy slows Britain faces epidemic of strokes as we live longer: Number set to soar by nearly half in the next two decades Britain has 53% MORE nurses than it needs – despite claims that NHS wards are ‘brutally understaffed’ with 42,000 vacant posts Britain has the biggest alcohol problem while Australians take the most drugs: Study reveals the world’s vices by country for the first time Britain has the highest use of ‘hippy crack’ in the world – so what are the dangers of laughing gas? Britain is facing a life expectancy timebomb: By 2030, the average man will live to 85… and women will reach 87 Britain is in the midst of a ‘toxic air crisis’ as a THIRD of children are breathing in air so polluted it risks damaging their health, warns Unicef Britain is lagging behind other major countries in offering IVF: ‘Postcode lotteries’ and rationing are leaving childless couples heartbroken Britain is STILL the teen motherhood capital of Europe despite plunging rates of pregnancy among young women Britain is the 4th WORST offender for mothers who drink during pregnancy – despite the well-documented health risks Britain is the country most likely to indulge in booze and drug-fuelled sex as global survey reveals MDMA is the drug of choice to make ‘chemsex’ more ‘intimate’ Britain is the fat, deluded man of Europe: A fifth of people wrongly believe they are a healthy weight – because being obese has become ‘normal’ Britain is worse than the US for no win, no fee medical claims: NHS spent £1.6bn on negligence claims last year Britain lags behind most countries in the world when it comes to caring for the elderly – while America is ranked as the best outside Scandinavia Britain may face another Mid Staffs hospital scandal: Health official warns nurse shortages have reached a ‘critical’ stage Britain needs to go on a diet: Health watchdog calls for food chains to reduce portions by 20% and for all adults to count their calories as it suggests just a bowl of granola for breakfast Britain should become a ‘smoke-free’ country within five years, Health Secretary declares Britain urges G8 nations to crack down on antibiotics amid fears their overuse will lead to drug-resistant superbugs Britain’s silent killer: How little-known lung condition now claims more lives in UK than leukaemia, brain or stomach cancer – but doctors still don’t know what causes it Britain’s biggest charity paid one of its bosses more than £3 MILLION last year Britain’s binge drinking MOTHERS: 20% confess they have been too hungover to look after their children Britain’s bravest bride and groom: Couple find each other at group for people with head injuries after both narrowly avoiding death Britain’s cancer shame: UK has lower survival rate for cervical cases than Slovenia and Czech Republic Britain’s death toll for women’s lung cancer is worst in the EU despite ‘encouraging’ downward trend in deaths from all types of the disease Britain’s deepening care crisis: Ageing women will require 5 YEARS more care than men, warns study Britain’s dental crisis: Charities that assist third world countries are forced to step in to cope with the ‘national disaster’ because dentists are too busy to properly treat patients Britain’s fattest and fittest high streets: The healthy town centres where locals live two-and-a-half years longer than those plagued by takeaways, tanning salons and betting shops (so is YOUR town on the list?) Britain’s fattest man: 70st Keith – who can’t sit up, wash himself or go to the loo – gives up his 24-egg breakfasts in a last ditch attempt to lose weight Britain’s first legal cannabis farm will be built in rural Wiltshire and could make £32million worth of the medicinal drug in a single harvest after it was legalised Britain’s laziness epidemic: How half of adults don’t even go for a brisk walk once a month… with over-40s most at risk Britain’s longest surviving heart transplant patient: Donor organ that’s lasted 30 years is still going strong – but it was only meant to keep the father-of-two alive for a decade Britain’s most prolific sperm donor has fathered 34 children, Government data reveals Britain’s most used pesticide is linked to a serious liver disease which can be fatal, shocking new study claims Britain’s north-south breast cancer divide is revealed: Map shows people in affluent southern England are MORE likely to be diagnosed with the disease Britain’s oldest 20-year-old man has the body of a 160-year-old due to rare condition Britain’s pollution hotspots: The 1,800 cities and towns in the UK where people are breathing DANGEROUS air Britain’s record heatwave triggered 4 TIMES as many hospital admissions for sunstroke and heat-related issues in July than expected as temperatures reached 95°F Britain’s smallest baby at just 12oz who was given a 1% chance of survival is thriving as a teenager and dreams of becoming an actress Britain’s smallest ever baby who was given just a 1% chance of survival celebrates her 10th birthday Britain’s smallest twin who weighed just 13oz at birth wins eight-month fight for life and goes home to her delighted parents Britain’s sobering up: Number of younger adults consuming alcohol to danger levels PLUMMETS – but boozy baby boomers are still pushing up drink-related hospital admissions Britain’s TOFI* kids health time-bomb: *That’s Thin Outside but Fat Inside… and a MILLION ‘fit’ children face its hidden risks Britain’s top 500 sperm donors have fathered more than 6,000 children between them – and some have TWENTY children each Britain’s top children’s hospital is chasing more than £30million for treating overseas patients: Great Ormond Street Hospital said the debt was owed by foreign governments Britain’s top nurse resigns after NHS pay blunder left tens of thousands of nurses expecting a 3% raise that never materialised Britain’s youngest DOUBLE lung transplant patient: 5-month-old is even well enough to be a bridesmaid at her parents’ wedding Britain’s youngest ovarian cancer patient had tumour the size of a rugby ball removed at the age of TWO British and American girls are the fattest in the world: More than half of young females carry dangerous stomach fat in the UK and US, study warns British bacon breakthrough means healthier fry-ups thanks to new rashers which have lower cancer risk British blackcurrants contain higher levels of health-boosting compounds than trendy blueberries, researchers find British boy, 9, receives lifesaving surgery for rare cancer in Kansas after being dismissed by UK doctors for five months – even though he couldn’t walk British children are Europe’s most likely to die of asthma and ‘alarming’ shortage of SCHOOL NURSES could be to blame British children are the biggest cry babies in the world: Infants thought to bawl more because their parents are ‘quicker to respond’ British couple stranded in Singapore with their poorly son born 15 weeks premature are desperately fundraising £140,000 to cover their hospital bill and bring him back to the UK British couple to become parents of TWO sets of surrogate twin babies carried by women in India British eye surgeon will carry out the country’s first transplant using an artificial cornea British father receives kidney from long-lost relative in America – who spotted his plight on Facebook British firm is developing Viagra rival that takes effect in just five MINUTES – but only lasts for half an hour British girls are the fattest in Europe: Almost a third of females under the age of 20 in UK are overweight or obese, claims study British grandfather fitted with life-saving miniature heart pump in world-first op British holidaymaker stranded in the Caribbean until he pays £45,000 hospital bill after failing to declare a pre-existing medical condition to his insurance company British hospitals on Ebola alert: Scientists warn virus could be here in 16 days as minister says visitors should be screened at airports British man dying with human variant of ‘mad cow disease’ to become first to be given the only cure for the disease British man suffers NINE-DAY erection after falling from a moped and bruising his genitals British man, 47, fractures his PENIS during vigorous sex with his girlfriend (but only noticed 12 hours later) British Medical Association launches investigation after female doctors accuse colleagues of sexism including bottom-patting and loudly guessing one’s bra size British military has used chromium-based paint linked to cancer on its tanks, 4x4s and armoured personnel carriers despite the substance being banned for many lines of manufacturing in 2003 British mother is desperately trying to raise £15,000 to fly her 2lb 1oz baby home after she went into labour at just 27 weeks in Vietnam British mothers are being let down: Almost a QUARTER are left ‘alone’ during childbirth as inspectors warn of ‘disappointing’ NHS care British nurse who survived Ebola returns to Sierra Leone to treat patients and says he is ‘delighted’ to be there British nurse who survived Ebola says hundreds of children are still dying because international response has been ‘woefully slow’ British nurse who survived Ebola tells international summit of ‘horror and misery’ as he watched young children in Sierra Leone suffer slow and agonising deaths British parents’ horror as ten-month-old daughter is left partially blind, brain damaged and deaf after being struck down by meningitis while on holiday British patient’s play button tattoo confused surgeons so much they almost operated on him in the WRONG place – but can you spot why? British people breathe in the equivalent of one cigarette a day because of air pollution, leading doctors warn as they beg ministers to do more to tackle the public health crisis British people drink almost 15,000 pints of beer and over 3,200 bottles of wine EVERY MINUTE, spending £30,000 in 60 seconds British public’s satisfaction with the NHS falls to just 53% – the lowest level since 2007 British scientists develop a genetically modified virus that kills cancer cells British scientists discover that asthma drug could stop prostate cancer spreading British scientists get the go-ahead to genetically modify embryos to understand why some women suffer repeated miscarriages British study that aims to catch the signs of prostate cancer could pave the way for all men to get screenings British surgeon is set to spend £50,000 of his own money to rebuild the scarred faces of Pakistani women left disfigured by acid attacks British surgeons are injecting Botox into the shoulders of arthritis patients to relieve their pain British teenager developed 18th Century cowpox after feeding cattle on his farm British weather is causing rickets to skyrocket in children: Increasing cloud cover has made levels of the bone-softening condition the highest they’ve been in 50 YEARS, study finds British woman becomes world’s first to receive donor kidney treated with new warming technique British woman suffers paralysis and memory loss after swallowing poisonous algae while swimming in Florida British women ‘bury heads in sand’ over cancer risks: Quarter admit they would be ‘too scared’ to take DNA test to see if they have genetic chance of developing disease British women are the fattest in Europe with a QUARTER so overweight their health’s at risk British women know more about intimate beauty treatments than health problems that could affect their fertility British women lose 10 DAYS worth of sleep each year but men miss out on just half of that British women ‘twice as likely as men to get a headache’: 15% seek help for chronic problems compare with only 8% of men British women walk 1,000 fewer steps a day than men: Child care, housework and embarrassment blamed for failure to exercise Britons are drinking LESS alcohol than they did 10 years ago despite rising rates across the world ‘because health conscious youngsters are shunning the habit’ (so how much do people drink each year in your country?) Britons drink 5,800 pints in a lifetime (and suffer 726 hangovers!) Britons face paying extortionate travel insurance premiums – that will see adventurers risk major injury – if the European Health Insurance Card is axed post-Brexit, experts warn Britons fail to battle the bulge as 26 per cent of men AND women classed as obese Britons get drunk more often than anyone in world: UK tops major global survey followed by the US, Canada and Australia Britons have the worst diet in Europe: Highly-processed foods make up more than HALF of what people eat and raise the risk of heart disease and strokes Britons spend 11 hours a day looking at mobiles, tablets, laptops and TVs – and it’s causing us a host of eye problems Britons will have to opt out of organ donation from next year: Changes to consent dubbed ‘Max and Keira’s law’ will be rolled out in 2020 Brits now drink 50% more than in the early 1960s: Average person now drink 11.6 litres of pure alcohol each year while consumption falls in other countries Brittle bone drug offers new hope that it could hold arthritis at bay Broccoli breakthrough in fight to treat arthritis: Artificial version of ingredient found in vegetable can prevent inflammation Broccoli’s a wonder veg… and now we know why: Chemical only found in the food helps maintain ‘batteries’ that power body’s cells Broken bones from falls on the rise among older dog walkers: Thousands more are being hospitalized every year as the nation ages Broken Britons: How average person suffers 9,672 ailments in a lifetime Broken ribs? Now you don’t just have to grin and bear it Brother and sister awarded £13 million by the NHS after they were left severely disabled at birth by the SAME mistakes at the SAME hospital two years apart Brother and sister both battle the one in EIGHT MILLION ‘Benjamin Button disease’ that rapidly ages their body Brother and sister with cystic fibrosis can’t share each other’s toys because it could KILL them – but their parents admit it’s ‘so difficult’ to keep the siblings apart Brother and sister with cystic fibrosis could pass on life-threatening infections to each other Brotherly love! Toddler who became one of Britain’s youngest stroke victims at just 19 months old is on the road to recovery…under the watchful eye of his devoted twin Brothers aged 5 and 6 have rare condition which causes their hair, teeth and nails to grow abnormally Brothers with rare terminal muscle disorder fear their future after the FDA denies the drug that keeps them walking Brown-eyed girls are up to two times as likely to feel blue when the weather is bad as their eyes let in less sunlight, claim researchers Bruised, bleeding and even hospitalised: Video released by mother shows her severely autistic daughter, 9, having up to five ‘meltdowns’ a day as the family plead for help Bruises on a five-year-old girl’s legs that have turned into a race against time to beat cancer: She has 2 months to find a stem cell donor but her parents fear they won’t because she is Asian Brushing teeth Gangnam style: Dentists say song is best for children to clean effectively Brushing teeth twice a day could prevent erectile dysfunction: Scientists find bad oral hygiene nearly TRIPLES the risk of impotence Brushing your teeth lowers your risk of hypertension: Women with poor dental hygiene are 20% more likely to develop high blood pressure Brutal flu has killed 84 children in the US – but its spread is stable for the first time this season, CDC says Brutal truth the dentists DON’T tell you when they promise you a dazzling smile Bubble gum-flavored drinkable Advil recalled over confusing labels that could lead parents to overdose kids Bubbles loaded with curcumin that could help to beat bowel cancer Budding artist Tilly, 5, gets to grips with her new bionic hand after losing limbs to meningitis Buffalo healing! Indonesian street therapists use horns of animal to improve circulation and dampen pain of patients – but would you try it? Build new houses away from polluting roads, NHS watchdog warns councils as campaigners claim dirty air is ‘killing thousands’ Builder who had all four limbs amputated after ‘flu’ turned out to be a flesh-eating bug is finally able to walk again thanks to prosthetic legs Builder, 30, has had a tumour the size of his SKULL growing in his mouth for nearly a decade ‘after he injured his jaw playing basketball’ Builder, 60, was left with a 6cm hole in his face after a cancerous tumour ERUPTED through his cheek – months after his dentist dismissed his symptoms for an infected wisdom tooth Build-up of ‘tangles’ in the brain increases risk of dementia more than having the Alzheimer’s gene Bulimia rewires the brain to make sufferers see food as an escape from their torment, scans reveal Bullied and branded ‘tig beeth’: Woman, 23, can smile with pride for the first time after 4 metal plates and 50 screws have finally corrected her overbite Bullied teenager ‘nearly died after steel bar inserted to disguise his sunken chest came within 1cm of his heart’ ‘Bullies called me a freak and “beetroot boy” because of my birthmark’: Now Dean, 31, has stopped hiding the skin he hated – after realising it makes him unique ‘Bullies called me Big Bird because of my nose’: Bride-to-be who went under the knife then suffered THREE botched nose jobs – leaving her wanting to cancel the big day ‘Bullies called me sparrow legs’: Woman whose joints constantly dislocate because her limbs bend the wrong spends all day popping them back into position ‘Bullies constantly tormented me’: Mother, 56, with a facial deformity finally learns to love herself after being left suicidal as a child following years of cruel abuse Bullies really DO enjoy picking on people: Behaving aggressively gives them same pleasure as eating chocolate does in others Bull’s eye! Picture shows the dramatic reaction to a tick bite and why its cause is one of the fastest growing infections in the Western world Bullying does NOT leave lasting mental scars: Most children get over playground jibes by the time they reach 16, reveals new research Bullying victims ‘more likely to be obese’: Number of overweight men and women would drop by 12 per cent if there were no childhood taunts Bullying, sexual pressures and the 24/7 online lifestyle puts schoolgirls at greater risk of emotional problems, experts warn Bullying’s lasting impact: Children picked on at 10 years old are more likely to binge drink and take drugs while their tormentors suffer stress in adulthood Bumper car accidents are ‘as bad as real crashes’: Doctors issue warning after eight-year-old girl’s lung collapsed when she was in a collision on the dodgems Bunged up? Blowing your nose will make it WORSE – but our winter cold expert has some ideas that may help… Bungling doctors told Emily and Chelsea to abort their ‘lifeless’ babies. Thank God they refused Bupa forced to apologise for denying woman, 29, travel insurance after discovering she suffers from bipolar disorder Burger King bosses punished staff who failed to sell enough super-sized meals by cutting their free food allowance Burger King launches ‘diet chips’ with 30% less fat Burglary victim went BLIND with fear as she cowered in house while it was ransacked by intruders Burlesque teacher who is a perfect match for her kidney patient fiancé scraps plans to donate her organ to him – because they’ve split up Burn calories with chilli chocs! Could red hot ingredient hold key to losing weight? Burn survivor, 31, who designed her own groundbreaking ‘tattoo cure’ is now treating thousands of other victims at her own clinic Burned Chinese boy left without a face will have surgery after Mail Online reader outcry leads to special medical fund Burns survivor, 33, who endured years of bullying for her ‘crocodile skin’ finally learns to love her scars – because of her daughter Burns victim whose face melted into his CHEST celebrates marriage and fatherhood after life-changing surgery Burnt out NHS staff are taking more sick days than ever, costing the tax-payer several billions through almost 17 million lost days a year Bus driver ‘suffering severe stomach pain died from blood poisoning after being sent home from hospital THREE times’ Business executive who claimed spending six hours a day on his mobile gave him brain cancer dies aged 44 Businessman only discovered he had terminal lung cancer when his DAUGHTER spotted the diagnosis in his medical notes Businessman, 43, dies after undergoing hair transplant in India and ‘suffering allergic reaction’ Businessman, 56, becomes one of the first in Britain to have an aggressive 7cm tumour on his foodpipe removed by ROBOTS in pioneering surgery on the NHS Businesswoman with horrific mood swings who feared she was ‘going mad’ realises her symptoms aren’t bipolar disorder – but the MENOPAUSE Businesswoman, 34, left scarred for life after doctor botched breast enlargement operation Businesswoman, 35, nearly died FOUR times after ‘her placenta grew in her cervical wall during pregnancy stopping her dead foetus from leaving in a world medical first’ Businesswoman, 55, who saw her GP 20 TIMES was only diagnosed with lung cancer after she threatened to COMPLAIN and then discovered her ribs had been eaten away like ‘a caterpillar’ Busted! From alcohol destroying brain cells to men’s boasts of big feet: 20 ‘facts’ about the human body that are complete myths Busy mother who thought she was run down because of her hectic lifestyle had life-threatening SEPSIS – and FORGOT two weeks of her life Butter and cream will do you no harm (if you walk for 22 minutes a day): Doctors say avoiding saturated fats in these products does nothing to reduce heart disease Butter IS bad for you (today’s study claims) Eating a diet high in saturated fats ‘raises the risk of death from heart disease, cancer and dementia’ Butter is NOT bad and doesn’t raise the risk of heart disease, major study claims Butter ISN’T bad for you after all: Major study says 80s advice on dairy fats was flawed ‘Butterfly’ boy, seven, who lost 80% of his skin and should have DIED is saved by scientists who created a pioneering new skin for him ‘Butterfly’ boy, two, has skin so fragile it can TEAR when he eats or plays with toys – but his parents say he has a smile on his face every day Buttock implants could cause rare blood cancer: Study reveals first EVER account of a possible link just weeks after health officials blamed breast implants for 9 deaths and 457 illnesses Buttock-enlarging procedures rise five-fold in five years as women seek to emulate bootylicious celebrities – but was it worth one woman taking out a £4,000 loan to imitate the curvy stars? Buy your OWN drugs, Welsh NHS board tells patients as free prescription scheme becomes ‘unaffordable’ Buzzer in the neck gives heart patients a new lease of life Buzzer in your brain to boost dementia drugs: Device that ‘opens up’ brain could allow treatments to be vastly more effective Bye-bye holiday weight gain! The 30-day plan, devised by a medic, that will help you shed pounds and develop good habits for life Cabin crew have a higher risk of ALL cancers: Harvard study finds radiation exposure and permanent jet lag undo all the benefits of their surprisingly healthy lifestyles Caesareans will be offered to women in fear of labour amid concerns some are so afraid they seek abortion Caffeine has the wrong effect on an unlucky 10% when they exercise – making them run slower (and it boosts their risk of a heart attack!) Caffeine IS harmless: Myth-busting review reveals powerful stimulant is safe to take and even boosts mental performance Cage fighter left with three holes in his leg and is bed-bound for weeks after spider bit him during dream holiday in Mexico Calcium supplements are linked to higher heart attack risk in older women Calcium supplements ‘dramatically increase risk of heart attacks’ California blamed for E. coli-infected romaine: FDA says a third of illnesses are in LA County – where most lettuce is grown in the state California could soon allow marijuana home deliveries California couple who developed the same cancer after using Roundup weed killer on their property for 30 years are awarded $2BILLION in Monsanto trial California doctor fighting for his license after giving cannabis cookies to boy, 4, who he diagnosed as bipolar in less than 30 minutes California fires have exposed 1.6 million people dangerous amounts of smoke that could be lethal for some California jury awards $29 million to dying mother-of-two with cancer who used Johnson & Johnson’s talc Baby Powder California may NOT put cancer warning labels on coffee: State regulator tells court to reverse the ruling because there is no evidence of a link California patient dies because a surgical sponge was left INSIDE them California Senate passes bill to end fake vaccine exemptions: Only state health officials will decide who skips shots if it is signed into law California SUED for ‘violating Latino rights by failing to provide sufficient healthcare’ California sues two companies after finding dangerous levels of LEAD in toddler formula California tap water exposes millions to cancer-causing chemicals: Experts predict 15,000 will develop the disease from arsenic, radioactive toxins and more California to declare COFFEE a cancer risk amid claims it contains toxic chemicals California woman caught meningitis from smoking medical marijuana contaminated with lethal fungus Californians can now get a prescription for cannabis-laced SODA California’s deadly hepatitis A outbreak could last years, official says California’s legal weed could give you an infection: Scores of crops sold this year ‘contain mold, pesticides and other contaminants’, tests reveal Call for curb on antibiotics for pets after owners catch drug-resistant infections from their animals because they do not follow vet’s advice on how to treat them Call to increase Alzheimer’s research after charity claims they are decades behind work of teams trying to cure cancer Call to put warnings on every cigarette as it would encourage more smokers to quit: Cautions could include list of harmful chemicals Calling young girls ‘fat’ makes them twice as likely to be OBESE by the age of 19 Calls for a ‘vegan vaccine’ as vegetarians say PORK gelatine in flu, MMR and shingles jabs is putting people off getting them Calls for cigarette-style health warnings on junk food that is ‘as addictive as heroin and cocaine’ Calls to allow INFLATABLE bike helmets in the US after study finds they are six times better at absorbing impacts than foam Calls to cut age for breast scans: Up to 90,000 women with a family history of disease should have annual exams from 35 years old, study says Calls to gambling addiction hotline have soared by 30% over five years – with half of callers worried about their mental health Calm down dears… Five ways to stop being so ANGRY: Our expert’s tips on how control your rages – and save yourself from a heart attack Calming angry patients and mopping up sick: New advert shows what nursing is REALLY like Calorie counts on menus do work! People given nutrition information eat 45 fewer calories per meal (but it doesn’t sway them towards healthier desserts) Calorie-restricting diets such as the 5:2 DON’T work in the long-term and are a waste of time and money, claims neuroscientist Calories – not exercise – are the key to changing your body, says celebrity personal trainer for Rooney Mara and Amanda Seyfried Calpol can be dangerous – so why make it taste like strawberry sweets? Doctors urge manufacturers to make medicine less appealing to children ‘Camel flu’ scare in LEEDS: Patient is diagnosed with killer virus as health officials scramble to contact passengers who were on the same plane from the Middle East Camembert safety alert: Sainsbury’s, Asda and Co-op withdraw the French cheese over Listeria fears Camera that stops wounds getting infected: Device uses a special light to identify germs in and around the wounded area Cameron ‘putting patient privacy at risk’ with plan to share medical records with drugs companies Campaigners urge the Government to end NHS price war over £105,000 cystic fibrosis ‘wonder drug’ which could extend thousands of children’s lives Campaigners who fought for justice for hundreds who died at an NHS hospital because of ‘appalling’ care slam Channel 4 over plans to turn tragedy into TV drama Camping in the Cotswolds left me in pain for YEARS – thanks to a random tick bite Can a £15 digital blood pressure monitor REALLY work? The answer: yes, but you’d be better off splashing out another fiver… Can a 36-point plan reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s? Doctor says programme of diet and lifestyle changes dramatically improved sufferers’ lives Can a BLANKET calm your anxieties? The science of how heavy comforters could help combat the sleeplessness epidemic explained Can a breakfast on the go ever be good for you? What is the healthy choice for brekkie on the hoof? Can a burst of sound waves stop your groin pain? New device could be a new way to tackle chronic pelvic problems Can a capsule a day keep the fat away? Taking vitamin D supplements helps obese children shed weight, study finds Can a cosmetic treatment make you ‘scientifically beautiful’? New procedure uses computer to scan 17 keys areas of the face – before fillers make it symmetrical Can a daily tablet cure alcoholics? New treatment helps addicts beat the bottle – WITHOUT giving up booze Can a dry January balance out the excess of Christmas? 31-year-old ditches booze for a month and loses ONE STONE (but he discovers why the pubs are full in February) Can a fertility diet REALLY boost your chance of conceiving? Experts weigh in on controversial book by Harvard professors that claims food can improve semen quality and prime women’s bodies for a baby Can a gastric bypass turn you into an alcoholic? One in five patients develop a drink problem, study finds Can a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away? Alcohol ‘boosts the immune system and makes vaccines more effective’ Can a glucosamine supplement soothe sore joints AND help keep your heart healthy? These people swear by it – but how does it work? Can a guinea pig really ease your anxiety? Thousands of Britons are turning to ‘panic pets’ to help ease depression and other mental health issues Can a jab of stem cells ease your achy knees? Frozen tissue from placenta could be a new way to tackle arthritis Can a laser beam really get rid of piles forever? A reader consults our expert about the new procedure, as he wants to avoid a painful operation Can a mild infection give you the shakes? Can a new lotion make chemotherapy cold caps work even better? Can a phone app really tell if that mole is cancerous? Can a routine holiday jab send you mad? That’s what BBC reporter Malcolm Brabant says happened to him – and he’s not alone Can a sandwich spread be HEALTHY? An NHS dietician assesses five of the most popular… Can a sniffer dog spot if I’ve got cancer? A Mail writer’s extraordinary experiment Can a stem cell injection unblock furred-up arteries? A simple jab may prevent pain while walking, ulcers and the need for amputation Can a vibrating pill shake off constipation? Can a wrist replacement op get me back on court? Can acupuncture in your ear help you lose weight? Treatment can help overweight slim down within just eight weeks Can Alzheimer’s disease be delayed by a chemical found in PINE CONES? Can an afternoon nap raise your blood pressure? Snoozing in the daytime increases the risk of hypertension Can an electric blast zap away your gut pain? Tiny implant could treat Crohn’s disease by sending small electrical pulses Can an NHS ‘cardboard box’ really prevent the tragedy of cot death? Can ASPIRIN banish depression? Scientists say the illness could be caused by inflammation in the body Can aspirin stop cancer returning? Biggest-ever clinical trial could be a ‘game-changer’ for future treatment of the disease Can autism be diagnosed by a child’s sense of SMELL? Children with the disorder continue to sniff a bad odour for longer than those without Can AUTISM protect you from cancer? People on the spectrum are ‘two thirds less likely to develop the disease’ Can avocados cut the health risk of smog? Fruit’s high levels of vitamin E may help to protect lungs from tiny particles Can bad memories be ERASED using electric currents? Study finds ECT can wipe out painful experiences Can banging on a drum SAVE your hearing? Playing any musical instrument can help Can bath salts really wash away health woes? From colds to eczema, our expert guide to the products that promise to improve YOUR condition Can being hypnotised soothe a painful gut? Can boosting ‘good’ gut bacteria really help with autism? Scientists are cautious, but trying this new approach saw James and Isabel Fisher’s son, Kevin, improve within days Can cancer damage the HEART? Disease itself ‘prevents muscle fibres contracting properly, reducing heart function’ ‘Can cannabis oil treat my weakening limbs?’ A reader suffering from a degenerative muscle disease consults our expert for possible treatments Can cheese harm a man’s fertility? Young men who eat more than three slices a day could damage chances of becoming a father Can chemicals in sofas and car seats stop you getting pregnant? Women who are exposed to high levels of dust from flame retardants are a third less likely to conceive Can chicken soup for breakfast really beat arthritis in children? Yes, says Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury, and his daughter can prove it Can CHILDREN wreck your hearing? From a mum of three to a DIY fan, who’s most at risk of being damaged by deafening sounds? Can chilled pants REALLY keep your man healthy? Find out as we run the rule over hair-raising lotions and potions for the chap in your life Can chocolate lower high blood pressure? Antioxidant effects may help relax arteries Can church services extend your lifespan? Study claims people who worship have better health, less stress and longer life expectancy Can cinnamon reverse a high-fat diet? Study claims the spice helps weight loss and cuts back on belly flub Can coconut oil ease Alzheimer’s? Families who’ve given it to loved ones swear by it Can coffee help undo the damage of alcohol? Each cup may reduce the risk of liver cancer by 14%, study finds Can coloured lights really stop that ringing in your ears? Wearing lenses in different hues could be a new way to banish tinnitus and migraines Can cooking with aluminium pans cause dementia? DR MARTIN SCURR answers readers’ health questions Can cracking your knuckles cause arthritis? One man cracked the joints on one hand for 60 YEARS to find out… Can curry spice really help banish your aches and pains? Yes – and WOMEN may benefit from nature’s painkiller the most Can dental dams be sexed-up? The shapeless rubber sheets are the only option for safe oral sex on women – but they haven’t been changed since 1864 Can deodorants cause CANCER? Study claims aluminium salts ‘may trigger tumours’ Can Dr Google diagnose depression? Search engine launches a quiz that lets users screen themselves for mental illness Can draining blood cut cholesterol and ward off cancer? Can drinking donkeys’ milk help you to stay in shape? Can eating a £1 Gummy Bear made from CANNABIS oil really boost your health? Can eating peas and peanuts really lead to brain fog? Warning that protein contained in some vegetables and whole grains could have damaging effects on our health Can eating too many doughnuts make men infertile? It’s not just about having children. Infertility is linked to early death – and the causes may surprise you Can electric pants help stop embarrassing leaks? Device uses electrical stimulation to strengthen pelvic floor muscles Can endurance exercise SLOW ageing? Intense aerobic training ‘prevents cells from shrinking and breaking over time’ Can exercising for just 60 seconds a week transform your health? The BBC’s Dr Michael Mosley says ‘fast exercise’ is even more powerful than experts thought Can extreme tiredness be treated with acupressure? Breast cancer survivors suffering chronic fatigue saw symptoms improve within weeks Can fasting for two days each week stop dementia? It sounds far-fetched, but scientists think slashing calories may combat a host of illnesses Can female sex hormones beat brain damage? Doctors believe progesterone may have protective effect Can fish oil cut heart attack and stroke risks by 25%? Yes, a surprising study claims – but doctors are skeptical Can fish oils help fight prostate cancer? Omega-3 may ‘stop the growth of harmful cells’ Can food REALLY protect you from dementia? We investigate the menu at the ‘brain healthy’ restaurant which claims to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s Can frozen fruit cause HEPATITIS A? Scientists explain how the dangerous infection lurked in pomegranates and led to 7 cases in Australia Can gel manicures give you skin cancer? Top dermatologists explain the risks of UV exposure – and how to protect yourself Can HERPES fuel cancer growth? Virus invades cells ‘tricking them into producing proteins that accelerate disease spread’ Can holding a magnet against your head help defeat depression? Can holding this device that delivers a mild electric current to your neck end the misery of migraines? Can Hormone Replacement Therapy help hold off dementia? Women who take oestrogen menopause have better brain structure, scientists say Can hypnosis REALLY beat the pain of giving birth? The NHS think so and are training more midwives in ‘hypnobirthing’ Can hypnosis stop you smoking when you drink? One journalist who relapsed puts it to the test… and then spends a week guzzling beer to find out ‘Can I keep it?’ Heartwarming video shows boy, three, grinning as he opens and closes bionic hand for the first time after being born with one arm Can I stop my nightly splitting headaches? Can I stop taking statins? Can it ever be right to leave a man you love because he’s infertile? Meet the woman who left her fiancé to become a single mother Can joint pain be cured with ROSE HIP? Actor Larry Lamb claims drug-free supplement has banished his ‘unbearable agony’ and changed his life Can light therapy cure depression as well as SAD? Just 30 minutes a day found to be effective treatment for low mood Can magnets really ease the side-effects of chemo? A leading breast cancer surgeon explains why she believes they can Can man live on meal substitutes alone? They’re full of vitamins and promise all the benefits of a balanced diet. But when one man tried to survive on bars and shakes for a week, he was shocked by the results… Can mercury fillings really poison you or is it just a scare story? Jameela Jamil is convinced they triggered her health issues Can milk stop my medicine working? Can mindfulness help you cut back boozing? Just 11 minutes of brain training can reduce consumption by third each week Can of energy drink ‘could poison a child’: More than 2,000 children age under six hospitalised with symptoms including abnormal heart rhythms in past three years Can olive oil prevent brain cancer? Key nutrient in the staple Mediterranean ingredient stops tumour-causing cells from functioning Can pills for depression turn you into a killer? In a shocking interview, a man who calls himself a loving father tells how he killed his son during a psychotic episode, caused, he says, by medication Can pills solve a man’s size problems? Can pomegranates really add years to your life – and fight cancer? Can popping a pill cure a short fuse? Patients to be given drug that acts on chemical linked to aggression Can Poundland’s vitamins really be as good as their upmarket rivals? The answer may amaze you… and save you £100 a year Can sex really stretch out your vagina? Gynecologists set the record straight Can sharing a husband be GOOD for women? Polygamous households ‘are wealthier and have healthier children’ Can simply clenching a fist boost memory? Balling up your right hand tightly ‘makes it easier to memorise lists’ Can sipping fermented tea REALLY be as good for you as all its fans claim? We examine the Kombucha craze sweeping the nation and the results might shock you Can smothering your FEET in Vicks cure that cough? Users claim applying popular ointment before bed helps clear up colds by the morning Can sparkling water make you fat? Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY reveals how choosing fizzy instead of still drinks can lead to overeating and weight gain Can standing on one leg help keep you young? How well you balance offers an insight into your general health Can staying awake all night help combat depression? Can sugary cereal and a chocolate drink REALLY lower your cholesterol? Can suncream RAISE your risk of skin cancer? Think slathering on high factor lotion will keep you protected? Think again, say these experts Can supplements REALLY make us more beautiful? Collagen pills are ‘useless’ but vitamin C does protect the skin, experts say Can taking a simple hormone prevent the heartache of miscarriage? Can testosterone help beat the menopause? Jane Fonda says it transformed her libido and researchers claim the benefits are almost limitless Can the cat give you cancer? Parasite in their bellies linked with brain tumours Can this underwear spare a man’s blushes? New boxers claim to protect men’s modesty if they become aroused in public Can Trump REALLY be 239lbs at 6’3″? We explain why president has the same stats as Tom Brady, Jason Momoa and Kaepernick amid Twitter’s #GirtherMovement explosion Can Viagra damage your eyes? Man left with ‘doughnut-shaped’ holes in his vision after downing 10 TIMES too much of the recommended dose of liquid sildenafil Can VINEGAR help treat a painful bowel condition? Can vitamin D help treat colorectal cancer? High doses may stop the disease from spreading for over a year, new study suggests Can wearing heels into your 70s save you from deadly accidents? Can weight loss surgery REVERSE ageing? Gastric bypass ‘rejuvenates cells and stunts inflammation within just 2 years’ Can you be fat AND fit? As fitness mags put curvy models on their covers, experts agree it’s how ACTIVE you are that counts Can you be obese but still healthy? Apparently so – if you don’t have other bad habits Can YOU bear to watch? Dr Pimple Popper tackles the ‘mother of all cysts’ – which explodes in a mountain of pus on the patient’s head Can you CATCH Alzheimer’s? Disease could be spread via blood transfusions during surgery in the same way as CJD, say scientists Can you CATCH Alzheimer’s? Fresh fears emerge amid claims of a second case of transmission from a transplant Can you CATCH depression? Being surrounded by gloomy people can make you prone to illness Can you catch the flu from your dog? We explain the risks as owners panic over the outbreak among canines Can you die of a broken heart? Losing a loved one causes ‘devastating damage’ to the immune system, making it harder to fight infections Can you do 40 push-ups? Men who can do more of the simple exercise have a 96% lower risk of heart disease, study finds Can you draw a spiral? It could determine your risk of Parkinson’s: App can spot disease hallmarks by measuring speed and pressure Can you eat your way to glossy hair? Experts say having protein at every meal is vital to strong, healthy locks Can you get fit for the splits in just four weeks? Programme of stretches can help people be as flexible as Strictly’s Debbie McGee Can you give YOURSELF the cancer-causing HPV virus? Study finds some sex acts may increase the risk of throat cancer Can you guess the calorie, fat and sugar content of your favorite foods? Probably not: New graphs reveal how Americans get it VERY wrong Can you guess which household chore burns 300 calories? Revealed, the health benefits of vacuuming, cleaning your car and mowing the lawn Can you hypnotise yourself thin with a £4.99 app? Paul McKenna says yes, but doctors claim it’s simply misleading and a ‘gimmick’ Can YOU navigate your way around this new VR game that could detect dementia in minutes? Failure to sail a ship around different routes could signal early signs of the disease Can you REALLY be a healthy vegan? Nutritionist gives his expert verdict – and reveals the safest way to follow the diet… Can you REALLY change your brain with drugs, supplements and apps? Experts break down the science behind mind-boosting fads Can you really CURE a child of autism? With parental devotion and a pioneering treatment, Jamie’s behaviour has been transformed. So why are experts sceptical? Can you REALLY eat yourself happy? TV show reveals the best mood-boosting vitamins and minerals – so what’s the best way to consume them? Can you really ‘electric shock’ yourself into shape? Experts weigh in on the celebrity workout trend that Ashley Graham, Usain Bolt and Victoria’s Secret models swear by Can you really get a fifth of your daily calories from SUGAR and still be healthy? Can you really get pain under control WITHOUT painkillers? From lavender oil for headaches, to turmeric for back pain, doctor reveals the best natural alternatives to feel better… Can you REALLY run your first marathon at 63? Yes…but there’s a strict recipe to getting it right, as Bake Off’s Jane Beedle has discovered Can you really survive eating nothing but POTATOES for a year? This seemingly-crazy man is – but at what risk to his health? Can you really trust a GP who diagnoses you over a Webcam? The NHS seems to trust online doctors, and hopes the service will cut waiting lines Can you really trust a robot surgeon? With worrying malfunctions and scant evidence that they’re better for patients Can YOU recognise the four celebrities behind the dots? Opticians claim this bizarre test shows whether you’re colour blind (tip: lean back and squint) Can YOU recognise the odd one out in this puzzle? Failure to spot the small but significant difference in these shapes could be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease Can YOU remember if you’ve had the measles jab? Millennials urged to check if they’ve had MMR vaccine before summer holidays as highly contagious strain rampages through the UK and Europe Can YOU smell asparagus in your urine? It’s all down to your genes Can you spot the danger drinker? These brave volunteers kept diaries of a week’s drinking so doctors could analyse the health risks. The results were startling Can you spot the difference? Surgeons replace dad’s severed thumb with BIG TOE after he sawed it off in DIY accident Can YOU spot the missing letter from the alphabet in this chart? Opticians release tricky puzzle designed to keep your eyes sharp Can you spot what is wrong with this man’s hands? A doctor posted this photo to highlight a condition that is far from rare Can you still enjoy sex if you’re severely disabled? This bride-to-be, who has no feeling from the chest down, gives a resounding yes, yes, YES! Can you stomach this? New pump sucks food straight out of the belly so dieters can eat all they want without digesting it Can YOU stretch your stomach to fit in 6,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner? Can YOU tell the happy faces from the sad? Take the test that shows how just one night of bad sleep can affect our ability to sense emotions in others Can YOU tell which of these women is ill just by looking at them? Scientists say ‘humans may have evolved to spot signs of an infection’ Can you tickle YOURSELF? Unnerving ability could be a sign of schizophrenic-like traits, experts warn Can YOU turn off your worries? Expert reveals the THREE STEPS to take control of your apprehensions and stop brooding for good Can YOU walk up four flights of stairs quickly without stopping? Scientists claim this is key to avoiding an early death Can your condom give you cancer? World health chiefs warn chemical found in tyres, gloves and babies’ dummies causes diseases Can your phone make you healthier? App-solutey: A pocket pharmacist, mobile motivator and a crowd-funded fertility treatment among top five mobile health apps Can your teeth REALLY fall out due to stress like Demi Moore’s did? Dentist reveals the truth Can’t afford the gym? Climb 192 steps a day: Experts recommend walking up and down stairs to lower blood pressure and strengthen leg muscles Canadian doctors to start prescribing MUSEUM visits in hope that cultural trips ‘will help patients battling mental health issues’ Canary Islands health warning: Tourists are at risk of catching an antibiotic resistant bug which can cause pneumonia and meningitis, warn experts Cancel that gym membership! Why regular exercise WON’T help you lose excess weight Cancel thousands of non-urgent operations to free up beds for winter surge, hospitals are told Cancer breakthrough as new technique reveals how far it has spread in the body AND spares healthy tissue is unveiled Cancer breakthrough as scientists create MALARIA protein that could ‘destroy nine in 10 cancers’ Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover how cells spread for the first time paving the way for new treatments to halt disease in its tracks Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover ‘master switch’ that causes the disease to spread, paving the way for new life-saving treatments Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover new ways of blocking potentially lethal tumours spreading around the body Cancer breakthrough as scientists ‘supercharge’ an immune cell that could be mass-produced to be used in revolutionary new treatment Cancer breakthrough as scientists uncover HOW diseased cells take first steps away from their tumor to spread through the body Cancer breakthrough that allows doctors to transplant disease-fighting immune cells from strangers into patients could ‘save millions of lives in the future’ Cancer breakthrough: Scientists discover how to kill ‘undruggable’ proteins using ‘the kiss of death’ Cancer breakthrough: Scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ key disease-causing protein to ‘reduce tumors by 80%’ Cancer breakthrough: Scientists discover how to target ‘undruggable cancers’ which affect 50% of cases Cancer breakthroughs: Revolutionary new drugs are TWICE as effective for patients with breast, lung and prostate tumors ‘Cancer brought us together’: The brave young women who became best friends while fighting for their lives Cancer children are ‘dying’ because of EU red tape, say doctors Cancer cluster in New York: Officials investigating spike in leukemia, bladder, lung and thyroid cancers on Long Island Cancer costs the average patient £570 a month due to hospital travel and loss of earnings Cancer could become untreatable because of superbugs, says medical chief Cancer death rates continue to fall as more Americans quit smoking, new report reveals Cancer death rates fall by nearly 10% thanks to earlier diagnosis, better treatment and decline in smoking Cancer deaths among middle aged drop by 40% to record low thanks to better screening and treatment Cancer deaths dropped 25% in two decades: Data reveal astonishing drop in fatalities – thanks to fewer smokers and closing the racial gap Cancer deaths will ‘fall by 17% by 2030’ as treatment improves and people stop smoking Cancer diagnosis scandal: 17,000 Britons die needlessly every year due to delays in spotting the disease, experts warn Cancer doctors are TWICE as likely to pick one drug over another if they got kickbacks from the manufacturer, study reveals Cancer DOESN’T end your sex life, study claims: Survivors make love ‘just as much as those who never had the disease’ Cancer drug could be prescribed to autism patients after scientists discover it reverses anti-social symptoms Cancer drug firms ‘double the price for NHS patients’ denying people from buying life-extending pills Cancer drug prices start to fall at last: Costs for 14 key treatments are cut after NHS refuses to pay for them Cancer drugs are NOT reaching the patients: One in six sufferers have faced an NHS block to treatments that are recommended by their doctors, report warns Cancer drugs could combat high blood pressure in a ‘real advance’ that may save millions from heart attacks and stroke Cancer drugs fund shake-up ‘could put thousands at risk’: Experts claim reforms would have devastating consequences amid fears life-saving treatment could be restricted Cancer drugs taken by more than 12,000 patients a year may be AXED in NHS funding crisis – ‘setting treatment back a generation’ Cancer drugs that could help end women’s monthly agony: Discovery that endometriosis cells behave in the same way could lead to new way to treat the condition Cancer expert slams Met Gala celebrities for ‘promoting cigarettes’ with smoking selfies in the bathroom Cancer gougers: New Big Pharma scandal as price of crucial leukemia drug is hiked 40% to $200,000 a year ‘Cancer is a positive and I feel more alive than ever,’ says new bride, 34, who created bucket list after being given just months to live Cancer is becoming the number 1 killer of Americans: Disease is on the brink of overtaking heart disease Cancer is being spotted earlier than ever: Fewer people diagnosed with the disease at A&E thanks to better screening and GPs being more aware Cancer is hitting 9/11 firefighters earlier and harder than previously thought, new report finds Cancer is rising six times faster in women than men due to bad lifestyle choices – as more smoke and drink than ever before Cancer ISN’T all in your genes: Up to 90% of cases ‘could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles’ Cancer jab for girls ‘is safe to use’: Experts say HPV vaccine is not linked to spate of rare pain conditions Cancer killed Lucy’s sister. So why did doctors think her symptoms might all be in the mind? Cancer left Eric with half his face missing and unable to eat or drink. Now surgeons have made him a new face using a 3D PRINTER Cancer map of England reveals people in the North East are most likely to be diagnosed with the disease Cancer mother first to give birth following chemotherapy after pregnant bump encased in 1.5-tonne lead shield Cancer mum took life or death gamble with her unborn child… and won: Son saved by operation tried for first time in the UK ‘Cancer mutates, but it has other ways to resist treatment’: Expert explains how cancer can ‘out smart’ even the most cutting-edge drugs Cancer now killing more men than heart disease: Illness becomes primary cause of deaths for first time since 1960 Cancer nurse who has devoted her life to helping patients is being forced to crowdfund for treatment because the drug she needs to battle the disease is not available on the NHS Cancer operations halted at major hospital after five patients died from ‘potentially avoidable complications’ Cancer overtakes heart disease as leading cause of death in 22 states, figures show Cancer overtakes heart disease as the leading cause of death: Statins, healthier lifestyles and better treatment saving thousands of lives Cancer patient ‘caught’ kiwi allergy after receiving a bone marrow transplant Cancer patient granted a ‘deathbed’ wedding after fearing she had just days to live makes a miraculous recovery – and has even renewed her vows Cancer patient has belly button removed to stop rare form of disease returning for a fourth time Cancer patient has her appendix, large bowel, gall bladder, spleen, womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and most of her small bowel removed in ‘mother of all surgeries’ to treat ‘one in a million’ cancer misdiagnosed as IBS Cancer patient has his mouth and tongue rebuilt using tissue from his ARM… after a tumour the size of a plum is removed from his throat Cancer patient has his tongue re-built using skin from his ARM (which still had hair on it) Cancer patient has NINE organs removed in ‘mother of all surgeries’ to treat ‘one in a million’ disease misdiagnosed as IBS and period pains Cancer patient left ‘terrified’ after hospital doctor issues him with a Do Not Resuscitate order Cancer patient left with wonky breasts after botched surgery finally feels confident after her nipples are TATTOOED back on Cancer patient saved by ‘seek and destroy’ cells stuns doctors with recovery after being given just weeks to live Cancer patient told she had six months to live but is still alive more than 40 YEARS later urges other patients to ‘never give up and think of the disease like a common cold’ Cancer patient was ‘shunted around like locomotive rolling stock’ by hospital staff who moved her TWICE in the 30 minutes before she died Cancer patient who froze her own ovaries 10 years ago gives birth: Woman becomes first in Britain to have a child after having tissue re-implanted by scientists Cancer patient who was given just 12 months to live sees his tumour VANISH after flying to America for life-saving drugs and stem cell treatment Cancer patient, 46, dies in his new wife’s arms six weeks after delaying vital medical tests because he refused to miss their wedding Cancer patient, 49, was forced to sleep in a CUPBOARD after a life-saving operation due to a bed shortage as the NHS continues to buckle under the pressure Cancer patient, 58, was left with a painful ‘hourglass-shaped’ erection for TWO DAYS as a result of anaesthetic during surgery (and is now impotent) Cancer patient, 60, who was given just 18 months to live has been cured after taking part in the world’s first trial for a ‘phenomenal’ new drug Cancer patient, 61, who lost most of his penis to a flesh-eating superbug after routine surgery is taking legal action against the hospital Cancer patient, 63, has her uterus AND colon removed by robots in pioneering surgery on the NHS Cancer patient, 69, has her face rebuilt using a state-of-the-art 3D scanner – and 20 hours of pioneering surgery Cancer patient, 7, stars as king in school nativity after nurse works ‘Christmas miracle’ to move surgery scheduled for same day Cancer patient, four, receives 700 birthday cards from around the WORLD after his mother urges strangers to help him set a new Guinness record Cancer patients are being given false hope by juice cleanses and detoxes, leading oncologist claims Cancer patients are being given morphine just WEEKS before they die despite ‘enduring intense pain for months’ Cancer patients are ‘dying early because of the UK’s stupid system of funding drugs’, says pharma boss – after 2 of the firm’s drugs were de-listed by NHS Cancer patients are hit with rip-off travel insurance premiums up to FIFTY times higher than other people’s despite half of sufferers now being cured Cancer patients forced to cut back on food and essentials, warns Macmillan chief Cancer patient’s giant tumour is ‘completely destroyed’ and ‘dissolves’ after doctors trial pioneering new drugs cocktail to treat melanoma Cancer patients may lose vital drug in crackdown on funding: Watchdog reviews 31 treatments that are not usually available on the NHS Cancer patients now TWICE as likely to survive at least 10 years than in the 1970s – but ‘more suffer ill-effects of treatment’ Cancer patients only diagnosed when they end up at A&E: Are we too scared to take our symptoms to the doctor? Cancer patients put themselves through ‘pointless’ treatments because they’re over-optimistic about how long they’ll live Cancer patients who eat oily fish or take omega-3 supplements ‘may become resistant to chemotherapy’ Cancer patients who exercise could HALVE their risk of death, claims study Cancer patients who have exhausted all proven treatments could be offered a blood test to match them with experimental drugs Cancer patients who rely on herbs, homeopathy or energy crystals over conventional treatment are two-and-a-half times more likely to die within five years of diagnosis Cancer patients who socialise with others battling the disease are MORE likely to live: Interacting with other sufferers aids survival by reducing stress Cancer patients who use complementary medicine have higher risk of death because they are more likely to skip other parts of their treatment Cancer pill denied to thousands of women: Doctors are failing to prescribe two daily pills that can slash odds of developing the disease Cancer rates in women have increase THREE times faster than in men over the last 10 years Cancer remedy apricot kernels ‘can be deadly’: Warning about latest fad as fruit’s seeds contain high levels of cyanide Cancer risk chemical acrylamide is found in KFC fries, crisps and cereal Cancer risk for women who sit down for too long: Staying seated for more than six hours a day increases chance of breast, ovary or bone marrow tumors Cancer risk of breast implants ’10 times higher than first feared’: Shock warning from surgeons .. as one British survivor relives ordeal Cancer risk of discount deals: Supermarket multi-buy offers boost junk food purchases and cut sales of fruit and veg, warn experts Cancer risk of making your roast potatoes and fries too crunchy: Food watchdog warns they should be cooked to a ‘light golden yellow’ Cancer scan at the supermarket: NHS rolls out screening trucks in Tesco and Asda car parks in bid to improve detection rates of the disease Cancer set to overtake heart disease and stroke as biggest killer thanks to statins and a decline in smoking Cancer set to overtake heart disease as the top cause of death for rich Americans as well-off communities tackle heart risks – but progress is slow in poorer areas Cancer shouldn’t happen to people as young as me. But it does… and I’m proof you can survive it: Teenage Cancer Trust poster girl Charlotte Newman’s harrowing story will give hope to every young sufferer Cancer ‘smart bomb’ treatment ‘could attack cancer while simultaneously boosting the immune system’ Cancer spreads when cells SPIT OUT a protein: Hope for new treatments as scientists discover how tumours grow bigger Cancer stricken bride says ‘I do’ in hospital after staff rally to ensure treatment doesn’t delay her big day Cancer sufferer first in UK to have bladder replaced with a new one created inside his body by a robot Cancer sufferer, 26, having a testicle removed had a surprise pre-surgery ‘ball voyage’ bash organised by loved-ones who blasted ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ to guests Cancer sufferer, 37, who kept her hair during 12 ROUNDS of chemotherapy credits an ice cap that stops follicles being ravaged by potent drugs Cancer survival rates 10 years behind Europe: British figures still well below other countries despite billions being spent to improve situation over the last 15 years Cancer survival rates across England are improving – but Southerners still have a better chance than those in the North Cancer survival rates in England are getting better – but are still lagging behind the rest of Europe Cancer survival rates that are getting WORSE: Britain still lags behind countries elsewhere in Europe as it’s revealed chances of beating some types of tumour have gone backwards Cancer survivor and Vietnam veteran who lost half his face during radiation therapy has new jaw made with a 3D PRINTER Cancer survivor gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby boy two years after her first pregnancy turned out to be an aggressive tumour invading her womb Cancer survivor left infertile by radioactive implant treatment hopes to realise her dream of becoming a parent after her MOTHER agrees to be her surrogate Cancer survivor who had all the bones in her leg replaced with titanium lands job as a model Cancer survivor who had an OVARY removed defies the odds to give birth to a healthy boy Cancer survivor, 25, to have a pioneering operation to REVERSE her early menopause triggered by grueling cancer treatment so she can have a second child Cancer survivor, 26, undergoes first-ever ovary operation by a ROBOT to implant her ovarian tissue which was frozen 11 years ago Cancer survivor, 32, welcomes his ‘miracle’ baby after his partner found out she was unexpectedly pregnant – just WEEKS before chemotherapy left him infertile Cancer survivor, 38, who posed for a photo shoot after her double mastectomy is branded ‘SELFISH for being too positive’ Cancer survivor, 55, who was robbed of a nose, cheek and eye is afraid to be seen in public because his facial prosthetic regularly falls off Cancer survivors age faster and die younger than those who never had the disease, major study finds Cancer survivors have the highest risk of opioid addiction – but they are excluded from nationwide crackdown, study warns Cancer survivors suffer psychological scars similar to those experienced in war more than a decade after diagnosis Cancer that doctors can mistake for a minor bug: Polly got antibiotics – but needed a stem cell transplant Cancer that killed world’s first face transplant recipient was NOT caused by anti-rejection drugs, but an unrelated tumour, doctors reveal Cancer therapy rays that blast away heel pain which affects an estimated SIX MILLION Britons Cancer therapy saved my life but left me with heart failure Cancer through the eyes of children: Incredible photos by young patients offer heart-wrenching insight into how they cope with the disease Cancer treatment DOESN’T harm an unborn baby: Pregnant women advised not to delay treatment after study finds chemo and radiotherapy are not unsafe Cancer treatment is ‘biased against elderly patients’: Chance of surgery declines sharply with age for all common types of tumour Cancer treatment that PUNCHES HOLES in tumours could be latest weapon in war against disease Cancer tumours in the gut feed off sugary drinks, new study shows Cancer vaccine that cured 97% of mice with blood tumours, has no painful side effects and eliminates the need for chemotherapy, may be available in just one year Cancer victim, 22, DIES from an infection that led to sepsis months after having an abortion to boost her chances of survival Cancer victory over drugs giants: Up to 8,000 women to benefit as NHS forces price cut for two life-changing treatments Cancer waiting times reach the worst EVER level in England as just 78.2% started treatment within two months of being urgently referred by their GP Cancer warning labels on spray-on sunscreen could be SCRAPPED after the industry lobbies global health officials Cancer will kill 5.5 MILLION women a year by 2030, report warns Cancer will probably NEVER be eradicated, say Nobel Prize winners who developed the most promising cancer therapy to date Cancer-causing asbestos is present in nine out of ten NHS hospitals, investigation reveals ‘Cancer-causing’ weed killer is found in Honey Nut Cheerios, Quaker Oats and 24 more cereals Cancer-detecting CHEWING GUM to replace blood tests: New product absorbs compounds released by tumors into the saliva Cancer-fighting nanorobots (a thousand times smaller than a human HAIR) have been programmed to shrink tumors in the body Cancerous tumours ‘grow faster at night’ – and drugs to fight the disease might work better during sleep, study finds Cancer-risk chemicals in own-brand AND posh crisps: Raised levels of substance caused by the cooking process found in one in five popular packets Cancers survivors are TWICE as likely to be on antidepressants due to fears their tumour will return Cancer-stricken British girl, 6, who raised $180,000 to come to US for experimental treatment is now in remission Cancer-stricken father kisses his baby daughter for the first time after chemotherapy made his saliva so TOXIC it could poison her Cancer-stricken grandfather given just 12 months to live sees tumours killed in TWO DAYS after breakthrough treatment Cancer-stricken man told he had six months to live rushes to marry his girlfriend as doctors don’t know how long he has left after beating his prognosis Cancer-stricken mother, 26, defies the odds to survive after doctors warned she had just four weeks to live when she was diagnosed Cancer-stricken mother, 45, fights for life after doctors wrongly told her inoperable 5lb tumour ‘the size of a baby’ in her womb was harmless Cancer-stricken teenager who was serenaded by Florence & The Machine in her hospice bed has died after five-year fight against bone disease Cancer-suffering groundsman, 46, who has months to live will testify against Roundup in first ever trial over the weedkiller’s links to cancer Cancer-surviving toddler born with a tongue ‘DOUBLE the size it should be’ needs reduction surgery to help him eat and talk Cannabis addicts DOUBLE in a decade – yet only 14% of users actually receive treatment, experts warn Cannabis ‘affects your eyesight’: Study finds regular marijuana use damages link between retina and brain Cannabis being sold across Europe has DOUBLED in strength over the past 11 years, finds study Cannabis CAN reduce anxiety levels – but only in small doses Cannabis could be downgraded by the World Health Organization to make it more available in medicines Cannabis ‘could ease pain of post-traumatic stress disorder’ Cannabis could have the power to help crack cocaine addicts overcome their deadly drug dependency Cannabis could soon become legal for medicinal use in Ireland after the government pass a bill Cannabis ‘DOES alter the brain’s ability to process emotions’, experts warn Cannabis DOES alter your brain – and the younger you start the ‘greater the risk of serious damage’ Cannabis DOES ease nausea: Clearest evidence to date that the drug beats sickness – paving the way to more doctors suggesting marijuana for cancer patients Cannabis DOES have long-term effects: Regular use ‘can cause vocabulary to shrink in middle age’ Cannabis does help MS patients – but scientists can’t work out which strain did the trick Cannabis DOES make you lazy: Smokers are ‘less willing to perform hard tasks’ after using the drug Cannabis DOES make you stupid: Weed smokers have consistently low grades through school, study finds Cannabis does more harm than good: Health officials warn doctors against prescribing the drug for ailments as the effects outweigh the minor benefits Cannabis ‘does not slow progress of multiple sclerosis’, scientists claim in blow to hopes drug could provide long-term benefits to sufferers Cannabis DOES slow the brains of teens and young adults – but a three-day detox combats the effects, study reveals Cannabis drug halves the risk of an epileptic seizure in more than 40% of patients, study finds Cannabis drug may help pancreatic-cancer patients live almost THREE TIMES longer, study finds Cannabis drug slashes the risk of an epileptic fit by nearly 50%, study finds Cannabis increases heart problems and ‘may even prove fatal for young and middle-aged users’ Cannabis inflicts long-term damage on teenage brains: Those who use the drug as teens struggle with reasoning, memory, and inhibitions in later life Cannabis IS a medicine: Health officials admit drug-extract has ‘restoring’ effects on the body Cannabis IS addictive – and smoking it harms the brain permanently Cannabis is NOT as dangerous as we think, expert claims: Study shows the drug only rarely causes psychosis Cannabis is not just for kids these days: 70% of seniors say they would try medical marijuana to treat their pain Cannabis is used for first time in hospitals to relieve pain of terminal cancer patients Cannabis legalization is driving dispensaries OUT of business: Centers that provide the drug free to cancer patients are struggling to afford market value taxes of up to $50,000 Cannabis link to brittle bones: Heavy users found to be at a higher risk of osteoporosis and have more fragile spines and hips Cannabis makes pain more bearable instead of reducing it, say scientists Cannabis may boost the immune system and fight cancer, scientists claim Cannabis ‘may trigger a heart attack’: Risk increases FIVE-fold in the hour after drug is smoked Cannabis mouth spray gives pain relief to cancer patients Cannabis myth debunked: Adding tobacco will NOT make you more stoned – but will help to sharpen memory, reveals first study of its kind Cannabis oil cured my bowel cancer, claims father, 33, ‘given just 18 months to live’ Cannabis oil firm uses NHS-style logo on advertising leaflet to ‘exploit the curious and desperate’ Cannabis oil helped cure my cancer, claims father who was given two years to live Cannabis oil is now available on the high street: Holland & Barrett reports a 37% rise in sales since stocking the product Cannabis oil use in the UK doubles in a YEAR: Figures reveal 250,000 people now rely on the controversial potion to cure them of back pain, anxiety and epilepsy Cannabis smokers are ‘FIVE times more likely to develop an alcohol addiction’, experts warn Cannabis studies overestimate the drug’s benefits because participants know they are ‘high’, expert says Cannabis users ‘are four times more likely to suffer a heart attack’: Scientists say users suffer more cardiac-related illness than those who do not smoke the drug Cannabis users are more likely to feel deceived and alienated by others, study finds Cannabis users can now test how high they are with a new app designed by scientists Cannabis users five times more like to develop schizophrenia than someone who has never smoked it Cannabis users ‘have lungs of 80-year-olds’: Doctors warn people are turning up at A&E with new form of emphysema after using drug for less than ten years Cannabis users need 220% more anesthesia to undergo surgery, study finds Cannabis with high levels of CBD may ‘protect the brain’ from weed’s harmful effects and could one day be used to ‘treat addiction or psychosis’ Cannabis WON’T harm your health as long as you stick to one small joint a week, scientists claim Cannabis-based medicine could HALVE the number of seizures suffered by children with a rare type of epilepsy Cannabis-derived compound CBD could be used to treat HEROIN addiction by reducing addicts’ cravings for the illegal drug Cannabis-related ER visits TRIPLED in Colorado after legalization Can’t be bothered to exercise? Just WALK: Doctor reveals the simple tricks that undo the damage of sitting all day Can’t be bothered to floss? Seven percent of people use strands of hair to dislodge food between their teeth and others aren’t afraid to use safety pins, reveals survey Can’t concentrate at work? Snack on pumpkin seeds, massage your ‘third eye’ and look at cute animal pictures, expert reveals Can’t face the gym? That’s ok – just IMAGINE being there! How breath and heart rate increase when you think about exercise Can’t find Mr Right? More and more single women turning to IVF to start a family Can’t get a doctor’s appointment? It’s only going to get worse: Third of GP training places remain unfilled because medics fear being ‘overworked’ Can’t get a tune out of your head? Tina had that for 30 YEARS… only to discover that the cure is surprisingly simple Can’t get away from your desk? Now you can work out AT your computer: Read our exclusive guide to toning up as you type Can’t get off the sofa or stop eating comfort food? Take this quiz to reveal YOUR health personality – and banish those bad habits for good… Can’t get rid of that muffin top? Blame your DNA: Scientists discover ‘apple shape’ gene which tells fat to gather around the stomach Can’t get to sleep? Avoid weekend lie-ins and DO exercise before bed: Experts bust 6 common myths to help you nod off Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: Could this Kylie song aid the war on Alzheimer’s? Can’t go to the loo? Try a hot drink to kick-start your digestive system, doctor advises Can’t hold a drink or cope with pain? Blame the colour of your eyes Can’t kick the habit? Smokers with a specific gene keep lighting up FOUR years longer – and they’re more likely to get lung cancer because they inhale more deeply Can’t lose weight, no matter how hard you try? Expert reveals 7 common dieting mistakes that could be making it a struggle Can’t orgasm? The SHAPE of some vaginas mean certain women ‘will never climax from intercourse alone’ Can’t put down your cigarettes? Faulty wiring in the brain could be to blame Can’t quit smoking? Blame your BRAIN: Some people are simply hard-wired to lack self-control Can’t quit smoking? ‘Pleasure gene’ that regulates the reward hormone ‘makes it harder for some smokers to stub out their habit’ Can’t resist a cigarette with your drink? Blame your mother! Gorging on junk food during pregnancy ‘can shape child’s taste for nicotine and alcohol’, experts warn Can’t resist the chocolate aisle? Eating an apple BEFORE going to the supermarket primes shoppers to buy healthy food Can’t resist wine o’clock? Blame your menstrual cycle! Women crave alcohol a week after their period because estrogen makes a drink ‘much more rewarding’ Can’t say no to cake? Your brain may have been hijacked by the bugs in your stomach Can’t shake a cold? Try these! From supplements to exercises to diet changes: 10 techniques proven by science to stave of sniffles and coughs Can’t shift that chesty cough? It could be a deadly lung disease… and it’s on the rise in middle-class women Can’t sleep in a hotel bed? Don’t blame the mattress! It’s because your brain won’t shut down properly in unfamiliar surroundings Can’t sleep? Do the DISHES: Insomnia experts reveal the best ways to clear your mind before bed time… Can’t sleep? Have rice for dinner: High GI foods can help you nod off (but noodles have the opposite effect) Can’t sleep? It could be because your mother drank during pregnancy: Alcohol consumption can ‘damage slumber for life’ Can’t sleep? Listen to bacon! Bizarre new viral video of sizzling meat is lulling viewers to sleep around the world Can’t sleep? Try eating more rice: High GI food increases levels of protein used to make serotonin, known to induce sleep Can’t sleep? Try the medicine cabinet in your GARDEN, says TV horticulturalist Chris Beardshaw Can’t sleep? You could have inherited the insomnia gene Can’t stand anti-vaxxers? Head to Maine! Map reveals the Pine Tree State has the highest rates of child vaccinations Can’t stick to your diet? Your GUT BACTERIA could be to blame for junk food cravings Can’t stop eating junk food? Blame your BRAIN for allowing lapses in self-control Can’t stop eating? Your hormones might be to blame rather than gluttony Can’t stop picking your spots? Doctor reveals the best way to attack a pimple without damaging your skin (but be warned, it’s not pretty) Can’t stop scratching? Breakthrough makes drug to stop ALL types of itch – from skin conditions to insect bites – a step closer Can’t stop snoring? Your FAT TONGUE might be to blame Can’t stop snoring? Your TONGUE could be to blame: Overcrowding in the mouth can trigger a dangerous sleep disorder Can’t stop yawning? Hair going curly? The medicines with VERY odd side-effects ‘Car crash saved my life,’ says new mother diagnosed with rare cancer at 28 weeks’ pregnant when doctors scanned her leg in aftermath of accident Car crash victim left paralysed for life is set to WALK down the aisle on his wedding day in robotic legs awarded by High Court judge Car crash victim’s tongue is turned BLACK and ‘HAIRY’ by antibiotic she took after both her legs were crushed Car crash woman wakes from a coma to discover she is three months PREGNANT – but she can’t remember who the father was Car seats ‘must NOT be used as cribs’: Researchers warn babies can suffocate if their head tips forward in unsecured chairs Carbs ARE good for you: Eating bread, pasta and rice in moderation lowers your risk of early death, Harvard finds Carbs DON’T make you fat, you CAN eat after 7pm and most people don’t have a wheat allergy: Nutritionist busts 8 food myths ‘even smart people believe’… Cardiac arrests on golf courses are all too common, but ex-Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher – who nearly died from one – calls for a simple solution Cardio vs weight training? Personal trainer reveals whether you need to run or pump iron to achieve your dream figure… Cardiologist slams ‘incorrect’ advice from the World Health Organization urging people to replace butter and lard with healthier vegetable oils in 2019 Cardiovascular disease is the top killer in the US – with heart disease and stroke responsible for 1 in 3 deaths Care assistant loses 7 stone in 18 months after seeing unflattering photo of herself – and cures her ASTHMA at the same time Care home workers ‘must have a flu jab to protect the elderly’ MPs warn, as it emerges only one in four get vaccinated Care homes will be replaced by luxury developments to keep pensioners independent for longer: Government will invest £76 million a year on putting spas and bistros into residential care Care worker, 31, who is forced to wear braces six years after botched dental work left her with wonky teeth receives a £17,500 payout Career high-flyers are more likely to hit depression in middle age, reveals study Carer reveals her life was saved by a visit to Specsavers! 22-year-old thought she needed new lenses – but a routine eye test revealed she had a GOLF BALL-sized brain tumour Carer, 23, told she was ‘too fat’ for IVF drops daily diet of Subway sandwiches and McDonald’s to lose FIVE stone and get fertility treatment on the NHS Carer, 49, who thought she was pregnant after years of infertility was devastated to discover her ‘miracle baby bump’ was two grapefruit-sized tumours Caribbean getaway leaves a nasty souvenir: Couple discover red rash on their bottoms was caused by worms burrowing into their skin as they sunbathed Caring children can cut your risk of Alzheimer’s: Likelihood of the disease found to be lower in families who have a ‘reliable relationship’ Caring for elderly stroke survivors costs $40 BILLION a year – and that figure is rising as baby boomers age ‘Caring for my dying husband was the best time of my life’: Widow describes the seven life-changing months she supported the love of her life through terminal cancer Caring grandfather who laughed at terminal cancer by writing book ‘Keeping Your Sense of Tumour’ dies Carol Smillie to the rescue! TV star shows how to perform life-saving CPR to the beat of The Proclaimers’ anthem 500 Miles Carol Vorderman’s sight was too blurry to put on her make-up until ‘miraculous’ laser surgery Caroline Flack’s weight-loss X-factor is down to a ‘hardcore’ sugar-free diet Carrots? No, it’s grapes that are great for your eyes – and could reduce the risk of blindness later in life Carrying too much weight? You may be mistaken for an American! Heavier people are assumed to be from the US (according to Washington scientists) Cases of ‘Aussie flu’ rocket by 35% in a week and death toll is officially 97, figures reveal, as 15-year-old schoolboy becomes the latest victim Cases of flu in Britain DOUBLE within a week with TWO MILLION now showing symptoms as outbreak starts to take hold and pile pressure on the NHS Cases of scarlet fever soar to the highest levels in nearly 60 years as measles also continues to spiral, official data shows Cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea are soaring due to dramatic cuts to sexual health services – and it’s only going to get worse, experts warn Cases of syphilis and incurable strains of gonorrhoea soar as STI experts warn new figures are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ Cases of the most deadly strain of meningitis soar: Health officials urge young people – especially students – to ensure they are vaccinated Cases of the winter vomiting bug jump by 14% in just one week causing ‘mayhem’ on the NHS, experts warn Cases of the winter vomiting bug soar by 20% in one week piling more pressure on over-stretched hospitals, official figures reveal Cases of winter vomiting bug soar by 13% in a week as NHS braces itself for the dreaded ‘Aussie flu’ outbreak, prompting fears the health service will be left crippled Cash-strapped NHS trusts are ‘blocking vital heart drugs to save money’ Casual sex can cause depression and even lead to suicidal thoughts, experts warn Casual sex IS good for self-esteem – but only if you’re a ‘physically strong, narcissistic male’ Casual sex makes you depressed and anxious, finds new study Casualty actor Lloyd Everitt is so severely dyslexic that he has to replace all of his lines with pictures to learn his scripts Casualty in crisis: A&E forced to turn away patients as admissions rise by up to 27% CAT scan cancer fear: Radiation ‘could trigger the disease in one in 80 patients’ Cataract patient, 64, accidentally glued his eye SHUT after mistaking nail adhesive for his eye drops Cataract patients are going BLIND due to the six-month waiting lists for the life-changing surgery, report reveals Cataract surgery decreases a woman’s risk of early death by 60%, study finds Catching a simple infection can damage your IQ for several YEARS, study warns Catching up on sleep at weekends may aggravate period pain ‘by disrupting normal reproductive cycles’ Catching Zika late in pregnancy ‘doesn’t harm babies’: Women infected in their third trimester had children with NO birth defects Cate Blanchett reveals she got a ‘penis facial’ with Sandra Bullock at a high end salon in New York while filming Oceans 8 Caterer who was given a pioneering £50,000 ‘bionic penis’ after being born without the organ FINALLY has sex aged 45 (and is rather pleased with his ‘ridiculously big’ new body part) Catholics told NOT to offer the sign of peace at Mass amid rampant flu outbreak in the US that has struck seven million Americans Catishoo! Scientists on the brink of creating a new jab to treat annoying cat allergies Cats and dogs in the UK are found to carry a gene that can make bacteria resistant to a last-ditch antibiotic ‘CATS detected my cancer’: Grandmother claims moggies followed her around and repeatedly poked her in the stomach to alert her to rare appendix cancer Caught a cold? Don’t bother taking vitamin D – scientists say no evidence supplement will fend of the sniffles Cauliflower is the new kale: Why nutritionists can’t get enough of this lumpy vegetable – and how YOU can use it (in savory AND sweet meals) Cause of heart defect that nearly killed footballer Fabrice Muamba is discovered, paving the way for a cure CBBC vlogger, 13, who interviewed PM is thanked by Theresa May for making her a ‘superb’ quiche and praised for defying the bullies who taunt her in a home-recorded clip aired on GMB ‘CBD oil is why I’m still alive’: Skin cancer sufferer who crowdfunded his own FUNERAL after being given six weeks to live claims the cannabis supplement has helped him prove doctors wrong ‘CBT is a scam and a waste of money’: Popular talking therapy is not a long-term solution, says leading psychologist CDC launches task force for polio-like disease as MORE cases emerge: Now 109 kids are confirmed sick and 167 are under investigation as officials scramble to identify the cause CDC tells men in three Florida counties not to donate sperm over Zika fears CDC to relax Zika guidelines after study shows risk of sexual transmission only lasts a month following diagnosis CDC’s handling of the polio-like illness that has struck dozens of children is criticized by its OWN ‘frustrated’ and ‘disappointed’ advisers Celebrities #GiveASpit for life-saving treatment: Spiderman, Game of Thrones actress and Made In Chelsea stars urge YOU to sign the stem cell donation register Celebrities ‘mislead women into thinking it’s easy to become pregnant when over 40 by not revealing they have had fertility treatment’ Celebrity diets that deceive us: Experts release list of regimes that should be avoided including fads championed by Gwyneth, Fergie and Katie Price Celebrity doctor to Cindy Crawford, Suzanne Somers, and Fergie is disciplined by California medical board over controversial menopause therapy Celebrity trainer reveals the exercise Victoria’s Secret models turn to for the best fat-burning results – and it’s NOT high intensity Celebrity trainer secrets: How Hollywood BFFs Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps stay in shape thanks to dance guru Lauren Kleban Celebrity trainer secrets: Personal trainer to Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke reveals how to do her ‘clean and lean’ workout – and why she NEVER diets Celebrity trainer secrets: Personal trainer to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner reveals his six rules for getting in shape Celebrity trainer secrets: Personal trainer to top model Elle Macpherson says LIFTING is the key to an A-list body Celebrity trainer secrets: Supermodel Jourdan Dunn’s workout revealed – and her boxer brother who is also her PT gives his top tips Cell check spares women chemo for breast cancer: New £2,500 tests reveal risk of disease returning Cell phone tower shut down at elementary school after eight kids are diagnosed with cancer in ‘mysterious’ cluster Cell phones ARE linked to cancer, landmark study finds: Results show ‘clear evidence’ of tumor growth after repeated exposure to radiation Cellphones do NOT cause brain cancer: No evidence radiation given off by mobiles leads to tumours, reveals largest study of its kind Cellulite surgery, that works! New laser treatment promises to rid women of orange-peel thighs… for good Century-old sleeping sickness drug allowed an autistic 14-year-old to say the first full sentence of his life – as well as boosting sufferers’ social behavior and coping skills Cereal brands are launching MORE sugary breakfasts to fight drop in sales despite health fads hijacking every other industry Cerebral palsy patient, 20, has life-changing spinal surgery after a kind-hearted stranger donates £37,000 Cerebral palsy sufferer, 8, left ‘heartbroken’ after NHS withdraws offer to fund surgery that would allow him to walk unaided Cervical cancer death rates are MUCH higher than we thought: Official data is missing up to 77% of fatalities, shocking report reveals Cervical cancer operation that saves women’s fertility Cervical cancer rates in under 35s soar 60% as the number having smear tests falls to an all-time low Cervical cancer screening rate drops to a 21-year low as worrying figures reveal more than one million women haven’t attended their smear test in the past five years Cervical cancer sufferer, 25, is first to undergo treatment that will not stop her having children Cervical cancer survivor, 29, who thought she had been robbed of the joy of motherhood, defies the odds to give birth after undergoing pioneering surgery Cervical cancer virus only infects a small group of cells that ‘could be removed before the disease develops’ Cervical cancer will be ‘ELIMINATED by 2100’ thanks to life-saving HPV vaccine and improved testing – with UK cases cut in half by 2050 Chained to the office desk, your golf game or just wear and tear: Ten reasons your hips are aching Chain-smoking takeaway addict shed 8 stone after doctors warned she would have a stroke at just 23 Chair-bound Britons spend 9 HOURS of their day sitting down (the same as a flight to the Caribbean) Challenge for the ‘popaholics’: Can you guess what this lump with ‘little teeth’ is in Dr Pimple Popper’s latest video? Challenging yourself, taking aspirin and drinking champagne: The six proven ways to prevent dementia according to science Champagne IS best, ALWAYS mix with soda and AVOID beer: Expert reveals 8 top tips to healthy drinking this Christmas Champion bagpiper’s fingers turned BLACK and had to be amputated after he developed gangrene Chance of surviving cancer is written in our GENES: Doctors develop database which predicts how long a person will live based on their DNA Chance the Rapper teaches Twitter followers how to detect inflammatory breast cancer after his aunt dies of the notoriously difficult-to-spot disease Chancellor’s £100m investment for hospital triage won’t ease pressure and will cause MORE to seek help at A&E, say critics Chances of being killed by three of the most common cancers fall by half in just 20 years Change in walking pace in the elderly ‘could be a sign they are in early stages of dementia’ Change school hours to stop pupils stabbing each other, say medics: Start and finish times should be staggered to stem ‘significant peak’ in knife attacks on under-16s before 6pm ‘Change your sunglasses every TWO years’: UV rays damage lenses over time – raising your risk of vision loss Chaos as winter vomiting cases hit 750,000 and force hundreds of wards to close Charcoal to detox, freekah for heart health and bone broth to lower your blood pressure: The latest health food fads revealed…but which ones REALLY work? Charcoal toothpaste adored by Nicole Scherzinger WON’T make your teeth white and could even lead to decay, dental charity warns ‘Charge doctors £130,000 if they quit the NHS’: Students should take out training loans which they must repay if they leave Charge drunks who end up in A&E: Jeremy Hunt says taxpayers should not foot the bill for people who have gone ‘over the top’ on a night out ‘Charge us what you charge every other country – $20 a vial. Then we will give you kudos’: Patients slam Eli Lilly for agreeing to cut the price of insulin – to an eye-watering $140 per bottle Charity accuses celebrity mothers of fuelling a rise in SIDs as stars such as Kim Kardashian post photos of their babies in ‘unsafe sleep positions’ on social media Charity calls on the NHS to give all children with cancer a £1 jetlag supplement that boosts survival by 40% Charity challenges keep former Big Breakfast presenter Denise Van Outen in trim as she signs up for 250-mile cycle through Vietnam and Cambodia Charity honour for the parents and carers who have saved the life of a child after successful ‘Chokeables’ advert Charity worker, 28, who saw her skin ‘fall off’ after ditching eczema steroid creams says the side effects have killed her sex life Charles under fire for ‘preaching homeopathy’: New book criticises the ‘immoral’ Prince and also attacks Boots for ‘ripping off’ customers by promoting alternative medicine Chatting to colleagues, neighbours and parents at the school gate benefits people’s wellbeing just as much as close friendships, study finds Cheap and easy ‘toothpaste’ test that spots risk of stroke and heart attack by spotting danger areas in the arteries Cheap blood pressure drugs taken by thousands of people could increase survival chances for men with prostate cancer ‘Cheap boob jobs made my breasts EXPLODE’: Woman, 24, is left with ‘wonky chest’ after two botched operations abroad Cheap children’s sunglasses priced at just £1 provide as much UV protection as brands that cost 20 TIMES as much Cheap cure for thousands with high blood pressure: Simple test could save thousands from life-threatening problems each year Cheap glucosamine supplements used to soothe the agony of arthritis and joint pain ‘may lower the risk of heart disease’ Cheap yoghurt drinks can make the flu jab work better: Study reveals consuming probiotics after vaccination boosts effectiveness Check spots NOT moles: Deadly skin cancer starts as mere skin marks in more than two-thirds of cases Checking emails after work damages your health, your relationships AND your partner’s health, study finds Checking the blood pressure in BOTH arms could save your life: Big difference between the readings is an early sign of heart disease Checking work email at home can cause heart problems, anxiety and headaches warn experts Checking your emails outside of work really IS bad for your health, ‘increasing stress levels and reducing wellbeing’ Cheer up! Being miserable won’t kill you after all: Stress and unhappiness have NO direct impact on mortality, study finds Cheer up! Pessimists are more likely to die of heart disease, study shows Cheer up… you might live until you’re 100! Those with the most positive outlook live longest, says study Cheerleader, 16, who was struck down by condition that left her with a curved spine is back on the field 6 months after surgery to fix it Cheerleader, 17, reveals how doctors thought she was pregnant before discovering a 5lb cancerous tumor growing in her ovary ‘Cheerleading saved my life’: Anorexic teenager whose weight plummeted to 5st makes remarkable recovery Cheers to that! Just ONE pint of beer boosts heart health by improving blood flow and make arteries more flexible Cheers! Alcohol IS good for you: Up to 5 drinks each week ‘lowers risk of heart failure and heart attack’ Cheers! Could drinking beer really stave off a winter cold? Cheers! Drinkers who have one glass of wine a night ‘are at less risk of heart failure than teetotallers’ Cheers! Drinking every day IS good for you, say scientists as landmark study finds a regular tipple can cut the risk of death by a FIFTH – despite health chiefs saying there’s no safe limit Cheers! People who drink a glass of wine a night live LONGER: Study says alcohol protects your heart and cuts your risk of early death by 25% Cheers!… to no hangover: Our wine expert’s guide to the low and no-alcohol New Year tipples Cheese IS good for you – just don’t eat it on its own Cheese, pizza and lasagne protect MEN from brittle bones as they age – but not women Chef for ITV’s Lorraine: My REAL bikini body diet…with absolutely no protein shakes! Chef too scared to leave the house after being called ‘ugly’ and ‘retarded’ due to rare neurological condition is finally cured of agoraphobia by hypnotherapy ‘Chemical cosh’ drugs given to the elderly triple the risk of stroke Chemical found in apples, onions and green tea can help beat blood clots Chemical found in deodorants, face cream and food products is discovered in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients ‘Chemical-free’ nail varnishes contain toxins linked to infertility and even cancer Chemicals found in fast food wrappers and clothes are linked weight gain in women Chemicals found in perfume, hand creams and body lotion may make girls go through puberty MONTHS early Chemicals from gut bacteria maintain vitality in old age, research shows Chemicals in foods can ‘double miscarriage risk’: Researchers warn pregnant women of dangers in the home Chemicals in make-up and perfumes fuelling rise in children with asthma Chemicals in non-stick pans get into drinking water and may cause cancer, report warns Chemicals in paint and varnish may increase people’s risk of developing the crippling nerve disorder multiple sclerosis up to 30 TIMES, study finds Chemicals in plastic ‘are making women less interested in sex’: Low libido linked to additives used to soften materials found in every home Chemicals in sunscreen are absorbed into your blood at concentrations up to 419 TIMES above ‘what is safe to avoid cancer’ Chemicals released after brief, intense exercise can slow the growth of breast cancer tumours Chemicals used to flavour e-cigarettes could be toxic: Citrus or floral scents may cause cancer, study finds ‘Chemo brain’ DOES exist, finds study of breast cancer patients ‘Chemo was tough but I was tougher!’ Beaming baby who developed cancer while still in the WOMB survives aggressive treatment he started at just 16 days old Chemo-brain IS real: Scientists discover how cancer treatments damage white matter to cause mental fog Chemotherapy breakthrough: ‘Microbubbles’ loaded with drugs could destroy more than half of hard-to-treat tumours without any side effects Chemotherapy ‘can make cancers more resistant to treatment and even encourage them to grow’ Chemotherapy ‘could cause brain damage’ in breast cancer patients Chemotherapy could cause cancer to SPREAD and grow back even more aggressive, new study claims Chemotherapy ‘may damage fertility of patients’ children’: Offspring of women who have had the treatment have 72% fewer babies Chemotherapy will be ‘obsolete in 20 years time’ thanks to genetic revolution which will allow personalised treatment for cancer patients Cheryl’s post-baby hair loss: Star reveals how she coped when her locks fell out after she gave birth to her son, Bear Chew each mouthful of food 40 TIMES to help lose weight Chewing mints makes bad breath WORSE instead of freshening it, claims expert as he reveals the foods that DO work Chicago Blackhawks’ star player Marian Hossa could be forced to retire because he is ALLERGIC to the team’s kit Chicken and eggs can boost your memory: Scientists discover nutrient that may slow down ageing of the brain Chicken chow LESS: Obese takeaway addict who drank 10 lagers a night sheds 6st in four months after adopting a strict CHINESE diet Chicken may be just as bad for your heart as red meat: Study finds both raise your cholesterol levels in equal measures compared to a veggie diet Chicken pox vaccine now available on the high street for the first time – but experts warn it could bring a rise in dangerous shingles in adults Child abuse could leave ‘molecular scars’ on its victims: Study identifies ‘trauma footprint’ in the genes of survivors – and it could be screened for in criminal investigations Child asthma linked to paracetamol: Giving the common medicine to children under 2 could increase risk of respiratory disease, study finds Child cancer deaths are down by a fifth in the past decade thanks to better treatment Child of THREE treated in hospital for alcohol abuse after being fed drink for months Childbirth at 50 is as safe as 40: Study finds no increase in risks to the mother and baby Childbirth causes mother’s bladder to prolapse and it had shifted so far out of place it was coming out of her vagina and she could TOUCH it Childbirth experts warn umbilical cords should not be cut for up to FIVE minutes Childbirth is ‘MORE traumatic than endurance sports’, say scientists – and they warn it can take 8 MONTHS for pelvic injuries to heal ‘Childbirth saved my life’: Mother, 29, discovers she has cervical cancer after doctors spotted a satsuma-sized lump during labour Childhood cancer is bigger risk to fertility for boys: Just half who survive go on to become fathers compared with 70% of girls who fell pregnant Childhood concussion warning: Even a minor bang to the head can raise the risk of an early death Childhood eating disorders are more common than previously thought: Rate of bulimia and binge-eating is 14 times higher, new study reveals Childhood promise to gain a six-pack before his 40th birthday sees father lose 5st in 8 months (and he still had fried egg sandwiches for lunch every day) Childless women are more likely to die of cancer than mothers because ‘not having a family encourages an unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and staying out late’ Childless women are up to THREE TIMES as likely to suffer heart failure as they miss hormone boost, study reveals Children aged NINE are damaged by cannabis: Shocking toll of young patients admitted to hospital with mental disorders Children are 23% less likely to become ill if they wash their hands with a sanitiser instead of soap and water Children are being denied mental health care until they become suicidal, even if they might be psychopaths – and sexual abuse is not serious enough for NHS help, report reveals Children are being sold CIGARETTES and e-cigs on Facebook at the click of a button – despite scandal-hit social media giant’s ban Children are denied cancer drugs due to EU loophole: Charities slam law that means youngsters can be excluded from trials for new treatments Children ‘are going blind and risk dying from cancer’ as doctors overlook crucial early warning signs Children are obese due to overfeeding NOT a lack of exercise, say scientists Children are suffering more serious head lice infestations as parents refuse to treat them Children are THREE times more likely to try e-cigarettes than tobacco: Devices are ‘luring youngsters to smoke’, scientists warn Children are TWICE as likely to be short-sighted than 50 years ago: Too much screen time and a lack of daylight ‘may be to blame’ Children as young as 11 are now wearing SIZE 26 school uniforms as their waistlines continue to balloon Children as young as 12 are being given contraceptive implants making them ‘vulnerable to abuse and sexual exploitation’ Children as young as 12 have been handpicked for NHS study on gaming addiction: Scientists to examine how compulsive video playing differs from alcoholism or gambling Children as young as 4 years old are battling with mental health problems: 98 per cent of teachers have seen signs of such disorders in young students Children as young as 7 eat more salt than the recommended amount for ADULTS Children as young as EIGHT have body image issues: Youngsters become self-conscious when their hormone levels rise in preparation for puberty Children as young as FIVE with depression could be offered NHS therapy on their smartphones to avoid long waiting lists Children as young as FOUR treated for mental ill-health: Rising tide of under-17s suffering depression and anxiety ‘triggered by exams, social media and cyber-bullying’ Children as young as four who fall behind at school are more likely to suffer psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, when they are adults Children as young as TWELVE are attempting suicide after shock study finds one in 13 youngsters develop PTSD following traumatic events such as assault or sexual violation Children born addicted to opioids are at a 40 percent greater risk for a learning disability, study suggests Children born after intensive IVF treatment may have a greater risk of developing heart disease than those conceived naturally, scientists warn Children born by C-section face a fifth higher risk of growing up allergic to shellfish or peanuts ‘because they aren’t exposed to vaginal bacteria’ Children born from frozen embryos are ‘more sociable’ than those born from fresh ones Children born through IVF are more likely to suffer from asthma ‘because of the fertility drugs their mothers used’ Children born to anxious mothers are ‘at higher risk of developing asthma’ Children born to mothers older than 35 are more likely to have heart problems – even if they were conceived from eggs frozen years earlier Children born to mothers with arthritis are 160% more likely to have epilepsy, concludes study of 1.4 million births Children born to overweight mothers ‘more likely to be fat’… but breastfeeding can offset the effect Children born via IVF have slightly higher cancer risk, study finds – but it’s linked to parents’ fertility issues not the technology Children born with herpes are more likely to develop the most common form of childhood cancer Children branded ‘lazy’ for doing poorly in exams could be DEPRESSED: Teenagers with mental health condition struggle to remember information, study finds Children brought up by two parents are more intelligent – because they develop more brain cells Children can GROW OUT of autism: Controversial research suggests not all youngsters have the same fate Children conceived in the winter are at greater risk of autism and dyslexia: Mother’s lack of vitamin D affects development of baby’s brain Children conceived via IVF do NOT develop slower: Scientists silence fears that assisted reproduction stops youngsters reaching key milestones Children consume up to 25% LESS salt after playing online educational games that feature TALKING cartoon pizzas and broccoli, finds study Children could hold the key to curing sepsis as 10 current drugs – including a migraine cure and a throat medicine – found which appear to trigger the genes to fight the condition Children DO age you! The more kids a woman has the ‘greater stress her body endures – accelerating the aging process’ Children drink just a quarter of the amount of water they should during the school day – and parents blame headteachers for banning squash Children eat a year’s worth of sugar in just FIVE months (that’s the equivalent of 5,000 cubes) Children eat more junk food after watching YouTube stars who indulge in unhealthy snacks, study finds Children exposed to air pollution in the womb are 61% more likely to have high blood pressure, study reveals Children exposed to passive smoking at risk of long-term lung problems Children exposed to pollution in early life are more likely to be OBESE ‘because toxic air triggers inflammation in the brain which disrupts their appetite and metabolism’ Children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to develop arthritis as adults, groundbreaking study claims Children exposed to tobacco fumes are just as likely to develop agonising rheumatoid arthritis as smokers, 30-year study finds Children fall victim to deadly E.coli in rocket leaves: Two people have been killed and more than 150 Britons affected by the bug Children from disadvantaged families are BORN with a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes, study reveals Children from families where the average income is £324 a week are ‘more likely to suffer from ADHD’ than wealthier ones Children from poor families are up to FOUR TIMES more likely to start puberty early as poverty causes stress that triggers reproductive hormones Children given antibiotics before the age of two ‘are more likely to be obese by five’ Children given antidepressants up by 28% in a decade: Fears drugs are being handed out as a first treatment instead of counselling Children in the UK consume more energy drinks than anywhere else in Europe, warns Public Health Minister, as he reveals he would never let his offspring consume them Children in UK cities are inhaling 60% of their daily air pollution intake on the ‘toxic’ school run and while being taught in the classroom Children left disabled by meningitis after GPs failed to diagnose them are paid £28m in compensation Children left struggling to breathe after being forced to return to schools in New Delhi as the city remains under seige from a deadly smog that is equivalent to smoking 44 cigarettes A DAY Children like Tamara are dying because doctors don’t take asthma seriously enough Children living in deprived areas are TWICE as likely to be obese Children lose seven minutes of sleep for every hour of TV they watch Children ‘may wet the bed because of genetics’ rather than stress or being unhappy with some youngsters 40 per cent more likely to have a problem Children need just seven minutes of energetic exercise a day – but most don’t even get that, finds study Children of divorce are more likely to be obese in later life: Break-ups cause kids to binge on short-term pleasures because they fear planning for the future Children of divorced parents who live with a step-mother or father may face greater mental health problems Children of five comfort eat when anxious: Study finds seeds of emotional eating are sown at a very young age Children of insomniacs fall asleep later AND get less shut eye as youngsters pick up poor sleep habits from their mothers Children of mothers who don’t take folic acid ‘more likely to have severe language delays’ Children of obese mothers face higher risk of asthma and wheezing Children of smokers are ‘up to four times more likely to get heart disease later in life’ Children of teenage mothers perform worse at school – as will their younger brothers and sisters, scientists claim Children of the 90s are THREE times as likely to be obese as their parents and grandparents Children raised by single mothers do NOT suffer: Academics discover there is no difference to their mental health compared to those who have a traditional family Children regularly looked after by their grandparents are likely to be fatter because of the extra treats Children risk becoming CROSS-EYED if they over-use smartphones and hold devices too close to their face Children separated from their parents suffer permanent damage to their physical and mental health, top health officials warn Children should have the right to tell doctors to vaccinate them if parents have ‘flawed’ anti-vaxx beliefs, rules American Medical Association as US measles cases hit 17-year high Children should have the right to tell doctors to vaccinate them if parents have ‘flawed’ anti-vaxx beliefs, rules American Medical Association as US measles cases hit 17-year high Children who are bullied for being chubby ‘gain more weight because the stress causes them to binge eat and stop exercising’ Children who are made to walk or run a mile a day are significantly healthier than their sedentary peers, study finds Children who are obese at the age of 10 have damaged arteries and are at greater risk of heart attacks when they grow older Children who are overweight in nursery are FOUR times more likely to be obese teenagers Children who are physically active have greater brain power: Exercise boosts grey matter in NINE different areas, first of its kind study reveals Children who bite their nails or suck their thumb cut their risk of developing an allergy as an adult by a fifth Children who don’t drink water are consuming an extra 100 CALORIES a day from sugar-laden drinks Children who don’t eat fruit and vegetables are 53% more at risk of asthma Children who drink fruit juice have a higher risk of developing asthma Children who eat badly and have poor living conditions are ‘more likely to get cancer in later life’ Children who eat fish have a lower risk of asthma – but only if it’s eaten in the first year of life Children who eat fish just once a week have higher IQs and sleep better and it’s all because of a key ingredient, study finds Children who eat junk food three times a week have more severe asthma and eczema Children who eat lots of chicken are less likely to develop bowel cancer later in life Children who fail to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night are 58% more likely to become fat Children who go to the same secondary school as their BFF ‘behave better and get higher grades’ Children who grow up in houses or flats with no garden are ‘40% more likely to be obese by the age of seven’ Children who have family meals are ‘less likely to be overweight and binge on junk food’ Children who have not had their MMR vaccine could be BANNED from UK schools, Health Secretary says Children who have their tonsils removed are nearly three times more likely to develop asthma and pneumonia Children who live near a busy road are more likely to develop ADHD Children who play on iPads or watch too much television have poorer problem solving, communication and personal skills by the age of five Children who play outside have better eyesight than those who spend more time indoors Children who play video games are ‘better adjusted’ – but only if they spend less than an hour a day on them Children who refuse to brush their teeth may be putting themselves at risk of heart disease in later life ‘because they are more likely to get clogged arteries’ Children who sleep more get better grades, CDC says – as California considers later school start times Children who spend four hours a day on phones, tablets or video game consoles are TWICE as likely to get ‘insufficient sleep’ Children who spend hours glued to their smartphones are more likely to be sleep-deprived and obese Children who spend just half an hour online every day are twice as likely to pester their parents for junk food Children who start school overweight ‘struggle to fit in years later’ Children who undergo CT scans may be at a higher risk of developing brain cancer, warns study Children who watch less TV are better behaved, slimmer and do better at school, researchers claim Children who were exposed to cigarettes in the womb and as babies are more than twice as likely to be DEAF, finds study Children who were picked last in PE turn into lazy adults because of the ’emotional impact’ of being left out Children whose mothers are stressed while pregnant ‘grow up to be more mentally resilient’ Children whose parents are cousins are up to three times more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety or schizophrenia Children whose parents battled cancer have lower grades and earn less money as adults, 30-year study reveals Children whose parents divorce or get separated are more likely to become overweight ‘because their mothers or fathers are too busy to cook for them’ Children whose parents divorce or get separated are more likely to become overweight ‘because their mothers or fathers are too busy to cook for them’ Children whose parents have opioid prescriptions have double the risk of attempting suicide, study finds Children with alcoholic parents face a greater risk of having abusive or violent relationships as teenagers, study shows Children with asthma are at greater risk of developing heart failure, warns study for the first time Children with asthma ‘twice as likely to need hospital treatment during month of September’ Children with bone cancer denied lifesaving drug by NICE Children with fat mothers ‘are a third more likely to die before the age of 55′ Children with food allergies are being BANNED from parties because their friends’ parents are terrified of killing them Children with food allergies are more likely to have anxiety: Managing their condition and feeling different from their peers causes youngsters stress Children with obese siblings are FIVE times more likely to become overweight… but healthy friends could help beat the bulge Children with peanut allergies are more likely to suffer a reaction at HOME than at school or when eating out Children with same childhood cancer that killed Bradley Lowery will be DENIED life-extending drug on the NHS after health watchdog claims it’s too costly Children with severe allergies are not allowed to go to school without $700 EpiPen amid nationwide shortage of the life-saving drug Children with TVs in their bedroom have a higher risk of becoming obese – and it’s worse for girls, study finds Children won’t eat their greens? Stickers work better than ‘false’ words of praise Children YOUNGER than SIX are being prescribed antidepressants by doctors who are using them as a ‘sticking plaster’, experts warn Children’s toothpaste is a rip off: It costs more but is often the same as adult brands (and this guide reveals how to save money and pick the best for your family) Children’s asthma medication may cause nightmares and other mental health issues Children’s author awarded compensation after botched laser eye surgery left her with blurred vision Children’s ball pit play areas contain dozens of killer germs because they ‘can go weeks without being cleaned’ Children’s body weight ‘is genetically influenced and NOT the fault of parents feeding them a poor diet’ Children’s car seats are dirtier than TOILETS: Scientists find 100 different strains of dangerous bacteria including E. coli and salmonella bugs Children’s diets worse today than in wartime: And now illnesses of 1940s are making a comeback Children’s heart surgery units at Royal Brompton and two other hospitals to close after NHS review Children’s nurse, 29, forks out £40,000 for multiple sclerosis therapy in MEXICO after being told she ‘doesn’t fit NHS criteria’ Children’s toys ‘squishies’ contain cancer-causing chemicals Chilled face mask can end pain of tooth extraction: Plastic mask is being used by dentists to reduce pain and swelling ‘Chillest baby’ enters the world with arms outstretched after nightmare four-day labor Chilling truth about the ice in your drink which is covered in bacteria Chilly feet CAN increase the risk of catching colds and flu, leading expert warns Chin up! New study finds Botox injections can lift your jawline and transform the appearance of people with receding chins ‘China’s Elephant Man’: 39-year-old with a massive 33lb tumour growing from his face turns down offers to join a freak show Chinese baby is at risk of losing his blackened toe after his mother’s HAIR became tangled around his digit and cut off his blood supply Chinese boy, 11, has one of his testicles removed after it twisted 540 DEGREES and turned black and purple (but doctors say it can happen to any man while they sleep!) Chinese man claims walking in huge iron shoes weighing more than 31st EACH can CURE back pain Chinese man who looked heavily pregnant for more than a DECADE finally has huge 2st tumour removed Chinese medicines contain ‘dangerously high’ levels of lead, mercury and arsenic, warns health watchdog Chinese mother gives birth to huge baby weighing 13lbs 10oz – and puts its size down to her diet of milk, eggs and fruit Chinese scientists who edited genes of twin girls may have supercharged their BRAINS too, experts say Chinese scientists who edited human genes have lost touch with the patients whose DNA they tweaked, report says Chinese teenager to undergo surgery on his extraordinarily long neck Chinese woman has EIGHT FOOT long tapeworm removed from her intestines after eating rare beef while on holiday Chinese woman who suffered mysterious nosebleeds for decades is shocked to discover a TOOTH growing in her nose Chinese woman, 21, has surgery to extend her stunted left leg by NINE INCHES after it was eaten away by bacteria Chips Ahoy cookies recalled after furious customers found lumps of ‘an unexpected solidified ingredient’ baked into them Chlamydia is a ‘cunning’ STI that easily evolves into new strains, discover scientists Chlorine in tap water linked to increase in number of people developing food allergies Choc full of goodness! How milk chocolate’s not only good for your heart – it also boosts your brain, your libido and even your figure Chocoholic? Prepare for heartening news! New dark variety contains chemicals that help improve the organ’s health Chocolate and red wine ‘are the secret to beating wrinkles’: Scientists find both help rejuvenate old cells Chocolate could ease Parkinson’s: Low levels of dopamine have been linked to symptoms of the disease, such as shaking Chocolate manufacturers are slammed for selling SUPER-SIZE Easter eggs containing up to 17 days’ worth of sugar Chocolate milk boosts exercise recovery MORE THAN sports drinks, study finds Chocolate six days a week will save your heart, chaps… but sorry, ladies, it’s only once for you Chocolate, the treat we can’t do without: Sales stay at same level despite recession Chocolate-covered marshmallows recalled nationwide over hepatitis A fears after a factory worker tested positive for the disease Cholesterol drug ‘can switch off disease in the heart’: Injection found to ‘melt away’ plaques that build up in the arteries Cholesterol-busting statins could ‘prevent pneumonia’ as well as heart attacks and strokes Cholesterol-busting statins provide ‘no benefit’ for pensioners at risk of heart disease Cholesterol-lowering injections ‘reduce chances of heart attacks by up to 25%’ Cholesterol-lowing statins DON’T cause memory loss, landmark report declares Chomping on carrots and celery ‘could ward off colon cancer’ Choose beer over cider, gargle water and NEVER eat the fruit in cocktails: Dentist reveals how to stop summer treats wrecking your teeth Chrissy Teigen claims eating her PLACENTA prevented postpartum depression… but scientists aren’t so sure Christian couple who planned to lose their virginity on their wedding night wait SIX YEARS to consummate their marriage – because of a rare condition making it impossible to have sex Christianity professor, 37, reveals how her stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis sent her into a spiral over her faith, her family, and why we say ‘everything happens for a reason’ Christmas came early this year! Adorable photos capture premature babies dressed up in Santa hats and booties as they fight for survival in intensive care Christmas parties are key culprits in spreading the winter vomiting bug, which can be contagious for THREE WEEKS Christmas party hangover triggered mother’s battle with CANCER: Two days after her office bash, supervisor was still lethargic and achy and a week later started chemotherapy Christmas party SOS: ‘Tis the season to sing carols – not the time to lose your voice Christmas travel could allow the killer Ebola virus to spread from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda as officials warn the outbreak ‘moves closer every day’ Chronic fatigue IS ‘a real and serious disease’: Doctors draw up new guidelines on how to diagnose the condition ‘Chronic fatigue IS a real condition’: People with the debilitating illness have ‘telltale signs in their blood’ Chronic fatigue victims ‘suffer fear of exercise’: Patients are anxious activities such as walking could aggravate the condition Chronic opioid use is higher among Trump voters, study finds Chronic ovarian cysts increase a woman’s risk of mental health issues – and of having children with ADHD and autism Chronic pain caused by bad backs, cancer and arthritis and suffered by millions could be behind one in 10 suicides, study finds Chronic pain drives millions of Americans to suicide: CDC report reveals rise in patients with cancer, arthritis, and back pain taking their own lives Chronic shortage of doctors forced the NHS to hire staff from at least 27 countries last year Chronic sinusitis DOUBLES a person’s risk of depression: People who often suffer from the infection develop poor mental health, study finds Chronic vertigo sufferers should not be handed pills, ‘brain retraining’ exercises are the key to dealing with the problem, reveal medics Chubby cheeks. Man boobs. An expanding spare tyre. Never mind doughnuts… Are your hormones making you fat? Cigarette smoking reaches an all-time low in the US with just 14 percent of adults choosing to light up, CDC says Cigarette use hits all-time low plummeting 30% in 10 years – but vaping is on the rise, CDC warns Cigarettes are bad for your health AND your career: Study reveals non-smokers ‘find it easier to get jobs and earn more money’ Cigarettes DON’T keep you slim: Young women who smoke actually gain three times as much weight as non-smokers Circumcised boys may be more likely to develop autism and ADHD by the age of 10, study claims Circumcised men may soon be able to REGROW their foreskin: New technique could help increasing number of men angry they were given the procedure Circumcising newborn boys increases their risk of cot death due to the stress of the procedure – and could explain why it is more common in boys than girls, study finds Circumcision does NOT reduce sensitivity of the penis, experts say Circumcision HALVES the risk of STDs by reducing levels of bacteria that cause infections Circumcision ‘lowers risk of prostate cancer’ Circumcision should be ILLEGAL: Expert claims public figures are too scared to call for a ban over fears they could be branded anti-Semitic or Islamophobic Circus performer, 24, who pulled out all of the hairs on her head and has been left BALD because of a rare disorder is set to undergo a £10,000 transplant Citroen advert banned from TV after triggering epilepsy symptoms in viewers City children far more likely to have food allergies than those living in the country City life destroys a man’s ability to conceive: Noisy suburban streets significantly reduce fertility by lowering sperm count and testosterone levels City worker to sue over ‘faulty breast implants’ which cause ‘constant discomfort’ but can’t be removed because she’s pregnant Civil servant, 22, who tried ‘every skin care product under the sun’ to get rid of his acne reveals the controversial drug Roaccutane was a ‘miracle’ and made his spots vanish Civil War ‘bone pit’ reveals how combat surgeons who sawed off limbs to save the lives of a dozen soldiers in the battle of Bull Run Classical music can help slow down the onset of dementia say researchers after discovering Mozart excerpts enhanced gene activity in patients Claw-hand didn’t stop Maggie Thatcher or me: Broadcaster Sir John Tusa tells of his battle with debilitating condition ‘Clean eating’ is expensive, unsustainable, and a potential health risk: Trendy diets that can leave you starved of vital vitamins Clean sleeping – the latest preachy trend: Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘wellness gurus’ give their precious advice on how to snooze ‘healthily’ Clean teeth can hold off arthritis: Scientists discover link between gum disease bacteria and early onset of the condition Cleaner who was on the Pill and had NO idea she was pregnant gives birth on the bathroom floor – after keeping her SIZE 8 figure while expecting Cleaning lady fighting for life after being stung ‘head to toe’ by 80,000 bees outside Orange County home where she works Cleaning the house is as bad for women’s lungs as smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day due to the chemicals – but men suffer no side effects Clean-living millennials are avoiding boozy nights out because it’s ‘pathetic’ to be drunk and reminds them of their ‘uncool’ parents, claims survey ‘Clever genes’ may lead to autism, anorexia and bipolar – but protect against Alzheimer’s, claim scientists Clever people really are hardwired differently – but you can make yourself more intelligent through brain training exercises, reveals study Climate change is already killing people and will become the biggest health threat of the 21st century, experts warn Climate change is ‘biggest global health threat’ of century, doctors warn in new report Climate change ‘is to blame for 7% spike in road deaths’: Study claims warmer weather means more people are on the streets while tropical storms are messing up the roads Climate change ‘will increase the number of children born with potentially killer congenital heart defects’ Climate of fear leaves NHS whistleblowers ‘on the brink of suicide’ says report but campaigners warn new measures to protect workers ‘don’t go far enough’ Clinical trial offers hope to boy, 3, whose brother died of the same terminal disease that robs kids of speech, mobility and sight before they reach their teens Clinical trials into potential heart drug halted as firm blames uncertainty over Brexit rules Clinics fail to warn patients of laser eye dangers: One in three is not ‘spelling out the risks of surgery’ Close A&E and maternity units to save the NHS, says think-tank: Warning that patients will be put at risk if the Government doesn’t back plans to shut down failing units Close your eyes! Stress of watching big sporting events like the Olympics and Euros ‘can increase risk of heart attack’ Closer to a CURE for heart failure? Scientists find a way to create cells that beat harder, faster and stronger Clot-buster operation that ‘brings stroke sufferers back to life’: Treatment could help 8,000 patients by removing blockages using three-foot wire Cloudy with a chance of pain? Doctors to examine if weather really DOES affect conditions like arthritis Cloudy with a chance of pain? Wet weather and a lack of sunshine DOES make chronic pain worse Clumsy children perform worse at school with poorer reading, writing and maths skills, research shows Coal tar shampoo was a standby for psoriasis and eczema. So why HAS this trusted skin treatment disappeared? Coca Cola will display red warning logo on its cans to indicate high sugar content in U-turn by bosses Coca-Cola can ‘quash’ findings from scientists and walk away with the data: Many universities funded by the firm sign contracts allowing it to terminate studies ‘without reason’, study finds Cocaine could cause BRAIN DAMAGE as street supplies of the drug are being cut with powerful animal anti-worming agent that attacks nervous system Cocaine deaths hit all-time high with eight Britons a week being killed as ‘hypocritical’ middle-class users are hit by soaring strength of the drug Cocaine deaths quadruple in seven years prompting call for urgent investigation to tackle the ‘scandalous’ rise Cocaine overdose deaths soar to record high in US, CDC reveals Cocaine ‘turns brain cells into CANNIBALS’: Drug causes neurons to ‘literally eat themselves’ Cocaine users are 45% more likely to develop glaucoma – even if they’ve given up the drug Cocaine users are ‘six times more likely to have a stroke EVERY time they take the drug’ Cocktail of drugs that replaces lost brain cells could restore memories in Alzheimer’s patients and reduce tremors in Parkinson’s sufferers, study finds for the first time Cocktail waitress, 33, left with just one breast after her nipple piercing triggered a deadly blood infection Cocktail waitress, 35, who was told by doctor she had mastitis but actually had sepsis and almost died has now had her final breast reconstruction surgery ‘Coconut oil is poison’: Harvard medical professor says the health fad is ‘one of the worst foods you can eat’ – and says even LARD is better Coconuts are just the latest ‘unproven dieting fad’: Water, oil, milk and sugar products should only be eaten in moderation, dietitian warns Coeliac disease which stops victims eating bread, pasta and other foods containing gluten may be caused by a tummy bug in childhood, study claims Coffee ‘can cut risk of breast cancer tumours returning’: Two cups a day found to reduce chance by half Coffee could combat Parkinson’s and dementia: Scientists discover two compounds in the pick-me-up prevent the toxic accumulation of proteins in the brain Coffee does NOT treat Parkinson’s: Study refutes myth that a jolt of caffeine can relieve debilitating symptoms Coffee drastically lowers your risk of heart failure and stroke: Every extra cup boosts your longevity by 8%, study finds Coffee in pregnancy ‘raises risk of an overweight child’: Women who drink just two cups a day could see their children weighing more than those who don’t have caffeine regularly Coffee is good for you: Women who drink four or more cups a day are less likely to be depressed Coffee is good for your SKIN: Drinking at least four cups a day could slash your risk of rosacea by 20% Coffee is NOT bad for your heart (if you drink fewer than 6 a day): Study finds the absolute risk of caffeine is very small Coffee is NOT the Holy Grail of weight loss: People who drink a cup of Joe first thing do eat 10% less breakfast – but they make up for the calories later on Coffee linked to lower risk of prostate cancer: Two cups could reduce likelihood of developing disease by 2.5 per cent Coffee lovers rejoice! Caffeine DOESN’T cause heart palpitations – and your morning latte is actually good for you Coffee lovers rejoice: Drinking 4 cups a day is NOT bad for your health, study finds Coffee may ward off breast cancer: Women who drink five cups a day ‘have a lower risk’ Coffee really CAN help to prevent dementia: Just two cups a day ‘cuts the risk of developing it by 36 per cent’ Coffee safety warning: Drink no more than four coffees a day – or two if you’re pregnant, say experts Coffee sold in California could carry CANCER warning labels ‘Coke is dominating my life (Diet Coke that is)’: Father admits he has a problem after downing 18 cans A DAY Coke or Pepsi? Why your answer could spell doom or success for your relationship, claim scientists Cola ‘makes kids as young as five violent’: Children who have four fizzy drinks a day are more likely to fight, destroy possessions and attack others Cold homes are linked to high blood pressure: Scientists recommend keeping your house above 70F Cold shower trend sweeps Silicon Valley as top tech employees say the ‘positive stress’ improves their performance Cold sores may DOUBLE the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease Cold weather can raise the risk of stroke by 30%: Sudden drop in temperature causes blood to clot and block arteries Cold weather causes ‘winter vagina’: Midwife warns women’s genitals enter ‘drought mode’ during the colder months which can wreak havoc on their sex lives Cold, hard facts: Poorly-heated homes make children stressed AND prone to health issues, experts claim Coldplay singer Chris Martin surprises 17-year-old fan who is battling a rare life-threatening disease by visiting the pizza place where she works Colds, flu… and fungal feet: How going to the gym could actually make you SICK College football teams could be BANNED from changing their helmets to match uniforms amid fears it increases risk of concussions College gymnast overcomes rare disease that left her blind, with vertigo, alopecia, nausea, and hearing loss – and is now a top-scorer despite heavy medication College student, 19, meets liver donor, 22, who heard about her case on Facebook and stepped in to save her from life-threatening lupus College students plagued by suicidal thoughts: 20% of undergrads consider taking their own lives due to stress over school, friends and family, Harvard study finds Colombian man’s face is ROTTING following botched cheek plumping surgery by a fake doctor Colon cancer is often misdiagnosed in younger people: 70% of patients under 30 are diagnosed at an advanced, harder-to-treat stage Colorado artist who lost the use of his hands at 24 after contracting rare disease is fighting on by painting with his MOUTH Colorado mother who gave birth to her SECOND set of identical twins against 10-million-to-one odds shares the joy of having rare family of doubles Colorado parents are holding ‘chickenpox parties’ to deliberately infect their children with the virus Colorblind man who couldn’t see green breaks down crying when he sees his daughter’s hazel eyes for the first time after getting special glasses Colorectal cancer deaths are rocketing in young white people as rates drop in older African Americans – and researchers are ‘perplexed’ Colorful ‘Alzheimer’s map’ helps scientists track how the disease destroys aging brains Colour test that can show hidden health problems: Shade of your urine can reveal everything from cancer to kidney trouble Coma caused by a KISS: Parents share heartbreaking footage of nurses battling to save their eight-week-old baby after she was almost killed by a common cold Combining an antibiotic with the compound that gives vanilla its rich taste could stop the spread of drug-resistant superbugs Comedian pens an entire book about the horrific moment his penis BROKE while having sex – forcing him to ask his mother to help him pee for weeks Comedian, 52, finally overcomes his 40-year phobia of STAIRS which caused him to miss out on holidays, skip school and even put off losing his virginity Comfort eating is caused by stress at the dinner table in childhood – NOT your genes Comfort eating: The new mental illness. You eat a biscuit – then can’t stop until you finish the packet. Don’t assume it’s lack of willpower. Doctors now say it’s a psychiatric condition that needs treatment Common antibiotic doctors say could give you organ failure as millions of Britons are at risk of devastating permanent side effect as a result of over-prescribing Common antibiotic linked to higher death rates for heart disease patients – even YEARS after taking it, FDA warns Common antibiotics ‘may more than double the risk of a miscarriage’ if taken during the early weeks of pregnancy Common antibiotics may trigger DELIRIUM: Drugs can cause confusion, hallucinations and agitation for weeks, study warns Common antidepressants ‘do NOT increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke’ Common antidepressants ‘linked to 35% greater risk of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder or mania’ Common arthritis drugs that cost 18p a tablet could HALF the risk of developing dementia Common blood pressure drug banned over fears it raises cancer risk: US regulators recall Chinese product which may have been contaminated since 2012 Common blood pressure drug could halt progression of Alzheimer’s – and scientists need volunteers for a new £2m trial Common blood thinning drugs halve the risk of dementia for patients who have an irregular heartbeat Common chemical used in plastic packaging and disposable cups is ‘probably carcinogenic for humans’, the World Health Organisation has warned Common chemicals found in plastic bottles, pollution and even makeup are ‘damaging babies’ brains and lowering their IQs’ Common drug used to treat an irregular heart beat ‘increases the risk of Alzheimer’s’, experts warn Common hair loss drug used by US President Donald Trump could slash the risk of prostate cancer, ‘exciting’ study reveals Common hard-to-treat brain disease starts in the GUT, study reveals Common medicines including cold and flu remedies, indigestion pills and ibuprofen ‘make heart conditions worse’ Common medicines including cold and flu tablets, heartburn drugs and sleeping pills ‘SHRINK the brain and slow down thinking’ Common operations including caesarean sections and hip replacements could become LETHAL due to growing resistance to antibiotics, health officials warn Common painkiller could increase the risk of stroke and heart attack by 50 percent, new study finds, leading to calls for ban on over-the-counter purchases Common painkiller prescribed to MILLIONS in the UK for gout and arthritis ‘increases a person’s risk of having a stroke or heart attack by 50%’ Common painkillers ‘can slow the growth of lethal cancer tumours’ Common painkillers used to treat flu could land drivers with an unlimited fine, one-year ban and up to six months in prison Common prostate cancer treatment which shuts off the body’s supply of testosterone DOUBLES the risk of dementia Commonly used pesticides weaken children’s lungs and are ‘are as damaging as passive smoking’ Commonly-prescribed antidepressant Prozac may be driving the antibiotic-resistance crisis Commonly-prescribed blood pressure drug may combat PTSD: Study finds those battling trauma are less afraid after taking the controversial hypertension treatment Commuters who get the bus or train to work are slimmer and up to 40 per cent less likely to be diabetic than those who walk, says study Commuting is a pain the neck… and the back and knees too! Drivers suffer the worst joint and muscle pains, while cyclists and runners stay supple Company blamed for fueling fentanyl addiction crisis will soon be approved to sell synthetic cannabis Company executive, 42, who had a testicle removed because of cancer reveals how his libido plummeted so much he could not consummate his Las Vegas wedding Company hired by the NHS emails 300,000 patients to ask if they would pay £10 to ‘see a doctor more quickly’ ‘Compared to them, I felt ugly and not attractive’: Women admit how they REALLY feel after looking at adverts of models in bikinis and how they end up loathing their bodies ‘Compelling evidence’ the Zika virus DOES cause rare neurological condition that leaves sufferers paralyzed Compound responsible for the sweet taste of cinnamon could kill bacteria, claim scientists amid the worrying rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs Compulsive video-game playing now qualifies as a mental health condition, World Health Organization declares Computer simulation reveals how quickly infections spread through hospital wards – as study finds single rooms are safer Computer that determines how much pain a patient is in just by looking at their face could help doctors spot fakers Concussion affects someone’s ability to drive in the same way as alcohol – and it doesn’t matter if the symptoms have disappeared Concussion DOES cause dangerous brain changes – and injured college athletes are returning to play before they have fully healed, study warns Concussion drug could reverse brain damage by ‘releasing’ damaged cells ‘Concussion is a red herring’ for CTE: Major study shows repeated hits (even mild ones) are the REAL problem Concussion linked to suicide risk: Players who suffer head injuries are twice as likely to take their own lives, report finds Concussion more than DOUBLES the risk of dementia – even if the sufferer does not lose consciousness, study finds Concussions affect women’s periods: Study finds a knock to the head trigger hormonal imbalance that throws off the menstrual cycle Concussions are more damaging to athletes with ADHD: Study finds a greater risk of depression and long-term anxiety Concussions could cause Alzheimer’s: Researchers find clearest ever link between mild head injuries and the tragic brain disease Concussions last twice as long in teenage girls than boys – because stress and anxiety affect the brain’s recovery, study finds Conditions in A&E are ‘more stressful than working on the front line in warzone’ says senior nurse who cared for critically injured soldiers during the Iraq war ‘Conditions were similar to West Africa’: Horrified cancer patient spends 13 HOURS lying ‘half naked’ on a hospital trolley in a corridor with 50 others Condom challenge: All you need to know about the social media trend Confessions of a prolific sperm donor – and why this man will NEVER do it again Confessions of a workaholic: A stark warning from a City high flyer whose obsession with her demanding career led her to the brink… Confessions of the real Doc Martin: Men who grow moobs after accidentally taking their wife’s HRT, and how to fix a brain haemorrhage with a drill Confused about food labels? You’re not the only one: LGA wants food manufacturers to use a uniform traffic light system Confusion over US autism rate: CDC estimates 1 in 40 kids has the disorder – but admits that could be wrong because they measure it in 3 different ways Confusion over Zika babies: Birth defects and miscarriages ‘have only been spotted in certain climates’ Congo’s Ebola outbreak ‘could match the devastation of West Africa epidemic’ which killed 11,000 if health workers don’t get better protection from militia threat Conjoined female twins are fighting for their lives after being born with one body and two heads Conjoined girls who have separate heads, hearts and lungs pictured fighting for their lives in an incubator Conjoined Nigerian twins can now live ‘independent lives’ after a successful operation, involving 22 specialists, to separate them Conjoined twin boys who share three legs, intestines, a bladder and genitals set to be separated during complex operation Conjoined twin girls separated after nearly two years sharing heart tissue, a liver and a diaphragm Conjoined twin girls who shared spine, bladder, uterus and intestines separated in one of the riskiest surgeries ever performed Conjoined twin sisters attached at the chest are successfully separated – and expected to make a full recovery Conjoined twins attached at the FOREHEAD are set to be separated -despite a risk of one or both dying during the operation Conjoined twins begin one of the most difficult separation surgeries ever: Girls joined from the sternum who share a uterus, digestive tract and a third leg with a 7-toed foot start surgery with 30% risk of death Conjoined twins born fused at the abdomen who now have one leg EACH after separation surgery are thriving at 17 and ‘feel the same as everybody else’ Conjoined twins born NATURALLY in a remote village survive 15-hour journey on the back of a motorbike to have operation to separate them and are now ‘doing well’ Conjoined twins born sharing the same body but with their own heart, lungs and backbones face fight for survival Conjoined twins celebrate their first birthday just weeks after one of the riskiest separation surgeries ever Conjoined twins thought to be merged at the skull are separated in just 30 MINUTES after surgeons discover they were actually only attached by the skin Conjoined twins who share a single body with two heads pictured in the hands of medics moments after being born Conjoined twins who share a single set of legs and all organs from the belly button down will learn to walk thanks to a custom-made bouncer Conjoined twins who shared a liver, intestine AND bladder have been successfully separated after a marathon surgery lasting 12 hours and involving 20 doctors Conjoined twins who shared a single body but had separate heads die before they had chance to be treated Conjoined twins whose lives are in danger are finally set to undergo surgery to separate their heads after an agonising wait Consistency (not speed) is a better indicator of brain health – and researchers say it could predict your risk of an early death Constantly craving chocolate? Suffering bloating and aches and pains? It could be a sign you’re heading for a BREAKDOWN, warns stress expert Constantly feeling worn out? Looking pale? Five reasons why you SHOULDN’T automatically reach for the iron pills ‘Constantly tired’ Britons help sales of energy drinks soar to £1.5 billion this year – despite the link to heart rhythm problems, stroke and sudden death Constipated man with a 7-inch ‘megarectum’ had bowels so ‘filled with faeces’ they BURST and caused his organs to start shutting down Constipated pensioner’s bowels nearly ‘explode’ from a build-up of faeces after he didn’t go to the toilet for a week Construction worker falls FACE FIRST onto a metal pole and survives after it punctures his skull but narrowly misses his brain and arteries Construction worker, 23, pops a spot on his lower lip using a woodworking blade and develops an unsightly, rare fungal infection Consultants insist it really works but can talking about your emotions clear up bad skin? Consultants won’t have to reveal pay for private work: Plans dropped after an outcry from senior medics Consumed by Instagram envy? Try these tips! Psychologists reveal four techniques to soothe your anger Consuming a cheap yoghurt drink daily for just three weeks will lead to weight loss, study finds Consuming sunflower and fish oils causes liver inflammation that could lead to cancer, scientists find as they reveal the ONE oil that will protect against deadly damage Contact lenses may increase risk of eye infections by transferring bugs from skin to the eye Contact sports are causing noticeable brain changes in otherwise healthy young athletes, a new study shows Contraception apps do NOT work: The new ovulation-tracking device claims to tell you can avoid pregnancy – but study reveals it gets it very wrong Contraception panic: Google searches for long-lasting IUD coils are at an all-time high since Donald Trump won the election Contraceptive coil may cut a woman’s risk of cervical cancer by 30%, ‘exciting’ research suggests Contraceptive pill can ‘make women more anxious by shrinking part of their brain’, study warns Contraceptive pill can slash the risk of ovarian, womb and bowel cancer for up to 35 YEARS after a woman stops taking it Contraceptive pill for men could be a step closer: Experts discover way to pause fertility as they look for product that would have no side effects Contraceptive pill for men is closer to development – but will men remember to take it? Contraceptive pill ‘interferes with women’s memory’ Controlling parents ’cause long-term mental damage to their children’ – and the trauma is as bad as losing a loved one Controversial £1,800 blood test allows couples to screen for 600 conditions they could pass onto their children Controversial acne drug Roaccutane to be reviewed by government panel after being blamed for spate of suicides and depression Controversial blood test ‘cuts prostate cancer deaths’ Controversial epilepsy drug that causes birth defects has been banned in women of a childbearing age Controversial epilepsy drug that causes birth defects should NOT be banned during pregnancy, scientists argue Controversial food additive ‘used in bacon, sausages and fizzy drinks makes you lazy and impairs your metabolism’, warn researchers Controversial hernia mesh procedures may have left up to 170,000 people in England unable to walk and even suicidal Controversial HPV vaccine does NOT cause fertility problems and may boost chances of conception for some women, finds first study of its kind Controversial HPV vaccine DOESN’T cause chronic fatigue syndrome in teenage girls, major study confirms Controversial paper that shows EXACTLY how to make a cousin of the killer smallpox virus prompts outrage from scientists who warn ‘the world is now more vulnerable’ Controversial plan to allow healthy patients to pay to have their DNA analysed to predict their risk of cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s ‘breaches a core principle of the NHS’ Controversial pre-natal Down’s syndrome testing gets go-ahead in Switzerland raising fears of a spike in abortions Controversial review panel set-up to investigate baby deaths at scandal-hit NHS trust is disbanded over conflict of interest claims Controversial sweetener aspartame found in fizzy drinks and diet products ‘does NOT cause harm’, report declares Controversial technique of genetic modification will be tested for the first time in Europe to cure a devastating inherited blood disorder Controversial testosterone rule for female athletes could be ‘unscientific’, experts warn as Olympic runner Caster Semenya challenges it in court Controversial treatment for young ME patients – endorsed by celebrities – DOES work despite being labelled as ‘quack medicine’ Controversial vaginal mesh implants should be BANNED, reveals health watchdog NICE, after thousands of women have suffered crippling pain that has left them on the brink of suicide Cooked tomatoes found to cut heart disease: Researchers say they contain higher quantities of vital antioxidant Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is a ‘waste of money’ because it loses its health benefits when heated Cool! Chilling the body with giant frozen vest could save lives after heart attacks ‘Cool!’: Former Marine exclaims with joy in video showing his incredible progress just 4 months after receiving double arm transplant Cooling the brain can ‘save lives and reduce brain damage’ after heart attack Copying Rihanna and Kate Hudson’s top knot hairstyle could leave you BALD, warn experts (and men with man buns are also at risk) Copywriter, 32, who feared tumour that saw her undergo brain surgery while AWAKE had stolen her dream of ever having children is now pregnant with her miracle baby Cornflakes cancer scare: Cereal makers drop recycled cardboard boxes containing deadly oils Cornish fishing village finds its real life Doc Martin! GP surgery that faced closure is saved after residents launch a hunt to find a new family doctor Coronation Street child star Hayden battles kidney cancer aged just six Coronation Street star Beverley Callard was ‘abandoned by her friends’ after they found out about her mental health problems Cosmetic fillers can cause permanent blindness when injected into the forehead, doctors warn Cosmetic surgery cowboys: I caught flesh-eating bug during breast operation, and was refused compensation from foreign surgeon Cosmetic surgery cowboys: My bumpy nose ended up even bumpier… AND it was broken Costa and Subway cafes in hospitals ‘are putting patients at risk’ because they are contaminated with salmonella and staphylococcus bacteria – but investigation finds volunteer run shops are hygienic Costa Coffee forced to recall new chicken and bacon pasta salad because label doesn’t warn it contains mustard, milk and FISH Costa Coffee stores BAN under 16s from buying caffeinated drinks Cost-cutting scandal as Anthem says anesthesiologists are ‘unnecessary’ for some operations Costly curves? Overweight consumers spend MORE when they’re reminded of being skinny, experts say Costly ‘scale and polish’ service at the dentist ‘may be unnecessary for those with good teeth’ as evidence finds it makes ‘no difference’ to dental health Cot death babies may lack vital protein which helps them to breathe Cot deaths hit record low as parents heed warnings over smoking and wrapping babies up while they sleep Cot liners pose a ‘serious risk’ to babies and should be banned: Infants can suffocate, choke or be strangled by material, investigation finds Cotton buds, hairpins, pencils, toothpicks and lollipop sticks: The items people have used to remove earwax and RUPTURED their eardrums Cotton-wool kid: Baby boy is as ‘fragile as GLASS’ because of a rare condition that means even a sneeze could leave him with a broken bone Couch potato children ‘up to nine times more likely to be clumsy than other youngsters’ Couch potato UK: How Britons spend two-and-a-half months a year sitting down and only walk half a mile a day Couch potatoes rejoice! Sitting for long periods is NOT bad for your health, study claims Cough analyser app ‘is better than doctors at diagnosing children with conditions such as asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis’ and is 97% accurate Cough medicines are ‘waste of money’ and you’re better off trying honey and lemon, say doctors Could £400-per-year drug cocktail be the key to beating one of the most-deadly cancers? Henry was given 14 months to live now his cancer is stable thanks to his four everyday medicines Could 5:2 diet help to ward off cancer? Scientists say having longer periods without food could be good for us Could a £1 high-tech ‘virtual reality’ gadget be they key to restoring a dementia patient’s joy of life? Could a bite from a FLY land you in hospital? A friend of Prince Charles was hospitalised with sepsis from something seemingly harmless, and it could happen to you too Could a blast of sound waves treat high blood pressure? Stimulating arm with an ultrasound device is ‘so effective patients won’t need drugs’ Could a blood test detect post-natal depression? High hormone levels ‘predict the severity of the baby blues’ Could a blood test end the agony of miscarriages? Scientists discover protein which helps babies ‘stick to the womb’ Could a blood test help you choose between the Atkins and 5:2? Genes could hold secret to the diets that best suit our bodies Could a breast cancer drug wipe out MRSA in hospitals? Tamoxifen can help the body trap and kill bacteria Could a breath test detect cancer? New method ‘could save thousands of lives a year with 85% accuracy’ Could a cancer drug hold the key to fighting dementia? Scientists find leukaemia medication could reverse effects of Alzheimer’s disease Could a cataract op REALLY help banish your sleeping problems? Experts reveal the unexpected health benefits of going under the knife Could a cervical acid peel prevent cancer? New method ‘completely removes precancerous cells caused by HPV virus’ Could a ‘cheap and simple’ procedure that scratches the womb double odds of having a baby for women undergoing IVF treatment? Could a CHOCOLATE pill prevent heart attacks and strokes? Tablet containing ‘healthy nutrients’ goes on trial Could a common heartburn drug cure TUBERCULOSIS? Prevacid offers ‘excellent’ hope of new treatment, say scientists Could a common skin condition raise YOUR risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Could a common STI cause prostate cancer? Scientists discover infection makes men more vulnerable to the disease Could a compound in red wine ward off knee pain? Millions of arthritis patients may enjoy relief by taking a super dose of the antioxidant Could a COMPUTER GAME slow onset of Alzheimer’s? Repetitive visual tests ‘cut risk of dementia by 50% by training the brain to take control’ Could a CURE for eczema be in sight? Experts finally discover what is triggering the skin condition after years of research Could a cure for insomnia be in our genes? Difficulty sleeping could be hereditary as scientists discover 47 sections of DNA that determine how easily we nod off Could a curry a week PREVENT dementia? Turmeric ‘blocks the rogue proteins that trigger Alzheimer’s disease’ Could a curry treat TB? Chemical in turmeric ‘stimulates the immune system to fight drug-resistant strain’ Could a daily dose of vitamin D cure erectile dysfunction? Deficiency ‘means a man is 32% more likely to be impotent’ Could a daily nine minute stroll in the sun transform your health? Could a damp bathroom be making you ill? Experts warn fungi could be wrecking our health – and many have stopped responding to drugs Could a drinkable drug cocktail reverse Alzheimer’s? Solution restored memories of mice and stopped the disease in its tracks Could a drug designed for brittle bone disease provide a miracle cure for bald men? Scientists discover it can help hair grow 2mm in just 6 DAYS Could a FLU drug help fight ebola? As stocks of life-saving Zmapp run out, Japanese officials say they have 20,000 doses of experimental medicine proven to fight the deadly virus in mice Could a general anaesthetic harm your child? Experts fear young patients could be at risk of ADHD and learning difficulties Could a glass of wine help a woman beat breast cancer? Drink could help survival chances increase by a fifth Could a gust of cool air ease breathlessness? Could a HERB be the secret to living to 100? Diet rich in rosemary linked to good health and long life expectancy in Italian village Could a ketamine vaccine prevent PTSD? Scientists seem to think so Could a lack of sleep be making you FAT? Study finds tiredness causes people to eat higher calorie foods Could a low-protein diet at a young age help you live longer? Scientists discover fruit flies live two times longer on the eating plan Could a mammogram screen for heart disease as well as cancer? High levels of calcium in the arteries of the breast ‘increases the risk of a heart attack’ Could a medical ‘sieve’ cure malaria? Pioneering device ‘uses magnetic force to strip out infected cells from the blood’ Could a menthol bubble bath cure MIGRAINES? Sufferer claims lathering herself and breathing in minty smell relieves her excruciating headaches Could a monthly jab ease your migraines? Injection ‘halves’ the number of attacks by blocking chemical to blame Could a new CREAM fight off superbugs? Scientists develop lotion which stops bacteria getting into wounds Could a new test catch nearly ALL cancers early? Simple screening which detects 95% of diseases ‘may be available within years’ Could a new treatment REVERSE Alzheimer’s? Drug ‘prevents inflammation and removes harmful plaques in the brain’ Could a nose ring help beat snoring? Matchbox-sized device pumps air into the nose continuously throughout the night Could a NOSE SPRAY prevent chlamydia? World’s first vaccine for the STD ‘is showing promising results’ Could a nose swab accurately detect lung cancer? Simple method could spell the end of biopsies, experts say Could a performing arts career lead to DEMENTIA? ‘Very scary’ study shows 67% have suffered a blow to the head from ‘booby traps’ on stage Could a period pain drug reverse memory loss? Commonly prescribed medicine ‘may help Alzheimer’s patients’ Could a pill containing Viagra cure illnesses from Ebola to brain cancer, hepatitis to MRSA? Could a PILL cure dementia? Scientists hail breakthrough after repairing diseased brain cells Could a pill help people with autism chat more easily? Drugs used to treat high blood pressure ‘improve social skills’ Could a pill made from olive leaves help beat heart disease? Could a RADIOACTIVE PLASTER cure skin cancer? Bandage ‘delivers radiotherapy directly to the tumour and could pave the way for new treatment’ Could a REAL cure for baldness be on the horizon? Hope for millions as new drug is found to ‘reverse hair loss’ Could a runny nose make you depressed? Hay fever sufferers may be four times more likely to develop the mental illness Could a sexually transmitted infection trigger mental illness? Common yeast infection ‘linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder’ Could a sheepskin rug protect babies against asthma? Infants who sleep on animal skin are ‘less likely to develop allergies in later life’ Could a simple antibiotic help fight off cancer? Experts at a top London clinic believe cheap everyday drugs can starve deadly tumours Could a simple eye test diagnose autism? Pupils of children with the condition ‘take markedly longer to narrow after penlight test’ Could a simple eye test spot the early stages of Alzheimer’s? Could a simple pill costing 30p a day be the answer to getting pregnant? Could a single dose of this drug lower your cholesterol? Treatment may help those at risk of heart disease who can’t take statins Could a single jab end the misery of hot flushes Could a SKIN PATCH cure peanut allergies? Scientists seem to think so! Promising trial shows band-aid style device cured 50% of volunteers Could a skin PATCH treat melanoma? Slowly releasing anti-cancer drugs directly on to tumor ‘eradicates the deadly disease’ Could a SMELL test diagnose Alzheimer’s? Inability to detect odours indicates damaged brain cells Could a spoonful of SILVER make you as fit as Debbie McGee – or is it just dangerous hokum? The truth about the Strictly star’s ‘secret’ supplement Could a stem cell jab help banish back pain for good? Could a stomach acid pill help shift your spare tyre? It triggers the release of gut hormones that signal fullness to the brain Could a stressful job give you Alzheimer’s? New research shows constantly being harassed increases the risk Could a tiny SPONGE end the agony of arthritic knees? Technique uses body’s own cells to repair or reverse damage to joints Could a urine test detect Zika? New diagnostic tool ‘is more effective and faster than blood tests’, experts say Could a VACCINE stop people smoking? Experimental shot ‘delays the affect of nicotine on the brain’ Could a vibrating vest save thousands of heart attack victims? New technique uses low-frequency sound waves to regain patients’ blood flow Could a vitamin drink help prevent Alzheimer’s? Daily dose ‘may prevent the brain from shrinking’ Could a water filter do you more harm than good? Gadgets have no specific health benefits and may remove dissolved material that is good for you Could a woman’s health habits during pregnancy give her baby food allergies? Research shows they start to develop before a baby is born Could a wonder pill make you lose weight and get fit without lifting a finger? Scientists on the brink of inventing tablets that will give us lean bodies without the effort Could acupuncture cure a condition that leaves millions of women afraid to leave the house? Ancient Chinese medicine reduces leakage caused by incontinence Could acupuncture cure YOUR hot flushes? Needle therapy ‘can halve the frequency of menopausal side effects’ Could acupuncture stave off dementia? Needle treatment may help elderly people retain their memory Could ADHD be triggered by mothers being exposed to air pollution while pregnant? Could ADHD medication Ritalin cure cocaine addiction? New research shows it might help self-control Could AI soon diagnose cancer? New system that ‘doctors can rely on’ is 93% accurate in identifying tumours Could AIDS be cured by modifying patients’ genes? New treatment could spell the end of daily drug regime Could ALGAE cure blindness? Transplanting organism into the retina ‘could one day restore sight to the blind’ Could Alzheimer’s be treated as we SLEEP? Zapping the brain with electric currents may boost our memory Could an app prevent teen suicide? Studies link smartphones to mental illness – but scientists want to use the devices to combat the crisis Could an aspirin a day keep CANCER at bay? ‘Exciting’ discovery reveals the drug ‘stalls the driving force of the disease, a chemical that causes tumours to form’ Could an EAR PIERCING cure migraines? Sufferers claim £50 procedure stops excruciating headaches Could an ECZEMA drug offer a cure for baldness? Alopecia patient, 13, regrows her hair within months of taking common skin condition pill Could an ELASTIC BAND stop you snoring? Implants tighten muscle in the tongue to stop noisy vibrations Could an electric shock give you a better orgasm? Scientists say zapping women’s ANKLES will help them get aroused Could an electric shock help you orgasm? Zaps to the ankle can increase desire better than foreplay in less than 30 minutes Could an inhaler cure colds? Scientists create a drug that prevents the virus replicating Could an injection cure Kim Kardashian West’s psoriasis? New drug ‘completely clears’ painful condition in 80% of patients Could an injection end the misery of eczema? Jab stops sufferers scratching, allowing their skin to heal and helping them sleep Could an optician help diagnose dementia? Simple eye scan could find warning signs of Alzheimer’s years before people lose their memory Could an STD leave you BLIND? Chlamydia bacteria can ’cause tropical disease that leads to loss of vision’ Could an ultrasound cap slow dementia? Father-of-three diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 56 pins his hopes on new venture as other clinical trials flop Could anorexia be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the gut? Sufferers have ‘fewer and less diverse microbes in their digestive tracts’ Could antibacterial sprays be a thing of the past? Scientists discover materials covered with tiny spikes can rip open and destroy bacteria Could antibiotic-resistance become a bigger killer than cancer? In 2050, 10 million could die from superbugs that a third of international travelers bring home, experts say Could antibiotics from men’s beards or the soil in your back garden be the ultimate weapons in the battle against the superbugs? Could antibiotics make your child FAT? Every dose ’causes your child to gain weight faster, altering their BMI FOREVER’ Could antidepressants make you violent? Young people who take drugs including Prozac are ‘50% more likely to be convicted of assault and murder’ Could arsenic be a miracle cure for cancer? Scientists say it had astonishing results when added to a leukemia drug Could artificial sweeteners like Splenda trigger cancer? Experts warn there’s no safe dose Could aspirin and ibuprofen help fight depression? Scientists discover inflammation may cause mental illness – and say these drugs could treat it ‘Could aspirin be giving me nose bleeds at night?’ Our expert reveals how YOU can banish the annoying symptoms Could augmented reality help you quit smoking? Technology creates 3D replicas of patients’ organs that warns them of the effects of their risky lifestyles before it’s too late Could autism be helped by changing a patient’s diet? Taking probiotics and adopting a gluten-free lifestyle may improve sufferers’ social behaviour and ability to express emotions Could bacteria have triggered our heart attack epidemic? Could baker’s yeast spell the end of deadly superbugs? Scientists create a version which could produce powerful antibiotics to combat resistance crisis Could BAKING SODA save your life? Low levels of bicarbonate ‘are linked to a 24 % higher risk of early death’ Could barbecue meat give you CANCER? Mounting evidence says yes, experts warn Could BATS be used to stop the Zika virus? New York town is luring the flying animals to kill mosquitoes in desperate bid to prevent outbreak Could BEE POISON hold the key for millions of eczema sufferers? Insect’s venom ‘dampens down a major driver of the skin condition’ Could BEER help prevent cancer? Hops extract ‘activates a chemical in cells that prevents breast tumors’ Could being FAT help diabetics live longer? Those who are overweight are 13% less likely to die early than their slimmer counterparts Could being overweight cause DEAFNESS? Obese teenagers are 50% more likely to suffer with hearing problems Could binge eating be cured with a sex hormone? Cravings are linked to low levels of oestrogen, study claims Could binge eating be helped by a pill? ADHD drug ‘curbs the symptoms of the disorder’, scientists say Could blasting brain with soundwaves help reverse Parkinson’s? Scientists trial new therapy which could help one million patients who have ‘essential tremor’ Could blocking a protein in the brain halt the progression of Alzheimer’s? Treatment stops toxic plaques from forming Could bone marrow transplants prevent heart disease? Treatments combat early warning signs, review reveals Could Botox be key to curing joint pain? Injections found to ease suffering in runners and cyclists Could BOTOX treat depression? By blocking facial expressions the cosmetic procedure may prevent signals being sent to the brain that cause low mood Could Botox treat Raynaud’s? Thermal scans show how the toxin usually used to smoothen out wrinkles restored heat to the feet of three women Could breakthrough op END the need for heart transplants? Injecting stem cells into the heart ‘lowers risk of death by 40%’ Could breast cancer be wiped out by 2050? A poignant charity drive claims it will be… yet sceptical doctors warn women that exercise and healthy diet are as vital as ever Could breast cancer soon be treated with a NIPPLE injection? Technique reduces side effects and is more effective Could breastfeeding make baby brighter? Just four weeks on mother’s milk can benefit brain Could British breakthrough lead to cure for blindness? Gene therapy treatment stops five men from losing their sight – and some can even see better than before Could BROCCOLI protect against cancer? Compound in green cruciferous veg is found to ‘stop the growth of tumours’ Could BUGS replace beef? Why crickets, grasshoppers and worms ‘are a far better source of iron for human beings’ Could cabbage protect against the effects of radiation? Compound in vegetable could help prevent sickness Could caffeine transform the average nan into Supergran? Could cancer be fought with ‘cockle-chemo’? Sugars from the molluscs are as effective as some chemotherapy drugs, study reveals Could cannabis be a CURE for psychosis? Key compound in the drug has been found to ease hallucinations, reveals ‘promising’ study Could CANNABIS be the cure for childhood seizures? Top doctors push FDA to approve the controversial drug Could CANNABIS boost your sex life? Smoking pot ‘increases libido, heightens the intensity of orgasms and helps men with erectile dysfunction perform’ Could cannabis cure Alzheimer’s? Drug’s active ingredient ‘helps remove key toxic protein from brain cells’ Could cannabis ease period pains? New drug-infused vaginal capsules ‘deliver pain relief without the high’ Could cannabis help prevent prescription painkiller abuse? Medical marijuana ‘reduces use of addictive opioid meds’ Could CANNABIS help transplant patients? Drug ‘delays rejection of organs by slowing the immune system’s attack’ Could cannabis help treat eczema and psoriasis? Scientists believe anti-inflammatory compound found in plant may offer hope to millions of patients Could cannabis prevent migraines? Patients suffer ‘significantly fewer chronic headaches after taking medical marijuana’ Could CANNABIS prevent PTSD? Drug ‘alters the area of the brain associated with traumatic memories’ Could cannabis PROTECT you from a stroke? People who smoke marijuana every day have better blood flow and oxygen to the brain, controversial study claims Could cannabis treat autism? Scientists will study the effects of marijuana in children with the disorder Could car exhaust fumes cause dementia? From heart attacks to cancer, the worrying dangers of air pollution Could carrots and sweet potatoes help fight breast cancer? Could changing the clocks be bad for your health? Losing an hour of rest ‘is linked to a 25% increased risk of heart attack’ Could cheap tea bags make you ill? Study reveals they contain high fluoride levels that could damage teeth, bones and muscles Could children diagnosed with ADHD just need better sleep? More youngsters than ever are prescribed drugs for hyperactivity Could CHILLIS hold the key to curing migraines? Scientists discover they hold clues to how the body deals with pain Could Chinese medicine cure leukaemia? Taking a herb alongside treatment ‘helps 85% of patients enter remission’ Could Chinese takeaways help in the fight against dementia? Controversial additive MSG improves the memory of patients, claim scientists Could chocolate protect against pancreatic cancer? Magnesium ‘lowers the risk of the deadly disease developing’ Could chocolate stave off dementia? Daily dose could help keep condition at bay Could coconut oil help fight ageing? High-fat diet could halt Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, study finds Could coffee be making you FAT? The ‘guilt-free’ energy boost could affect hormones that fuel a belly bulge – but only if you drink too much Could COFFEE be nature’s Viagra? Men who drink caffeine every day are 42% less likely to suffer impotence Could coffee FLOUR be the next superfood? New way of baking beans ‘increases the level of antioxidants – helping fight cancer and heart disease ‘ Could coffee help prevent depression? Two cups a day ‘may reduce the risk of suicide by 50%’ Could common women’s condition be linked to cancer? Scientists find connection between endometriosis and dangerous cell mutation Could CONDOMS boost vaginal health? Study finds they increase levels of friendly bacteria and prevent minor infections Could copper pyjamas stop you getting a hospital superbug? Could costly ‘activated’ nuts be better for your gut? Manufacturers are now selling processed varieties which help your body absorb nutrients better Could COWS be the cause of the next epidemic? Antibiotic-resistant superbugs including MRSA jump from bovines to humans Could cranberries form the basis for new antibiotics? Compounds in juice ‘CAN stop bacterial infections’ Could criminal behaviour be the first sign of DEMENTIA? Offending for the first time in old age may be due to brain damage Could CSI hold the key to eradicating malaria? Glowing compound detectives use to find traces of blood ‘may kill the disease’ Could CUCUMBERS lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s? Breakthrough jab derived from a virus that affects the vegetable is hailed by scientists Could daily £3.50 drink slow Alzheimer’s? Nutritional supplement may pause progression of the disease ‘before it is too late’ Could deadly superbugs like MRSA be defeated by ‘friendly bacteria’ living in our noses? Could deafness be reversed? Scientists re-grow damaged hair cells that have been killed off by age or noise inside the ear Could dementia patients be helped by ROBOTIC cats? Devices purr and meow to provide comfort and ease loneliness Could depression be a risk factor for arthritis? Study finds link between mental woes and achy joints Could depression be an INFECTIOUS DISEASE? Condition is caused by parasites, bacteria or virus and could be prevented with a jab, expert claims Could depression be treated with brain implants? Zapping ‘mystery region’ with electrodes can relieve symptoms, study suggests Could depression be triggered by a stomach bug? Imbalance of bacteria in the gut ‘may lead to mental health problems’ Could depression start in the WOMB? Children of mothers suffering mental illness in pregnancy are ‘three times more likely to develop the condition’ Could ‘designer’ antibiotics be the key to halting superbugs? Strains that target a single type of bacteria could slow the rise of resistance Could dining ‘al desko’ be making you fatter? Eating while distracted means we ‘forget’ we have done, which can lead to further snacking Could drugs used to treat arthritis cure depression? New pills for joint pain also found to ease symptoms of the blues Could E.Coli be used to fight disease? Bacteria could transport next-generation vaccines, experts reveal Could eating broccoli be a cure for deadly melanoma? Compound similar to one in the vegetable kills deadly skin cancer cells Could eating burnt toast stunt your unborn baby’s growth? Could eating grapes save you from skin cancer? Scientists find fruit protects against premature ageing Could eating MAPLE syrup ward off Alzheimer’s? Sweet treat can ‘protect brain against rogue proteins which destroy memory’ Could eating too much junk food give you Alzheimer’s? Could eating TURKEY protect against MS? Key molecule ‘prevents inflammation that triggers brain degeneration’ Could eating WALNUTS be the key to good heart health? Could eating yoghurt help treat depression? Study finds probiotics affect areas of the brain related to emotions and reasoning Could e-cigarettes be a safer way to take medical marijuana? ‘Cannavaping’ has the same effects ‘without the harm of smoking’ Could e-cigarettes cause INFERTILITY? Devices ‘contain more toxins than polluted air’ Could ECSTASY treat autism? Scientists call for tests on the illegal rave drug as they claim it could have ‘therapeutic effects for disorders’ Could eggs made from blood cells bring an end to infertility? Scientists are closer than ever – but ethics expert worries it could be ‘the biggest moral challenge we’ve ever faced’ Could electric shock therapy reduce CRIME? Scientists claim procedure makes people less likely to offend Could enjoying a nap KILL you? Sleeping for more than 40 minutes during the day ‘increases the risk of heart disease’ Could exercising in warm water cure high blood pressure? Research suggests it could even help those who don’t respond to drugs Could exhaust fumes CURE heart disease? Minute amounts of dangerous toxins ‘can unblock clogged arteries’ Could exposure to common chemicals stop women breastfeeding? Substance found on non-stick frying pans made women 77% more likely to give up at 3 months Could eye drops be used to treat jetlag? Scientists discover cells in the retina control biological clock – and simple treatment could control the issue Could Facebook or Twitter help you quit smoking? Using social media to kick the habit means you’re ‘TWICE as likely to succeed’ Could Facebook trigger eating disorders? Young women who spend a lot of time on the site have poorer body image Could fast food make you moody? Those who consume the most trans fats ‘have greater difficulty with mood control’ Could fasting every other day help people with multiple sclerosis? Scientists believe limiting calories could reduce symptoms as they begin human trial Could fennel beat PMT? Women given drops made from seeds felt less depressed and that it was easier to do their jobs Could FISH be nature’s antidepressant? Diet rich in seafood ‘slashes risk of depression’ Could FISH EYES help find the cure for blindness? Scientists discover a way to regenerate human retinas after a study on zebrafish Could fish oil protect against psychosis? Taking omega-3 for 12 weeks ‘lowers the risk of developing schizophrenia’ for up to 7 years afterwards Could flying give me another blood clot? Could frog snot cure the flu? Scientists discover slimy mucus contains powerful peptides that destroy most strains of human influenza Could FRUIT help heart attack patients? Injection of chemical helps reduce damage to vital organs and boosts survival Could gargling a virus that eats bacteria solve the SUPERBUG CRISIS? As overused antibiotics become less and less effective, a tantalising discovery may revolutionise healthcare Could garnishing food with parsley and dill help stave off cancer? Garden herbs contain chemicals that help to prevent tumours from forming Could gazing at old family holiday snaps help rescue my memory? NHS boss diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 58 tells of the disease robbing her of precious memories and her sadness at leaving work Could gene editing fight the AIDS crisis? Scientists poised to re-try the risky procedure 10 years after it cured the Berlin Patient but had disastrous results in every other trial Could gene therapy cure sickle cell disease? First patient to receive experimental treatment had been getting blood transfusions every 4 weeks – now he’s had none for NINE months Could gene therapy help paralysed people move again? Breakthrough study discovers treatment can repair life-changing damage Could global warming cause surge in kidney stones? Hot weather increases risk of painful condition, experts claim Could GM salmon be more nutritious? Scientists are controversially feeding the oily fish genetically modified crops to make the seafood even healthier Could going gluten-free boost your brain power? Landmark study reveals diet ‘reduces fatigue and increases energy levels’ Could going to bed at the same time every night ease the pain of arthritis? And other intriguing ways our body clocks govern our health Could going vegan protect you from heart failure? New study says a plant-based diet cuts the risk of hospitalization by 40% Could golf speed up recovery from stroke? Patients who took up lessons showed more improvement in their mental function Could GOOD hygiene cause Alzheimer’s? People in wealthy countries are at ‘greater risk’ as they have less contact with bacteria Could grapefruit beat lung disease? Eating fruit and other foods including cheese and bananas found to help patients suffering one of most common variants Could GRAPES do wonders for your teeth? Seeds from juicy fruit are hailed as a new weapon in the fight against tooth decay Could ‘groundbreaking’ new stem cell therapy mark the end of transplants? Damaged limbs and organs could be regrown INSIDE patients, experts reveal Could guilt-free sugary treats become a reality? Enzyme that ‘stops sugar being stored as fat’ is identified by scientists Could gut bacteria trigger autism? Stool samples reveal children on the spectrum ‘have higher levels of certain strains’ Could hamsters provide new clues to Alzheimer’s? Popular pet clears the build-up of toxic proteins from its brain after hibernation Could Hank Gathers have lived? Study concludes first responders waited too long to perform chest compressions on star basketball player as he died of cardiac arrest on the court Could healthy eating be key to beating cancer? Low calorie diet during chemo ‘shrinks tumours TWICE as much as drugs alone’ Could HERPES halt the spread of skin cancer? Genetically modified version of virus ‘kick-starts the immune system and kills diseased cells’ Could high cholesterol PREVENT cognitive decline? Scientists discover bizarre paradox that cuts risk of memory loss by 32% in elderly patients Could HISTAMINE relieve dementia? Chemical that causes misery for millions of allergy sufferers boosts long-term memory Could homeopathy HELP the NHS by stopping people with minor ailments seeking unnecessary medical treatment? Could honey prevent heart attacks? Natural sugar found in the popular sweetener reduces artery plaque by 30% Could hops in beer tackle liver and colon CANCER? Scientists discover three compounds in the flower ‘which can kill the tumours’ Could humble tulips harbour a secret killer? John, 77, believes infected compost was responsible for the death of his beloved wife Could hyperactivity be linked to poor HEARING? Scientists discover that inner ear problems and restlessness are caused by the same faulty gene Could incense be more toxic than cigarette smoke? As they burn, ‘sticks release compounds that are linked to cancer’ Could internet bullies suffer from ADHD? Sufferers are angry, stay up late and are more likely to post tweets that contain swearing and words such as ‘hate’, scientists discover Could IVF get cheaper? New cut-price clinic launches in New York offering up to 60% off – but analysts say ‘this is not a growing trend’ Could jet lag make your brain more resilient? Scientists stunned to find fruit flies with constantly changing schedules were LESS likely to get Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Could ketamine be prescribed to treat depression? Party drug hailed as the ‘next big thing in psychiatry’ Could knitting or painting protect you from dementia? Arts and crafts enthusiasts are 75% less likely to suffer memory loss Could ladybird blood help us beat diseases from tuberculosis to MRSA? Could laser hair removal give you CANCER? Smoke from burning hair contains chemical fumes that ‘drive up risk of disease’ Could lasering ‘bad’ bacteria stop your teeth falling out? Treatment ‘stops cause of bleeding gums and loose teeth’ Could losing weight be all in the mind? Meditation ‘helps keep the pounds off by stopping us eating out of habit’ Could losing weight be as simple as skipping breakfast? Fasting until lunch cuts out MORE THAN 300 calories, reveals study Could mad cow disease be about to return? 18-year-old animal confirmed dead from the disease Could malaria be wiped out by GM mosquitoes? Scientists find a way to kill off disease-carrying female of the species Could marijuana chewing gum treat IBS? Scientists testing US-made product to ease colon spasms that cause crippling bowel condition Could MARIJUANA cure menstrual cramps? New York lawmakers are set to approve the drug for that time of the month – but gynecologists warn we lack research Could marijuana painkillers combat America’s opioid crisis? Drugmakers testing radical new synthetic pills Could marijuana really cause a mental breakdown? We explain how the drug affects the brain as Kanye West’s tour insurer refuses to pay for canceled shows – and blames his cannabis use Could matcha green tea be used to treat cancer? ‘Striking’ results show it kills cancer cells by stopping them from refuelling Could MOUTHWASH stop gonorrhoea from spreading? Gargling may kill infection in the throat that can be passed on during oral sex Could my blood pressure pills be making me itch? Could Netflix make you DEPRESSED? Binge watching over 2 hours of TV a day is linked with higher levels of unhappiness and stress Could nostalgia make smokers quit? Reminding them of happy memories from their childhood may encourage them to ditch the habit Could nurses fill the doctor shortage? Nationwide push to let them to treat patients without supervision in rural counties to fill the void Could Nutella give you CANCER? Chocolate spread maker embroiled in controversy over report claiming a key ingredient is carcinogenic Could nuts ward off pancreatic cancer? Eating just a handful twice a week can reduce the risk by a third Could old sweet wrappers help people with Alzheimer’s? Nestle claims vintage packaging could trigger happy memories in dementia patients Could olive oil be the key to weight loss? Scientists discover even the SMELL of it can make us feel full Could olive oil be the latest weapon against cancer? Ingredient in the dressing kills tumour cells without hurting healthy ones Could one glass of red wine a day keep bowel cancer at bay? ‘Miracle’ ingredient may protect against the disease Could ONE molecule put an end to premature birth? Blocking key gene that controls contractions ‘could prevent leading cause of death in newborns’ Could ONE test detect FOUR cancers? Scientists hope single smear test will one day predict a woman’s risk of cervical, ovarian, womb and breast cancer Could one-shot ear drop REPLACE 10-day antibiotics? Scientists claim they are on the cusp of revolutionary gel Could orange juice boost memory? Older people who drank a pint a day saw ‘impressive’ improvements in brain function Could ostrich eggs be the key to tackling deadly hospital infections? New trial using the birds’ powerful immune systems may revolutionise future treatment Could other people’s pills be ending up in your tap water? Experts fear massive doses of prescription drugs return unaltered through our sewage Could our fear of the word ‘suicide’ be costing lives? A grieving father is leading efforts to save people in need Could owning a CAT give you schizophrenia? Study finds strong link Could ‘pacemaker’ in the brain treat dementia? Implant may help condition by causing new brain cells to be formed Could painful knee replacements be a thing of the past? Scientists may have uncovered arthritis cure Could paracetamol render YOU infertile? Couples where the man has ‘high levels of the drug in his system are 35% less likely to conceive’ Could parasite found in CAT FECES fight ovarian cancer? Scientists identify specific protein which trains the body to kill tumors Could parasitic worm spit hold the key to healing wounds? Scientists discover it can supercharge the regrowth of skin cells Could Parkinson’s be treated by LIGHT? Drugs activated by bright rays can significantly improve tremors in patients Could Parkinson’s disease be cured by transplanting PIG CELLS into the brain? Early trials may hold the key to the first ever remedy Could party drug be the key to tackling addiction? Student given ketamine to make his brain ‘forget’ he has a drinking problem Could pears be the best hangover cure going? Fruit’s juice can reduce effects of a night’s drinking by up to a fifth Could people with Down’s syndrome benefit from GREEN TEA? Drink shown to improve memory, speaking and quality of life Could period pain make you STUPID? Cramps reduce attention span and make women perform less well in tests Could picking your nose be GOOD for you? One scientist believes it could boost your immune system Could POLIO help cure cancer? Therapy harnessing the virus ‘destroys brain tumors’ Could pomegranate treat IBD? Compound found in the fruit can ‘relieve symptoms of the agonising condition’ Could poop transplants cure painful inflammatory bowel disease? Treatment ‘eradicates symptoms of ulcerative colitis’ Could POPPY SEEDS be an alternative to IVF? Century-old technique enables 40% of previously infertile women to conceive, study finds Could pregnant women soon be able to eat runny eggs? Risk of salmonella is ‘very low’, food safety experts claim Could probiotics cure extreme shyness? Friendly bacteria in yoghurts and pickles help tackle social anxiety, study reveals Could probiotics cut our need for antibiotics? Study finds children who take a daily supplement are 30% less likely to need the drugs Could PROBIOTICS ward off cancer? Increasing levels of ‘good’ bacteria in the intestines ‘slows and stops the disease developing’ Could Prozac treat PMS? Scientists claim the antidepressant could ease monthly misery of irritability and mood swings Could pumping your BLOOD through a machine help prevent heart attacks? Scientists believe they’ve found protein that causes heart disease Could red dates help fight cancer? Trendy superfood from Asia KILLS the disease, reveals lab study (and they cost just £1.99 a bag) Could red meat give you kidney failure? Too much beef, steak and pork ‘increases risk of renal collapse’ Could red wine help CURE prostate cancer? New research suggests it can make radiation more effective Could red wine help improve your skin? ‘Healthy’ ingredient may combat acne by making existing treatments more effective Could regular sex make you RICH? Study finds employees who have sex four times a week get paid more than those who don’t Could Roquefort be GOOD for the heart? Blue cheese has ‘anti-inflammatory properties’ that guard against cardiovascular disease Could salmonella be the secret to beating cancer? ‘Game-changing’ research shows harmless strain of bacteria may shrink prostate tumours Could scans diagnose autism sooner? Images reveal how part of the brain differs in boys with the condition Could scientists REVERSE dementia? Blocking a protein that builds up in the blood ‘helps combat memory loss’ Could scientists soon predict cancer more than a DECADE in advance? Breakthrough may pave way for new blood test for the disease ‘Could scientists turn thoughts into speech? Hope for paralyzed patients as researchers develop implants to read the mind’s ‘inner voice’ Could sea water really be a miracle cure for hayfever with NO side effects? Could seafood and red meat trigger arthritis? Zinc-rich foods could cause join pain, study finds Could SEAFOOD slow the progression of dementia? Patients who eat even one portion a week ‘have less brain damage’ Could seaweed help cut fat in your chocolate? Scientists develop alternative that use microscopic agar bubbles to bulk out the treat Could sight restoring lens implants leave you with worse vision? Could simple eye test reveal Alzheimer’s? Computer software that analyses changes in veins and arteries could spot disease in early stages Could singing stop snoring? Doctor says vocal exercises could be the key to a peaceful night’s sleep Could six meals a day keep heart disease at bay? Regular eating found to reduce the chance of dying from clogged arteries by 30% Could SKIN CELLS help cure brain tumors? Transforming them into cancer-hunting stem cells ‘destroys the disease’ Could ‘smart drugs’ make a student more STUPID? Healthy people taking performance enhancing pills had slower reactions, study finds Could smoking cannabis while drinking DOUBLE the risk of drink-driving? People who use marijuana and alcohol together ‘more likely to drive inebriated’ Could smoking marijuana be GOOD for your memory? Tiny amounts of a compound found in cannabis ‘could help delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease’ Could SNAKE VENOM replace aspirin for heart disease patients? Protein in an Asian species’ poison thins the blood without side effects Could sniffing flatulence be GOOD for you? Potent gas can help prevent cancer, strokes and heart attacks, claim scientists Could social networking PREVENT teenage suicide? Study finds most young people would turn to technology to ask for help Could soda and fruit juice give you cancer? Sugary drinks ‘double risk of disease’ Could some symptoms of autism be reversed with probiotics? Bacteria in breast milk and yoghurt ‘cuts antisocial behaviour’ Could spicy food offer hope in tackling cancer? Tests show compound that gives chili peppers their kick can slow down the progression of lung cancer Could spinach stop cataracts? Eating foods rich in vitamin E could cut chances of developing the eye disorder by a quarter Could statin side effects be a thing of the past? New tests allow scientists to work out who will be affected, paving the way for new treatments Could statins be the miracle cure for Alzheimer’s? Taking the tablets for just 2 years reduces the risk by up to 15% Could statins help prevent breast cancer? Study finds that high cholesterol may cause the disease Could statins protect your unborn baby’s heart? Cholesterol drugs ‘lower risk of heart disease in later life’ Could stem cell jab help elderly blind see again? Revolutionary treatment improved the sight of half the sufferers of degenerative condition Could STRAWBERRIES keep you sharp? Compound in the fruit prevents age-related mental decline Could STRESS trigger Alzheimer’s? Chronic stress ’causes key proteins to cluster in the brain, triggering the disease’ Could sugary diets fuel Alzheimer’s disease? Scientists discover link between high levels of glucose in the brain and memory loss symptoms Could SUNGLASSES help people with bipolar disorder? Amber-tinted specs ‘reduce manic symptoms in just three days’ Could supermarket receipts help you LOSE WEIGHT? New system provides an overall summary of the calories, sugar, salt and fat in your weekly shop Could Swiss CHEESE be a superfood? It contains a probiotic that could help you live longer, claim scientists Could taking a probiotic alongside an Indian herbal remedy help you live to 100? Scientists claim the combination could boost the lifespan of humans Could taking antibiotics increase your risk of STDs? Drugs ‘block the immune system’s ability to fight the herpes virus’ Could taking vitamin D help patients who have cancer? John Frost, 87, says it helped him battle skin melanoma Could TAPEWORM antidote cure Zika? Medical breakthrough shows existing drug could combat the virus Could TEXTING be the latest way for doctors to diagnose strokes? Could that low-fat diet make you EVEN FATTER? As experts question conventional wisdom on diets, the extraordinary results of one man’s experiment Could the ‘Angelina Jolie gene’ increase the risk of dementia? BRCA1, which raises the chance of breast cancer, ‘is linked to Alzheimer’s’ Could the Cinnamon Craze give you LIVER damage? Could the cure for hospital superbugs be GARLIC? Pungent kitchen-staple breaks down antibiotic-resistant bacteria, allowing treatments to work again, study finds Could the decline in SMOKING be behind rise in Parkinson’s? Scientists believe nicotine in tobacco ‘may protect the brain’ (but doctors say you still shouldn’t spark up) Could the Ebola epidemic trigger surge in malaria? Deaths have fallen by 50% but WHO warns vital resources are being diverted to fight Ebola Could the FLU cure cancer? Injecting inoperable patients with the common virus destroys their tumours and could be a ‘game-changing’ new treatment Could the fountain of youth be found in antibiotics? The drugs may EXTEND your life by culling older cells that have lost the ability to divide Could the ‘healthy’ part of red wine be dangerous for unborn babies? Could the illegal party drug ketamine ease depression? Horse tranquilizer improves sufferers’ sleep and interest Could the Mediterranean diet make your brain five years younger? Diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables could stop it shrinking with age Could the misery of IBS be eased with hayfever tablets? Antihistamines ‘significantly reduce painful abdominal cramps’ Could the misery of recurrent miscarriage be prevented with this £100 gel? Heartbroken mother who lost three babies claims treatment finally gave her a daughter Could the misery of restless legs be relieved with a simple foot support? Bandage-like device ‘relaxes muscles’ to help sufferers sleep Could the NFL ever be safe? As football is blamed for crippling players’ brains, we explain the medical scandals – and how the game could change to protect its stars Could the package holiday boom be to blame for EYE problems? Surgeon blames rise in cataracts on too much sunshine Could the Paleo diet save YOU from a heart attack? Just eight weeks of eating like a cave man ‘dramatically cuts blockages in your arteries’ Could the Pill protect against an STD? Sex hormone in contraceptives ‘protects women from herpes’ Could the position you SLEEP in affect your risk of Alzheimer’s? People who sleep on their side enable their brain to ‘detox’ better while they rest Could the rest of the herd be infected? Mad cow disease may have come from ‘contaminated food’ on Scottish farm where the infected animal’s four offspring must be slaughtered to stop it spreading Could the secret to quitting drinking or smoking be an implant in the brain that controls cravings? Could the smear test be replaced with a urine sample? Scientists hope less invasive screening method could boost attendance Could the stem cell ‘repair kit’ become a reality? Diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s could be cured using a single cell Could the symptoms of autism be helped by massaging the stomach? Therapist claims it improves gut problems and eye contact in children Could the way we are born affect our BRAIN? Babies delivered via C-section ‘have more brain cells after birth’ Could the winter vomiting bug be wiped out by brass taps and fittings? Study finds the virus can’t survive on copper Could the world be smoke-free by 2040? ‘Turbocharged’ global campaign to ban the sale of tobacco could save one billion lives, experts say Could the World Food diet help you beat disease? From Ethiopian wholegrains to heart-healthy Mediterranean feasts, experts reveals top tips from across the globe Could there be a cure for Alzheimer’s in the next decade? Breakthrough as scientists manage to stop brain cells from dying Could these headphones clean your ears better than a Q-tip? Start-up unveils wearable device that washes out wax in 35 seconds Could these ‘smart scales’ cure anorexia? 75% of patients who used device were free of symptoms a year later Could this ALGAE stop your hangover before it hits? Superfood ‘floods the body with detoxifying nutrients and banishes toxins from the liver’ Could this be a CURE for ageing? Scientists find a way of rejuvenating old cells to make them young again Could THIS be a cure for blindness? Revolutionary technique restores the vision of two patients who were unable to read even with glasses Could this be a cure for heart attacks? Scientists pinpoint method to prevent deadly blood clots Could this be a cure for insomnia? How a sleep mask can send out a ‘camera flash’ of light to reset the clock for night owls Could this be a cure for sugar cravings? Scientists identify hormone ‘that suppresses your sweet tooth’ Could this be a dieter’s best friend? New weight loss chip implanted in the arm tells you when to stop eating Could this be a new cure for eczema? Treatment using the body’s natural defences ‘could clear up the irritating skin condition’ Could this be the answer to sunburn? Scientists pinpoint chemical that makes skin painful and itchy in discovery that could lead to more effective sun cream Could THIS be the cure for Alzheimer’s disease? Flickering LED lights found to reduce toxic clumps in the brain Could this be the end of Alzheimer’s? Revolutionary drug ‘may stop the disease from ever developing’ Could this be the end of asthma? Gene controlling coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath ‘can be turned off’ Could this be the END of cystitis? Discovery that bacteria ‘lash on to urinary tract with tiny tentacles’ – raises hopes of new drugs Could THIS be the end of daily injections for diabetics? Scientists create a glucose-control treatment that lasts weeks, sparing sufferers the misery of painful jabs Could this be the end of hot flushes? Hopes for millions going through menopause misery after scientists discover the genes behind ‘the sweats’ Could THIS be the end of MRSA? Scientists discover how the superbug evades last-resort antibiotics Could this be the END of painful dental injections? Anesthetic ‘via electric current is cheaper and lowers the risk of infection’ Could this be the end of painful kidney stones? Compound found in citrus fruit ‘dissolves crystal deposits’ Could this be the end of reading glasses? Lens that can restore sight in older people is being developed – and it’s made from the same material as a SMARTPHONE screen Could this be the end of smear tests? Urine sample that picks up on HPV ‘as effectively as cervical screening may one day by on the NHS’ Could this be the end of statin side-effects? Simple blood test could identify how well the cholesterol-busting drugs will work Could this be the end of stitches and staples? Magnetic device holds the wound together, helping it heal faster Could this be the end of sunburn? New bracelet changes colour to warn when you’re close to getting burnt Could this be the end of SUPERBUGS? Scientists create a protein which ‘rips apart’ and destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria Could THIS be the end of the common cold? Scientists crack its ‘enigma code’ and say a treatment could be available in 10 years Could this be the end of the junior doctors’ strikes? Jeremy Hunt agrees to ‘pause’ introduction of new contract to allow fresh talks with the BMA Could this be the end of the junior doctors’ strikes? Negotiations will go into next week with ‘successful conclusion’ now in sight Could this be the most bizarre cure for a dodgy tummy? Smoke cannabis while eating a curry to alleviate symptoms, research suggests Could THIS be why diets backfire? Slimmers feel hungrier and have a stronger desire to eat up to two years after dramatic weight loss Could THIS be why you have to wait weeks to see your doctor? GPs are spending nearly 400,000 DAYS each year on proving they are fit to practice Could THIS be why you just can’t stop that unbearable itch? Woman, 72, finds her itching was due to a vitamin deficiency… after numerous doctors failed to find what was causing it Could this berry mean you can eat junk food guilt free? Lingonberries ‘halt the effects of high-fat diet’ Could THIS blood test pioneered in hospitals be an answer for those fighting sepsis? Could this boost the success rates of IVF? Scientists create new horseshoe-shaped contraption to trap the best sperm in five minutes Could this cap help John McCain? Controversial gadget claims to kill ‘untreatable’ brain tumor cells Could THIS combination cure breast cancer? ‘Absolutely amazing’ study shows immunotherapy and a virus may kill the deadliest form of the disease Could THIS cure Alzheimer’s? New drug found to reduce plaques in the brain moves into final trials Could this ‘CURE’ heart ageing? Scientists rejuvenate old hearts by injecting younger stem cells in world-first experiment Could this discovery spell the end of wrinkles? Enzyme that plays a crucial role in skin cell’s ‘battery’ could hold key to new treatments Could this drug have saved A A Gill’s life? Simon only had two weeks left to live, but this treatment reduced his lung cancer and got him back to health Could this drug undo the damage of a fatty diet? New molecule reversed hair loss, cleared up skin, and banished grays in junk food-addicted mice Could THIS end the pain for millions of arthritis sufferers? New jab can delay progression of the condition and may save the NHS up to £1 billion each year Could this explain the link between air pollution and heart disease? Inhaling deadly nanoparticles can reach the bloodstream through the lungs Could this explain why boys are more likely to have autism? Study provides first evidence of a ‘protective effect’ in females Could this explain why some women miscarry? Breakthrough on why the mother’s immune system destroys the foetus – paving the way for preventative treatment Could this explain why Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are so good at scoring goals? Premier League footballers have superior EYESIGHT Could this finally end the agony of back pain? Ibuprofen patches deliver 10 TIMES the amount of painkiller through the skin Could this implant PREVENT Alzheimer’s? Capsule under the skin ‘releases antibodies to fight the disease’ Could this jab banish your bad habits? Injection of gut hormone stops cravings and could help drinkers, smokers and the obese Could this Japanese herb be the secret to slowing down ageing? ‘Tomorrow’s leaf’ eaten by SAMURAI is found to clear out disease-causing cells Could this juice beat hayfever? Tipple packed with Vitamin C aims to relieve incessant sneezes and itchy eyes… and you can make it at home Could THIS lead to a cure for hearing loss? ‘Extremely promising’ study reveals a way of piggybacking drugs to repair cells deep inside the ear Could THIS lead to a cure for multiple sclerosis? Scientists uncover the possible cause of the disease which has long been deemed a mystery Could this lead to a ‘flab jab’? Experts discover a protein which triggers fat burning in the body and ‘could banish the belly even WITHOUT exercise’ Could this little boy’s tragic death provide clues about cot death? Tests reveal toddler had genetic heart condition never seen before in a child Could this mark the end of insulin injections for type 1 diabetics? Cells genetically modified to produce insulin ‘could transform life for millions’ Could this new pill replace breast screening? Fluorescent dye which lights up tumours would ‘stop false positives and end unnecessary treatments’ Could this PAINT wipe out hospital-acquired superbugs? Tests reveal new product ‘kills 99% of harmful bacteria that triggers MRSA and E.coli’ Could this pill treat alcoholism? Once-a-day tablet should be offered to heavy drinkers to help curb their addiction, experts say Could this pizza help you LOSE weight? It contains just 200 calories but claims to give you all the nutrients you need Could this playlist of war-time classics ease symptoms in dementia patients? Study finds old records trigger a wave of relief from disease-related anxiety Could THIS reverse aging? Scientists claim they can turn back time by removing wrinkles from INSIDE our cells Could THIS save thousands of people dying from sepsis? Scientists discover what causes an infection to spiral into the silent killer Could THIS save unborn babies from dying in the womb? Scientists discover key ‘protective’ protein Could this simple eye test help diagnose autism? Tracking a child’s gaze provides ‘clear evidence of the condition’ Could THIS spell the end of agonising back pain? Implant that delivers an electrical shock twice a day can eradicate symptoms completely Could THIS spell the end of painful fillings? Scientists develop a new method to repair small holes without the need to use a drill Could this ‘Star Trek’ headband help banish migraines? Could THIS stop thousands dying from malaria? Vaccine shows early success in protecting against the tropical disease Could this stop your chocolate cravings? Experts say a drug used to combat sleep disorders also reduces the urge to eat Could THIS stop your partner snoring? New chin implant that sends electrical impulses to the tongue stops airway blockage Could this toilet make you healthier? Designer claims his loo prevents disease because it makes you squat Could this treatment prevent autism? Technology that helps parents communicate with babies ‘may stop symptoms from developing’ in those at risk Could this year’s Christmas catch-up reveal a member of your family has dementia? Expert reveals the seven signs to look out for Could this year’s Christmas catch-up reveal a member of your family has poor oral health? Dentists reveal the seven signs to look out for Could three peaches a day help you beat breast cancer? Natural ingredient in fruit may stop spread of killer disease Could tiny worm hold the key to treating arthritis? Study finds immune system’s response to parasite eases inflammation Could tobacco help CURE cancer? Key ingredient of chemo drug, naturally found in a rare Himalayan flower, ‘is reproduced in tobacco plants’ Could tofu boost YOUR fertility? Soy foods ‘protect against chemical in food packaging that can block conception’ Could tomatoes be a wonder cure for skin cancer? Powerful compounds in the Mediterranean fruit HALVE tumours Could too much junk food destroy a young person’s bowel? By bravely posing with her colostomy bag, Bethany has highlighted a disease that is on the rise Could TROPICAL FISH hold the key to multiple sclerosis? Transparent zebrafish give insight into how nerves work Could tweaking our genes help us live longer? Scientists make mice live 20% longer by changing their DNA Could UK’s first three-parent babies be born this year? Two women with genetic diseases are given approval to have a child using a separate donor Could umbilical cord blood be the key to eternal youth? Groundbreaking study claims the thing midwives normally trash is actually age-defying treasure Could unruly children be tamed with a vitamin pill? Pupils taking the supplement were ‘better behaved at school’ Could using Viagra harm your prostate? Could vasectomies on the NHS be given the snip? GPs told they must ration the procedures to help cut costs Could vasectomies on the NHS be given the snip? GPs told to advise patients to wear condoms or go private for procedure in latest budget squeeze Could Viagra damage your eyes? An erection drug bought online leaves 31-year-old man with red-tinted vision (and doctors warn the damage is irreversible) Could VIAGRA help prevent dementia by boosting blood flow to the brain? Could VIAGRA improve memory? Drug used to treat erectile problems could be used to stave off dementia Could Viagra increase the risk of skin cancer? Erectile dysfunction drug ‘stimulates the growth of melanoma’ Could VIAGRA prevent bowel cancer? Study claims a small daily dose of the little blue pill HALVES the risk of forming dangerous cells Could Viagra reduce blood clots after stent surgery? Early trials show it slashes risk of deadly blockages by 30% Could vitamin B1 cure the shakes? ‘Remarkable’ treatment saw two Italian patients have their tremors halted through super-strength injections Could vitamin C be a replacement for EXERCISE? A daily Berocca ‘is as effective as walking in improving the heart health of obese people’ Could voice test detect the first signs of Alzheimer’s? Speech patterns used to spot Parkinson’s may also help diagnose dementia Could walnuts and olive oil prevent food poisoning? Omega-3 fatty acids ‘switch off’ listeria, reducing its ability to cause infection Could WALNUTS prevent heart attack? Two handfuls a day ‘lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease’ Could wasp VENOM combat antibiotic resistance? Scientists discover it contains a toxin that can completely eradicate a deadly bacteria Could WATER be the key to slimming? Drinking a pint before each meal ‘helps dieters lose an extra 3lbs over 12 weeks’ Could watermelon cure high blood pressure? Fruit could slash the risk of heart attacks in obese people Could we ever develop a universal flu vaccine? Congress has pledged $1 billion to find one in 5 years – but health directors receiving that money say it’s not possible Could we finally beat malaria? World’s first vaccine could be approved by 2018 – potentially saving half a million lives a year Could we one day get our daily dose of exercise from a PILL? Scientists design compound that mimics exercise in muscles Could we prevent birth defects before conception? Scientists discover how to edit out DNA flaws from sperm using CRISPR – leaving no need to tamper with the embryo Could we prevent flu WITHOUT a vaccine? Triggering a natural protein in the body ‘can block the virus and could save lives in the event of a pandemic’ Could we soon stop breast cancer from returning? Scientists discover how the disease hides the bones – only to attack years later Could weight-loss supplements cause CANCER? Chromium ‘turns carcinogenic when it enters the body’s cells’ Could wine treat depression? Compounds in grapes combat the mental health condition Could wireless headphones HARM your health? Public health professor warns radiation of AirPods are just as bad Could womb test detect ovarian cancer earlier? Scientists discover method to find 16 genes that are linked to the disease Could YOGURT help beat depression? Probiotics ‘reduce the negative thoughts that can spiral into mental illness’ Could YOGURT treat depression? Its ‘good bacteria’ boosts our mood by changing brain activity Could YOU be a secret coeliac? Three quarters of sufferers don’t realise they have the condition Could YOU be allergic to your Christmas tree? Pines are haven for moulds Could you be allergic to your house? Katie couldn’t work out what caused chronic attacks that left her gasping for breath – then tests proved it was a mould found in millions of homes Could you be allergic to your mouthwash? Hay fever could be just the start of your allergy worries, experts reveal Could YOU be immune to Ebola? Scientists claim those naturally protected from virus could play a vital role in stopping its spread Could you be overdosing on paracetamol? It’s everyone’s quick fix for aches and pain but you’ll be shocked how easy it is to take too much Could you BREATHE away those excess pounds? 80% of fat leaves the body via the lungs, say experts (so the more you exercise the better) Could YOU eat all your meals before 3pm? Study finds the extremely restricted schedule lowers blood pressure, boosts metabolism, AND curbs your late night snack cravings Could YOU handle the pressure of working in a busy A&E department? Play the nerve-racking game which tests how well you can juggle life-or-death scenarios in an NHS hospital Could YOU have a cancerous mole and not know it? Take this test to find out… Could YOU have the binge drinking gene? Scientists discover some animals are wired to prefer the taste of alcohol to water Could YOU knock years off your looks by going to the face gym? Personal trainers share the perfect at-home session for you to try Could YOU lose weight in your SLEEP? People with healthy gut bacteria ‘burn more calories at night’ Could you really catch a tropical disease on UK SHORES? Experts warn global warming may create ideal conditions for deadly diseases on our very doorsteps Could YOU recognize the signs of OCD? Mental health counselor whose daughter battled the condition for 4 years reveals the true agony of the disorder and the red flags to watch for Could YOU save your loved one from death if they collapsed in front of you? Could YOU survive on just beans on toast? Man, 25, eats the student staple for EVERY meal, but doctors say he is perfectly healthy Could YOU watch this video without crying? Emotional organ donation film goes viral – and reveals why dogs really are a man’s best friend Could ‘young blood’ cure Parkinson’s disease? Scientists are giving transfusions that may reverse aging Could your bad habits actually be GOOD for you? From caffeine addiction to loving a lie-in and being a chocoholic… expert reveals how your vice could boost your health Could your bathroom or kitchen plughole making you sick? Scientists reveal washing meat or leaving hair and soap to build-up could put you at risk of two types of deadly bacteria Could your blood pressure pills be making YOU depressed? Common tablets ‘double the risk of developing a mood disorder’ Could your cat give you a deadly disease? Parasite in the faeces of our feline friends may cause Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even CANCER, claims study Could your CAT give you Alzheimer’s? Parasite found in feline feces ‘increases risk of developing the crippling brain disease’ Could your child’s chesty cough be deadly asthma? Could your child’s primary school be making them ill? Play equipment found to have bacteria levels 15 TIMES higher than normal Could your daily latte increase your risk of going DEAF? Caffeine ‘can make temporary hearing loss permanent’ Could your food change your mood? Psychologist explains the gut-brain connection – and how these diet tweaks could make you less anxious Could your GUT be key to treating heart disease? Neutralizing bacteria in the intestines ‘may prevent heart attacks and stroke’ Could your gym routine be wreaking havoc with your skin? Medic reveals cases of eczema and dermatitis are on the rise and exercise could be to blame Could your HAIRDRYER be ageing you? Background buzz of white noise from the appliance and TV static could be damaging your brain Could your high heels give you cancer? Expert says wearing stilettos every day raises risk Could your holiday cocktail cost you your life? A toxic ingredient in cheap foreign drinks is poisoning unsuspecting tourists Could your imagination be making you FAT? Vivid thoughts ‘trigger food cravings and encourage you to eat more’ Could your low-carb diet be wrecking your gut? Nutritionist explains why fiber is ESSENTIAL to beat belly bulge Could your manicure give you skin cancer? Dermatologists reveal the dangers of your nail care, why you should never cut cuticles and be wary of gel Could your medicine give you a drink problem? The disturbing side-effects even the manufacturers don’t know about Could your painkillers give you an accidental overdose? Could your PHONE test if you are over the limit? ‘Smallest breathalyser in the world’ is developed for mobiles Could your relationship be the reason why your baby NEVER stops crying? Experts reveal mothers unhappy with their partners are more likely to have infants with colic Could YOUR salad be contaminated? Doctor warns of toxic levels of copper lurking in kale, avocado and coconut Could your saucepans bring on the menopause? Chemicals found around the home linked to health problems Could your skin colour kill you? White people with anger problems are 40% more likely to die from a heart attack Could your sleeping position be making you ill? A host of ailments can be fixed simply by changing the way you lie Could your smartphone or tablet give you SKIN CANCER? Screens ‘reflect UV rays and may indirectly trigger the disease’ Could your takeaway be making you itchy? Allergies to SPICES are on the rise – and women are more at risk Could your TATTOOS protect against flu? Multiple inkings ‘help fight off a cold by boosting the body’s immune response’ Could your vitamin D pills give you kidney stones? Could Zika be spread through SEX? Traces of the virus are found in semen, while one scientist claims he passed it to his wife Could Zika be stopped by a harmless bacteria carried by bees and butterflies? Infecting mosquitoes with the parasite ‘stops the virus being transmitted to humans’ Could Zika devastate the brain like Alzheimer’s? Virus attacks the area linked to learning and memory Could Zika prove fatal? Three deaths linked to suspected complications of the virus, say Brazilian officials Could zinc tablets be the key to beating the common cold? Council cuts to contraception could lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and the number of women seeking abortions Councils aren’t paying enough to cover the costs of home care for elderly patients, damning report finds Counselling for new mums… via Skype: Officials suggest using video calling to help mothers who may be overwhelmed by leaving the house for appointments Count the kicks: Meet the 12 mums who have bared their bumps after the death of a baby to raise awareness of stillbirths Count your blessings: Will, 20, is every mother’s dream of a perfect son. He also has just weeks to live unless a heart donor is found Countdown to danger… or the terrifying speed at which cake, coffee and other treats harm your body Countess of Wessex writes to the family of an 11-month-old baby with ‘the worst meningitis doctors have seen in 25 years’ to tell them she is ‘completely heartbroken’ and wishes them ‘peace, strength and hope’ Counties with poor health were far more likely to vote Trump: New analysis shows public health was one of the biggest driving forces behind Donald’s rise to power Counting calories IS a waste of time: Mediterranean diet rich in ‘good’ fats ‘is the BEST way to lose weight’ Counting calories is ‘virtually meaningless’ because we all digest food differently Country star Doug Supernaw who once duetted with the Beach Boys reveals he is battling stage IV lung and bladder cancer Couple conceive baby girl after seven years of trying – thanks to a special GLUE which sticks embryos to the walls of the womb Couple conceive naturally after spending £20,000 on failed IVF…and it is all thanks to the CONTRACEPTIVE pill Couple devastated after clumsy IVF clinic destroys entire supply of precious donor eggs Couple diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ after two-and-a-half years of trying for a baby, conceive using a £100 DIY fertility kit that is £4,900 cheaper than the IVF doctors said they needed Couple finally conceive after suffering 4 miscarriages – then discover their baby will need open heart surgery as soon as he is born Couple forced to pay £8,000 for IVF treatment after hairdresser goes through early menopause at just 23 Couple have longed-for son following five failed cycles of IVF – all thanks to a drip containing EGG YOLK Couple having sex in the sea are hospitalised after their genitals become stuck together Couple in desperate race to sell family home in the next WEEK to fund daughter’s cancer treatment after doctors say she won’t live until Christmas without it Couple in race to fund daughter’s cancer treatment so she can live until Christmas told she is too sick to fly to U.S. for proton therapy treatment – so are planning on driving to Germany or Switzerland Couple injured in head-on car crash taken to hospital in FIRE ENGINES after being told there would be a two hour wait for an ambulance Couple loses 3 children in 3 consecutive days to rare disease after taking two off life support and letting the third die without intervention Couple overcome 250,000-to-one odds to conceive ‘miracle baby’ after father is diagnosed with rare sperm condition Couple overcomes 6 miscarriages and 2 bouts of cancer to fulfill dream of having kids Couple told they would NEVER have their own children because of her medical condition stun doctors by having twins and then triplets Couple who both had cancer welcome their second daughter after Facebook group secretly raised £2,000 for IVF treatment Couple who endured heartache of six failed IVF attempts finally have three healthy babies thanks to injections of soya and egg yolk Couple who had America’s first uterus transplant which failed due to yeast infection reveal her MOTHER, 44, will now serve as their surrogate Couple who had pioneering IVF treatment now expecting their second child after conceiving naturally, despite being told it was ‘impossible’ Couple who lost six babies to genetic disease suffer devastating blow when their only surviving son dies, aged 21 Couple who met and fell in love after BOTH suffering brain injuries reveal how their new baby has boosted their memories Couple who raised £400,000 in just two days arrive in US for life-saving cancer treatment and thank public for ‘overwhelming support’ Couple who spent £20,000 on IVF finally have a baby thanks to egg yolk and soya treatment Couple who spent 18 months trying for a baby stunned to find they conceived while boyfriend was ASLEEP Couple who watched their baby die from CHICKENPOX after doctors ‘failed to spot the infection’ are finally awarded damages after three-year battle Couples abstain from sex during pregnancy out of fear of hurting the baby, reveals survey, and mothers-to-be feel unattractive even though their partners prefer their bigger boobs and curves Couples are being given false hope by IVF clinics advertising misleading success rates, experts warn Couples are told to sort out their diet and lifestyle YEARS before trying for a baby Couple’s joy after ‘miracle’ daughter arrives after 12 years of trying and four cycles of IVF Couples live more in sickness than in health: Survey reveals married people exercise less Couples losing their virginity today have a ‘better experience than those 25 years ago’ Couples should have sex THREE times a week to conceive: Busy, stressful lifestyles are ‘one of the main reasons women can’t get pregnant’ Couples who do chores together are happier: Sharing the dishes eases tension and boosts women’s sex drive, study finds Couples who drink together stay together: Sharing a bottle of wine ‘can make your relationship happier’ Couples who stay together ‘for the sake of the children’ are not doing the best thing for their youngsters’ mental health Courage of the 12-year-old girl fighting dementia Courageous vaginal mesh campaigner, 42, DIES from sepsis after her controversial implant triggered a four-year battle with persistent infections Cowboy lessons help wounded soldiers overcome the physical and mental toll of war CPR kept a 69-year-old man alive for 90 MINUTES after he suffered a heart attack Crackdown on ‘cancer risk’ soccer pitches: Rubber used in 3G surfaces facing Europe-wide ban over health fears Crackdown on e-cigarettes and BAN on menthols under new smoking rules announced today Crackdown on e-cigarettes: Drugs watchdog says they must be regulated like medicines Crackdown on sugar in Lucozade could prove dangerous for diabetics, warn doctors Cracked: Health secrets of walnuts… They are loaded with antioxidants that fight disease Cracking down on prescription painkillers: CDC announces new guidelines for doctors to tackle surge in overdose deaths Cranberries are NOT a superfood for women: Scientists find no evidence they help to fight off bladder infections Cranberries ARE superfoods: Not only are they a source of antioxidants but they boost good bacteria in the gut, scientists find for the first time Crash dieting gives you MORE belly fat and thins out your muscles, study warns Crash diets DO work, claim experts – but can still be dangerous as it is ‘impossible’ to gain all the nutrients the body needs Crash diets DO work, you SHOULD skip breakfast and exercise WON’T shift that spare tyre: Britain’s bestselling health author reveals the truth about slimming ‘Crashing into a TREE saved my life’: Mother-of-two, 30, was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized brain tumour after writing off her car Craving junk food during pregnancy? A high-fat diet causes IRREVERSIBLE anxiety and depression in children, study shows for the first time Craving junk food IS in your genes! Some people’s brains are ‘hardwired to want high fat foods’ Craze of breastfeeding selfies makes women who bottle-feed feel judged and ‘failures as mothers’ Crazy in love: What happens in your brain when you really do have chemistry Cream cakes for breakfast: High-fat diet helps girl, 8, to halve her epileptic seizures Cream for my eczema set off allergic shock that could have killed me: Actress Bronagh Waugh reveals how those who suffer from the skin condition can face a double danger Cream that ‘rubs away’ skin cancer: Tessa feared surgery would leave her face scarred. Then came an amazingly simple solution Creams used to treat athlete’s foot and eczema ‘could REVERSE multiple sclerosis’ Creation of 21,000 new mental health jobs will treat an extra one million over the next four years – but nursing body warns Jeremy Hunt’s policies do ‘not to add up’ Creative people are 90% more likely to be schizophrenic and face a greater risk of suffering from bipolar disorder or depression, reveals study Creative people ARE prone to suffering mental illness: Actors, dancers and musicians ‘more likely to have the genes causing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder’ Crematoriums may be infected with toxic radiation after cremating cancer patients who have undergone radiotherapy, study suggests Crippling back pain left wife, 28, on morphine for two years and unable to work – then an ankle gadget changed her life in 16 weeks Crippling bacterial infection sweeps Flint, Michigan because residents are too scared to bathe in lead-infected water and use baby wipes instead Crippling loneliness can strike at any time – and it’s on the rise among Americans as young as 27, study finds Crisis in A&E: Inspectors reveal more than HALF of departments are not up to scratch as doctors warn hundreds of patients are dying Crisis in snake bite treatment: Global supply of a key anti-venom ‘will run dry next year’ putting tens of thousands of lives at risk Crisis on maternity wards as births to women over 40 soar 70% in ten years Crisis, what crisis? Now May denies the NHS is in crisis despite 55,000 operations cancelled because of winter pressures as medics now describe hospital scenes as ‘battlefields’ Crisis-hit hospital forced to treat patients in its GYM as it battles chronic bed shortages Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘oblivious’ to pressure but Neymar seems to choke under stress: Researchers investigate how professional football players perform in crunch games Critical shortage of doctors exposed: Population of 15,000 served by just 4 GPs, inquest into death of 26-year-old unable to get an appointment hears Critically-ill patients left paralysed by strokes are being ‘brought back to life’ thanks to breakthrough treatment Criticising your children for their ‘puppy fat’ makes them more likely to be obese as an adult Crohn’s disease sufferer goes from 4st to 8st in just three months after recovering from burst bowel and is now a champion weightlifter Crohn’s sufferer pursues dream of being a model after bikini photo exposing colostomy bags becomes an internet sensation Crop spraying with the world’s most widely used pesticide is a greater danger than passive smoking to children living near the fields CrossFit lover ‘was left paralyzed after having the flu jab’ and had to re-learn how to walk again as doctors say her lungs would have failed if she wasn’t so fit Crowdfunding website has seen a 7-FOLD increase in cancer patients trying to raise money for treatment unavailable on the NHS in just 1 year ‘Cruel’ drug rationing system that makes patients beg for drugs must be ripped up, experts warn Cruel injustice of the health service lottery: Radiotherapy helped interior designer Emily, 33, beat cancer but she wouldn’t get it under new rules Cruel IVF postcode lottery: Women are being forced abroad as the number of health authorities offering full recommended 3 IVF cycles HALVES in 5 years and more areas ban the procedure Cruel rationing of vital cataract ops has DOUBLED since NHS officials were ordered to stop refusing patients the surgery, investigation reveals Crying DOES make you feel better: People who sobbed during a film felt happier 20 minutes later than those who remained dry-eyed C-section babies are more likely to grow up FAT as they are exposed to lower levels of good bacteria C-section technique that can harm baby: Doctors warn vaginal seeding can give newborns deadly infections and sepsis C-sections DON’T cause autism: No link exists between delivery mode and the condition, landmark study declares CT scans are often blamed for causing cancer, but do they actually increase the risk? Cuddling your kitten could KILL you: CDC warns adorable felines carry deadly bacteria that causes brain swelling and heart infection Culture of bullying, harassment and sub-standard care put patients at risk and ‘drove staff to the brink’ at a Liverpool NHS trust Curb supermarket discounts on salty, fatty foods: MPs demand tough rules are introduced to stop deals on unhealthy products Cure for alcoholism now one step closer: Scientists pinpoint specific cells in the brain that make drinkers crave more booze Cure for chocoholics: Scientists say you need to ‘imagine a forest’ if you want to curb your cravings Cure for common cold a step closer: Experts crack the code which lets virus multiply Cure for insomnia takes a step closer with hopes of a new pill to end those sleepless nights Cure your insomnia in a week: Sleep science expert JASON ELLIS gives you a personalised plan to enjoy night after night of blissful slumber Cure your tiredness: Enjoy hot baths and bananas for a good night’s sleep Cured by accident! Alopecia sufferer’s hair regrows after she is given drugs to help treat a chest infection Curious about YOUR fertility? There’s an app for that! How to use your phone to look at sperm on a microscopic level Curious children do better at school: Those who question the world around them excel in class, regardless of how wealthy their parents are, study finds Curry ingredient turmeric is MORE effective than paracetamol or ibuprofen at easing painful injuries, study finds Curry spice turmeric boosts memory by nearly 30% AND eases depression, study finds Cushioned running shoes RAISE the risk of foot injury and leg pain, claim scientists Customers of high street beauty salons that provide lip and facial fillers are being left with ‘bruises, infections and in A&E’ as doctors call for tighter regulation Cut booze in middle age or risk dementia: Health watchdog says simple lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce chance of developing condition Cut calories by a fifth to reduce your chance of cancer: Undertaking an extreme diet in middle age can help extend the length of your life Cut cost of vital breast cancer drug before NHS stops funding its £70,000 a year price, charity begs drug giant Cut down on the Calpol: New guidelines instruct parents to slash children’s paracetamol doses by up to half Cut down on the overtime! Working more than eight hours a day raises the risk of heart disease by 80% ‘Cut off my foot so I can run faster’: Sporty teenager who had one limb amputated for medical reasons now wants the OTHER one removed Cut out sugar and you’ll ‘still shed weight on medication’ Cut risk of death from heart disease by eating more omega-3 rich tuna Cut sugar to just 5 teaspoons each day: Tough new guidelines… but no help to meet them Cut sugar to just four teaspoons a day, say dentists: Call on Government to force food industry to lower amounts in all products to tackle tooth decay Cut women’s risk of ovarian cancer by removing their fallopian tubes once they’ve completed their family, doctors urge Cut your sugar intake by HALF: New health warning says limit should be cut to five teaspoons a day over fears it contributes to heart disease Cute neck floats for babies are ‘DEATH TRAPS’: Expert warns of the drowning risk should the trendy gadgets deflate while your child is in the water Cuts could be forcing doctors to operate with outdated equipment Cuts to drink and drug addiction services place greater pressure on overstretched A&E departments, expert warns Cutting back on antibiotics ‘does not put patients at risk’: Surgeries that handed out the fewest pills do not have higher rates of serious illnesses Cutting back on cigarettes is futile: Study finds quitting will improve lung health – but smoking fewer does nothing Cutting carbs for two days ‘better than calorie counting all week’ Cutting off my hand will give me my life back: Car crash mother who struggles to butter toast wants bionic limb Cutting out hidden salt cured my high blood pressure virtually overnight: How one woman took the natural approach to tackling her condition Cutting out red meat significantly reduces people’s risk of bowel cancer, study finds Cutting salt could save 20,000 lives each year in UK Cutting-edge MRI scans ‘spots 46% more cases of prostate cancer’ than a biopsy CVS set to close $66 BILLION deal to buy health insurer Aetna on Monday CVS sets out to test EVERY supplement in its stores – and nearly one in 10 flunked the first round of tests on 1,400 unregulated products CVS will soon deliver prescriptions to your door in two days or less Cycling increases a woman’s risk of a swollen labia, vaginal irritation and thrush, claims expert Cycling to work can add five years to your life… but only if you pedal hard (and avoid crashing) Cycling to work makes you as slim as the gym: Pedalling to the office burns off as many calories as regular sessions Cyclist injured in near-fatal crash finally smiles again thanks to dentist who replaced six front teeth for free after NHS refused to fund op Cyclist speared through neck by a tree branch is lucky to be alive after it misses his airway by inches Cyclist, 46, whose leg was ‘smashed to smithereens’ after being hit by a drunk driver may finally get back on his bike after seeking out ‘Dr Miracle’ to perform his 11th operation in just 18 months Cystic fibrosis sufferer claims she’s been ‘handed a death sentence’ after NHS refuses ‘life-extending’ drug just MONTHS after her sister died of the same condition Cystic fibrosis sufferer defies her condition to become a personal trainer – just three years after the disease left her critically ill Cystic fibrosis sufferer given smoker’s lungs in transplant died of cancer less than a year after operation Cystic fibrosis sufferer had a DOUBLE lung transplant aged 22 as she reveals she is now able to walk for over a mile before getting out of breath Cystic fibrosis sufferer who was told he’d die at 16 beat the odds to reach his 60th birthday – and he claims POLE VAULTING saved his life Cystic fibrosis sufferers live 10 years longer in Canada than they do in America, staggering new study reveals Cystitis sufferers should be able to buy antibiotics WITHOUT a prescription, says leading GP who claims the move would free up 3 million scarce appointments a year ‘Dad was told – this is your wheelchair, get used to it’: Paralysed Superman star Christopher Reeve’s son reveals his dad would be ‘ecstatic’ as patients walk again thanks to pioneering treatment supported by late actor’s foundation Daddy made my arm with a 3D printer! Father quits his job to create bionic limb for his son after being told he would have to wait four years for a moving prosthetic ‘Daddy, I didn’t know you could run’: Father shamed into losing 9st in six months after becoming too fat to play with daughter Dads DO suffer the ‘baby blues’ too: One in eight first-time fathers ‘suffer depression while their partner is pregnant’ Dad’s heroic battle with cruellest disease inspired me: TV’s Charlotte Hawkins on how father’s stoicism as he fights motor neurone disease encouraged her to chase her dream Dad’s Parkinson’s drove him to suicide – but I won’t let mine destroy my life. Sky presenter Dave Clark bravely goes public with his devastating diagnosis Daily 20-minute walk in the outdoors among nature dramatically lowers stress levels and boosts wellbeing, study finds Daily agony of man with skin as weak as a butterfly: 38-year-old reveals his ordeal is akin to living with ‘third degree burns everyday’ and his ravaged face prompts cruel taunts Daily aspirin could boost survival rates from head and neck cancer by up to 78% Daily aspirin slashes the risk of cancer: Even quarter of a tablet reduces the risk of bowel disease by 20% Daily dose of aspirin reduces a pregnant woman’s risk of pre-eclampsia by nearly 40%, study finds Daily dose of broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts could prevent everything from arthritis to heart disease, claim academics and here is why Daily dose of testosterone wards off dementia in women Daily dose of vitamin B3 ‘could slash risk of common skin cancers by a quarter’ Daily dose of vitamin D eases agonising IBS and even benefits sufferers’ mental health, study finds Daily exercise REVERSED Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice, study claims Daily fruit smoothie helps couples trying to start a family Daily glass of grapefruit juice ‘protects against heart disease’, study finds Daily magnesium supplements ‘significantly’ reduce blood pressure and boost blood flow in just one month, study finds Daily Mail 2014 health Hero Awards: Superman surgeon who cycles to the rescue day and night – and even buys patients wine! Daily Mail End The Donor Shortage Campaign: Should we all be put on the organ donor register? Daily Mail Health Hero Awards: Meet the angel who brings laughter and love to hospice patients Daily pill containing gut bacteria from the faeces of healthy people ‘may help fight incurable conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and cancer’ Daily pill cuts breast cancer risk by half: Drug should be first choice for NHS, say scientists Daily stress is leading to a rise in the potential nightmare of ‘sleep texting’, expert claims Daily vitamin C pills could reduce damage done to unborn babies’ lungs by pregnant mothers who smoke Dairy farmer who accidentally stuck her hand into a milk bottling machine and had her thumb chopped off is ‘thrilled’ as surgeons replace the digit with her ring finger Dairy IS good for you! A glass of milk, a pot of yogurt and a knob of butter every day lowers the risk of heart disease and helps people live longer Daisy, the dog who’s sniffed out over 500 cases of cancer: She even saved the woman whose research revealed her uncanny skill Damage caused by measles to the immune system could ‘last for years – increasing the risk of other deadly infections’ Damage to the heart can start before the age of 12 if young people have a poor diet Dame Tessa’s £240,000-a-year cancer skull cap: Former Labour cabinet minister receiving pioneering treatment which ‘blasts’ her brain tumour with electricity Damning proof there’s no such thing as a ‘healthy’ fizzy drink: Controversial link with cancer and how a fifth of our sugar is from drinks Damning studies led US doctors to suspend controversial vaginal mesh surgery over safety but the NHS has ignored the evidence and destroyed the lives of thousands of women Dance drug ecstasy ‘may help to fight cancers of the blood’ DANCE the pounds away! 30 minute-classes ‘burn more calories than running and swimming’ Dancer died from common sinusitis infection that caused an abscess on his brain after he had been turned away from hospital twice Dancer suffering from agonising ‘nutcracker syndrome’ can finally perform again after surgery to untangle her kidney Dancer who felt ‘lost and abandoned’ took her own life days after being discharged from hospital care Dancer who was wrongly diagnosed with anorexia when her weight plummeted to five stone and she ‘lost her vision’ reveals it took doctors seven years to diagnose her with Crohn’s Dancer, 17, is rushed to hospital with stomach pains to discover she is pregnant – and gives birth just HOURS later Dancing makes you more intelligent: A single salsa class boosts a person’s understanding, focus and memory by up to 18%, according to TV doctor Michael Mosley Danger of blindness if you sleep wearing contacts: Warning comes after research finds a fifth of lens-related infections lead to eye damage Danger of children’s arm bands: Study reveals swimming aids contain CANCEROUS chemicals – and kids get infected simply by inhaling the plasticy smell ‘Dangerous’ levels of arsenic found in bottled water from Whole Foods and Dr Pepper, report warns Dangerous parasitic disease caused by ‘kissing bugs’ has sickened 300,000 Americans – and doctors warn it is spreading across the U.S. Dangerous pesticide detected in drinking water: Chemical that attacks the human nervous system is spotted in taps across the US Dangerous trend of social smoking among women: Having fewer than 5 cigarettes a day still ‘triples the risk of heart disease’ Dangers of a vegan diet: Why a plant-based diet can crush your energy, skin and make you depressed Dangers of assuming anaemia is just due to your periods: Experts fear iron deficiency is so common that GPs may dismiss it Dangers of delaying motherhood until 30: Don’t think the risks begin at 35, say researchers Dangers of e-cigarettes: Teenagers who vape ARE more likely to smoke real cigarettes Dangers of ITCHING during pregnancy: Mother shares warning signs of severe condition that could have killed her baby girl before birth Dangers of more than 3 glasses of milk a day: High intake may not protect against broken bones and could actually increase chance of death Dangers of taking pain relief with aspirin: The safest over-the-counter pills could sew the seeds for a heart attack when taken with others, study finds Dangers of the doctors and nurses who still don’t wash their hands: MP who lost her father to superbug vows to clean up NHS Dangers of yo-yo dieting like Christian Bale: Health experts warn method actors set a dangerous example for general public – as the Brit piles on pounds again to play Dick Cheney Darth Vader ‘has post-traumatic stress, Jabba the Hutt is a psychopath and C-3PO has a personality disorder’: What Stars Wars icons can reveal about mental health Dashing for the bus could protect against osteoporosis: Just ONE MINUTE of running a day boosts bone health Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are blamed for spike in STIs: Clinics are ‘struggling’ to cope as hook-up sites ‘make it harder to tell ex-partners’ Dating apps like Tinder are fuelling a rise in a cancer-causing STI through oral sex, warn dentists Daughter is given a kidney by both her parents: Critically-ill model to receive organ from her mother… 10 years after receiving transplant from her father Daughter of Harry Potter actress has spent FOUR YEARS waking up every morning believing she is in France after developing severe memory loss from a holiday infection Daughter reveals her horror after discovering her sick father had been stuck in the foetal position for TWO YEARS after ‘falling through NHS cracks’ Daughter, 24, writes an open letter to the Prime Minister after her 84-year-old father waits for 3 HOURS in an ambulance outside an A&E unit as her eye-opening clip shows 15 ambulances being forced to queue up outside Daughter’s outrage as ‘slings’ made from a plastic bag and pillowcase are used to elevate her 95-year-old father’s arm for a WEEK Daughter’s POO cures father of life-threatening infection: Pensioner struck by superbug undergoes faecal transplant to eradicate the illness Dave waited 31 YEARS for a new kidney: He became sensitised to 97% of the population after his body rejected a transplant at 21 David Beckham and other celebrities who endorse alcohol are ‘tempting British teenagers to binge-drink’ David Walliams as a ‘fairy princess’ and Johnny Vegas as a jelly baby: Stars come together in new TV campaign to warn parents about the dangers of choking DAVINA McCALL: How I can be your Fitness Friend Forever…there’s no better motivator than someone at your side Dawn of the unisex contraceptive pill? Scientists discover what powers sperm towards an egg, paving the way to cut off its energy supply Daydreamers are more likely to be FAT: Imbalance in the brain ‘prevents them realizing when they’re overeating’ Daytime naps ‘should stop at the age of two’: Children have poorer quality sleep if they rest during the afternoon Daytime sleepiness increases risk of Alzheimer’s by fueling build-ups in the brain, study warns Dead patient went unnoticed in busy London A&E for 4 HOURS as hospital is criticised for not having enough doctors Dead people will not be forced to donate their genitals, brain or face when new presumed consent organ donation law comes into force next year Dead within 24 hours of falling ill with meningitis: Heartbroken parents release last image of their son, 6, on his hospital bed as they urge for all children to be vaccinated from the killer disease Dead within two years of each other, the mother AND daughter both diagnosed with leukaemia Deadline day to claim compensation for dodgy breast implants: Thousands of women could be in line for payouts totalling £500m Deadly AIDS epidemic risks resurging and spiralling into ‘a crisis of epic proportions’ unless BILLIONS is spent on prevention, warn experts Deadly airborne plague in Madagascar is now at ‘crisis’ point and the ‘worst outbreak in 50 years’ as cases rocket by almost 40% in just 5 DAYS and could hit a further 20,000 in weeks Deadly airborne plague in Madagascar is ‘worst in 50 years’ and spike in cases expected this weekend following celebrations to honour the dead Deadly and incurable virus spread by RATS has killed 11 people in an Argentinian town after an infected person ‘triggers an outbreak at a party’ Deadly bird flu could spread worldwide because China is refusing to share samples of the virus with the UK or US to help vaccine production Deadly brain-eating amoeba is detected in Louisiana water system – but officials say don’t panic, keep drinking it Deadly cost of that extra drink: 10 glasses of wine a week can cut two years off your life, experts warn Deadly diet: Eating foods high in fat and sugar makes you more likely to die of SEPSIS Deadly disease monkeypox infects 10% of people who come into contact with sufferers: Professor warns hospital staff may be most at risk while they battle the first UK case EVER Deadly Ebola could be managed at home with a pill that prevents the virus entering cells and spreading throughout the body, WHO scientist claims Deadly flu virus spreading through the air can be KILLED using special £700 UV lamps, study suggests amid the ‘worst outbreak in seven years’ Deadly hospital super-bug started in North America, say DNA detectives Deadly mosquito-borne pandemic poses a greater threat to humankind than global war and could easily wipe out 10 MILLION, Bill Gates warns Deadly nerve agents like sarin and novichok could be rendered harmless by a simple vaccine, scientists say Deadly new exotic tick is spreading fast in New Jersey – and experts warn it could invade other states soon Deadly opioid epidemic that is crippling the US is set to spread to Europe as doctors continue to over prescribe the highly-addictive painkillers Deadly outbreak of measles, that has killed 35, continues to spread across Europe and shows no signs of slowing despite attempts to tackle the contagious infection, warns WHO Deadly outbreak of ‘monkey fever’ that causes bleeding, tremors and ‘mental disturbances’ has killed 19 people in India Deadly plague epidemic in Madagascar is now at ‘crisis’ point and could reach mainland Africa where it will be ‘difficult to control’, warns expert as World Bank releases $5M of aid Deadly plague epidemic in Madagascar shares similarities to the Ebola outbreak that killed 11,000, reveals expert as he warns another spike in cases is imminent Deadly plague epidemic in Madagascar that is at ‘crisis’ point will trigger an outbreak of POLIO because aid workers are now focused only on the ‘medieval disease’, researcher warns Deadly polio has been reported in Venezuela for the first time in nearly 30 years, authorities reveal Deadly sepsis could be treated by a new drug that ramps up the immune system to fight back Deadly toxic chemicals found in drinking water for at least 6 MILLION Americans Deadly typhoid superbug poses global threat after ‘rapidly spreading’ through Asia and Africa, experts warn Deaf for a day: Ignored by my colleagues, afraid to cross the road, feeling as if I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet packed with thick foam, by JOHN BARROWMAN Deaf gene is traced that causes hearing loss in old age Deaf nurse born with no ears hears for the first time after pioneering surgery to build organs from rib cartilage Deaf woman weeps as she hears the sound of her husband’s kiss for the first time after getting a cochlear implant Deafness breakthrough: Harvard scientists cure mice with hearing loss using gene therapy in a world first Dealing badly with stress ‘increases risk of heart disease later in life’ – and even exercise can’t undo the damage it causes ‘Dear Tumour, why did you pick me?’: Bake-Off’s Chris Geiger writes an incredibly moving account of his cancer that ‘should have killed within three months’ ‘Death feels closer than ever’: Stacie, 26, waited for 1,135 days for her new lungs but they don’t work any more – and she can’t bear to tell the donor’s family Death knell for mixed-sex wards: After years of broken promises, a 90% drop in hospital cases Death knell for the vasectomy: The number of operations falls by two-thirds in a decade Death map of the world: Major report of 180 countries reveals how many people will die before their 70th birthday (so, how does your nation rank?) Death of face-to-face doctor appointments? NHS 10-year plan reveals millions of GP visits and hospital consultations could be conducted through Skype-style videos to save cash Death of the sickie: Number of staff turning up when they are ill has trebled since 2010 as employees worry about mounting workloads Death rate of under fives in UK is among the worst in Europe with British youngsters twice as likely to die as those living in Sweden Death rates soar due to vicious strain of flu and freezing weather: Number of people perishing is a third higher than five years ago Death rates up for 5 of the 12 leading causes of death: Life expectancy of babies has DROP for the first time in years as rates of death from suicide, accidents, Alzheimer’s and liver disease soar Deaths caused by alcohol set to ‘rise relentlessly’ due to tax cuts making spirits and cider cheaper Deaths from heart disease and stroke have dropped by almost 20% since the indoor smoking ban Deaths from heroin and cocaine soar as drugs become stronger… and people aged 40 to 49 are most likely to fall victim Deaths from liver cancer have DOUBLED since the 80s due to high rates of drinking and hep C among baby boomers, report reveals a week after Gregg Allman died from the disease Deaths from most common cancers fall by a third in past 20 years: Research, innovative drugs and advances in surgery help to boost survival rates Deaths from prostate cancer fall by 20% in 20 years thanks to better treatment Deaths involving legal highs triple in two years – with men in their 20s most at risk ‘Deaths of despair’ hit an all-time high: The number of Americans dying of drug overdoses, suicide and alcohol continue to surge, report reveals ‘Deaths of despair’ hit an all-time high: The number of Americans dying of drug overdoses, suicide and alcohol continue to surge, report reveals Debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome could be caused by low levels of thyroid hormones, finds study Debilitating condition cost me my model looks, says former Miss Scotland finalist Deborah Norville reveals her recovering neck after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous lump as she thanks the viewer that spotted it Deborah Norville reveals she has a cancerous thyroid nodule: Anchor, 60, will be off air for surgery after a viewer spotted the lump on her neck Debunking dementia: Groundbreaking new book reveals how patients can keep symptoms of illness at bay Debunking dementia: Yes, you CAN lighten the load… by ditching your low energy bulbs, covering up the bathroom mirror and avoiding hospital stays like the plague Decline in memory and intellect that comes with aging happens ‘earlier and FASTER in men than women’ Declining sperm counts and doubling rates of testicular cancer could be a ticking time bomb for the human race – and pesticides may be to blame, scientist claims Decrease in blood flow to the brain is ‘earliest sign of Alzheimer’s’ scientists discover in most thorough study ever published on the disease Deep-fried Mars bars ‘could trigger a stroke’: Blood flow to the brain slows within minutes of eating the snack Deep-sea sponges may stem the antibiotic-resistance crisis: Bacteria in the marine life fight off the deadly MRSA superbug Defiant drug companies have done nothing to control price inflation that is fueling addiction crisis – despite Congress war on big pharma Defiant mother-of-two who was told by doctors to abort her baby because he only had HALF a heart says her brave boy is now ‘living life to the full’ Defying the neigh-sayers! Girl, 16, can now walk and talk because of her HORSE – after doctors feared there was ‘no way’ she would ever be able to do either Degenerative disease researchers make breakthrough in bid to find treatment for Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Delaware woman dies of rabies in the state’s first fatal case since 1941 Delaying clamping the umbilical cord by just 3 MINUTES reduces the risk of anaemia in children Delaying cutting a baby’s umbilical cord by three minutes ‘could speed up their development later in life’ Delaying motherhood is ‘BETTER for your health’: Women who give birth after the age of 25 ‘are healthier by the time they’re 40’ ‘Delhi belly’ is NOT caused by travellers being unaccustomed to the local cuisine – it’s ALWAYS food poisoning, says expert Delicious ideas for lunch on the go and super speedy suppers! The quick, easy and very tasty recipes that will help you kick your carb and sugar habit Demand for anal bleaching soars by 23% as women follow in the footsteps of celebrities including Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte Crosby and Kourtney Kardashian Demand for Omega 3 supplements sees huge increase in overfishing of sharks Demanding jobs can delay dementia in later life, as study reveals that keeping your brain active is the key to halt mental decline Dementia and an ineffective flu jab are blamed for record spike in deaths for 50 years Dementia app which uses how-to videos to remind sufferers how to perform tasks like boiling the kettle wins £100,000 in funding Dementia at 31: Woman reveals how the brain disease has ravaged the life of her big sister, who is one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with the condition Dementia can be predicted 10 YEARS in advance, claim scientists who have created an algorithm that works like a crystal ball Dementia care lottery exposed: New interactive map reveals alarming gulf in standards around the country – so how does YOUR area fare? Dementia cases to soar past one million in the next 25 years: Forecast raises further concern about ability of the NHS and care system to cope Dementia could have a ‘cure’ within 10 years, leading scientist claims, as research targets the early stages of the disease Dementia crisis ‘will leave 100,000 victims with no beds by 2035’ due to rapidly growing shortage in care home places Dementia hits thousands in their 30s, 40s and 50s – but is written off as the menopause, stress or depression Dementia is more prevalent in rural areas than towns and cities, study finds Dementia is NOT inevitable: World Health Organization says exercising, eating healthy, quitting smoking and cutting back on alcohol can slash your risk of the disorder Dementia is now the leading cause of death and women are the most vulnerable, new statistics reveal DEMENTIA is now the leading killer of women, causing three times as many deaths as breast cancer Dementia is still the leading cause of DEATH: Neurological disorder claims more lives than heart disease for the second-year running, Government data shows Dementia overtakes heart disease to become Britain’s biggest killer Dementia patient sent home from hospital in the rain wearing just a nightgown – but carrying a bag clothes and her COAT – is now ‘seriously unwell’ Dementia patient wins payout after suffering SEVERE burns when she tripped and fell onto a scalding hot pipe at a care home Dementia patients are ‘suffering in silence’ and are left in agony because illness means they can’t express their pain, study finds Dementia patients ‘get second class healthcare’: Warning sufferers are given poor treatment for other illnesses because of the ‘stigma’ around the condition Dementia patients’ memories could be RESTORED with injection to suppress certain enzymes, study on mice suggests Dementia patients should be fitted with GPS trackers to find them within seconds of going missing, expert claims Dementia rates have DROPPED in the United States since 2000, study reveals Dementia research is ’40 years behind cancer advances because of a stigma over calling it a medical condition’ Dementia research is lagging behind cancer and is now an ‘urgent priority’, claim experts: Damning study reveals there are more than 1,000 trials for cancer but just 142 for the memory-robbing disorder Dementia risk for middle-aged: 42,000 under the age of 65 have the disease including some in their 30s Dementia risk soars for middle aged people who are under weight, lose a spouse, or struggle to sleep at night Dementia sufferer, 78, died in agony because care home didn’t keep the pain relief she needed on site for ‘cost’ reasons Dementia sufferers could get Fitbit style trackers to monitor their movements and sleeping patterns Dementia sufferers told white lies to keep them happy: Nurses and psychiatrists admit ‘therapeutic lying’ to confused patients Dementia victims ‘have twice the risk of dying in hospital while a third are not properly diagnosed by staff’ ‘Dementia’ victims who are just depressed or low on vitamins: Continuing our series, the patients told it’s Alzheimer’s when their real problems could be easily cured Dementia victims ‘written off by families’: Relatives and care staff found to be too pessimistic about activities sufferers can manage which could worse the condition Dementia’s cruellest irony: One son’s open account of losing his mother to Alzheimer’s Dementia-stricken husband who does not speak holds his 74-year-old wife’s hand while listening to their love song as she credits a ‘music memory box’ for helping his remember their lives Demi Lovato under fire for promoting weight loss tea containing laxative which could irritate colon and remove key nutrients from the bowels Demonising smokers DOESN’T work: Stigma surrounding the habit means some are ‘more determined than ever’ to light up Demons of the Dark: Last week the Mail described the phenomenon of ‘sleep paralysis’ – in which sufferers have waking nightmares about evil spirits. We asked for your stories. Prepare to be chilled … Dengue across the Mersey! Health chiefs warn the NHS to prepare for deadly tropical diseases such as malaria, zika and Dengue fever after climate change brings Asian tiger mosquitoes to LIVERPOOL Dengue fever to spread in the US, Africa and even the Mediterranean as ‘climate change and population growth put SIX BILLION people in danger zones by 2080’ Dengue fever WILL strike large parts of Europe and potentially kill millions in 5 YEARS if nothing is done to control climate change, researcher predicts Denied painkillers, left hungry and not seeing their baby for days… how some mums are so traumatised by their NHS post natal care they say they’ll NEVER have another baby ‘Denim disgusts me and candles just make me embarrassed’: Woman, 22, suffers with condition that makes her emotional after touching certain textures Dental enamel could be regenerated in the future, preventing sensitive teeth, toothache and even stop molars from dropping out, scientists claim Dental nurse, 45, left feeling ‘like a zombie’ after ditching steroid creams has to VACUUM her bed every morning because of her shedding and oozing skin Dental patients at risk from dodgy fake drills that could shatter inside the mouth and wreck teeth and gums Dental receptionist, 22, dies from cancer 6 months after catching a ‘sickness bug’ on her dream holiday Dentist reveals the 8 foods that cause bad breath (and the tactful way of letting someone know they have halitosis – without causing offence) Dentist reveals the healthiest Halloween sweet treat for children and the teeth-rotting ones to avoid Dentists may soon start asking about your SEX life in a bid to control staggering HPV rates Dentures linked to higher risk of weak joints and muscles: Wearers could be avoiding certain foods so miss out on vital nutrients Depressed dads raise the risk of an early birth: Men who suffer condition in first six months of their partner’s pregnancy can increase chance by almost 40% Depressed fathers are more likely to have teenage children with the mental health disorder, first study of its kind reveals Depressed mothers failed by the NHS: GPs and midwives miss signs of postnatal depression Depressed new mums ‘too scared to seek help’: Almost a third suffering postnatal illness do not go to their doctor over fears they are letting loved ones down Depressed or anxious? NHS postcode lottery means where you live can increase your chance of recovery by 10 times Depressed people are at higher risk of fatal strokes and premature death caused by irregular heartbeats Depressed people are more likely to consider suicide after a bad night’s sleep, study finds Depressed people may feel deep self-loathing due to fault in brain’s ‘hate circuit’ Depressed people who stop exercising see their symptoms worsen in just THREE DAYS, study finds Depressed teenagers are more likely to suffer from arthritis as they grow older, study finds Depressed teenagers turn to cannabis: Youngsters suffering from the mental illness are 50% more likely to be users by the time they are 18, study shows Depressed woman reveals her doctor ‘prescribed’ her orgasms and ordered her to have ‘as much sex as she could handle’ to treat her bipolar disorder – but did it work? Depressed women twice as likely to have a stroke: Health risk applies to those in their 40s and 50s warns major new study Depressed? Always tired? It could all be down to a childhood bump on your head Depression ages the brain, first human trials suggest: Damage appears 10 years early in people with the mental health condition – but it could be treated with ketamine Depression and self-harm is higher in teenagers of the Facebook Generation who grew up amid social media boom than those of a decade ago Depression breakthrough as scientists identify 80 genes linked to condition Depression can increase a woman’s chance of developing dementia later in life Depression could double stroke risk in people aged over 50: Risk remains even after symptoms have gone away Depression DOES cause a fuzzy head: Condition affects a person’s ability to focus, experts discover Depression drug that could slow Alzheimer’s: Treatment found to reduce brain shrinkage in early tests Depression in men slashes a couple’s chances of getting pregnant by 60 percent, new research reveals Depression increases the risk of an early death by up to THREE TIMES: Mental health condition suppresses the immune system, putting people at risk of illness Depression is a PHYSICAL illness that could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, professor claims Depression is NOT caused by low serotonin levels and most drugs used to treat it are based on a myth, psychiatrist claims Depression is soaring in all but one US state – and rates are climbing fastest among teenagers, data reveals Depression is ‘triggered by life traumas, NOT genes’: Experts warn too much money is spent on researching biological factors Depression may cause memory problems by speeding up brain-aging, new research finds ‘Depression pills made me unfit to be a mother’: Documentary maker Katinka Newman reveals all about her breakdown Depression ‘raises risk of cancer death’: Women with breast cancer who suffer the condition found to be 45% more likely to die Depression rates rocketing among young people – particularly black female middle schoolers… But number of teens treated for mental health remains unchanged Depression really CAN run in families: Scientists finally discover two gene variations linked to the condition Depression strikes 3 MILLION U.S. teens a year: 1 in 9 adolescents ‘suffer severe depressive bouts affecting sleep, energy, and self-esteem’ Dermatologists are teaching hairdressers to spot skin cancer in a bid to curb rising rates of melanoma Descendants of black men who were ‘treated’ with FAKE drugs in racist syphilis study are calling for justice 45 years after nightmare was exposed ‘Designer babies’ are ruled out FOR NOW – but experts fall short of banning use of gene editing in humans in the future Designer babies WILL NOT suffer serious complications: Scientists debunk claims that CRISPR gene-editing carries unwanted side effects Designer baby fears grow as experts slam ‘repugnant’ new test that can predict an IVF embryos’ risk of having a low IQ Designer left with a rotting foot after being bitten by a bug in Africa survives when doctors used MAGGOTS to eat away his dead flesh ‘Designer vagina’ ops carried out on the NHS rise five-fold as women worry they’re not ‘normal’ Designer, 27, cruelly called a ‘ZOMBIE’ after steroid creams for his acne made his skin WORSE is finally in recovery after overcoming his ‘six-year addiction’ to the ointments and the modern rat-race Desk declutter saves life of TV producer: Glamorous 33-year-old discovers a health leaflet and realises she has aggressive rectal cancer that had started to spread to her organs Desk jobs cause office workers to spend 30 MINUTES more sitting down each day than the elderly Desperate attempts to curb a drug-resistant germ that thrives in hospitals: Dozens of doctors meet with the CDC to work out how to keep beds clean and save lives Desperate couples are being forced abroad for fertility treatment as growing number of NHS trusts stop providing IVF Desperate father turns to Google to diagnose himself with cancer after doctors mistook his symptoms for a YEAR Desperate fight to save boy, 1, who was hospitalized with life-threatening botulism on his first birthday Desperate for a flat stomach? The secret lies in your BRAIN: Expert reveals how STRESS can trigger gut problems – and how to banish bloating for good… Desperate for a good night’s sleep? Play golf, take up yoga or get gardening, say scientists who say its the TYPE of exercise that’s key Desperate for an ice cream without the guilt? We reveal the healthiest lollies to help you cool off in the heat Desperate grandfather has one stone tumour that measured TWICE the size of his head removed after walking for three days to seek help Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross reveals the HPV strain that caused her anal cancer also gave her husband throat cancer Desperate mother forced to take son in a taxi to hospital 100 miles away – where he was found to be riddled with cancer – after local doctors insisted he was ‘fine’ Desperate mothers who are rationed to one round of IVF are ‘putting their health and their babies at risk’ by asking for multiple embryo implants Desperate parents are being duped into giving their autistic children deadly BLEACH in order to ‘cure’ them Desperate parents of a 2-month-old baby girl born with part of her brain and skull MISSING beg for money for life-saving surgery Desperate patients are waiting up to 12 HOURS for a doctor from NHS 111 to call them back, leaked report reveals Desperate pensioner sought medical advice from his cat’s VET because he couldn’t get an appointment with his GP to treat a rash on his chest Desperate plight of one-year-old girl who has developed tumour half the size of her body Desperate search for bone marrow to save 5-year-old girl from rare blood disorder: California family calls on Ashkenazi Jews across the world to register as donors as their global search continues Desperate search for new antibiotics: Top scientists are mining MEDIEVAL medical books in wild bid to find an alternative to fight ever-stronger superbugs Desperate teenager resorts to shaving her head to beat compulsive hair-pulling condition that left her nearly bald Desperate to avoid mosquito bites? Read our skin expert’s guide to enjoy an itch-free summer Desperate to banish your muffin top before hitting the beach? Chill out! Expert reveals top tips to banish stress AND that unsightly flab around the middle Desperate to beat the bulge? Why a calorie-counting mobile app could be the recipe for success Desperate to conceive a baby girl? Now there’s an APP that claims to help Desperate to get trim for Christmas? Why you will end up FATTER if you lose weight too fast Desperate to lose weight? Cut calories by ordering your food one hour BEFORE it’s time to eat Desperate to lose weight? Eat ALMONDS! Handful a day ‘wards off hunger and replaces empty calories from junk food’ Desperate to lose weight? Logging on to Twitter could help you shed the pounds Desperate to lose weight? The quickest way to cut back on calories is to do your weekly shop online, reveal scientists Desperate to lose weight? Tidy your kitchen: Leaving food on the worktop can make you nearly 2st heavier – but a fruit bowl will keep you trim Desperate to shed pounds? Diet by NUMBERS! 10,000 steps a day, no more than 6 tsps of sugar and 3 positives to cancel out every treat Desperate to shed the pounds? Weigh yourself EVERY DAY and you’ll be more conscious of what you eat, scientists say ‘Desperately seeking a donor or I’ll die within months’: Woman in urgent need of a new kidney is forced to place an ADVERT in her local paper Desperately-ill British father stunned to receive kidney offer via Facebook from distant cousin who lives in the U.S. ‘Despite her problems, she is a fighter’: Mother reveals her baby girl has several ultra-rare syndromes ‘never seen in one patient’ and will need surgery every six months until she is 18 Destroying women’s frozen eggs after 10 years is ‘discriminatory’ and they should be kept for longer, fertility campaigners urge government Detox fans who claim avoiding ACID food slows down ageing… and why the experts say they’re dangerously wrong Detoxing is a waste of time and money because your body has ALREADY done it for you, expert claims Devastated daughter who was told her mother had died is taken to see the wrong body – then saw her chatting in the next bed Devastated families share heartbreaking images of their stillborn babies that help them cope with their grief Devastated family tell how girl, four, turned blue and suddenly died at home after ‘catching a cold’ Devastated mother creates memory box of baby daughter’s milestones after doctors say she won’t live past her teenage years due to rare heart condition Devastated mother told she was expecting a healthy baby girl is awarded £21,000 compensation after giving birth to a severely disabled son who died at two days old Devastated parents of a baby boy with a heart defect issue urgent plea to find him a new organ as doctors warn he has just THREE DAYS to live Devastated widower whose wife’s deadly tumour was misdiagnosed as an ear infection FIVE times in two years wins payout ‘Devastating divide’: English patients THREE times more likely to get cancer drugs than those in Wales and Scotland ‘Devastating’ health risks older fathers may pass to children Devastating incontinence that strikes thousands after prostate treatment Devastating rise in rates of babies born addicted to drugs: Newborns suffering from withdrawal symptoms at birth skyrockets 80 percent Devastation as woman, 22, told she was ‘too young to have a stroke’ learns the NHS will NOT pay for a life-saving operation to stop her having another Devoted husband donates blood a staggering 147 times in a decade to keep his wife alive (more than three times the amount experts believe to be safe) Devoted mother shaves off all her hair to create a wig for her teenage daughter who was left bald after alopecia diagnosis Diabetic chemist and mother builds biohacked device to treat the disease in her kitchen Diabetic dog owner reveals how her untrained pooch has saved her life… twice Diabetic father goes blind at 32 after he smoked, guzzled fizzy drinks and failed to attend medical appointments Diabetic former nurse, 68, is awarded £27,000 from the NHS after laser-eye surgery ‘BURNED’ her retina leaving her with blurred vision and forced to wear sunglasses permanently Diabetic put her life at risk to lose weight: Mother stopped taking her insulin injections after ballooning to 19 stone Diabetic used ‘miracle’ MAGGOTS on his feet for a week at a time to feast on his infected skin and save him from amputation Diabetic who necked FIVE energy drinks a day loses 8st after doctors warned she could go BLIND from all the sugar Diabetic woman becomes the first in the world to get a pancreas transplant because of her NEEDLE phobia (but she still managed to get her belly button pierced!) Diabetic woman who almost died after she stopped taking her insulin to lose weight says becoming a mother ‘saved her life’ Diabetic, 25, died ‘after hospital staff failed to give her insulin for 30 HOURS’, her devastated father claims Diabetic, 30, claims she was ‘just days from death’ after her weight dropped to just 5st after cutting back on insulin in a desperate attempt to lose weight Diabetic, 30, who skipped insulin jabs to lose weight fears she has been left infertile after having to terminate her pregnancy or risk death Diabetic? One quick trip to the optician’s could save your…leg: Two-minute eye test detects early signs of nerve damage Diabetics are almost 50% more likely to have a heart attack than those without the condition Diabetics are up to 70% more likely to have both forms of arthritis or bone-wasting condition osteoporosis Diabetic’s foot is saved from being amputated after 400 MAGGOTS feasted on his burn wound cleaning it out in four days and helped to close the four-inch hole five months later Diagnosed by Dr Alexa: Smart speakers will be joined to the NHS website under new plans to create a virtual doctor with expert-checked advice Diagnosed via Facebook: Baby boy’s serious condition that could have left him brain-damaged is discovered by stranger online Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at just 35: Woman who suffered bloating and put her inability to apply eyeliner down to clumsiness turned out to have incurable nerve disease Diagnosing dementia is ‘pointless’: GPs say £55 payment for every new case just makes families distressed – because no care is available Dialysis nurse donates her own KIDNEY to a poorly stranger in desperate need of a transplant Diamonds are for SLIMMERS: Husband gives wife a ring with a rock for each of the 9 stone she lost Diane Abbott’s favourite canned cocktails are ‘dangerous’ because they are too cheap and too strong, warn experts ‘Dianette gave me a stroke’: Fit and healthy woman who suffered devastating stroke at just 29 blames her contraceptive pill Diary of a GP driven to despair: With 37 patients, 168 prescriptions and 40 blood tests in a ten-hour shift, it’s no wonder so many doctors want to quit Diary of Britain’s bravest boy: He’s the four-year-old whose fight with cancer moved you to help save his life. Now, Zac Oliver’s mother describes the toll his treatment has taken — and the joyful hope that the worst is over… Diazepam to temazepam: Everyday medicine that could leave you too woozy to drive Did a £24.95 fertility supplement help this couple conceive? After 2 failed IVF attempts and a devastating miscarriage, they’ve finally had their dream second baby Did an artificial football pitch cause this amateur player’s death? Family fear pellets on turf led to father-of-two’s fatal cancer Did Beyoncé trigger the rise of the vegans? Research suggests trendy movement exploded following pop diva’s brief stint on the plant-based diet Did Christopher Columbus really bring syphilis back to Europe? Croatian skeleton proves disease had been around since Roman times Did eating too much chicken tikka give me a deadly allergy? Did Faye Burdett die in vain? Parent’s anger as Government ‘flippantly ignores’ meningitis petition signed by 800,000 people and refuses to give children the jab ‘Did having a baby gave me cervical CANCER,’ asks mother, 33, who has now been left infertile after battling the disease Did heading the ball cause my professional footballer husband to develop Alzheimer’s? Wife’s fears as former Norwich City captain, 72, is admitted to care home Did IVF give Quo star’s wife cancer? Lyndsay Parfitt speaks of her fear after four tumours are discovered Did JFK’s back brace REALLY cost him his life? Report unearths new details on the president’s failed surgeries, stacks of heavy-dose medications, and how it may have contributed to his death Did man’s yearning for young women create the menopause? Research suggests that MEN’S wandering eyes may have caused middle-age loss of fertility in women ‘Did my son eat himself to death?’: Mother’s heartbreak as ‘lonely’ obese teenager dies at just 18 – after years of gorging on junk food and playing computer games Did taking antibiotics weaken my muscles? Did the 2009 flu vaccine give people narcolepsy? Experts blame spike in sleep disorder on the shot – which the US has stockpiled for the next swine flu outbreak Did the HPV jab trigger this teenager’s fits? Dancer who has suffered daily seizures for two years blames cervical cancer vaccination for debilitating illness Did the swine flu jab give little Mathilda a crippling sleep disorder? Did this grandfather, 78, really beat ‘incurable’ cancer just by changing his diet? Extraordinary story of the man who got ‘all-clear’ after swapping red meat and dairy products for 10 fruit and veg a day Did this woman die because we don’t check the right type of blood pressure? Evidence suggests traditional cuff on your arm may sometimes miss vital warning signs Did trigger finger ruin my magic? Not a lot… thanks to my doctor’s bag of tricks Did watching Downton give this woman a seizure? How alcohol, stress and even TV can trigger blackouts in almost anyone Did you get drunk before your 15th birthday? You’re 47% more likely to die early: Intoxicated teens are at risk of life-threatening alcohol addiction as adults Did you go to university or start smoking in your teens? Then you’re more likely to be a heavy drinker Did YOU have a bad job in your 20s? You’re more likely to be depressed, sleep badly and have back pain later in life Did you have sex at 7.30am today? Survey reveals the best times to enjoy intimacy, go for a run and take on a difficult task at work (and wine o’clock starts earlier than you think!) Did YOU have sex too YOUNG? Study reveals 40% of women and 25% of men claim they did not lose their virginity ‘at the right time’ Did you have your appendix removed as a child? Then you’re less likely to suffer back problems later in life Did YOU know one glass of apple juice has around SEVEN teaspoons of sugar in it… and a ‘healthy’ fat-free yogurt contains five? Did YOUR dad smoke? Watch out: Children of nicotine addicts ‘could inherit resistance to life-saving medicine’ Didn’t get enough sleep? Try these 7 tips to make it through the next day, according to scientists Diesel exhaust fumes are ‘major cancer risk’ and as deadly as asbestos and mustard gas, says World Health Organisation Diesel fumes are leaving toxins linked to Alzheimer’s in the brains of children as young as THREE Diesel fumes are stunting children’s lungs and leaving them damaged for life, study of London pollution finds Diesel fumes harm children while they are in the womb! Pregnant women exposed to sooty particles in exhaust emissions are more likely to have babies with a greater ‘biological age’ Diesel pollution raises your risk of heart damage and even DEATH – with less educated people being most at risk Diet Coke addict drinks up to FIFTY cans a day – and has spent £150,000 on her fizzy drink habit Diet drink a day ‘can give older people a pot belly’: Over-65s who consume low-calorie fizz can increase waist size by three inches over a decade Diet drinks actively PREVENT weight-loss due to chemicals that disrupt metabolism, study finds Diet drinks DON’T help you lose weight: Study finds they contain a chemical that BOOSTS appetite Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia – and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar Diet NOT exercise is the key to weight loss, claims leading personal trainer Diet not working? Here’s why: The average woman consumes ‘146,000 unintentional calories every year’ Diet not working? Just meditate: Study reveals mindfulness helped people lose 7 times more weight than people on a standard regime Diet pills gave me heart disease: Michelle Heaton reveals how obsession with slimming gave her terrifying cardiac condition ‘Diet pills nearly killed me,’ says anorexic whose weight plummeted to just FOUR STONE after bullies called her ‘curvy’ Diet rich in coffee, fruit and vegetables could protect against breast cancer ‘because they are abundant in powerful compounds’ Diet soda affects your taste buds: New study shows that mixing artificial sweeteners inhibits bitter taste receptors Diet that tackles high blood pressure can also fight gout: Fruit, veg and low-fat dairy products reduce levels of uric acid that trigger the condition Diet tips for MEN: Counting calories is more acceptable for women – but these tips from top nutritionists can help you slim down without feeling embarrassed Diet tweaks to help you lose a POUND in a week… without giving up biscuits, alcohol or your Sunday roast! Dietary supplements ‘send tens of thousands to ER each year suffering heart complications and chest pain’ Dieter whose 5 stone weight loss triggered gallstones says painful condition saved her life after surgery revealed they were hiding a tumour Dieters at slimming groups lose FIVE TIMES more weight than those who go it alone Dieter’s dream… the pizza that’s ‘healthier than a salad’ and contains all 47 of the nutrients we need Dieters, reach for the nuts this Christmas! Almonds should be the go-to snack for people watching their weight because they don’t release as much fat into the body, nutritionists say Dieting gender divide: MEN are more successful than women at losing weight reveals study which followed their progress on an 8-week calorie-controlled regime Diets high in cheeseburgers and fries and low in whole grains and veggies account for over 80,000 cancer cases a year, study estimates Diets never work? It’s not your fault: You may just need to eat ice cream instead, as new research shows we all get slim with different foods Different parts of the brain age at different rates: Older people can still multitask long after they lose the ability to pay a bill ‘Digging the wig’: TV chef Sally Bee calls for people to embrace hair pieces after heart medication causes her to go bald ‘Digital dementia’ on the rise as young people increasingly rely on technology instead of their brain Digital sleeping pills will be available for insomniacs on the NHS for the first time ever Dining out raises your risk of exposure to ‘gender bending’ chemicals, study finds Dire state of infant mortality in America: New CDC map reveals huge racial gaps across the US Dirty hands but nowhere to wash them? We rate the hand sanitisers that will help you clean up your act Disabled father is forced to spend £3,500 on hotels to be near his desperately ill son battling cancer Disabled pensioner, 79, died after being left in agony for six hours when he scalded himself in the shower and his carer failed to properly check him Disabled stroke victim was forced to drink his own urine to survive after no carers visited him for FOUR days Disabled teenager, 19, DIES after a scandal-hit ambulance crew failed to spot the signs of deadly sepsis Disabled teenager, 19, receives more than 100 Christmas cards after her mother makes a Facebook plea for strangers to keep her daughter smiling Disagreeing about babies’ bedtime creates tension between parents – and may even lead to divorce Disappointed shoppers slam ‘horrific’ new low sugar Lucozade that tastes like bleach and has potentially deadly risks for diabetics Discount sunglasses are ‘just as good as designer pairs’ at blocking harmful rays Discovered: The long-life gene that helps centenarians reach their 100th birthday by preventing cancer and improving bone health Discoverer of penicillin Sir Alexander Fleming KNEW about the threat of antibiotic resistance in the 1930s, his former student reveals Discovery of chronic pain gene paves way for more effective treatments Discovery of DNA sections responsible for osteoarthritis raises hope of treatment for millions affected by crippling illness Discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield who falsely claimed MMR jabs lead to autism is handed ‘bad science’ award – 20 years after his ‘fatally flawed’ report was published Disease gougers: New Big Pharma scandal as FDA approves drug for terminal muscular dystrophy – but manufacturer hikes the price from $1,000 to $89,000 a year Disease-carrying mosquitoes could swarm more than 75% of the US, new CDC report warns Disease-related malnutrition costs America $15.5 BILLION a year, study reveals Diseases from ticks, mosquitoes and fleas have TRIPLED in the US in less than 15 years due to rising temperatures, report reveals Disgusting footage shows a 5-FOOT long tapeworm being extracted from a man’s nose with tweezers Disgusting footage shows a host of blackheads being squeezed from a patient’s face with tweezers Disgusting moment a yellow fatty lump bursts out of a man’s arm as a doctor cuts into it with a scalpel Disgusting moment Dr Pimple Popper squeezes a 3-year-old cyst, triggering an eruption of thick, white pus ‘Disgusting old fart, neoliberal hypocrite’: Angry scientists throw insults at each other over the results of a £5 million taxpayer-funded study into chronic fatigue syndrome Disney issues warning for moviegoers that Incredibles 2 may cause seizures due to scenes with bright flashing lights ‘Disneyland cured my anorexia’: 6st teenager says bigger portions helped beat her fear of food Distraught woman, 62, literally suffered a broken heart after the death of her beloved Yorkshire terrier ‘Distressed’ elderly woman, 89, occupied an NHS bed for 6 MONTHS at a cost of £80,000 – despite being deemed fit for discharge Distressing dashcam footage captures the terrifying moment pensioner, 78, suffers a stroke while behind the wheel as his desperate grandson tries to get help Distressing footage shows mother-of-three left screaming in pain and violently shaking in hospital corridor -because she claims bungling doctors failed to spot her gallbladder infection Disturbing footage shows how long-term cocaine usage can cause the heart to beat erratically and be 3 TIMES its normal size Disturbing scans reveal how brain damage caused by alcohol carries on for up to SIX WEEKS after you stop drinking Ditch healthy berries to beat muscle pain: The eating plan that helped me cure my aches and pains Ditch hospital pyjamas for clothes and get better faster: Encouraging patients to follow their regular routine can help them gain confidence to return home Ditch multi-vitamins. Stand up more. Wear better shoes… Can these simple habits stop you getting cancer? DITCH the booze, take a break and ALWAYS wear sunscreen: ER doctor shares her top tips to beat the heat – as temperatures hit 108 degrees Ditch the Diet Coke: Six artificial sweeteners used in a range of soft drinks and foods ‘are TOXIC to gut bacteria’ Ditch the fancy diets, just cut down on fat: Eating healthily is more reliable way to lose weight Ditch the minty toothpaste and try coconut oil instead: Fruit can kill bug behind tooth decay Ditch the paracetamol and try ACUPUNCTURE: Scientists prove it can rewire the brain and make the body better able to cope with pain Ditch the statins and EAT your way back to good heart health, experts controversially claim Ditch the yogurt, go for avocado but limit the berries and drink within 1 hour: Expert reveals 8 steps to blend a delicious smoothie – WITHOUT all the sugar and fat Ditch your fad diets, FRESH is best: Cooking homemade meals packed with nutritious ingredients ‘hardwires the brain to banish junk food’ Ditching big boobs for health: Surge in women having breast ‘explants’ to avoid cancer, rashes, swelling and joint pain Ditching butter for veg oil may not be better for heart: Fresh research finds drop in cholesterol has no effect on the risk of heart disease or death Divorce blamed as more middle-aged women are hit by eating disorders: 15% have battled bulimia or anorexia Divorce DOES affect teenagers: Those who live through a break-up are more likely to suffer headaches, loss of appetite and sleep problems Divorce linked to high blood pressure: Relationship break-ups could increase chances of heart attacks, strokes and kidney damage Divorce raises a child’s chance of developing asthma by a THIRD – and stress may be to blame Divorced man is left with a brown pus-filled blister after laser tattoo removal to remove his ex-wife’s initials from his ring finger Divorced seamstress who had world’s first face transplant after being mauled by her dog dies from CANCER caused by powerful anti-rejection drugs 11 years after the groundbreaking surgery DIY chiropodist! Watch the revolting moment a man uses a RAZOR BLADE to slice away the hardened skin that reaches all over his foot DIY could put a spanner in the works of your pacemaker: How electrical field from power tools can cause problems DIY smear tests could be sent to women who don’t respond to cervical cancer screening invitations, after numbers hit 21-year low DIY SOS! Watch the disgusting moment a man uses a STANLEY KNIFE to slice a callus from his foot DIY test can detect cancer risk far earlier than the smear: New procedure could help save thousands of young women’s lives DIY test set to let thousands escape colonoscopy ordeal: Patients will be given kits by GPs to avoid invasive hospital procedure, say doctors DIY zapper that can relieve the agony of chronic ‘suicide’ headaches Dizzy spells? Having a lie down can make them last even LONGER DJ, 29, can’t walk or talk after being struck down by a deadly brain tumour and risks being stranded in Thailand as he faces a ‘£100,000 bill for a medically-assisted flight to the UK’ DNA diet could help you lose 33% more weight: Dieters given one of five eating plans based on results of a mouth swab test DNA diet tailored to your genes can help you lose 11lbs over four months DNA mutation leaves father battling Alzheimer’s at 45: US army veteran has lost his mother and two siblings to the memory-robbing disease and medics fear his children have also inherited it DNA testing ‘is a waste of time and money’: Studies claim people do NOT change their lifestyle after finding out results from popular mail-order services DNA testing websites are ‘scaring women into asking for breast removal surgery’ by wrongly telling them they have a high cancer risk DNA tests will expose parents staying mum about donor babies: Doctors say rise in ‘relative finder’ kits will lift the lid on how children are conceived Do a Sudoku to stay sharp: For preserving our brain power, puzzles beat vitamins or workouts say scientists Do ambulances REALLY cost that much? How a ride to the hospital can break the bank Do antidepressants work better when taken with supplements? Fish oils, folate and vitamin D found to ‘significantly improve mood’ DO ask Dr Google before you see your GP! Leading doctor urges patients to follow a three-step plan before setting foot in a surgery – including searching their symptoms online Do breast implants raise cancer danger? They make tumours harder to spot, says report Do burqas stop women absorbing vitamin D? Expert controversially argues restrictive clothing blocks UV rays, but this can be overcome with ‘sunshine supplements’ Do carbs really make you fat? Here, 3 experts give their very different views… Do daffodils hold the key to treating depression? Compounds in flower can pass through blood brain barrier Do doctors practise what they preach? From the dentist with ten fillings to the dermatologist with acne, we meet the experts who suffer from ailments they treat Do fish oils REALLY keep the brain young? Study finds ‘no evidence’ that omega-3 supplements slow mental decline Do foam cups contain cancer-causing chemicals? Leading panel says styrene may be a ‘human carcinogen’ Do football injuries cause ALS? As 49ers legend Dwight Clark reveals his diagnosis, we explain the mounting evidence that the NFL is refusing to acknowledge… Do Hillary and Donald need more sleep on the campaign trail? Neurologist explains why lack of shut-eye blurs our judgement – and how presidents deal with it ‘Do I actually need an op to unblock my arteries?’: Our expert reveals if statins are enough to keep your heart disease at bay Do I have to take pills for my dicky heart? DR MARTIN SCURR answers questions from readers Do I really need an operation for my hernia? Do junior doctors still want to strike? Leaked emails reveal question marks over support for five-day walkouts Do legal cannabis products really work as well as over-the-counter Ibuprofen? Do low-tar cigarettes put women more at risk of aggressive lung cancer? Do mobile and cordless phones raise the risk of brain cancer? Study finds risk is three times higher after 25 years of use Do NOT carry heavy baby car seats, new mothers are told because their weight can cause serious injuries ‘Do not eat or sell any Honey Smacks’: CDC issues nationwide warning after 30 more contract Salmonella from the Kellogg’s cereal ‘Do NOT eat romaine lettuce,’ CDC warns – as an expert explains why the fields where the leaf is grown in winter could be contaminated with E. coli for YEARS Do NOT give peanuts to children to cure their allergy, researchers warn as study reveals it may make them MORE sensitive Do NOT hold your child down for medical treatments: It could cause lingering anxiety, researchers warn Do NOT let your child get swept up by the Super Bowl: Top CTE researchers warn there is no way to make the game safe for players’ brains Do NOT let your child ride on your lap down a slide, experts warn: Study reveals it is one of the main causes of injury in playgrounds Do NOT mix business with pleasure: Why people who blur the lines suffer more stress, anxiety and physical health woes Do NOT put garlic in your vagina: Top gynecologist warns women who use raw cloves to ward off yeast infections that it is the ‘perfect area’ for killer botulism bacteria to grow Do Not Resuscitate: Paramedics to get access to patients’ end-of-life wishes Do not resuscitate: They’re the fateful words meaning doctors won’t try to save you if you collapse in hospital. But could they go on YOUR file without you being asked? Do NOT rush into a second pregnancy: Study warns autism risk is 50% higher for couples who conceive within two years of giving birth Do NOT take sleep advice from Trump, Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk, scientists say: Study finds sleep myths that endorse less shut-eye are making us ill Do NOT try this at home: Experts TICKed off at a viral video of a woman putting peppermint oil on parasite because it could give you deadly Lyme disease Do NOT use YouTube for cosmetic surgery ‘advice’: Surgeons say patients are asking them to use dangerous techniques that they heard about on amateur videos Do pasta and chips make you depressed? Eating carbs can increase the risk by 40% Do patients with LOW cholesterol need statins? Study finds the drugs are ‘life savers’ for people with high heart risk Do prepackaged salads lack vital nutrients? Experts reveal what sacrifice you’re really making Do real men eat QUICHE? Vegetarian men no longer seen as ‘less masculine than meat-eaters’ – but vegans ARE still wimps Do regular mammograms raise the risk of cancer? Do siblings lower your cancer risk? Evolution study finds people with big families are less likely to develop the disease Do sleeping pills give you Alzheimer’s? As a major new study suggests a link, we examine the worrying evidence Do so-called ‘superfoods’ REALLY boost your health? Trial reveals which ones may be worth the money Do some people handle break-ups better? A psychologist explains – and reveals 5 things that will help anyone feel stronger after a split Do squirrels hold key to preventing Alzheimer’s? Breakthrough after scientists discover putting the brain into ‘hibernation’ could help prevent the devastating disease DO statins cause side effects or not? Row breaks out after academics who claimed drugs were harmful revoke their views Do statins make you gain weight? Patients ‘use drug as an excuse to eat more fat’ Do teenage bullies have more sex? Nasty young people put rivals down in an attempt to look strong and dominant in front of their love interests, study finds Do these 6 health foods and supplements really prevent colds and flu? Science reveals whether they’re useful or nonsense Do these inspirational survivors prove cancer could soon be just another illness we live with? Do tomatoes give you body odour? Plant stalks are filled with an oil that smells like sweat Do vegetarians or meat eaters live longer? Expert reveals who is more likely to be healthy in their old age Do villains like Gollum and Dracula always lose in the end – because they lack vitamin D? ‘Do we REALLY have to pay £2,000 for a Lyme disease test?’ A reader is worried his daughter may need an expensive treatment in Germany after falling ill from a tick bite ‘Do whatever you have to do to save my life’: Man who lost ALL his limbs from infection caused by a dog lick speaks out about his ordeal – and says he still loves dogs Do women’s periods REALLY become synced when they spend lots of time together? Do YOU always crave something sweet after a meal? Experts reveal why we’re wired to want the white stuff – and the healthiest way to get your sweet ‘fix’ Do you always feel tired, grind your teeth and have neck and shoulder pain? Your BREATHING could be to blame: Experts reveal how to boost your health with these simple exercises Do YOU always wash your hands after going to the loo? 62% of men and 40% of women admit they don’t bother Do YOU beat yourself up? Self-inflicted tough love makes us more resilient and may prevent future setbacks Do you comfort eat? It could be down to your cycle: Women binge on treats ‘when they’re at their most fertile to relieve stress’ Do YOU cook with vegetable oil? It could increase your risk of DEMENTIA, new research warns Do YOU crave a cold beer after a tough workout? You’re not alone! Athletes ‘drink more than their less-active peers – and the link lies in the brain’s reward system’ Do YOU demand Valentine’s gifts? It could doom your relationship: Study shows couples who care about material things are more likely to break Do YOU diet all week and binge on the weekend? Culture of ‘feast or famine’ is seriously damaging to health, experts warn Do you dream of committing murder? You’re ‘hostile, introverted and don’t socialise well with others’, scientists claim Do YOU dry your laundry inside? You may be putting yourself at risk of a deadly asthma attack, expert warns Do YOU eat dinner late or snack at midnight? Eating close to bedtime ‘could raise the risk of breast cancer’ Do YOU enjoy pimple popping videos? Neuroscientist explains how evolution is to blame for our love of the disgusting clips Do YOU ever get itchy eyes? Expert reveals why we get conjunctivitis and how best to get rid of it Do you fail to recognise these FIVE key smells? It could mean you have dementia claim scientists as they develop a new diagnosis test to spot symptoms before they develop Do YOU fall asleep in front of the TV? It might be a sign of high blood pressure: ‘Silent killer’ raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes Do you feel challenged at work? Exercising the mind in complex jobs ‘boosts memory and protects the brain from ageing’ Do YOU feel stressed out? Experts reveal 7 tips to stop anxiety from affecting your work Do you feel tired all the time, have trouble sleeping and struggle to find the energy to exercise? You could be one of the millions of people deficient in a crucial mineral… Do you feel tired, stressed and depressed? Expert reveals the 9 easy ways to feel calm and content using mindfulness Do YOU find sex painful? Revealed, a gynaecologist explains what could be causing your discomfort Do YOU get bloated? Try these foods! 11 stomach-flattening ingredients you already have in your kitchen Do YOU get cold sores? You’ve a higher risk of Alzheimer’s. Bald? You’re more likely to have a heart attack: Fascinating graphic reveals the surprising link between body parts and health problems Do YOU get Delhi Belly? It’s all down to whether you have this protein in your saliva, discover scientists Do you get enough fibre and protein? Or too much sugar and salt? This FOODOKU chart will show you how to keep a balanced diet Do YOU get enough of the nutrient that boosts your brain? How you can boost your iodine intake through wide variety of foods (including ice cream!) Do YOU get leg cramps at night? Eat some broccoli: Magnesium found in vegetable helps sufferers drift off to sleep Do YOU get the post-lunch slump? Go easy on the protein: Study explains how trend of protein-heavy meals and snacks is inducing more ‘food comas’ Do you grind your teeth? Wearing EAR PLUGS could be the solution – as one life-long sufferer discovered.. Do you hate exercise? Blame your MUM: Fitness fanatics are ‘formed in the womb’ Do YOU hate fish? Revealed: 3 ways to make it more palatable (and avoiding the smell is easier than you think) Do YOU hate going to the loo in public? Expert explores why shared bathrooms make us so anxious – and why poo is so taboo… Do you hate it when you get a locum instead of your usual GP? It could save your life Do YOU have a caffeine addiction? Journalists, teachers and police officers glug most coffee, survey reveals Do YOU have a drink problem? The tell-tale signs you need to cut back on booze Do YOU have a long commute? You’re more likely to be depressed and stressed, study finds Do YOU have a normal sex drive? Experts reveal how much men really think about it and why others might prefer a nap Do YOU have a persistent sore throat? Researchers warn the symptom could be a sign of CANCER in your larynx Do YOU have a stressful job? It could leave you BLIND: Psychological pressure can cause vision loss, warn researchers Do you have a sweet tooth… for alcohol? Manufacturers making drinks with more sugar to cater for young Britons who have been raised on energy drinks Do you have a tattoo? You may be at-risk of HEAT STROKE as inked skin produces significantly less sweat than normal Do YOU have a twin? You’re more likely to live longer: Identical siblings have a higher chance of reaching old age due to their bond created at birth Do YOU have adult acne? Skin doctor who battled the condition answers 12 questions about what can trigger breakouts Do YOU have asthma? Scientists say a tropical parasite that causes stomach bugs could hold the cure Do YOU have autistic traits? Test of 50 questions reveals who’s most likely to be affected… so how do you fare? Do YOU have back pain? Expert reveals the 10 ways to ease discomfort by using just the power of your mind Do YOU have bad breath? From licking the back of a spoon to ditching high-protein diets, experts reveal how to deal with it…and why mints just make the problem WORSE Do you have blue eyes? You’re more likely to be an alcoholic: Those with light coloured irises are more partial to a drink Do YOU have breast implants? Surgical enhancements increase the risk of a false heart attack diagnosis, alarming new research reveals Do YOU have Crohn’s disease? The agonising bowel condition could be caused by a fungus in your intestines Do YOU have ‘dancing eyes’? MAGNETS could control the unwanted flickers, study finds Do YOU have Dormant Butt Syndrome? Sitting for long periods or sleeping in the wrong position can trigger agony Do YOU have dry lips? One woman reveals why changing her TOOTHPASTE was the ‘secret cure’ for the ‘bane of her existence’ Do YOU have eczema? Revealed, the 5 top tips to manage your flare-ups Do YOU have eye mites? Tiny eight-legged creatures lurk in our brows and lashes and feast on us while we sleep Do YOU have flabby legs? You could have this condition: Fat distributing condition leaves millions with large, painful limbs Do YOU have Glastonbury ankle? Soaring numbers of revellers left with sprains, twists and fractures after wading through mud in wellies Do YOU have ‘headline stress disorder’? Women get it the worst, therapist claims Do you have heavy periods? There may be hope: Scientists discover a way to ease women’s pain without hysterectomies or hormonal treatment Do YOU have high blood pressure? Have a protein shake: Experts find supplements ‘reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes’ Do YOU have high blood pressure? It could be affecting your fertility: Common drugs ‘reduce the chances of having a baby by 10%’ Do you have high cholesterol? Genetic condition that elevates levels from birth ‘is TWICE as common as first feared’ Do YOU have high cholesterol? Here are 5 foods to eat and avoid Do you have ‘keto flu’? Expert reveals why following Kim Kardashian’s diet regime could lead to nausea, insomnia and dizziness Do YOU have low libido? Expert reveals 8 surprising things that can crush a woman’s sex drive – from a suppressed childhood to low testosterone levels Do you have one of the 180 breast cancer genes? One in five women has a variant that raises her risk of the condition by a third Do YOU have ovarian cysts? Doctor reveals the easily-missed symptoms as data show 1 in 10 women will need surgery to remove the painful growths Do you have problems sticking to your diet? Your memory might be to blame Do you have sensitive teeth? Why RUST REMOVER could be the answer… Do YOU have signs of autism? Take this test to find out if you’re one of the rising number with the condition Do YOU have smartphone blindness? People who lie with one eye closed on the pillow suffer temporary vision loss mistaken for a stroke Do you have ‘stress belly’? Expert reveals why it could be the cause of the excess weight on your stomach and the 5 techniques to fight the problem Do YOU have swiper’s thumb? Rise of people with one digit bigger than the other due to excessive smartphone use Do YOU have symptoms of depression? Take these tests to find out, as new survey reveals nearly HALF of us suffer from anxiety Do YOU have text claw or iPosture? Expert reveals the 21st century ailments caused by smartphones and tablets Do YOU have the angry gene? Scientists discover why some women are more prone to PMT Do YOU have the bug in your tum that makes you thin? Bacteria in your gut reveal astonishing secrets about your health Do YOU have the ‘curry gene’? Mutation makes some people love fatty foods without even realising Do YOU have the ‘fat gene’? 90% of obese people could have mutation that means they’re programmed to eat more and move less Do YOU have the ‘sleep gene’: Study reveals some people are made to snooze more soundly than others thanks to their DNA Do YOU have the ‘sunscreen gene’ that protects against cancer? Discovery could help doctors predict who’s most at risk of melanoma Do YOU have the tanning addiction gene? Sun worshipping might be written into some people’s DNA, study finds Do you have the winter blues? Just talking about it is ‘twice as effective as using light boxes to treat the condition’ Do YOU have the younger gene? Scientists identify genetic recipe that knocks years off your age – and you’re twice as likely to have it if you are black Do YOU have this family trait? Avoid getting a tattoo, experts warn Do YOU have undiagnosed hypertension? Why clinical tests fail to detect high blood pressure in 16% of people Do YOU have what it takes to complete Dry January? Moderate drinkers ‘are more likely to succeed – but even if you fail you’ll adopt healthier habits’ Do YOU keep eating when you’re full? Brain’s urge to carry on is stronger than its signal to stop Do YOU kick and punch in your sleep? It could be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease: People who thrash around in bed are ‘more likely to develop the condition’ Do YOU kiss your dog? You could be getting a mouthful of nasty, worm-causing bacteria Do YOU know how big your food portions should be? From two cupped hands of pasta to a £1 coin worth of spaghetti and two thumbs of cheese, nutritionists launch portion size guide to tackle overeating Do YOU know how much sugar you should be eating in a day? Survey reveals a whopping 96% of Britons are in the dark Do YOU know how to empathize? Psychologists warn most of us fail miserably – hurting our own mental health by self-obsessing Do YOU know how to scrub your face? Experts warn you may be doing it wrong Do you know if your food is safe to eat? Food safety expert explains when we should pay LESS attention to sell-by dates Do YOU know what a stroke is? 1 in 4 adults don’t know the signs of the deadly condition and wouldn’t ring 999 if they saw someone having one Do YOU know what increases your cancer risk? An alarming number of people believe in fake causes – and don’t know about the real dangers Do YOU know what mold is lurking in your house? These stomach-churning micrographs reveal all… Do you know what toxic chemicals you’re breathing in everytime you use bleach or washing up liquid? Biochemists reveal the health dangers and 7 alternative natural cleaning hacks Do YOU know when your child is too poorly to go to school? One in five let their kids attend even with symptoms of diarrhoea Do YOU know where the adrenal gland is? Only 15% of adults know the right answer Do YOU know which cancer is the most expensive to treat? New test for bladder cancer could save the NHS thousands – and give patients a better chance of survival Do YOU like your breasts? Women who think theirs are too small or large are less likely to check for any cancerous lumps because it is a ‘threat to their body image’ Do YOU live in a city? You’re more likely to hear voices inside your head due to the stress of urban-living Do YOU live in a pot hot spot? Map shows you’re more likely to smoke cannabis on the West Coast – while Southerners near the Mexican border shun the drug Do YOU live in a takeaway hotspot? From Subway-loving Bristolians to Geordies who adore Greggs, new map reveals cities with the highest number of outlets… and Derby takes the crown Do YOU live in an area at-risk of anthrax? Scientists warn nearly 2BILLION people reside in places that could be exposed to an outbreak Do YOU live in an ‘Aussie flu’ hotspot? Map reveals the worst hit areas in the UK as Government data shows deaths have DOUBLED in the space of a week Do YOU live in the world’s laziest country? Global analysis reveals the steps people take each day across the planet (and you might be surprised to learn which residents are the fittest) Do you live or work with a narcissist? It’s not just being vain — it’s a debilitating mental illness. And, it’s far more common than you think, reveals MAX PEMBERTON Do YOU need more sleep than your partner? Women’s brain power is ‘boosted by a good night’s rest while men can get away with napping’ Do YOU need more zinc? From brittle nails to dry skin – this body map shows the warning signs and how you can fix it Do you need to go gluten free? The 12 little-known signs – including depression and nausea – that signal you might have coeliac disease Do YOU need to go on a DRIET? People who consume more than a large glass of wine a day would find their mood, skin and nails improve with a ‘drinking diet’ Do you NEED to rinse raw chicken before cooking it? Culinary queen Ina Garten weighs in on the decades-old debate Do YOU need to see a therapist? From mounting anxiety to repeating patterns, experts reveal 15 issues a counselor can help you with Do YOU often feel anxious or tired? Bizarre as it sounds, a wobbly building may be to blame: It caused a single mother to lose 3st in one year after she moved into a flat on the third floor Do you prefer tea or coffee? The answer is in your genes: Study shows people more sensitive to coffee’s bitterness ironically like it the most Do YOU reach for junk food after a bad day? You must be impulsive: People who act rashly are ‘more likely to binge eat’ Do you REALLY need 8 glasses of water a day? How drinking when you’re not thirsty could KILL you Do you really need a £3 pill to if you want more than one glass of wine a night? Do you really need the treatment your GP is offering? The 20 common medical tests and treatments that may be completely pointless Do you really need to hit 10,000 steps a day? New study finds walking HALF as much is enough lower your risk of early death Do you really need to see a doctor for a runny nose? Do you REALLY need to wash your fruit? Food safety expert reveals whether it’s worth holding your apple under a tap for two seconds Do you REALLY need your wisdom teeth out? Study finds NO evidence pulling third molars does any good Do YOU run wearing cushioned trainers? Then you’re more likely to get injured, study reveals Do you see a duck or a rabbit? How you view this optical illusion reveals how wide-eyed you are, claims study Do YOU sleep for more than 9 hours? It could be a sign of dementia: Inability to get out of bed may be a symptom of the devastating disease Do YOU smoke? Go the gym: Bulking up your chest muscles could prevent an early tobacco-related death Do YOU smoke? You’re 20% more likely to develop dementia – but quitting the habit ‘will protect you’ Do YOU sneeze at the same time every day? How sleep cycles set sinuses off like clockwork for scores of people Do YOU stare at a screen all day? From eating sushi the 20-20-20 rule, leading doctor reveals how to protect your eyes from damage Do YOU steam your food? You’re at lower risk of heart disease if you do: Scientists say frying can release toxic by-products Do you struggle to cut back on alcohol, or does it make you take risks? Scientists uncover five types of problem drinkers Do YOU struggle to lose weight from your stomach? Here are 10 reasons why women can’t shift their spare tyre Do you struggle to make time to exercise? Expert reveals her 6-step plan to make exercise FUN – and help you shed pounds Do you struggle to nod off? Professor of neuroscience and psychology reveals his top five tips for restless sleepers Do YOU struggle to nod off? Why your body clock could be to blame: Women’s natural sleep rhythms run 2 HOURS ahead of men’s Do YOU struggle to orgasm? For men the key to climax lies in the brain, while for women it’s all about position Do YOU struggle to pay your bills? You’re 13 TIMES more likely to have a heart attack Do YOU struggle to remember faces? You could have face blindness: Take this 20-point test to find out… Do YOU struggle to sleep through the night? Disturbed sleep is ‘linked to a higher risk of stroke’ Do you struggle to sleep? Lack of shut eye DOUBLES your chances of committing suicide, study warns Do you struggle to sleep? Psychologist reveals the six things you should do before you hit the sheets to make sure you get a good night’s rest Do YOU struggle to tell your left from your right? You’re far from alone, says academic Do YOU suffer acne? Ditch the skinny lattes! Full-fat milk ‘prevents outbreaks’ Do YOU suffer ‘buttne’? Blame your Lululemon leggings and SoulCycle classes! Dermatologist warns there is a rise in cases – and how to prevent it Do YOU suffer FoMO? Students with a greater fear of missing out are ‘more likely to suffer harm linked to alcohol’ Do you suffer from bloating and gut problems? From ditching bread to getting hypnotised, our revolutionary expert guide could change your life… Do you suffer from ‘brain fog’? Doctor reveals diet is to blame for poor concentration and memory and reveals the tips he has shared with his celebrity clients Do you suffer from ‘chemophobia’? Expert claims we have an ‘irrational fear’ of man-made chemicals – and that natural ISN’T necessarily better Do you suffer from crippling PMS? You may have an STI: Sexually transmitted infections DOUBLE a woman’s risk of mood swings, headaches and cramps before her period Do YOU suffer from grief? Try these 10 simple steps from writing yourself a letter, taking up yoga and going to the park every day Do YOU suffer from insomnia? You may be lacking in MAGNESIUM: Mineral can boost sleep time if applied directly to the skin as expert reveals the 12 signs you are deficient Do you suffer from lower back pain? Osteopath outlines the 6 most common causes and how to treat the discomfort without painkillers Do YOU suffer from night sweats? Don’t blame the menopause just yet: After being misdiagnosed by doctors for two years, Wendy discovered she had cancer Do YOU suffer from ‘noise annoyance’? Repeated exposure to aircraft and traffic sounds can trigger it – and send you to an early grave Do YOU suffer from PMT? Yoga could ease stress, cramps and even anger Do YOU suffer from stitches? Expert reveals why it happens and what you can do to prevent it… Do YOU suffer from the ‘post-sex blues’? Nearly half of women ‘have felt depressed, anxious or aggressive for up to 4 hours afterwards’, study claims Do you suffer splitting headaches, dizziness and chronic tiredness? It could be a sign you’re in the early stages of the menopause Do YOU suffer with anxiety? Two women who were gripped by the disorder reveal how they overcame it Do you take antidepressants? You may have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, new study claims Do you take celebrity advice when it comes to vaccines? From Elvis to Salma Hayek to Jenny McCarthy – many stars have taken a stand – and doctors say it affects national trends Do YOU take dietary supplements? Beware! From nausea to heart murmurs, cancer and death, these 15 ‘health boosters’ may cause more harm than you think Do YOU take selfies? You’re likely to be LONELY: Experts say those who take pictures of themselves do it ‘to seek approval from others’ Do YOU take sleeping tablets? You could be at risk of DEATH: Dangerous levels of a naturally-occurring chemical found in some supplements Do YOU talk, punch or kick in your sleep? Thrashing about in bed is an early warning sign of Parkinson’s and dementia, study warns Do you think only men get heart disease? It kills more women than breast cancer Do YOU travel more than 20 minutes to work? If so, you’re at risk of ‘burnout, exhaustion and cynicism’ Do YOU tweet about what you eat? Revealed, the 10 most talked about foods online (and only one is healthy) Do YOU use a heart rate app on your phone? Be warned, the findings may not be accurate Do YOU use foil on your BBQ? This might make you think twice: Aluminium in the blood ‘linked to Alzheimer’s and bone disease’ Do YOU use organic tampons? You’re paying over-the-odds for no extra benefits as ordinary ones are safe Do YOU use your pet’s antibiotics? Study reveals thousands of Americans use veterinary pills when theirs run out Do YOU wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep? Expert reveals the best ways to nod off all night – from eating bread and bananas to listening to boring podcasts Do YOU wake up with an erection? Expert reveals why it happens and its purpose… Do YOU want a body like Zoe Saldana? The actress’s personal trainer reveals her favorite workouts and tips to get in shape Do YOU want a brainy child? Play ‘I spy’ from day 1: Study reveals the classic game can do wonders for babies’ minds – even before they can talk Do YOU want a clever baby? Breast is best! Infants who feed from their mothers ‘have better IQ, higher grades, stronger memory, and faster movement’ than others Do you want a ‘younger’ brain? Drinking beetroot juice before exercise strengthens it and may even prevent dementia Do you want fries with that? Say no! Eating TWO burgers is better for your health than ordering one with a fried side Do YOU want to live forever? Only a fifth of Britons would choose to become immortal (and experts argue it may be more possible than you think) Do YOU want to quit smoking? Try using the app from the hypnotherapist who helped Adele and Ewan McGregor kick the habit Do you want us to let you die? Question nurses on home visits are told to ask elderly patients they have just met Do YOU want your loved one to quit smoking? Bribery is the best way of encouraging them to kick the habit Do YOU wear a Fitbit? Why you could be doing less exercise than you think: Expert claims wearable gadgets make people believe they’re more active than they really are Do YOU wear contact lenses? Beware of a rare infection that could leave you BLIND! Cases of a vision-robbing amoeba have TRIPLED in 5 years Do YOU worry about stained teeth? Revealed, the 10 food and drinks you should definitely avoid… Do you yell with rage or silently get irate? From heart problems to back pain, how you ARGUE predicts the health problems you’ll face Do your children refuse to eat their greens? Don’t give up! Continuing to offer vegetables is the most effective way of getting them into youngsters’ diets Do your children suffer allergies? Your DISHWASHER could be to blame Do your health kicks always fail? Read this! Experts break down the triggers that ruin get-fit regimes – and their step-by-step guide to achieving your goals Do YOUR joints creak and crack? Expert reveals exactly what’s behind the noises and if it can lead to arthritis Do your knees click and pop? It may be an early sign of osteoarthritis, warns study Do YOUR knees crack? Try listening to this! Excruciating video reveals the gruesome sounds our joints make every time they bend Do your knees hurt as you climb up the stairs? It could be the first sign of arthritis Do your OWN smear tests: NHS considers sending DIY kits to British women’s homes as study finds they are as accurate as those done in clinics Doctor and mother-of-six, 44, dies from cancer 4 years after routine procedure to remove dangerous fibroids SPREAD the disease throughout her body Doctor attacks ‘drunken brigade’ who have turned crisis-ridden NHS into the ‘national hangover service’ and deprive patients of urgent care Doctor claims his patients were denied life-saving treatment – and their insurance companies suggested EUTHANASIA instead Doctor delivered patient’s premature twins just hours after giving birth to her own daughter Doctor is developing MAKE–UP which could ‘protect people from acid attacks’ amid a surge in the horrific crime Doctor is found to have Ebola in his EYE months after being treated – and the virus also turned it from blue to green Doctor makes TV history having a smear test LIVE on air to encourage all women to have regular cervical cancer screenings Doctor on a ROBOT-MOUNTED video screen told a California grandfather he was going to die three days before he passed away – now his heartbroken family is begging hospitals to use ‘human beings’ to deliver devastating news Doctor performs surgery on his OWN tongue to try and cure his snoring problem (and claims it worked) Doctor saves TV contestant’s life after spotting a tiny lump on her neck caused by thyroid cancer as he watched her shop on Beachfront Bargain Hunt Doctor so caring she sacrificed having her own children to look after other people’s: ‘Wonder Woman’ Larissa is latest nominee for the Mail’s Health Hero awards Doctor suspended for organising boob op that went horrifically wrong is allowed to return to work Doctor uses his PHONE to diagnose kidney stones Doctor who inspired Concussion movie says school kids should avoid soccer and lacrosse – as well as football – if they want to avoid Alzheimer’s and ALS Doctor wrongly removes woman’s healthy KIDNEY during routine back surgery after mistaking the organ for a cancerous tumor Doctor you need to go on a diet: It’s their job to warn us of the perils of being obese. So what happened when these health experts realised they were fat? Doctor, 38, has her face rebuilt using 11 plates and 41 screws, during a 10-hour operation, after it was ‘crushed backwards’ when she was trampled on by her horse Doctor, 45, who lectures medical students on how to spot signs of sepsis is saved from death by his brother who notices danger signals for the deadly infection Doctor, 84, is denied her medical license because she can’t use a computer Doctor’s failing leads to incredible IVF blunder: First known ‘grade A’ incident occurs as a child is born with cystic fibrosis due to its parents’ screening tests being discarded Doctors accused my wife of faking illness – hours later she had died from a stroke Doctors accused of accepting benefits to push controversial vaginal mesh implants – with one manufacturer paying out more than $4m – despite procedure destroying lives of thousands of women Doctors admit they struggle to spot early signs of pancreatic cancer and more than HALF of patients don’t find out they have the disease until it has spread around the body Doctors and nurses ‘FAIL to wash their hands almost 40% of the time – and miss safe injection practices a third of the time’ Doctors and nurses should not be afraid to CUDDLE dying children: New NHS guidelines say comfort and compassion ‘are vital part of end of life care’ Doctors and nurses told they have a ‘professional duty’ to get the flu jab in anticipation for dreaded outbreak that is expected to cause havoc this winter Doctors apologise after they missed 39 chances to diagnose tumour that killed pensioner Doctors are ‘at the brink of breaking point’ trying to ensure patient care with a FIFTH planning to leave, medical regulator warns Doctors are calling for heroin, cocaine and cannabis to be made LEGAL: Experts argue users should be able to seek help without the threat of jail Doctors are fueling an opioid crisis in the UK by over-prescribing powerful painkillers as report reveals deaths from the drugs have risen by 50% Doctors are getting patients ‘hooked on happy pills’: Investigation launched into prescriptions such as Valium after more than nine million were given out in a year Doctors are HALF as likely to wash their hands properly when nobody is looking – raising the risk of MRSA and norovirus Doctors are LESS likely to die in hospital – because they ‘refuse to put themselves through the misery of prolonging life’ Doctors are missing thousands of cancerous moles because the naked eye is not strong enough to diagnose skin cancer Doctors are mistaking symptoms of deadly meningitis in young people for them being drunk, high or hungover, report warns Doctors are not prescribing a drug to treat opioid addiction because they don’t want to be flooded with patient requests for it, study says Doctors are not prescribing medical cannabis to children since it was legalised because they are ‘fearful’ of what it will do, expert warns as mother of an epileptic boy reveals GP threatened to report her to social services Doctors are over diagnosing depression ‘because of a basic quiz by a drugs firm making antidepressants’ Doctors are overprescribing opioids to teens: Nearly 60% leave ER dental visits with addictive drugs instead of Tylenol, study finds Doctors are putting babies’ lives at risk from meningitis and sepsis by giving parents ‘false reassurance’, report finds Doctors are recommending NHS patients pay up to £9,000 for non-emergency operations, from earwax removal to hip replacements, to beat waiting times as rationing fears rise Doctors are reminded NOT to sell real human skeletons on online auction sites by advertising them as Halloween props Doctors are running out of the flu jab: A third of GP practices have no stocks or are running low, reveals survey amid the worst outbreak in 7 years that is being fueled by killer ‘Aussie’ and ‘Japanese’ strains Doctors are told to ‘talk to terminally ill patients about death’ and not see it as a professional failure Doctors are up to 37% less likely to screen you for cancer later in the day because they get tired of making decisions, study finds Doctors are urged not to hug patients as the comforting embrace ‘could easily be misinterpreted’ Doctors are using inaccurate ‘stone age’ methods that FAIL to spot patients who are months away from death Doctors are wrong to tell couples having IVF to abstain from sex: It doesn’t stop you getting pregnant or harm the embryo, claims expert Doctors at Leeds General Infirmary heart unit said there was no hope for my baby girl… now after a second opinion my daughter is nine and living a normal life Doctors back demands to deny NHS treatment for smokers and the obese Doctors baffled by bizarre disease causing blisters and deformities on the hands and feet of Chinese villagers Doctors baffled by boy, 4, whose right foot weighs nearly a STONE – but he can still walk and run normally Doctors baffled by mysterious condition that has left woman looking PREGNANT for 15 years Doctors blame EU for failing to halt allergy epidemic: Officials ‘incompetent’ over harmful chemicals in cosmetics Doctor’s botched ‘designer vagina’ operation was NOT female genital mutilation, tribunal rules Doctors bring a DEAD heart back to life using pioneering box that can keep the organ beating for up to 8 HOURS Doctors call for every sporty child to have a heart test: Pupils with undetected heart defects are six times more likely to die without warning during exercise Doctors call in bomb squad to help remove FIREWORK lodged in man’s leg for fear it could explode mid-surgery ‘Doctors called me Pinocchio and just laughed’: Devastated grandmother forced to have nose REMOVED after bungling medics failed to notice massive lump was cancerous ‘Doctors called me vain for wanting a lump on my throat removed – but it was cancer’: Accountant, 26, says being stubborn saved her life Doctors could PREDICT premature births after study shows women have an ‘immune clock’ during pregnancy Doctors could soon diagnose ADHD in children with a brain scan Doctors could use AI to diagnose DEMENTIA after scientists train computers to recognise the memory-robbing disorder Doctors criticise ‘needless’ death toll in childbirth that could be cut by a third if given the right care Doctors’ ‘crusade’ to scrap the time limit on abortion: MPs accuse the BMA of a shock move, just as the babies like little Abiageal fuel calls to REDUCE the 24-week cut-off Doctors declare ‘golden age of treatment’ following breakthrough studies into a new immunotherapy drugs for hard to treat cancers Doctors de-code teenager’s DNA to help diagnose violent fits in first step to finding breakthrough treatment ‘Doctors didn’t think he’d be alive for our wedding’: Couple’s race to marry before groom died of brain cancer – and they made it with just a month to spare Doctors discover 50-year-old FOETUS inside pensioner, 92, when she is X-rayed after a fall Doctors discover a contact lens lodged inside a 42-year-old woman’s eyelid 28 YEARS after she was hit in the face by a shuttlecock Doctors discover a dental implant in woman’s NOSE after she suffered sinus pain for two years Doctors discover man’s chest and back pains are due to acupuncture needle lodged in his gut for 40 YEARS Doctors discover new method to heal painful diabetic ulcers using a jab of ‘muffin top’ fat Doctors discover ‘super honey’ with amazing power to treat soldiers’ wounds and kill superbug infections Doctors ‘dismiss and mistreat’ women suffering from ‘life-wrecking’ urinary tract infections, consultant says ‘Doctors dismissed me as a grumpy teenager – in fact, I had ovarian cancer’: Student, 20, thrown into early menopause after having her ovaries removed Doctors dismissed my cancer symptoms as ASTHMA: Student, 19, is diagnosed with the disease eight months after her GP overlooked her breathlessness, cough and chest pains Doctors dismissed Spanish flu as a ‘minor infection’ for three years before devastating 1918 pandemic went on to kill 50million people ‘Doctors don’t always know best:’ Student claims he cured debilitating bowel disease by taking up smoking Doctors failing 500,000 cancer patients by not spotting medical problems caused by treatment Doctors failing to spot thousands of heart attacks in women – with fatal results Doctors feared he’d become wheelchair-bound due to a rare condition… now this 32-year-old Pride of Britain winner has ‘smashed a world record’ by running three marathons a day for a week on a treadmill Doctors’ fears as leading medical journal backs assisted suicide: Editorial says terminally ill must be allowed to ‘call time on their lives’ Doctors fighting Ebola in the Congo are forced to wear disguises to avoid being SHOT by militiamen as the death toll of killer outbreak climbs to 1,161 Doctors find incredible SEMI-identical twins born from one egg and TWO sperm Doctors forced to decide between saving a cancer patient or a pensioner bleeding to death in a heartbreaking new documentary revealing the agony of the NHS crisis ‘Doctors gave me depression pills I DIDN’T need for 20 years’: Coming off his antidepressants drove Viscount Hinchingbrooke to the brink – but his story is alarmingly common ‘Doctors gave our 18-year-old-son a bottle of morphine and sent him home to die’: Family of teenager with aggressive cancer desperately try to raise money for alternative treatment abroad ‘Doctors got my smear test results wrong – now I’ve got terminal cervical cancer’: Woman, 29, sues NHS for ‘appalling mistakes’ in her care Doctors gunning for Health Secretary Andrew Lansley over NHS reforms Doctors hail Beyonce and Serena for shedding light on mortal risks for black mothers who are still 4 times more likely to die in childbirth than white women in America Doctors hail drug that can ‘turn off cancer’: Once-a-day tablet could spare blood cancer patients effects of traditional chemotherapy Doctors have to INVENT a new lasso-like tool to remove a 23-inch dildo that was lodged inside a man for 24 hours Doctors hit back at women in chronic pain from vaginal mesh implants: They say the life-changing risks were well within the limits of any surgery and slam lawsuit for ‘scaring away other patients’ Doctors in poor areas prescribe up to FOUR times as many high-strength opioid painkillers because patients are ‘more likely to do manual work, be smokers or suffer depression’ ‘Doctors just told me to lose weight’: Mother-of-two who could only shuffle because of her ‘tree trunk’ legs has 26 PINTS of fat drained from them after being diagnosed with a rare condition Doctors knew my son was suicidal… but still they let him walk out of hospital in his pyjamas and jump to his death Doctors launch the first NHS internet addiction clinic as concerns build over dangerous online video games Doctors left astonished after a British girl’s inoperable brain tumour, which left her unable to walk or swallow, has started to disappear following a cancer trial not yet available in the UK Doctors may fail to spot women in the early stages of Alzheimer’s because their superior ability to remember lists masks their signs of the memory-robbing disease, warn researchers ‘Doctors missed my terminal cancer 19 TIMES’: NHS probe launched after woman with pancreatic tumour was sent home with painkillers Doctors ‘missed taxi driver’s liver cancer 32 times in two-and-a-half years’ after failing to send him for vital scan Doctors ‘must say sorry for their mistakes’: Call for patients to get honest explanation if their treatment goes wrong Doctors need to know how to treat opiod addicted CHILDREN, experts warn as the death toll from America’s worst drug epidemic continues to rise Doctors ‘often get it wrong’ when predicting how long terminally ill people have left to live Doctors only spotted my cancerous lump after I lost five stone Doctors ordered to recognise the ‘human value’ of patients with dementia as part of a major overhaul of care Doctors perform incredible surgery on 16-month-old boy born with FIVE THUMBS Doctors perform surgery on fetus in the womb at 32 weeks after spotting life-threatening condition that filled his lungs with fluid Doctors perform world’s first uterus transplant between a MOTHER and her DAUGHTER Doctors pluck 11 live worms from a five-month-old’s EYEBALL after the baby contracted a horrific roundworm infection from their neighbour’s pet Doctors prescribed fewer opioids after they were told about their patients’ overdoses: Novel letter experiment could become protocol after huge impact in San Diego Doctors pull out 38 metal objects including keys, coins, a SIM card, pencil sharpener blade and a magnet ‘they were stuck to’ from inside man’s stomach Doctors pushed into using ‘cheap’ eye disease drug Doctors race to save boy, 6, from rare neurological disorder before it robs him of his speech and mobility and life ‘Doctors railroaded me into needlessly mutilating my body’: Teacher says she regrets following medical advice to have breast removed Doctors re-attach woman’s arm in unprecedented surgery 11 months after it was sliced off in a car accident Doctors release pictures of bizarre pattern on top of 37-year-old man’s head caused by a disorder that sees him produce too much growth hormone Doctors release shocking photos of a man’s foot after he was born with two enlarged toes that left him struggling to walk and needing customised shoes Doctors remove 28 POUNDS of feces from man, 22, who was constipated since birth due to rare bowel condition Doctors remove 4.4lbs of stones, bottle caps and coins from stomach of man ‘who ATE them to calm his anxiety’ Doctors remove a 4mm SNAIL found growing inside an 11-year-old’s pus-filled abscess… and then let the ‘visibly excited’ boy keep the slimy subject Doctors remove a bullet lodged in a man’s AIRWAY after he inhaled it when he was shot in the cheek Doctors remove a ‘foul-smelling’ nasal stone from 15-year-old girl’s nose that had been slowly growing for around a decade Doctors remove a six-inch ICE PICK from a man’s back after it pierced his lung and left him fighting for his life following a random attack Doctors remove FIVE FOOT hairball from Indian teenager’s stomach which had left her barely able to swallow water Doctors remove grapefruit-sized tumor from 12-year-old girl’s MOUTH that had been growing for three years Doctors remove MELON-sized HAIRBALL from the stomach of a teenage girl addicted to eating her locks, whose weight plummeted to just TWO STONE Doctors remove poisonous CATFISH from man’s throat after he tried to swallow it during drinking game and was left vomiting blood Doctors remove skeleton of baby left inside mother for 36 YEARS Doctors remove two maggots from a woman’s scalp ‘after she felt something wriggling around in the lumps on top of her skull’ Doctors removed more than 100 pieces of metal from a man’s stomach after he spent decades swallowing pins, needles and broken spoons due to psychosis Doctors report parents to CPS for treating their epileptic toddler daughter with CBD oil – but they claim another neurologist told them to Doctors reveal how a dying cancer patient’s labia FUSED together – and they blame her lack of sex after the menopause Doctors reveal the 6 ways a no deal Brexit could be ‘catastrophic’ for the NHS and leave the UK facing a greater risk of deadly pandemics Doctors ruined my smile with a botched operation, says woman with paralysed face Doctors said Ashleigh was a typical lazy teenager – actually she had an aggressive form of cancer Doctors said I’d abused my son when he broke his leg. But he just had a faulty gene Doctors said it was a ‘cold’ but it turned out to be cancer: 27-year-old was dismissed three times before medics finally gave her a scan and found a 5 inch tumor ‘Doctors said my daughter had IBS – in fact, it was bowel cancer’: Heartbroken mother on losing her 28-year-old to the disease that’s killing more young people than ever Doctors said my son was constipated – in fact, he had CANCER: Mother’s fury after doctors missed basketball-sized tumour 11 TIMES as survival odds slashed to 40% Doctors said Sophie was anorexic when she dropped four dress sizes in a year – in fact, her stomach was PARALYSED and wouldn’t empty ‘Doctors said the lump on my arm was a just a cyst – but I had SKIN CANCER’: Builder, 69, can no longer work because of damage caused by tumour Doctors save baby with heart racing twice as fast as normal by ‘FREEZING’ his body for four days Doctors say antidepressants study saying more should be given out is misleading patients by ignoring the dangers and side-effects Doctors say they’re better than pills, but can a spray REALLY stop you snoring or help you to lose weight? Doctors ‘scared to tell youngsters to diet’: Only one third of obese children are offered weight loss advice despite NHS guidelines Doctors separate conjoined twins after a viral Instagram post raised the £1,680 needed for the life-changing surgery their homeless parents could not afford Doctors’ shock after pulling out a KNIFE, eight spoons, screwdrivers, toothbrushes and a metal bar from the stomach of a 35-year-old who complained of unbearable pain Doctors should ask men who struggle to get an erection if they are GAY: Failing to rise to the occasion in bed could be sign they are ‘wrestling’ with their sexuality, new guidelines state Doctors SHOULD be allowed to help their patients die: Leading GP claims we are ‘turning our backs’ on terminal illness Doctors SHOULD be allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis products, declare Government advisers Doctors should dish out LAVENDER OIL as a first-line treatment for people with anxiety instead of addictive drugs, psychiatrist claims Doctors should give smokers a CT scan of their lungs to encourage them to give up the deadly habit, study advises Doctors should help people with STIs tell their partners and family, new official guidelines state Doctors should NOT recommend e-cigarettes to smokers – existing treatments are more effective and safer, experts say Doctors should prescribe a Saturday morning run instead of handing out drugs to improve the health of patients, claim experts Doctors should PRESCRIBE diet plans or hand over vouchers for weight loss classes to help obese patients shed pounds, urges Oxford University expert Doctors should refer patients to LAUGHTER classes, says mother who claims giggling has cured her asthma and depression Doctors should stop saying they are ‘acting down’ when undertaking tasks usually done by nurses because it is insulting, royal college says Doctors should stop using the word cancer: Low-risk tumours should be renamed ‘indolent’ because the c-word traumatises patients, leading expert says Doctors should tell their patients that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking – but NOT without risk, health watchdog states Doctors slam raw vegan bloggers who claim periods are ‘toxic’ and can be eliminated with extreme dieting Doctors solve mystery of a man who ‘died from laughter’ while watching The Goodies after his granddaughter nearly dies from same rare heart condition Doctors’ stethoscopes are ‘loaded’ with bacteria including hospital superbug MRSA, study warns Doctors stunned as seven-month-old girl who wasn’t expected to survive childbirth is deemed strong enough to leave hospital Doctors stunned by woman, 75, who was taken off life support then miraculously WOKE UP – and now she’s back to normal Doctors successfully separate conjoined twins following grueling all-day operation Doctors suspected man, 47, had cancer – only to discover the mass was from a tiny toy play cone he swallowed as a toddler Doctors to be given advice on how to deal with infatuated patients on social media to help avoid STALKERS Doctors told her she was infertile but mother-of-two who thought her cancer had returned discovers she is 5 months pregnant with a miracle baby Doctors told me I had miscarried – now I fear womb-clearing drugs may have damaged my baby ‘Doctors told me I was pregnant – in fact, I had CANCER’: Nursery nurse, 22, diagnosed with disease that mimics pregnancy ‘Doctors told me I was too young to have bowel cancer – they were wrong’: Woman is diagnosed with the disease at 25 after months of being told she had ‘piles’ Doctors told me I would die if I didn’t have my colon removed ‘Doctors told me my newborn was dead… then he took his first breath’: Mother’s joy as baby son ‘comes back to life’ minutes after she gives birth ‘Doctors told me my son had constipation – in fact he needs a heart transplant’: Mother’s shock at being told her son, 3, has just 50/50 chance of survival ‘Doctors told my mother to abort me’: Man, 24, is left unable to smile after rare genetic condition caused a fluid-filled cyst to PARALYSE his face Doctors told to DOUBLE the dose of antibiotics gonorrhoea patients are given ‘because the STI is quickly becoming resistant to medicine’ Doctors told to write to their patients in plain English instead of using Latin and complicated medical jargon Doctors told us to abort our little girl as she wouldn’t survive birth – but our little fighter has flourished Doctors urge people to stop new health trend of drinking toxic hydrogen peroxide to cure sinus infections, IBS, and whiten their teeth Doctors urged to test patients with coughs for cancer: GPs given guidance over fears they are dismissing early warning signs Doctors use broken bones to help unmask dementia in elderly patients who may otherwise not be diagnosed Doctors use keyhole surgery to repair the bulging spine of a spina bifida baby while he was still in the WOMB during a three-hour operation in UK first Doctors vote to axe Tory NHS reforms in embarrassing blow to Lansley Doctors want a similar healthcare system to Sweden with just 13 appointments a day amid claims some GPs carry out up to 70 consultations on busy days Doctors warn another flu-like deadly virus is going round – but only military officers can get a vaccine to block it Doctors warn that ‘club culture’ among surgeons is costing lives Doctors warn there is ‘nothing’ they can do to save the life of a baby born with a flat head and a sac on the back of his neck Doctors warn ‘vaginal scraping’ used by Mel B to remove traces of her ex ‘can make women more vulnerable to infections’ Doctors watch in amazement as boy’s brain fills in the ‘gaps’ left from a lobectomy that should have cost him half his sight Doctors were NOT told how dangerous vaginal mesh can be for thousands of women and only 31 females and SHEEP took part in a trial for one implant, reveals Panorama investigation Doctors who are fighting to save the lives of Ebola sufferers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are threatening to STRIKE if health workers continue to be attacked Doctors who delay cancer tests ’cause 2,400 deaths a year’: Fears GPs who do not meet two week target for sending patients to a specialist are contributing to UK’s lower survival rates Doctors who make ‘honest mistakes’ won’t be charged under new rules announced by Jeremy Hunt Dodgy seafood causes woman, 46, to RUPTURE her bladder and she nearly dies as a result of vomiting all night Dodgy tummy that you can’t explain? It could be because of leaking pipes that contaminate drinking water, experts warn Does a healthy diet have to come at a hefty price? Three experts advise how to dodge extortionate groceries Does alcohol or chocolate pose the biggest threat to the nation’s livers? The answer may alarm you Does anorexia have a genetic link? New theory suggests the disorder may not be purely down to social pressures Does bacteria cause anorexia? Researchers suggest an affected immune system could trigger feelings of personal disgust Does being fat cause headaches? Obese people are almost TWICE as likely to suffer migraines than those who are slim Does burnt food cause cancer? BBC programme unravelling controversial health claims finds bread and potatoes DO contain carcinogenic chemicals – but not to a ‘harmful’ level Does burnt food give you CANCER? Chemistry professor weighs up how worried you should be about that overdone slice of toast Does cancer hurt, and which types might I survive: The 20 things you always needed to know about the disease but were too embarrassed to ask DOES cannabis cause mental illness? And how much would you need to smoke, if so? Leading expert gives his controversial view Does cannabis really cause schizophrenia? Researcher asks why rates of psychosis aren’t going up if use of the drug continues to soar Does dementia start in the WOMB? Memory-robbing disorder may be caused by ‘spelling mistakes’ in DNA when patients are just an embryo Does diazepam cause aggression? We explain the dangers of the powerful and highly-addictive anti-anxiety drug prescribed to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock Does drinking fruit juice give you high blood pressure? New study finds a regular morning glass of orange juice significantly raises health risk Does eating chocolate make you clever? New research suggests it may help you win a Nobel prize, at least… Does end-of-life chemotherapy do more harm than good? New study finds gruelling treatment can give cancer patients WORSE quality of life than going without Does even Diet Coke make you FAT? Sugar-free fizzy drinks make people eat more food Does foam rolling actually do any good? In the short-term, yes – but scientists warn there might be long-term damage we don’t know about Does fruit cake last forever? Scientists say combination of alcohol and dried fruit means most puddings last much longer than the ‘use by date’ Does glandular fever lead to schizophrenia? Study reveals a link between the common virus and the mental disorder Does gluten intolerance REALLY exist? Study finds two-thirds of ‘gluten-sensitive people had no ill effects when given it’ Does going cold-turkey actually make addictions WORSE? Withdrawal causes changes to the brain that encourage addictive personalities, study finds Does going under the knife spark long-term memory loss? General anaesthetic can trigger condition linked to dementia Does having a spotless house cause nut allergies? Clean homes could be weakening children’s immune systems Does herpes speed up Alzheimer’s? Virus strains that 90 percent of us have are ‘abundant’ in brains of sufferers, new research finds Does HPV raise the risk of heart disease? Carriers of the virus are ‘20% more likely to be struck down by the world’s leading killer’ Does insomnia raise your risk of Alzheimer’s? Scientists have feared for years that lack of sleep can be linked to dementia, now a ground-breaking experiment could uncover the truth Does internet porn ruin relationships? Or is it another way for couples to try new things in the bedroom? Does legal marijuana drive up fatal car accidents? Yes, new studies say – but only in the short term Does marijuana make people violent? Washington state’s murder and assault rate surged 40% after drug was legalized – and experts insist that’s not a coincidence Does moisturizer REALLY cut dementia risk? Study claims healing dry skin reduces chemicals linked to the disease – but that does not mean lotion prevents Alzheimer’s, expert warns Does Netflix show To The Bone promote anorexia? Mental health experts weigh in on the controversy around the new Lily Collins movie Does one drink ALWAYS lead to two, three or four? Scientists have identified the neurons in the brain that (should) tell us to stop drinking Does penis size REALLY matter? It depends where you live: Britons are the most realistic while Poles have the highest expectations (and 20% of women don’t care) Does pollution cause PSYCHOSIS? Hearing voices and intense paranoia are more common in ‘people living in areas plagued by toxic air’ Does semen control a woman’s behaviour? Exposure may affect genes, hormones and fertility, research claims Does SEX count as exercise? It all depends how lazy you are… Does smoking make you a bad parent? Survey finds smokers feed their children less, buy them smaller birthday presents and raid their money box to fund their habit Does snoring keep you awake at night? New tongue exercise may put an end to your misery in just SEVEN days Does social concern trigger ADHD? Teenagers worried about discrimination in society have a higher risk of developing the disorder Does SPINACH cause Alzheimer’s? Iron-rich vegetable may lead to rusting in the brain that accelerates decline Does swiping make you sad? Online dating makes people feel more insecure and depressed, studies suggest Does taking the Pill make women better at loading the dishwasher and map reading? Hormones in contraceptives ‘boost spatial awareness’, study claims Does the answer to beating the winter blues lie in a small Norwegian city? Woman who lived in one of the darkest places in the world concludes SAD may be all in the mind Does the fabled hangover pill REALLY work? Yes, scientists say, after tests on drunk mice halved their symptoms Does the female Viagra really work? It’s said to cure women’s low libido by making sex more pleasurable. But with fears over side-effects and many doctors sceptical Does the flu jab actually work? The vaccination costs the NHS £100 million, but last year it was worryingly ineffective. Now take-up’s falling Does the ‘G-spot’ exist? And if so, where is it? Expert answers the most commonly asked questions… Does the ‘maternity salad’ REALLY induce labor? OBGYNs weigh in as Hillary Duff joins the legions of heavily pregnant women who’ve been turning to notorious LA dish for 30 years Does the success of your marriage depend on your DNA? Length of ‘happy hormone’ gene could be the key to wedded bliss Does this finally end the ‘breast is best’ debate? Scientists develop the first formula milk with human bacteria Does toxic air cause autism? Living in polluted areas ‘boosts the risk of the disorder for children’, claims study Does travelling to work in the dark get you down? ‘Happy lamps’ are installed in train carriages to help treat winter depression Does WEED boost your libido? Experts explain why marijuana joints and lubes may make sex feel more intense for longer for some – but ‘turn off’ others Does white wine really send women crazy? From tears to tantrums, MailOnline investigates why this particular drink causes such carnage Does YOGA encourage eating disorders? Leading magazine is slammed for advising readers how to throw up to get a flatter stomach Does YOUR baby cry a lot? Then it’s more likely to be fat: Distressed infants seek food rewards while cuddly babies want to blow bubbles Does your baby sweat when scared? Don’t worry – they’re more likely to be a calm toddler Does YOUR child have ADHD? A brain ‘growth chart’ could help doctors diagnose hyperactivity disorders sooner Does YOUR child have nits? Watch out! Head lice are becoming indestructible as they are now ‘resistant to 98% of over-the-counter remedies’ Does your child refuse to eat their greens? You’re not alone: 1 in 5 toddlers have NEVER tried a vegetable Does YOUR child struggle at school? Feed them omega-3 and 6: Study finds fatty acids found in oily fish can boost reading, spelling and attention Does your child struggle with math? Arithmetic-based games boost their understanding: Here’s a guide to how YOU can play at home Does YOUR child wake up in the night? Difficulty sleeping could be an early warning sign of mental health problems, experts say Does your CHILDHOOD hold the key to your weight loss struggles? Experts explain how memories of being given chocolate to stop you crying or watching your parents argue as a child could be inadvertently making you fat Does your face turn red when you drink? You could be at greater risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and strokes Does YOUR itch keep you up at night? Arthritis drug helps patients to make ‘dramatic’ improvements and gets rid of the urge to scratch Does your lifestyle put you at risk from AIR POLLUTION? Our investigation will make you think twice about opening a car window or buying a trendy wood-burning stove Does your partner mock you or give backhanded compliments? It could be abuse: Expert reveals 14 signs of emotional abuse even smart people miss Does YOUR tattoo embarrass you? New superfast laser removes body ink ‘without scarring’ Does YOUR teenager play Grand Theft Auto? They are ‘twice as likely to smoke or drink alcohol’ Dog disease that can infect humans with fever, arthritis and heart swelling confirmed in Iowa Dog lover, 48, loses ALL his limbs after his pet licked his leg – triggering a life-threatening infection Dog owners are four times more likely to meet the recommended activity targets because ‘most get 2.5 hours of exercise a week just walking their pets’ Dog walker, 33, claims he developed deadly brain inflammation after being bitten by a TICK in the Lake District and contracting a virus NEVER seen before in Britain DOGS can help the over 65’s keep fit: Study find those with canine companions walk 20 more minutes per day Dogs can SMELL epileptic seizures: Scientists discover man’s best friend sniff out odours on a patient’s breath or sweat and warn them of an impending episode Dogs can sniff out cancer in SALIVA samples sent in the post, claims company offering the test for £85 Dogs could cause next big flu outbreak in humans: Deadly new strains of the virus can jump from pets to their owners – and researchers warn we may need a VACCINE to protect us Dogs may cause cystitis! Pooches increase their owners’ risk of UTIs Dogs REALLY CAN sniff out lung cancer with 97% accuracy as experts hope man’s best friend’s powerful sense of smell could pave the way for new tests to spot the disease earlier Dogs that sniff out prostate cancer: Remarkable canines can detect tumours with an astonishing 93% accuracy Dogs who could soon sniff out malaria – with help from Bill Gates Doing yoga. The wrong mix of brain chemicals. Even listening to pop: Forty reasons your diet ISN’T working Do-it-all veteran, mother-of-three and singer who was suddenly paralyzed by a mysterious and rare disease fights her way back onto the stage Doling out too many antibiotics ‘will make even scratches deadly’: WHO warns that crisis could be worse than Aids Don’t blame the weather for your back pain – scientists discover there is no link between the two Don’t bottle up your emotions – it’ll knock years off your life and raise cancer risk by 70 percent Don’t drink water if you’re eating a doughnut! Combining sweet treats with a drink gives you a bigger sugar high Don’t eat our sauce more than once a week! Food giant’s extraordinary recommendation about salt, fat and sugar levels in some of its popular pasta sauces Don’t give children penicillin: Children given the antibiotic grow up angry, landmark study suggests Don’t hate homeopaths – we’ve been unfairly vilified as ‘quacks’ and could actually help save the NHS, doctor argues Don’t just talk to your plants, give them a caress! Gently stroking leaves increases resistance to mould Don’t try and be happy – it will only make you SAD: Societal pressure to be upbeat makes depression worse Don’t want a hangover on New Year’s Day? Then you should avoid spirits and just stick to beer, study finds Donald Trump declares parents SHOULD vaccinate their children amid escalating measles outbreak – despite previously fanning debunked myths that the MMR shot could cause autism Donald Trump must have ‘super-duper sperm coming out of his Trump Tower’ jokes doctor after ex-wife Ivana claims she fell pregnant with his three oldest children despite having an IUD fitted (which has a 0.1% failure rate) Donald Trump’s hair loss drug tied to anger, depression, and self-harm in new medical study Donald Trump’s hair loss drug tied to anger, depression, self-harm and erectile dysfunction Donate your organs and we’ll pay your funeral costs: New NHS plans to tackle shortage of volunteers Donating blood is as good for YOUR health as it is for the receiver Donor organs don’t just save lives – they transform them. And my family is proof! Donor, 53, meets the patient who received her HEART: Seriously-ill woman agreed to donate her healthy organ to another person so she could get new lungs as part of the extremely rare ‘domino procedure’ Don’t avoid giving your baby peanuts, eggs and milk – allergies are less likely if they try these foods early on Don’t be a couch potato in middle age: Endless evenings on sofa past 50 TRIPLE your risk of physical disabilities Don’t be ashamed: Keeping secrets you’re embarrassed of damages sense of self-worth, study suggests Don’t be critical, track your progress and find a New Year’s resolution buddy: Psychologists reveal 6 top tips to help you STICK to your 2016 goals Don’t be duped by new trend of taking ‘sunscreen pills’, FDA warns Don’t be fooled by the role play! Women who act as ‘submissive’ in BDSM sex are AROUSED by other people’s pain Don’t be so clingy: Amid mounting evidence that plastic food wrap harbours a host of toxins, even doctors are urging people to stop using it Don’t be so hard on yourself…it could lead to OCD and anxiety: Scientists discover the disorders are more common in those who blame themselves when things go wrong ‘Don’t be taken in by anti-vaccine myths on social media’: England’s top doctor insists MMR jabs save millions of lives Don’t believe online reviews of health products, they’re ‘skewed’ and ‘misleading’, study concludes ‘Don’t bother complaining about the NHS’: Patients’ charity says it has ‘no confidence’ in watchdog that deals with complaints Don’t bother counting calories… it’s the type of food that matters: Items high in fat may actually be good at keeping the weight off Don’t bother dieting in the New Year if you ate loads this Christmas: Over-indulging changes your gut bacteria and makes it harder for you to lose weight Don’t bother us with depression, anxiety and eating disorders: GP’s surgery accused of putting patients’ lives at risk after urging those with various conditions to seek help elsewhere Don’t bother with a low salt diet – it may not lower your blood pressure after all, study finds Don’t bother with a massage to banish post-workout aches and pains… just do MORE exercise ‘Don’t bother with catch-up scans’: Breast cancer professor’s advice to the hundreds of women who missed out on mammograms due to NHS blunder DON’T bribe children to eat vegetables, says expert – THIS is how you get them to stop being fussy eaters ‘Don’t call me nanny-in-chief’: Dame Sally Davies repeats her warnings about festive drinking – but says she will welcome in the New Year with a glass of wine Don’t call me sweetie! Why we should never use ‘elderspeak’ to talk down to dementia patients Don’t call us heroes: Cancer patients do not like being described in heroic terms because it puts them under pressure to appear positive Don’t call us sufferers – it makes us lose all hope, says bestselling author who is battling dementia Don’t clean your ears with cotton buds, say experts: Inserting one could damage the ear canal and push wax further down ‘Don’t come back and don’t bring any friends!’ Cancer patient waves goodbye to his brain tumour after undergoing pioneering surgery while AWAKE Don’t compare your sex life to that of celebrities or friends – it makes you unhappy with your relationship and affects your libido Don’t copy how Love Islanders brush their teeth! Dentists slam contestants for scrubbing with an electric toothbrush and warn the poor oral hygiene habits can lead to receding gums and tooth erosion Don’t count calories, it’ll just make you FATTER! Which foods really make us fat? ‘Don’t cry Mom, I’ll beat it again’: Brave eight-year-old boy battles second bout of brain cancer since he was just two Don’t cut up your carrots: Boiling them whole increases their anti-cancer benefits ‘Don’t dial 999’: GPs furious as busy ambulance service tells them to ‘think hard’ before calling them for patients ‘Don’t die of embarrassment like my husband’: Widow of man killed by from penis cancer urges others get symptoms checked out Don’t dig for injury: Avoiding erratic movements and excessive back bending may save millions of gardeners from agonising pain Don’t drink more than quarter of a pint a DAY: Oxford study claims slashing the official alcohol limit would save 4,500 lives a year DON’T drink smoothies, carbs CAN’T tell the time and running MAKES you fat… experts bust 10 common health myths we all believe Don’t drink the water: From Ebola to insect bites, how to dodge the dangers that will wreck your break Don’t eat mash, don’t cook with olive oil – but DO eat unripe bananas: Think you know all the rules on healthy eating? A top scientist has lots of surprises Don’t eat the bread first: Saving carbs for last at mealtime may help control blood sugar levels for diabetics, study finds Don’t fall sick in the afternoon: One in four GP surgeries shut for half a day a week DON’T fear potatoes (or burnt toast!) Food Standards Agency back-tracks over cancer link to spuds Don’t fear the holiday cheer: Therapists explain how to avoid the pressures of perfection, dodge family feuds and deal with loneliness so you can enjoy the festive season Don’t feel guilty if you want to gorge on chocolate or chips: Scientists say the body can adapt to short binges on without you gaining weight Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your eyelids: Shocking UV pictures show we miss 10% of our face when applying sun cream, leaving us open to cancer Don’t fret about your legs twitching Don’t get bored in hospital – you could end up staying there even longer! ‘Don’t get pregnant until 2018’, say health experts in El Salvador amid Zika virus fears – as Americans are urged to avoid 22 countries Don’t get sick in August! Doctors warn patient safety at risk as trainees take to the wards DON’T give in to your child’s anxieties: Psychologist warns soothing their fears is setting them up for failure Don’t give out cancer drugs if it’s just to extend life: Treatment costs can’t be justified, say experts Don’t give up bread if you want to lose weight – changing your gut bacteria and eating dark chocolate is a better bet, expert claims Don’t give up exercise, breast cancer patients urged: Guidelines urge women to carry on with moderate activity as there is no evidence it worsens symptoms Don’t give up your statins: Experts say warnings that made patients stop taking vital drug have put lives at risk Don’t glitter-bomb your vagina, top gynecologist warns: Bizarre new trend could give you inflammation, ‘vaginal sunburn’, and increased risk of STI Don’t go out in the sun for over 10 minutes warn health chiefs: Sunseekers told there is no such thing as a healthy tan as they are urged to slap on EIGHT teaspoons of sunscreen Don’t go to sleep holding your baby: Warning issued after accidental death of 25-day-old girl who suffocated in her mother’s arms when she drifted off Don’t hit that snooze button! How getting LESS sleep could actually help improve depression ‘Don’t ignore the signs like my wife did’: Devastated husband tells how his partner died just 3 WEEKS after over-looking her key warning signs of terminal bowel cancer Don’t ignore your bad back – it could be a warning sign you will DIE young Don’t just ‘like’ little Margot… save her: Our expert’s plea to YouTube generation backing leukaemia girl’s fight for life Don’t keep your smartphone in your top pocket, people with pacemakers are warned ‘Don’t KISS strangers – or share cutlery and plates’: Officials warn pregnant women the Zika virus could spread via saliva – as active traces are found in samples for the first time Don’t laugh, but I’ve watched Bohemian Rhapsody 12 times: BONNIE ESTRIDGE on life with Alzheimer’s ‘Don’t leave it too late to have children,’ MEN are warned, as research finds older dads are more likely to have ‘mutant sperm’ Don’t leave long gaps between your meals and only have two coffees a week: Gut-health expert reveals his 18 best tips to tackle irritable bowel syndrome Don’t leave that tooth under the pillow – it might save your child’s life: The 12-year-old pioneer storing stem cells that might cure him in the future Don’t let a cold sore leave a blemish on your big celebration Don’t let our Mummy die: Sisters, 8 and 4, make poignant plea to save their terminally- ill mother given three months to live Don’t let that tummy trouble just rumble on – it could be ovarian cancer Don’t let your child cross the street until they’re 14: Study reveals kids need more than a decade to learn how to navigate busy traffic Don’t let your children drink wine with a meal: Report says it is a myth that letting under-14s have alcohol with food prevents bingeing Don’t let your children stay inside all day: Sunshine is the key to cutting short-sightedness, study finds Don’t let your doctor kill you! Modern medicine doesn’t train them to see patients as individuals, says physician Don’t like your pills? Just turn them into dinosaur sweets Don’t listen if you’re told you’re too young to have cancer: That’s what a GP assured Amy – and it almost cost her life DON’T measure kids’ medicines with spoons, parents warned: Using cups or syringes ‘could prevent tens of thousands of accidental overdoses’ Don’t miss your eyelids when you apply sun cream or risk getting skin cancer, warn academics Don’t offer your seat on trains and buses to the elderly – standing up is good for them, claims Oxford professor as he urges pensioners to ‘play their part’ in keeping active Don’t panic about forgetting things! Memory loss can be GOOD for our brains by strengthening other things we’ve learned, study says Don’t pass on flu to Fido! Animal owners warned they might be infecting pets with their germs Don’t pick yourself sick! Putting your fingers up your nose could spread bacteria which cause pneumonia ‘DON’T prescribe antibiotics for the common cold’: Doctors are urged to resist pressure from patients and curb overuse Don’t put antiperspirant on in the morning – do it last thing at night! How the timing of your routine makes products work BETTER Don’t put off your retirement… you’ll only end up sick! Living longer does not guarantee people will be fit enough to work into old age Don’t put women off having a home birth, says midwives’ chief as she accuses the NHS of bias Don’t ration operations for the elderly so they can be given to younger patients, surgeons warn Don’t reach for a painkiller the next time you have a migraine – scientists claim a new experience is all it takes to prevent crippling headaches ‘Don’t rely on smoothies for your 5-a-day’: Watchdog to say drinks should be limited to 150ml a day because of their high sugar and calorie content Don’t retire – and have plenty of sex! New study reveals the scientifically proven ways to live TEN YEARS longer Don’t run and lift weights on the same day if you want a beach body, warn sports scientists Don’t scrap asthma jab that saved my son’s life Don’t shake hands… touch elbows: Experts’ bizarre advice to dodge flu Don’t share a bottle of wine in the evening, GPs warn the middle-aged: Doctors will tell patients that following daily guidelines can still raise risk of future illness Don’t skip that morning coffee: Caffeine cravings will impair your memory, study finds Don’t smoke during pregnancy if you want grandchildren: Daughters of cigarette-toting mothers are more likely to miscarry Don’t sneer at canned food! Even rice pud and tomato soup are nutritious Don’t spank your kids: Pediatricians warn parents it can leave their children with brain changes, aggression and suicidal behavior DON’T starve patients before operations – give them energy-rich sports drinks so they aren’t malnourished, doctors warn Don’t stick your head in the sand, see your GP! DR MAX on how a strange-looking mark convinced him of the need to never delay getting help Don’t sweat it! Woman who do ‘moderate’ exercisers are far happier than gym bunnies Don’t take ibuprofen if you go to the gym and want a better body – it stops muscle growth, study finds ‘Don’t take no for an answer’: Mother’s heartbreak after doctors said her 23-year-old daughter was ‘too YOUNG’ for a smear test before she died of cervical cancer Don’t take painkillers – try meditation instead: Just 10 minutes of the mind-calming practice helps to alleviate any discomfort ‘Don’t take vitamin pills’: U.S. doctor warns that some supplements could harm health Don’t tell kids veg is healthy! How if a child thinks a food is good for them they are less likely to eat it Don’t tell us how much to drink, say women as they brand government guidelines ‘ridiculous’ Don’t treat electric scooters as ‘toys’, doctors warn as number of injuries caused by the gadgets that can reach 30mph has TRIPLED in a decade Don’t try and be a hero! Putting the weak and vulnerable first in life-or-death situations causes more people to die Don’t try for a baby for a month if your partner has just returned from a Zika-affected country, women told Don’t use coconut oil, it’s ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter’, American Heart Association warns DON’T use steaming bowls of hot water to treat a cold: Doctors warn traditional remedy ‘doesn’t work and is leaving children with severe burns’ Don’t wake up elderly early to suit your staff, care homes told: Thousands of lives put at risk because institutions are run for benefit of employees rather than patients Don’t want a hangover? Eat mashed potato before that first drink Don’t want Alzheimer’s? Eat grapes twice a day (but be warned: the study was funded by growers of the fruit in California) Don’t want an STI? Stay clear of Alaska! Map reveals which states have the highest rate of sexually-transmitted diseases Don’t want dementia? Turn the kettle on: Just ONE cup of tea a day lowers the risk of toxic clumps forming in the brain Don’t want to go deaf? Have a pint of Guinness each day: High levels of iron helps to prevent hearing loss, study finds Don’t want to stuff yourself with chocolate after the gym? Tell yourself beforehand you’ll eat an apple when you finish on the treadmill Don’t want wrinkles? Then you should eat less: Overloading on calories speeds up the ageing process Don’t want your child to be a fussy eater? Then breastfeed them: Babies fed with their mother’s milk become used to her diet Don’t want your child to have ADHD? Adopt a Mediterranean diet, experts tell mums-to-be DON’T wash your gym kit using fabric softener – it’ll make you smell! Don’t worry that you get distracted easily in old age – it actually makes you more creative, just ask Sir Richard Branson Don’t yo-yo diet like Oprah Winfrey! Women who repeatedly put on and lose lots of weight have a 66% higher chance of dying from heart disease Donut danger: New Jersey health officials urge scores of Dunkin’ customers to get tested for hepatitis A after an employee was diagnosed with the virus Doris, 95, was left on a hospital trolley for 28 hours – and when her son asked where she was, doctors didn’t have a clue… Doses of most popular statin to be slashed after fears over side-effects Dot Cotton’s ‘miracle op’ eye surgeon faces being struck off as health chiefs begin a hearing following 18-month investigation into £25,000 implant treatment Doting mother, 21, died days before her daughter’s first birthday after ‘doctors mistook symptoms of a deadly brain aneurysm for a migraine’, claim her heartbroken family Dots, stripes or a red dress? The colours and patterns you choose to wear reflect weight problems, a study suggests Double amputee schoolboy, 10, has his TOES transplanted onto his HANDS after losing all of his fingers when he was electrocuted Double joy for woman given just 6 months to live as she survives for 5 years – and becomes pregnant with ‘miracle baby’ Double mastectomy ‘doesn’t boost chance of surviving cancer’: Women who have less drastic surgery live just as long Double muscle: Identical twin brothers have matching 44 inch chests thanks to identical exercise regime and diets Dough! As the government’s set to approve adding folic acid to all bread, here’s what you need to know about the new superflour Downing a bottle of vodka and a crate of beer EVERY DAY left me blind in one eye, says woman, 22, who started binge-drinking at the age of 11 Down’s blood test approved despite doctors’ backlash: Campaigners fear it could lead to more terminations Down’s test ‘used to choose gender’: Warning checks for the condition are driving an ‘arms race’ to create the perfect baby Downtown LA is hit by an outbreak of flea-borne TYPHUS amid fears feral cats and rats are spreading the disease Dozens more Americans diagnosed with measles: CDC reports 41 new cases – pushing the US closer to losing ‘elimination status’ Dozens more New York City kids contract measles as officials struggle to contain the outbreak Dozens more New Yorkers contract measles – including two pregnant women – as health officials struggle to contain the outbreak Dozens of angry experts write to Public Health England to oppose its ties to a charity heavily funded by the alcohol industry Dozens of drugmakers hiked drug prices today – defying Trump’s pledge to lower costs of prescription meds Dozens of NHS managers are paid more than Theresa May despite promises to crack down on executive salaries Dozens of patients ‘left with blind patches’ could sue a lens manufacturer after routine operation worsened their eyesight Dozens of soccer players at the same university diagnosed with CANCER – after playing on ‘contaminated’ field Dozens of US clinics are pushing dangerous unapproved stem cell therapy that promises to cure heart failure and costs thousands of dollars – but have no board-certified doctors Dozens sickened by salmonella-infected eggs in nine states, CDC reports DR ELLIE CANNON: Agyness Deyn is a role model for epileptics after playing sufferer ‘defined by her sexiness and strength, rather than medical condition’ in new film DR ELLIE CANNON: Am I at risk of a deadly mix-up? DR ELLIE CANNON: Breast cancer has stalked my family for generations… but here’s why the NHS won’t test me for it as I just ‘wait my turn’ DR ELLIE CANNON: Brutal truth of Kate’s sickness: The Duchess of Cambridge suffers from vomiting so severe that it often results in hospital admission and dehydration DR ELLIE CANNON: Can a herb diet help my heart after aortic valve replacement? DR ELLIE CANNON: Can anything halt spread of eczema? DR ELLIE CANNON: Did a yoghurt send my cholesterol up? DR ELLIE CANNON: Does my son need tonsils out to fix his bad breath? DR ELLIE CANNON: Earache on a plane? Here is how to put it to flight… DR ELLIE CANNON: Fixing cancer has to come before fretting over thin hair… while pneumonia’s a bug and not a weakness DR ELLIE CANNON: Good health isn’t about diet alone DR ELLIE CANNON: Heard of anything to sort out my itchy ears? DR ELLIE CANNON: How can I steer clear of germs this Christmas? DR ELLIE CANNON: How can I tell which wheat is safe to eat? DR ELLIE CANNON: How do I get rid of nose blisters? DR ELLIE CANNON: How do I help my depressed husband get out of bed? DR ELLIE CANNON: How do I nail my hand eczema DR ELLIE CANNON: How to cut your risk of bowel cancer and what you need to eat to beat it DR ELLIE CANNON: How to fight the flu …and why these celebrity face masks aren’t such a crazy idea DR ELLIE CANNON: I fear for my eyes if shingles come back on my face DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m a woman of 63. Why am I going bald? DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m losing sleep over back ache DR ELLIE CANNON: I’m warming to cryosurgery to fix my foot DR ELLIE CANNON: Is a poor diet the cause of my anaemia? DR ELLIE CANNON: Is my GP on the level about cholesterol? DR ELLIE CANNON: Is my sore back a result of IBS? DR ELLIE CANNON: Just who is entitled to a shingles jab? DR ELLIE CANNON: Lack of sleep has left me shattered DR ELLIE CANNON: Listen up, this is why you should stop using cotton buds to clean out your ears DR ELLIE CANNON: My IBS has got worse… is it something more serious? DR ELLIE CANNON: My surgeon cut through a nerve.. can I exercise it fit? DR ELLIE CANNON: My teenage daughter’s life is wrecked by her acne DR ELLIE CANNON: Only seven, but she has body odour DR ELLIE CANNON: Palpitations may be common… but don’t ignore them DR ELLIE CANNON: Sciatica pain is getting on my nerves DR ELLIE CANNON: Steps to relaxing your restless legs DR ELLIE CANNON: Stone me! Do I need a gall bladder at 82? DR ELLIE CANNON: The burning issue of my acid reflux DR ELLIE CANNON: The metalic taste driving me to despair DR ELLIE CANNON: What caused my 24-hour pain in the neck? DR ELLIE CANNON: Why breast cancer screening tests can do more harm than good for some women DR ELLIE CANNON: Why can’t I have my painkillers? DR ELLIE CANNON: Why can’t I taste after my chemo? DR ELLIE CANNON: Why does my man have twitchy feet? DR ELLIE CANNON: Why does my nose bleed when I blow it? DR ELLIE CANNON: Why I’d never send my patients to a chiropractor DR ELLIE CANNON: Will a new diet end the agony of gout? Dr Ellie Cannon: Will baby thrive on vegan diet or will it stunt her growth? DR ELLIE CANNON: Will therapy cure my fear of going out? DR ELLIE CANNON: You can stop work stress wrecking your heath and avoid IBS, heart trouble and depression DR ELLIE CANON: Heart disease in the young is tragic…but rare DR ELLIE CANON: The mid-life health MOT tests that GPs warned were a waste of money DR ELLIE: Beware of Kim Kardashian’s low-calorie shakes, scientific studies show crash diets are a waste of time Dr Ellie: Help me face up to this dry skin problem DR ELLIE: It might taste nice but cranberry juice won’t fix cystitis ‘Dr Google enters 80 per cent of consultations that I have now’: Chief medic laments the rising problem of cyberchondriac patients using the internet to self-diagnose DR MAX PEMBERTON THE MIND DOCTOR: The John Lewis Xmas ad and a couple so lonely they called 999 DR MAX PEMBERTON THE MIND DOCTOR: Yes, child mental health is in crisis… but this gimmick to quiz every pupil just enrages me DR MAX PEMBERTON: Ambitious, yes, but the truth is Theresa May’s NHS plan is a mere sticking plaster DR MAX PEMBERTON: Putting all children on weighing scales may be the only way to save them from a life of misery …and the NHS from ruin! DR MAX PEMBERTON: They save lives but do statins also discourage people from living healthily? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: A staycation is the only holiday a doctor should prescribe DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Bullying smokers won’t help them quit DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Cameras in every care home is the only way to stop abuse DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Cheerful lessons of endurance superman who completed 157-day swim around Britain DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Clean eating’s not a fad, it’s an eating disorder DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Cutting benefits for drunks and the obese isn’t cruel – it’s kind Dr Max The Mind Doctor: Depression and why shaming those who take pills risk lives DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Devoted carers need caring for too DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Doctors who quit the NHS SHOULD pay back the cost of training DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Does wifi really fry your brain? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Don’t stand and do nothing – YOU can be a hero in a crisis DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Don’t blame the menopause for bad behaviour DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Don’t mock crowds who mourned for Cilla DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Forcing Muslim women to speak English isn’t cruel – it could save their lives DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Homeopathy is hokum but the NHS should still pay for it DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: How sleeping pills wreck lives DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: How to get others to see your point of view DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: I pity Charles Kennedy – but being alcoholic is NOT a disease DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: It is nurses working at the coalface of the NHS that we need, not more bosses Dr Max The Mind Doctor: It’s wrong to call Trump mentally ill because you don’t like him DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: IVF is a luxury the NHS can’t afford DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Learn to embrace your inner psychopath DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Lighten up! Even bad jokes are good for you DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: No one has the right to have a child DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Of course alcoholics need help, but it’s NOT a disease DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Of course, the symptoms are real. But is the menopause all in the mind? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: People must learn the basics needed to save a life to avoid tragic consequences DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Po-faced health nannies who harangue us only make us behave worse DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Refugees, bleeding hearts and the danger of moral bullying DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Sex addiction is a myth – whatever the rich and famous say DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Sex is good for you…so don’t be shy to talk about it! DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Stamp out the curse of care home cruelty DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Surgery that gave mum her life back… And why it’s immoral that the NHS is rationing cataract procedures DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: That glass of wine isn’t a reward… it’s a poison Dr MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The best medicine of all is always seeing the same GP… DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The dangerous truth about nursing on the cheap Dr Max The Mind Doctor: The lethal hunger for fame – and why we’re all to blame Dr Max The Mind Doctor: The rising number of children diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed the drug Ritalin masks the flaws of schools and parents DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The tricks to help you keep your promises DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The wards are full of lives wrecked by the evil drug that is cannabis DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: There’s no need to be smug about your vegan ‘detox’ DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Too middle class to be hooked on over-the-counter painkillers? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: We are shamefully ignoring the plight of middle-aged men DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: What can we all learn from the Thai coach lost in a cave? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Who gave celebrities the right to decide which diseases matter? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why are doctors so poor at looking after the dying? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why do health bosses waste so much GP time? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why I’d ban ALL children from using Instagram DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why it’s so toxic for boys when even the Bodyguard is body shamed DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why self obsessed students should do care work DR MAX The Mind Doctor: Why the NHS’s checks to root out the next Dr Shipman are useless DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why we Britons are so depressed, despite all those happy pills DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why your teenager’s brain can’t cope with adult life DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Women doctors could bring the NHS to its knees DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Would you want to know how your days will end? DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Yes, IBS is tied to the mind, but that’s no reason to dismiss it DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: You can really knit your way to happiness and a stress-free life DR MAX: After seeing too many young lives blighted, why I’m sickened that we’re still so soft on cannabis Dr Max: The REAL reason hospital beds are vanishing from the wards Dr Max: Why can’t doctors and nurses admit Tory NHS cuts are a myth? DR MAX: Why the death of proper family GPs could be putting lives at risk – and it’s all down to doctor’s intuition DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can electric shocks to your brain give you the memory of a 20-year-old? DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can you pass the string test? A brilliantly simple way to check your fat DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Carbs aren’t the enemy… but ditch that pasta DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Could armpit transplants really banish body odour? DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Diet pills may sound great, but are they a magic bullet? DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Ditch that probiotic pot, get your friendly bacteria from SAUERKRAUT DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Does cooking a Sunday roast really make the air inside your home ‘worse than Delhi’? Dr Michael Mosley: Don’t let your libido languish… whatever age you are DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Down in the dumps? I’ve a gut feeling your tummy is to blame… DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Forget those 10,000 steps a day… you just need three brisk ten-minute walks DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Get in the best shape of your life with just 30 minutes exercise a week (…even though it’s cold, wet and miserable!) DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Have faith! Your 2019 resolution WILL work… if you chuck these out DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: How gorging on a 6,000-calories burger made me feel I could DIE DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: How you can beat chronic pain… simply by breathing DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: How you can put snoring (and sleep walking) to bed with four simple tips DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: I’m worried Artificial Intelligence could make us stupid DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Is it OK to eat eggs, cheese and butter if you’re battling high cholesterol? DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: It’s not statins giving you aches and pains, it’s the ‘nocebo’ effect DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Keep your blood sugar in check… even if you’re not diabetic DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Low-carb diets DO work and here’s the reason why DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Onions, brisk walks and zinc tablets – how to fight off flu before it gets you DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Sauerkraut and chickpeas… the foods to fall asleep to DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Should I join the stampede to turn VEGAN? (and could I stomach Greggs’ meat-free sausage rolls) DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Sorry vegans, I won’t give up my juicy steak any time soon DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Testosterone jabs to stop you becoming a grumpy old man? I don’t BELIEVE it… DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The diet that can banish the agony of IBS – including cutting down on potatoes and calming the gut with ‘good’ bacteria DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Too busy to fit a solid 30 minutes of training into your day? Then go for bite-size chunks instead and join the time-poor who thrive on Exercise Snacking DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Want to know how long you’ll live? Just stand on one leg with your eyes shut! DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: What I’ve learnt living life on one leg! DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why full fat milk is the best thing you drink… and the reason the skinny stuff makes you fat Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why skipping breakfast may not be bad for you after all ( …but you should NEVER eat just before bedtime) DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: You’d be coconuts not to go low carb DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: You’ve started so well… here’s how to keep my new 5:2 diet going DR MICHAEL MOSLEY’S 5:2 recipes for one person: Lose two stone in just three months with these delicious meals by sticking to 800 calories on two fast days per week DR MICHAEL MOSLEY’S easiest ever 5:2 recipes with NO MORE than five ingredients Dr Mosley’s Fast 800 Diet: It’s so easy to stay slim – for ever! (and these filling family favourites aren’t a bad place to start) Dr Pimple Popper bursts a huge cyst from the corner of a man’s eye in possibly her most repulsive video yet Dr Pimple Popper reveals how millions are ’embracing’ her gruesome videos and treat them like ‘porn’ (as we reveal our 5 favourite stomach-churning clips posted by her) Dr Romance: Medics reveal love is in the air on hospital wards and GP surgeries as they share their amusing Valentine’s Day poems (including one about a bendy ‘Peter’) Dr RUPY AUJLA reveals how to improve your immune health by eating Ethiopian berbere curry or fennel sardines with pine nuts DR RUPY AUJLA reveals how you can improve your eyesight by eating Cajun sweet potato hash or Creole couscous with white beans and parsley Dracula was onto something! Top scientists claim transfusions of young blood will put an END to sickness in old age DRAGONS could hold the key to beating superbugs: Komodo blood found to have ‘superantibacterial’ properties Dramatic race against time for father-of-two, 56, who has three years to live and wants to visit 50 countries before he dies ‘Dramatic’ rise in babies dying in their sleep: Harvard study warns safe-sleep guidelines have done nothing to reduce infant deaths in 25 years Dreaded Aussie flu heading towards Britain could kill as many people as the Hong Kong pandemic of 1968, public health expert warns Dreaded ‘Aussie flu’ is ‘similar’ to the Spanish flu which killed 50 million people in 1918, expert warns as cases of the dreaded bug continue to rocket Dreading Christmas with the in-laws? A psychologist reveals three coping strategies for avoiding family arguments this festive season Dream come true: Baby born at 23 weeks goes home to mother who had suffered EIGHT miscarriages Dream of gorging on a juicy steak guilt-free? Scientists discover why red meat is bad for the heart and how to solve the problem Dreams of the world’s youngest open heart surgery patient come true after being woken by a Disney princess following her fourth operation Drink an extra glass of water a day to beat middle-aged spread Drink coffee before napping and snooze six hours after you wake: Guide reveals how to get the most from a quick kip Drink coffee to lose weight: It makes people LESS hungry and works in the opposite way to cannabis – which does cause the ‘munchies’, reveals study Drink more milk – you could win a Nobel prize! Nations that consume more of the white stuff have more laureates Drink warning for the middle-aged: Too much booze can double risk of memory loss later in life Drinkers who are given a small glass of wine consume 40% less than those sipping mediums Drinking 2 cups of coffee a day before conception ‘increases the risk of miscarriage’ Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of dementia (claims report which was funded by 6 major coffee suppliers) Drinking 4 cups of coffee or just 1 of herbal tea each day protects against deadly liver disease Drinking a 200ml bottle of tomato juice every day ‘may lower blood pressure and cholesterol in people at risk of heart disease’ Drinking a cup of tea or eating a handful of berries a day may protect against heart disease by slashing inflammation Drinking a few cups of coffee a day can stop you regaining weight after going on a diet Drinking a large glass of red wine every day ‘can cut bowel cancer risk’ Drinking a litre of mineral water every day ‘can prevent Alzheimer’s memory loss’ Drinking a mug of cocoa each day may help curb fatigue in thousands of multiple sclerosis patients because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds Drinking alcohol DOES increase your chance of cancer – and even moderate drinkers are at greater risk Drinking alcohol during pregnancy could affect the health of your GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN, study suggests Drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your heart if you’re rich – but could be fatal if you’re poor Drinking and smoking ‘raises dementia risk’: Unhealthy habits reduce grey matter in areas of the brain linked to memory Drinking any more than A THIRD of a pint of beer a day impairs people’s response time, study finds Drinking baking soda could help cure cancer: Kitchen ingredient makes hard-to-reach tumour cells easier to target with drugs, study finds Drinking before 13 QUADRUPLES the risk of girls having sex early – putting them at risk of STIs and pregnancy Drinking causes cancer by permanently damaging genes and breaking up DNA, study finds Drinking cocoa ‘fights dementia’: Specific type of bean can stop proteins from building in the brain causing nerve damage Drinking coffee could cut a man’s prostate cancer risk by 20% – but he’d need to get through SIX cups a day Drinking coffee HALVES the risk of mouth cancer – even in smokers and drinkers Drinking coffee lowers risk of most common skin cancer Drinking diet soda while pregnant nearly DOUBLES the risk of your child becoming obese Drinking every day cripples your brain – especially if you’re a woman: Any more than one glass of wine a night crushes cells in an essential brain region, study warns Drinking FIVE cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of developing liver cancer by up to 50% Drinking green tea could boost your weight loss and brain function in just 4 months, study claims Drinking green tea for its health benefits? Stop using tap water and use bottled water only, scientists say Drinking hot chocolate could prevent ALZHEIMER’S by boosting blood flow to the brain Drinking hot tea increases your risk of esophageal cancer FIVE-fold, new study claims Drinking is only good for you if you are a woman over 65: Sobering study finds medicinal qualities of a daily tipple have been overstated – except in older females Drinking just one can of fizzy drink a day increases the risk of painful kidney stones by a QUARTER Drinking just one can of sugary drink a day ‘raises your risk of dying from heart disease by up to 31%’ – and even diet drinks are harmful Drinking just one glass of wine or pint of beer each night DOUBLES the risk of killer high blood pressure Drinking just one pint of beer a day raises the risk of contracting prostate cancer by more than a fifth Drinking just two cans of sugar-free diet drinks a day increases your chance of heart attack or stroke by a THIRD Drinking lowers your risk of dying in hospital (although it increases your chance of going there in the first place) Drinking MILK could prevent a cardiac arrest: Low calcium levels double the risk of the heart suddenly stopping Drinking milk or eating beef could cause rheumatoid ARTHRITIS, scientists warns Drinking more water during day really does help women to have fewer urinary infections, study finds Drinking orange juice could slash your risk of dementia by 50 per cent as it protects the brain, study finds Drinking raw milk could be DEADLY: Craze for unpasteurised dairy puts thousands at risk of hospitalisation from food poisoning, experts warn Drinking red wine could be good for your SIGHT: Chemical in grape skin prevents eye disease in later life Drinking tart cherry juice for just five days can transform gut health, finds study Drinking tea ‘cuts risk of dying early by a quarter’: Antioxidant ingredients in the drink are good for the heart Drinking tea or coffee during pregnancy REDUCES baby size even if you consume less than the ‘safe’ amount Drinking tequila could be good for your bones and help fight osteoporosis: Spirit may help boost calcium levels in the body, study finds Drinking three cups of coffee a day could halve the risk of liver cancer Drinking three cups of coffee a day PROTECTS you from heart woes – and up to six are safe, top cardiologists declare Drinking three cups of coffee each day could save your life: Beverage slashes the risk of fatal liver diseases by 70%, reveals review Drinking three cups of tea a day can keep you mentally alert in old age Drinking too much cola can cause weak bones and even paralysis, experts warn Drinking too much water is dangerous, warn doctors after woman, 59, is admitted to hospital after overdosing on it Drinking too much? Blame your other half says study that claims couples use alcohol to bond and relax together Drinking too much? Head to the gym: Exercise can repair damage to the brain caused by alcohol Drinking two fizzy drinks a day ‘raises blood pressure’: Chemical in the lining of cans puts heart patients at risk, scientists warn Drinking two litres of water a day will NOT help: The SEVEN myths and truths about achieving healthy skin Drinking vodka Red Bulls makes people more likely to get into a fight: Mixing energy drinks and alcohol causes loss of inhibitions and increases risk-taking Drinking warm water with lemon will NOT flush toxins from your body, reveals scientist who also claims detoxes, such as the Alkaline Diet loved by celebrities, are a SHAM Drinking water after exercise could actually CAUSE cramps – not prevent them, say scientists who find electrolytes are to blame Drinking water DOES help you lose weight: Large glass before each meal helped dieters shed an extra 4lb over 12 weeks Drinking water may contain dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and infertility in 43 states affecting up to 19 million Americans, new report finds Drinking water with a meal DOES fill you up: Scans reveal exactly how both the stomach expands and brain reacts to make you feel full Drinking wine at home is putting thousands more women in hospital, experts warn as report says UK has a ‘chronic drink problem’ Drinking, smoking and eating too much fast food: The bad habits that can sabotage your memory Drinks company slammed for handing out free alcohol to student blood donors Driven insane by your own immune system: One woman’s terrifying story reveals how rogue particles in your brain may trigger mental illness Driver was left still over the limit the day after having just THREE drinks Driving after just ONE drink makes you more likely to have a car crash ‘Driving instructors and personal trainers earn more than us’, complain locum doctors as they abolish caps on lucrative fees Driving while sleep deprived ‘is as bad as drunk-driving’: Brain cells stop working without sleep and can completely switch off Driving with a hangover can be just as dangerous as getting behind the wheel when drunk Drop in cancer deaths: Rate of children dying dropped 35% and adults down 25% since 1991, figures show Drop in prescription medications among children – but drugs for ADHD are still on the rise, CDC report reveals Drop in single men using contraception, CDC report reveals – as figures show STD rates are on the rise Drops to stop blindness? Millions of patients battling the most common cause of sight loss may soon be spared the pain of eye injections Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 4, CDC says Drug abusers still crave the stimulus AFTER death: Researchers discover mutated protein in deceased addicts persists for more than a week Drug apartheid hits victims of leukaemia in England Drug approval gives hope to Duchenne boys: New NHS treatment will protect children from muscle-wasting disease Drug boost for cervical cancer sufferers: Hundreds of women in England to be first to trial new treatment for the disease Drug commonly prescribed for back pain DOESN’T work – and is ‘no better than a sugar pill’ Drug companies urged to make vegan-friendly feeds for people battling eating disorders in NHS hospitals – because none are currently used Drug could reverse ‘permanent’ deafness by regenerating hair cells in inner ear Drug could transform treatment for half of breast cancer victims: Hormone used in Pill slows the growth of tumours Drug deaths at their highest EVER: Number of people poisoned by illegal substances soars by 57% in a decade with nearly half of victims aged 16 to 34 Drug firms to be paid MILLIONS to develop new antibiotics that will rarely be used as doctors are told to cut prescriptions for the drugs by 15% in the war on superbugs Drug giants’ legal threat to the NHS for using jabs 70 times cheaper than their medication: Doctors accuse firms of trying to ‘dictate’ what treatments they can use Drug given to pregnant women who have suffered miscarriages does not improve their chances of carrying a baby to full term, study reveals Drug hope for Crohn’s patients: New treatment is first to work in the gut to target symptoms on the disease Drug hope in fight against cancer of the bladder: New treatment that helps to turn patients’ immune system back on shrank tumours Drug information leaflets are ‘impenetrable’ and ‘unreadable’: Medicine pamphlets must be improved so patients can understand them, report claims Drug overdose deaths soared 10% in 2017 driven by fentanyl flooding the US from China Drug overdose deaths soared to 63,000 in 2016 – slashing American life expectancy for the second year in a row, CDC reports Drug overdose deaths soaring among middle aged women: Rate shot up 500% since 2000, CDC report reveals Drug prices are increasing at 10 TIMES the rate of inflation, report reveals Drug shortages pose a public health crisis in the US: Countless patients’ lives endangered by critically low stocks of 200 drugs, IV bags and more Drug that blocks the so‑called ‘love hormone’ could help men stay the distance in the bedroom Drug that could give lung cancer patients an extra nine months Drug that PREVENTS breast cancer could soon be given to half a million women on the NHS Drug that ‘shrinks children’s brain tumours by 50%’ is launched as once-a-day pill Drug that targets cancer cells’ ‘Achilles heel’ could ‘supercharge’ breast tumour treatment Drug to beat cholesterol WITHOUT statin side effects: Breakthrough treatment could get NHS green light by end of the month Drug use up in pregnant women: Meth rates doubled and opioid use quadrupled in the last decade Drug used to treat high blood pressure could relieve Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s by encouraging ‘Pac-Man-like cells to eat away toxic protein build-ups in the brain’ Drug which cures hepatitis C given the go-ahead by NHS raising hopes the virus could be eradicated Drug-free gel drink used to remove radioactive toxins from Chernobyl victims could help millions of IBS sufferers Drug-resistant Japanese fungus is spreading through British hospitals wards Drug-resistant TB could kill 75 million people over the next 35 years, experts claim Drugs and alcohol leave MEN with a higher risk of hearing loss at festivals (but not women) Drugs are now so prevalent that 1 in 10 people have traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingers, study finds Drugs companies ‘are putting profits ahead of medical discoveries’, claims hard-hitting report Drugs costing as little as 7p may offer a ‘huge breakthrough’ in preventing dementia after a stroke Drugs damage women’s brains more than men’s: Cocaine abuse affects areas that control emotions and decision making Drugs for Parkinson’s disease can turn patients into gamblers, sex addicts and compulsive shoppers Drugs push the US down in global health rankings: America plummets to 35 out of 50 as overdoses and poor diet slash life expectancy Drugs taken by half of OAPs ‘can cause mental or physical decline’ – Global study warns of hidden risks Drugs to halt dementia ‘will be available in a decade’: Scientists ready to ‘put the foot on the accelerator’ to make treatment a reality Drugs used to treat osteoporosis could have the opposite effect and make you more prone to fractures, study finds Drunk British man, 53, perforates his BOWEL after ‘losing control’ of a 77cm bendy sex toy up his anus – and even doctors admitted they had never seen an object so ‘unusually large’ ‘Drunk tanks’ could be rolled out across the NHS to ease A&E crisis: Units fitted with beds, showers and drips for rehydration being introduced in city centres Drunken stumble ‘saved my life’, says 25-year-old after doctors reveal her back pain was actually an aggressive bone cancer Dry and sore eyes can now be eased by a drop of fungus found in Norwegian soil: New treatment could benefit more than 60,000 people in Britain Dry ‘computer eyes’ soothed by fish oil pill: Supplement thought to help by reducing inflammation and promoting circulation Drying your washing indoors ‘can pose serious health risk’: Damp clothes help deadly spores breed, warn doctors Dry-roasted peanuts ‘worst for allergies’: Findings will help scientists develop nuts that prevent reactions Duchess of Cambridge’s former midwife who helped her deliver Prince George and Princess Charlotte is appointed as the most senior in England Dummies can help protect babies from cot death by regulating their heart beats Dunk a missing tooth in milk to save your smile: Thousands of us lose teeth in accidents. Here, we reveal the simple steps that can rescue them Dunking your bread in olive oil could cut your heart attack risk in just six WEEKS Durex condoms are recalled after they fail burst pressure tests raising fears they will split during sex Dying boy, 4, who wanted to meet Gary Barlow and Matt Smith passes away after completing his bucket list Dying cancer patients get better hospice care than those with dementia or Parkinson’s, finds study that also reveals the young receive more treatment Dying cancer patients ‘should not always be given chemotherapy’: It often does more harm than good, say top doctors Dying father-of-four is denied life-saving cancer drug by the NHS in postcode lottery scandal that’s outraged doctors Dying father’s bid to raise £500,000 to help save his five-year-old daughter who has beaten cancer TWICE and could relapse at any time Dying father-to-be who has had SIXTY-SIX rounds of chemotherapy battles to stay alive long enough to hold his unborn child due in three months Dying for a cigarette? Have a game of Tetris! Appetite for a smoke is reduced by a fifth after playing because part of brain needed interrupts our cravings Dying for a drink? Regular alcohol raises the risk of skin cancer by 55 per cent, claims study Dying for more sleep? Chronic insomnia could kill you, scientists warn Dying grandmother, 71, is discharged from hospital with MAGGOTS crawling in an open foot wound ‘Dying is less sad and terrifying – and happier – than you think’: The last words of the terminally ill reveal they relied on family and religion to ease their passing Dying judge officiates his daughter’s wedding from his hospital bed just days before his death to cancer Dying mother pens a heartbreaking letter to her insurer after being refused a life-saving liver to fix the damage of botched cancer surgery that left a fist-sized hole in her organ Dying mother with just weeks to live faces agonising wait to see if she has passed skin cancer to her son in the womb Dying of skin cancer, the mother-of-three who always wore sun cream warns ANYONE can get the deadly disease Dying patients could be given untested drugs: New law could be passed early next year after Government backs the move ‘Dying well can be FUN’: NHS hospital under fire for shocking memo to staff on palliative care ward – which also hosted a ‘Death by Chocolate event’ Dying woman, 24, who is one of the youngest in the UK to be diagnosed with terminal breast cancer dreams of marrying her fiancé in a castle ‘like a fairy tale princess’ before she dies Dyslexia breakthrough as gene link between right and left-handedness and reading difficulties is found Dyslexia doesn’t just affect reading – it causes problems with hearing as well Dyslexia is a ‘meaningless label used by middle-class parents who fear their children are being branded stupid’, professor claims Dyslexia may be caused by an eye deformity: Study suggests sufferers do not have a ‘dominant eye’ – which creates a mirror effect E. coli-infected salad saga rages on: 31 more sickened, bringing the total to 84 as disease detectives race to identify the source E. coli-infected salad saga rages on: 37 more are sickened in 16 states as officials struggle to contain the outbreak linked to pre-cut lettuce Ear plugs are ‘as important as condoms’ on a night out and should be sold in pubs and clubs, experts say Earlier puberty threatens future of choirboys: Many forced to retire by the age of 12 Early cancer diagnosis tests are at risk as the NHS reaches ‘tipping point’ due to a lack of staff and an ageing population Early cannabis use makes drugs more addictive: Teens who first try the drug before 15 are TWICE as likely to get hooked than those who start at 17 ‘Early menopause at 35 has hardly been fun. I have my down days’: Former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton opens up about battling depression after cancer-preventing surgery Early morning smokers ‘twice as likely to develop cancer than those who light up later’ Early puberty raises your cancer risk as an adult – and genes are to blame Early signs of Alzheimer’s disease found in patients as young as 20: ‘Unprecedented’ findings say disease eats away at cells 50 years before symptoms develop Early signs of lung cancer could soon be detected using cheap and simple breath test Early warning test for pancreas cancer: Simple, cheap and it could save hundreds of lives Earn up to £1,000 a month by renting a room to hospital patients: Controversial Airbnb scheme that will see people nursed back to health in spare rooms could launch in Cambridgeshire Earn up to £1,000 a month by renting to the NHS! Health chiefs want Airbnb scheme which will see patients nursed back to health in spare rooms of homeowners to free up hospital beds Ear’s to the future: The incredible 40 pence wire splint given to newborns that means they will NEVER suffer the anguish of being called Dumbo or Spock Ease the AGONY of sunburn: It can be a sign of significant skin damage. Here’s how to reduce the redness and pain Easier language tests for foreign nurses may be introduced to overcome the NHS’ staffing shortage crisis Easing the pain of osteoarthritis in a minus 80C deep freeze EastEnders’ storyline featuring Carol Jackson’s battle with breast cancer is blamed for hospital missing waiting targets Easter eggs and hunts could cause deadly asthma attacks, charity warns Easter warning to hayfever sufferers as pollen levels peak due to recent warm weather Eat a lot of junk food? Just 2 portions of oily fish each week can reverse the damage caused to your immune system Eat and sleep your way to exam success: Expert reveals her stress-busting tips, from imaging the worst to abandoning Facebook before bed Eat bacon, don’t jog and NEVER eat fruit: Health guru reveals the 10 surprising ways YOU can shed the pounds and get fit Eat carrots, stop multi-tasking and go for a walk three times a week: The 10 things we ALL should do to stave off dementia… Eat cheese before surgery, get a Netflix account and ALWAYS say yes to morphine: Student diagnosed cervical cancer at 24 reveals her humorous survival guide (which includes how to get upgraded on flights) Eat cherries and get naked: Weird (but ‘foolproof’) tips to help you sleep during a blistering heat wave Eat chocolate to boost your memory and avocado for high cholesterol: Doctor reveals the best foods for YOUR health problems Eat FAT to get fit: Athletes who lay off the carbs ‘burn more fat and show greater levels of endurance’ Eat fat to get thin! As diet-conscious Britons are mistakenly shunning dairy, we reveal why you SHOULD be saying …more cheese please Eat FAT to lose weight: From avocado to coconut oil and egg yolk, expert reveals the top 10 fats to add to your diet NOW Eat less than a quarter of a bacon rasher a day to save the planet and prevent 11million premature UK deaths a year, say scientists Eat like an Instagram star: 26 health hacks these stunning stars swear by Eat like the Greeks to keep your mind sharp: Mediterranean diet ‘can protect against memory loss’ Eat like the Greeks to prevent breast cancer: Mediterranean diet with lashings of olive oil ‘slashes risk of the disease by 68%’ Eat like the Greeks to prevent womb cancer: Mediterranean diet HALVES risk of developing a tumour, study finds Eat lunch at your desk? You might not after this: Gross video shows how quickly germs travel from a loo seat to your mouth Eat MORE protein without MORE meat: The top 10 non-animal sources ‘Eat NO more than 12 teaspoons of sugar a day’ – that’s just one small bottle of soda! New dietary guidelines call for tough action on added sugars ‘Eat no more than SEVEN teaspoons of sugar a day’: Government advisers tell families to slash intake by HALF (to less than one can of Coke) Eat nuts every day to cut heart and cancer risk: Just a handful can reduce chance of dying early by a fifth Eat popcorn with chopsticks and devour pizza from the crust inwards: Scientists reveal how to stop getting bored of life’s simplest pleasures Eat raspberries to keep your heart racing! The fruit may slash risk of heart disease by keeping your blood vessels healthy, claims study (which was part-funded by growers) Eat raw onion, boil root veg, and always cook tomatoes… dietitian reveals how to get the best from your food Eat seasonal produce for better gut health: Eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors boosts the immune system Eat spicy chilli, tikka masala, a Thai curry or soup to keep cool in the heatwave, say experts Eat the right amount when pregnant or risk fat child (even eating too LITTLE can make a baby obese, say researchers) ‘Eat them to defeat them’: ‘Action movie’ TV advert encouraging children to eat their vegetables is to be aired tonight during Coronation Street Eat to beat the menopause: There’s no need for a heart-sinking diet plan. You can boost your hormones with a few simple steps – and still enjoy tasty treats Eat Twiglets, dark chocolate and sip on Champagne: With 6,000 calories lurking in your Christmas day feast, MailOnline reveals how your waistline can survive unscathed Eat walnuts as a teenager for lifelong brain health: Adolescent diets lacking in fatty acids may cause anxiety and impaired memory in adults Eat WALNUTS to avoid heart disease, cancer and dementia: Just a small bag boosts anti-inflammatory gut bacteria Eat what you want and STOP worrying! New book claims sugar ISN’T toxic, low-carb diets AREN’T healthier and avoiding dairy is POINTLESS Eat with your left hand, sit next to a lamp and wash your pillow case weekly: 20 ingenious ways to stay well this winter Eat your greens for a healthy heart: Vitamin K in kale, spinach and broccoli keeps the organ pumping Eat your greens! Why eating fruit and vegetables in youth protects your heart in middle age Eat your way to a later menopause: A diet rich in oily fish and green beans could help to delay the process while carbohydrates might speed it up Eat your way to a longer life? 5 places where their food is proven to extend lifespan – from a bean dish in Costa Rica to the ‘biblical diet’ in one secluded California town Eating a balanced diet could cut risk of cancer death by 65%: Researchers admit they were ‘shocked’ to find huge benefits of simply eating well Eating a curry ‘can help beat dementia’: Ingredient found in turmeric may hold key to repairing brains of people with condition Eating a daily handful of almonds, cashews, and walnuts stabilises the blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetics, study finds Eating a fatty diet could reduce a man’s sperm count by 40% Eating a few squares of dark chocolate every day ‘improves your blood pressure in just one MONTH’ Eating a full English breakfast could make a leading prostate cancer treatment more effective Eating a handful of nuts twice a week cuts your risk of heart disease by 25%, Harvard study shows Eating a high-fat diet in pregnancy could increase your family’s risk of breast cancer for three future generations Eating a high-fiber diet during pregnancy may cut the risk of celiac disease for the baby, study suggests Eating a Mediterranean diet ‘improves mental well-being as well as physical health’ Eating a Mediterranean diet with plenty of fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts slashes the risk of depression by a THIRD Eating a single salty meal reduces blood flow in your main arteries in just 30 minutes Eating a sweet treat three times a week could reduce your risk of stroke, finds new study – but it has to be a particular type Eating a Western diet of burgers and soda drastically increased risk of Alzheimer’s in lab mice, study reveals Eating activated charcoal is NOT healthy and these are the 4 reasons to avoid it, reveals expert Eating after 8pm may NOT make us fat: Children given dinner after this time ‘didn’t gain weight’ Eating alone is BAD for your health – especially if you’re a man, study shows Eating at the same time every day may help combat dementia, study finds Eating away your feelings because of work stress? Reach for a pillow rather than a doughnut reveals first study of its kind (and the findings could transform your life) Eating biscuits and cakes could damage your memory – regardless of your age Eating brains and bones saved my life: Vegan, 25, gave up her ‘raw’ diet of fruit and vegetables for a meat-ONLY menu because the lack of nutrients was ‘killing her’ Eating broccoli, spinach and egg yolks can preserve your memory in old age, study finds Eating brown rice could prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks Eating Brussels sprouts and drinking green tea could make aggressive breast cancers treatable by ‘turning off’ tumor genes, a study has found Eating burgers and hot dogs increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, Harvard study warns Eating celery really DOES burn more calories than it contains Eating cheese could prevent you from getting liver cancer – and it may even help you to reach 100! Eating cheese every day ‘could raise bladder cancer risk’ ‘Eating cheese left me in a wheelchair’: 22-year-old who gorged on holiday develops agonising bacterial infection leaving her in so much pain she ‘wants to die’ Eating chilli really CAN help you lose weight: Compound which gives peppers their fire helps speed up metabolism Eating chocolate five times a week REDUCES an overweight person’s risk of having a heart attack Eating cod, herring and red snapper may ward off Parkinson’s disease by preventing harmful protein clumps forming in the brain, study finds ‘Eating crisps saved my life’: Woman who got one lodged in her throat is diagnosed with tonsil cancer Eating dinner before 9pm could cut the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer by a fifth Eating dinner in front of the TV or while using a smartphone makes us FAT – because we’re more likely to snack later on Eating disorders are no longer a ‘female problem’: Numbers of MEN admitted to hospital rises by 70% – the SAME rate as women Eating disorders can be GENETIC, psychotherapist warns: Kids with family history are 10 times more likely to develop body dysmorphia Eating eggs may halt memory loss and lower the risk of dementia Eating fatty food while pregnant ‘increases chances of daughter and granddaughters developing breast cancer’ Eating fewer calories boosts cancer survival: Study finds it reduces the risk of disease spreading to other organs Eating fish helps to ease arthritis: Two portions a week found to ease swollen or tender joints Eating fish just once a week could stave off Alzheimer’s by stopping the brain from shrinking Eating fish reduces women’s risk of dying from Alzheimer’s and men’s likelihood of passing away from liver disease by nearly 40% – but not if they like it battered Eating FIVE button mushrooms each day could reduce your risk of dementia, heart disease and cancer, scientists claim Eating five portions of fruit and veg a day is also good for the BRAIN and helps prevent depression Eating foods rich in vitamin D during pregnancy ‘protects your child from developing allergies’ Eating for two? Indulging while pregnant could make your child obese Eating fruit and veg can boost your FERTILITY – and for men getting five-a-day ‘protects sperm from damage’ Eating fruit could make you MORE hungry because the sugar in it triggers cravings, experts warn Eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains slashes depression risk by more than 10% Eating healthy foods and cutting out junk DOES cut your risk of developing cancer, finds major study Eating highly-processed foods such as ready meals, cereals and crisps, raises your risk of a heart attack or stroke as scientists call for public health action Eating just THREE eggs a week ‘increases chance of men getting prostate cancer’ Eating less fat and more fruit and veg lowers women’s chances of dying from breast cancer, large study reveals Eating less fat is MORE important than cutting out sugar as ‘this is where we consume the most calories’ Eating like a caveman ‘cuts bowel cancer risk by half’: Fashionable Paleo diet could help prevent disease that kills 16,000 Britons every year Eating like a cavewoman IS the best way to lose weight: Those on simple meat and veg diet lost twice as much fat in six months Eating lots of meat and cheese in middle age is ‘as deadly as SMOKING’ Eating McDonald’s gave me TRIPLETS! Vegetarian who was told she would never have children gives birth to three babies after turning to a daily diet of meat Eating MORE fat while cutting carbs and quitting sugar can help you lose weight and be happier, says top cardiologist Eating MORE food could help you lose weight: Scientists reveal the diet plan that will allow bigger meals and give you a smaller waistline Eating more fruit and vegetables is a more efficient way of improving gut bacteria to help curb anxiety than trendy probiotic drinks, study finds Eating more healthily could improve behaviour of children with ADHD, study finds Eating more vegetable protein in the form of tofu, soya and nuts could slash the risk of an early menopause by 60 per cent Eating muesli for breakfast could help ward off arthritis, claim scientists Eating nuts may be better for you than taking statins: Doctors warn that simply changing their diet may be better for some patients than taking drugs Eating oily fish once a week slashes prostate cancer risk Eating oily fish twice a week could help you live two years longer Eating one chicken breast or salmon fillet a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 20% Eating one pack a day is like drinking FIVE LITRES of cooking oil a year: The frightening truth about crisps Eating one whole wheat sandwich a day cuts your risk of colorectal cancer by 17% (but not if it’s a BLT), study says Eating or making love…so how do YOU cope with stress? Men and women deal very differently with hard times Eating out IS worse for your waistline than dining at home: Average restaurant meal contains 200 extra calories – regardless of whether it’s fast food or fine dining Eating out ‘raises blood pressure’: Just one restaurant meal or takeaway each week can increase risk by 6% Eating peppers can make you more attractive, cheese can help you lose weight – and MILK is the best thing to drink after exercise: New show reveals the effect our favourite foods have on our health Eating peppers twice a week could reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease by a THIRD Eating pizza, burgers and chips may cause saturated fat to ‘seep into the brain through your bloodstream and trigger depression’ Eating plenty of fish can ‘reduce chances of ill health in retirement age by a quarter’, major study finds Eating plenty of fruit and veg DOES help us live longer – by keeping our immune system young and more able to fight infections Eating plenty of salmon, sardines and mackerel protects against sight loss, study finds Eating potatoes four times a week raises risk of high blood pressure: Baked are as bad as chips – but crisps have no effect Eating probiotic yoghurt could lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease Eating probiotic yoghurt may be pointless as half of us are ‘resistant’ to the friendly bacteria, study finds Eating processed foods such as pizza, chips and microwave meals makes people eat too much, too fast and gain weight, world-first study shows Eating Quorn is just as good for gym-goers seeking to build muscle as consuming steak, chicken and fish – reveals study part-funded by the meat substitute’s manufacturer! Eating raw garlic could help keep your memory sharp in old age by boosting gut health, study suggests Eating raw garlic twice a week HALVES the risk of developing lung cancer, claims new study Eating raw SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS left a man with whip-like marks across his body Eating red onions may help to fight cancer: Powerful compounds found in the tasty vegetable are ‘excellent’ in destroying tumours Eating salmon once a week ‘reduces risk of rheumatoid arthritis by half’ Eating salt could help you to LOSE weight, study reveals Eating seaweed helped Jamie Oliver shed TWO STONE, Heston Blumenthal wants it added to NHS menus and now experts reveal the 8 reasons why you should include it in your diet Eating seeds could ‘reduce risk of dying from breast cancer by 40 per cent’ Eating six rashers of bacon, three sausages or a seven ounce steak every day ‘raises your risk of an early death’ Eating soy can ease the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, study finds Eating steak increases your chances of dying from NINE major diseases: Red meat raises death risk from illnesses including cancer, heart disease and stroke Eating steak or salmon every day could be ‘as good for your heart as giving up smoking’ Eating strawberries may lower blood pressure: Antioxidant-rich fruit relaxes lining inside blood vessels ‘Eating the placenta borders on cannibalism’: Celebrity fad favoured by Coleen Rooney and the Kardashions has NO health benefits and could be deadly Eating the placenta does NOT prevent postpartum depression: Celebrity fad favoured by Coleen Rooney and the Kardashians does little to avoid the ‘baby blues’, study finds Eating the wrong type of fat during pregnancy ‘increases likelihood of having overweight children’ Eating three apples or two tomatoes each day can repair the damage caused by SMOKING and also slow down the natural aging of the lungs, reveals study (but only if they are fresh…) Eating three bananas a day could ‘slash the risk of a stroke’ Eating tomatoes cuts heart disease risk by a quarter… but doesn’t protect against strokes Eating too LITTLE salt may INCREASE your risk of a heart attack or stroke, claims controversial new research Eating too much cake can make you hairy: The unlikely causes for excess body hair Eating too much junk food and red meat like President Trump raises deadly BOWEL cancer risks by a THIRD, study warns Eating too much protein can strain your kidneys but too little is bad for your muscles – so are YOU getting the right amount? Eating too much salt puts up your blood pressure, but too little may be just as bad Eating turmeric, red grapes and apples could help to ‘starve’ prostate cancer cells and protect men from the disease Eating two portions of fish a week while pregnant halves the risk of ADHD – but make sure it’s haddock rather than tuna Eating two portions of oily fish could protect women against breast cancer Eating unwashed fruit gave mother-of-two, 39, rare tropical disease that masked her bowel cancer symptoms for MORE THAN two years ‘Eating was so painful, I lost seven stone in just two months’: X Factor finalist Lloyd Macey says his superb singing has soothed the agony of chronic gut disease Eating well boosts chances of fatherhood Eating white bread and pasta could increase risk of breast cancer returning in patients Eating yoghurt could make men more virile (finds a study on ‘swaggering’ mice) Eating your whites is as important as eating your greens: Potato and cauliflower are a ‘forgotten source of nutrients’ Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo epidemic may be 33% HIGHER than official figures because people avoid treatment centres, expert claims Ebola claims four more lives as death toll hits 82 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in latest deadly outbreak Ebola could hit 15 countries across Africa: Study of how disease has spread in past finds 22million people may be at risk of infection Ebola death toll climbs to 36 in the Democratic Republic of Congo as health officials begin a mass vaccination campaign Ebola death toll in the Democratic Republic of Congo tops 400 amid fears the second worst outbreak of the killer virus in history will only get worse Ebola death toll in the Democratic Republic of Congo tops 700 as aid workers battle to contain the killer virus Ebola death toll is LESS than previously thought: WHO reveals almost 6,000 have lost their lives, not 7,000 after counting ‘error’ in Liberia Ebola death toll rises to 214 in Democratic Republic of the Congo as health workers are forced to stop fighting the deadly virus when their hotel is hit by a shell in armed rebel attack Ebola death toll rises to 55 in the Democratic Republic of Congo – but many MORE could be dead from incurable virus in lawless militia zones Ebola death toll rises to 75 in the Congo: Two patients recover after receiving an experimental drug as health workers battle to stop the deadly virus spreading Ebola death toll tops 500 in Democratic Republic of the Congo with nearly 100 CHILDREN killed by the devastating virus Ebola epidemic declared by World Health Organisation after three deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo could ‘get even worse if political instability remains and public mistrust grows’ as killer outbreak reaches 600 confirmed cases Ebola epidemic is declared OVER: No new cases in West Africa in the last 42 days signals the end of the outbreak – but WHO experts warn ‘our work is not done’ Ebola epidemic will explode by mid-December and kill tens of thousands of people, scientists warn Ebola heads for major city: Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has killed 419 people is moving towards a trading hub home to one million inhabitants Ebola in Sierra Leone is ‘spreading nine times faster than two months ago’, campaigners warn Ebola is no longer an epidemic ‘it’s a humanitarian crisis that may not be over until we find a vaccine’, says scientist who discovered the virus Ebola keeps me awake at night, says Britain’s chief medical officer as she admits she IS worried about it reaching the UK Ebola ‘kills 17 people’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo raising fears of an epidemic Ebola lockdown: Third of Sierra Leone in quarantine as global death toll reaches 3,000 – but experts say disease may be slowing pace Ebola may persist in semen for NINE MONTHS after infection, scientists warn Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey has made ‘significant improvement’ in last few days as it emerges she is suffering from meningitis Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, feared to have killed 25, could spread rapidly and shares similarities to the pandemic of 2014 that killed 11,000 people, expert warns Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to spiral as death toll reaches 319 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is killing an unprecedented amount of children as the death toll of the killer virus reaches 170 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the ‘worst in the country’s history’ as death toll reaches 198 and the killer infection continues to spread Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has killed 28 people has stabilised but is ‘not over’, WHO chief warns Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has killed nearly 700 people is spreading at its fastest rate yet – eight months after it was first detected Ebola outbreak kills its second victim in Uganda as incurable deadly virus spreads from remote lawless region deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola outbreak that has killed 212 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will rage on for another six months, WHO warns Ebola outbreak that has killed 75 in four weeks in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ‘the potential to be the worst ever seen’ Ebola outbreak that killed 33 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo is OVER after thousands were given an experimental vaccine, health officials confirm Ebola returns to Congo: Four new cases declared just 9 days after the end of an outbreak which killed 33 people in the African country Ebola returns to Liberia: Teenager’s death marks the first case in more than 6 weeks after the nation was declared disease-free Ebola ‘treatment’ made from the blood of survivors is being traded on a new black market emerging amid the outbreak Ebola virus can remain live in men’s sperm for up to three MONTHS, health experts warn as the death toll nears 7,000 Ebola warning issued to GPs and A&E departments as experts say hospitals could be ‘ill-equipped’ if deadly disease spreads to UK Ebola ‘was passed on by breastfeeding’, adding weight to fears deadly virus can lurk in bodily fluids of survivors for months Ebola’s ‘Achilles heel’ is identified, paving the way for new treatments to defeat the deadly virus E-cigarette FLAVORS are toxic to white blood cells, scientists warns E-cigarette flavors like ‘chocolate fudge’ and ‘cinnamon muffin’ are TOXIC to human cells, study finds E-cigarette flavourings contain high amounts of cancer-causing chemicals and ‘exceed recommended levels’ E-cigarette industry funded experts who ruled vaping is safe: Official advice is based on research scientists in the pay of manufacturers E-cigarette users are MOST at-risk of oral cancer: Study finds most users still haven’t quit tobacco – and vaping devices also contain carcinogens E-cigarette users are ‘significantly more likely’ to be problem drinkers: Devices encourage excess alcohol consumption, study claims E-cigarette users at risk of brain and heart damage from inhaling LEAD E-cigarette users face a higher risk of a heart attack as scientist admits he would NOT want his family members to vape because of the dangers E-cigarette vapor may cause the same kinds of facial birth defects as smoking traditional cigarettes, study suggests E-cigarette warning: One in three parents ‘risk poisoning their children with nicotine’ because they fail to lock vaping liquid away E-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for teenagers: One-third light up a year after they start vaping E-cigarettes ‘ARE a gateway to smoking for young people – AND their use is linked to a greater risk of alcohol abuse’ E-cigarettes ARE a gateway to teenage tobacco smoking: Youngsters are twice as likely to go on to regular smoking after using the devices E-cigarettes ARE a gateway to tobacco: Teenagers who use them are twice as likely to smoke, study reveals E-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking – just ONE puff could be all it takes to increase the risk of a heart attack E-cigarettes are being adapted to smoke heroin, crack cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis which could lead to more overdoses, warn experts E-cigarettes are ‘encouraging a new generation to become hooked on nicotine’ E-cigarettes are getting non-smoking teens hooked on nicotine: Warning youngsters are starting out by vaping before moving onto real cigarettes E-cigarettes are just as likely to give you a sickly smoker’s cough: Study finds NICOTINE – not tobacco – strips lungs of their ability to fight off illness E-cigarettes ARE less addictive: Vapers are not as dependent on their habit as traditional smokers E-cigarettes are ‘less harmful than ordinary cigarettes’: Healthcare professionals may recommend smokers use them instead of cigarettes E-cigarettes are nearly TWICE as effective as nicotine gum, patches or sprays at helping smokers quit E-cigarettes are NO better than regular smoking: Devices can ’cause cancer even when they’re nicotine FREE’ E-cigarettes are ‘NOT a safe alternative to smoking’: Toxic chemicals harm the lungs and weaken the immune system, study claims E-cigarettes are NOT as safe as we’ve been led to believe, as scientists reveal vaping does cause lung damage E-cigarettes are NOT encouraging young people to take up smoking – despite rise in number of under-18s who have tried vaping E-cigarettes are NOT harmless – chemicals in vaping trigger bladder cancer, study reveals E-cigarettes ‘are NOT safe for your lungs’: Scientists discover vapers are nearly TWICE as likely to wheeze which can lead to acid reflux, heart failure and even cancer E-cigarettes are now the most popular way of quitting smoking, helping 20,000 people in England kick the habit last year E-cigarettes are ‘one way bridge to tobacco’: Scientists say gadgets ‘desensitise’ teenagers to the dangers of smoking E-cigarettes ARE safer than tobacco, study confirms: Vaporizers harmed just 2 genes in human lungs – compared to 123 genes mutated by cigarette smoke E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco products among US teenagers – with millions using the devices E-cigarettes are ‘THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement gums and patches at helping smokers quit’ E-cigarettes AREN’T encouraging people to take up smoking: Study finds most of those puffing on them are former tobacco smokers E-cigarettes can instantly damage the lungs: Devices ’cause inflammation for 30 minutes after inhaling’ E-cigarettes can trigger deadly lung diseases as easily as tobacco products, study says E-cigarettes cause as much damage to DNA as regular tobacco, new study finds E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some ‘as harmful as normal tobacco’ E-cigarettes ‘contain higher levels of certain toxins than regular cigarettes’ E-cigarettes could act as ‘gateway’ to harmful illegal drugs raising the risk of addiction E-cigarettes could be banned in public places over fears they ‘renormalise’ smoking E-cigarettes could be toxic to the mouth: Vaping ‘kills cells in the oral cavity – raising the risk of disease’ E-cigarettes could lead to chronic lung conditions: Vapour from gadgets ‘disrupts cells in the same way as tobacco smoke’ E-cigarettes could ‘save the lives of tens of thousands of smokers,’ claim scientists E-cigarettes DO help people quit smoking: Review finds there are ‘no serious adverse effects from short to medium term use’ E-cigarettes DO help smokers quit: Vapers are 15% more likely to try and ditch the habit E-cigarettes DO increase your risk of heart disease, study claims E-cigarettes DO inflict life-long damage on nonsmokers’ hearts that is similar to tobacco cigarettes, a study claims E-cigarettes do more harm than good – and could cost America 1.5 MILLION years of life, study finds E-cigarettes do NOT cause damage to blood vessels that lead to heart disease as debate over their safety rages on E-cigarettes DO work: Devices helped 18,000 MORE people kick the habit last year E-cigarettes ‘DON’T help cancer patients stop smoking because they become more nicotine dependent’ E-cigarettes DON’T help smokers quit in the long-term: Users take up tobacco again within six months, study finds E-cigarettes ‘encourage teenagers to try tobacco’: Warning that vaping is a ‘gateway’ after growing numbers try who have never smoked before E-cigarettes make quitting smoking HARDER, study claims E-cigarettes make teenagers four times more likely to move on to real smoking, health experts warn E-cigarettes may damage blood vessels in the same way as HEART DISEASE because of the chemicals used to give them flavour, study finds E-cigarettes prevent wound healing: Study says patients should be banned from vaping for two months before surgery to avoid complications E-cigarettes ‘raise the risk of infection by damaging hundreds of genes in the immune system’ E-cigarettes raise the risk of mouth cancer by damaging DNA, study finds E-cigarettes should be banned in public because they ‘normalise’ smoking, says leading doctor E-cigarettes ‘should be banned indoors’: Global health watchdog issued warning over ‘toxicant’ E-cigarettes SHOULDN’T be used as a stop smoking tool because there isn’t enough evidence to prove they are safe, researcher claims E-cigarettes WON’T help you quit: Smokers using vapers are ‘28% less likely to ditch traditional cigarettes’ E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke, heart disease and attacks by up to 70%, study finds ‘Ecolda: When a man has a cold but acts like he has Ebola’: Women roast the men convinced they’re on their deathbed (despite only having the sniffles) ECSTASY could treat post-traumatic stress disorder: Illegal party drug is given the green light for trials in the mental-health condition Eczema and psoriasis sufferers urged to stop using a ‘dangerous’ Chinese medicine because it contains a potent steroid Eczema cream ‘robbed me of my twenties’: Woman, 28, tells how controversial steroid treatment for her skin condition left her feeling suicidal Eczema made my childhood a misery. I’m so devastated I’ve passed it on to my son Eczema myths busted: Your diet isn’t to blame, you CAN shower every day and exercise doesn’t make it worse… Eczema on your penis, itchy bottom or desperate for the loo? Revealed, the answers to men’s most popular health questions Eczema patient filled two jars with dead SKIN after suffering severe reaction when she stopped using topical steroid creams Eczema patient spent 20 HOURS a day in the bath to soothe her flaking skin after suffering a severe reaction when she stopped using steroid creams Eczema suffer reveals harrowing photo diary of painful 10-month journey to ween herself off topical steroids: ‘My skin was addicted to the medication’ Eczema sufferer driven to distraction by her unbearably itchy skin admits she scratches her legs with SCISSORS until she bleeds Eczema sufferer who has been battling itchy, flaking skin since ditching her steroid creams endures cruel double takes from strangers Eczema sufferer who kept applying more and more steroid cream is hospitalised after suffering horrific reaction from overuse Eczema sufferer whose itchy skin would burn then blister says a strict vegan diet of RAW fruit and veg has stopped her breakouts Eczema sufferer, 20, sheds so much skin she has to vacuum her bed EVERY DAY and is afraid to leave her house because people stop and stare Eczema sufferer, 23, is left ‘looking like a lobster’ after horrific reaction to steroid creams Eczema sufferer, 24, reveals she fell into a deep depression after ditching steroid creams left her battling cold sweats, shakes and a rash that covered her face Eczema sufferer, 28, ‘with lizard-like skin’ doesn’t have sex with her boyfriend after being left in unbearable pain from ditching her steroid creams she has slathered on since she was five Eczema sufferer, 43, claims BEER triggered a flare-up which left her ‘addicted’ to steroid creams that severely burnt her skin and left it so hot ‘you could fry an egg on it’ Eczema sufferers told to stop using a skin cream ‘immediately’ after regulators warn the product which claims to be a natural Chinese herbal remedy contains illegal steroids ‘Eczema was ruining our lives – we never slept’: Mother at her wit’s end with son’s skin condition discovers cure that worked in just DAYS Ed Miliband claims NHS bodies will soar from 153 to 521, but accused of ducking controversy over strikes Editing genes to create ‘designer babies’ in order to enhance their looks or intelligence could be ‘morally permissible’, UK ethics council says Egg freezing should be every father’s graduation present to his daughter, claims leading fertility expert Egg-freezing advice provides ‘false insurance’ for young women: Women should put motherhood on ice at 25 not in their 30s ‘Eggs contain formaldehyde and bananas have ethene gas’: Teacher reveals the ingredients of normal foods to de-bunk the myth of ‘chemical-free living’ Eight in ten women experience early symptoms of the menopause but struggle to get help unless they have had their last period Eight measles cases reported in New York’s Westchester County as officials fear the virus is spreading state-wide Eight people are struck down with salmonella from contaminated batch of Dr Zak’s liquid egg white as officials launch urgent investigation Eight steps to beating hay fever: Leading expert DR MIKE DILKES reveals everything you need to know about combating airborne allergies Eight weeks of mindfulness reduces stress in students during exam times, according to Cambridge University academics who carried out the largest study of its kind Eight weird things that can happen after you climax – including an orgasm in your FOOT, hallucinations and sneezing! Eight-month-old girl was left in agony after biting into a caterpillar and needed surgery to remove the black hairs and tentacles stuck in her mouth Eight-week-old baby dies of sepsis after ‘patronising’ out-of-hours doctor sends her home when her parents took her to hospital Eight-year-old girl survived stage four cancer after doctors ‘misread her scans’ for three YEARS and told her family she was ‘fine’ Eight-year-old girl survived stage four cancer after doctors ‘misread her scans’ for three YEARS and told her family she was ‘fine’ Eight-year-old is cured of her selective mutism following holiday of a lifetime: Girl speaks to her sister and school friends for the first time following years of only talking to her dad Eight-year-old’s brain was infested with 100 tapeworm eggs causing her to suffer epileptic seizures: Girl became ill after eating unwashed fruit or uncooked pork Ejaculating at least 21 times a month significantly reduces a man’s risk of prostate cancer ‘El Niño is to blame for the Zika outbreak’: Exceptionally hot and dry winter in Brazil triggered the crisis, say experts Elderly and other vulnerable patients at risk as thousands of vital flu jabs are cancelled due to vaccine shortage Elderly are being neglected by the NHS because loved ones won’t speak up: Hard-hitting report finds 4 in 10 don’t complain Elderly deaths from falls have nearly tripled since 2000, new study reveals Elderly falls cost the US $50 BILLION a year, CDC reveals Elderly in ‘free care’ being hit by hidden fees: Thousands of families being charged ‘top ups’ that can exceed £100 a week Elderly patients are being discharged from hospital with potentially lethal cocktail of drugs Elderly patients dying of thirst: Doctors forced to prescribe drinking water to keep the old alive, reveals devastating report on hospital care Elderly patients face EVICTION from hospital if relatives struggle to find them a nursing home Elderly people grieving the death of a loved one are often misdiagnosed as depressed – when they’re actually just lonely Elderly people should smoke POT to prevent memory loss, study claims: Cannabis revived brains of old mice – and could do the same in humans Elderly people should take probiotics to preserve their bones: World first trial reveals supplements full of ‘good bacteria’ can halve age-related bone loss Elderly people visited by volunteers feel emotionally and physically healthier and more able to cope with challenges of old age, study finds Elderly people with dementia ‘more likely to suffer falls’ if they are given anti-depressants in care homes Elderly to get 30-minute GP appointments: Bid to stop them ending up in A&E as part of £200million NHS shake-up Elderly warned that taking fish oil pills ‘does not prevent brain decline’ Elderly woman claims doctors ‘removed half her RECTUM after false cancer diagnosis made using another patient’s test results’ Elderly woman who had a mole on her face removed now has a tumour TWICE the size of her head – but she refuses to have surgery Elderly women should eat broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts to reduce their risk of stroke, study finds Elderly women with breast cancer are denied even basic treatment like chemotherapy and surgery with fewer than half over-85s operated on Electric headband to help stroke patients use their hands again Electric jab in your arm that fights skin cancer Electric muscle zapper as good as 20,000 sit-ups…sceptical? Just look at what it’s done to one woman’s tummy! ‘ELECTRIC SHOCK’ therapy is on the rise in England: The number of controversial procedures has increased by 11 per cent in just four years Electric zaps bring brain-dead people back to life for a week: Scientists successfully ‘reawake’ two patients from a vegetative state with brain stimulation Electrician undergoes pioneering heart transplant using an organ that had STOPPED beating and was revived before being implanted Electric-shock therapy lifted me from the hell of depression Electronic headband that could end migraine misery for millions is approved on the NHS ‘Electronic nose’ can sniff out cancer in breath of patients Electronic nose can ‘sniff out’ superbug C-diff in patients’ faeces Electronic pill that helps you slim by tricking your tummy Ellie, our human rattle: Cancer girl had to take FIFTY different pills to combat cancer – now she’s been given the all clear Elon Musk reveals he is bipolar in candid tweets about ‘terrible lows and unrelenting stress’ from depression Embarrassing problem men won’t talk about Embrace hugging: Daily cuddles can combat infections and lowers risk of heart disease Embryo from skin cells: Cloning era closer after men’s DNA put into egg Emergency cancer drug fund ‘runs out of cash’: Thousands face being denied life-extending medication Emergency vaccinations for pregnant women as whooping cough cases triple Emerging sexually-transmitted infection MG that can make women infertile ‘could become the next superbug’, experts warn Emma lost 20st by dieting. So should the NHS pay to remove the unsightly saggy skin left behind? Emma Stone’s personal trainer reveals how YOU can get her toned abs, arms and legs – with these simple tips Emollient creams can build up in clothes and lead to FIRE DEATHS whether they have a high paraffin content or not, health officials warn Emotional and physical abuse worsen menopause symptoms: Assaulted women are 60% more likely to suffer night sweats, vaginal issues and sleeplessness, study finds Emotional eating starts in CHILDHOOD: Children given treats as rewards are more likely to self indulge as they grow up Emotional moment 14-year-old girl breaks down in tears as she hears her mother’s voice clearly for the first time in years following a cochlear implant Emotional moment colour-blind father sees his toddler son clearly for the first time ever after being surprised with a pair of pioneering glasses Emotional moment family of a man who donated his organs after passing away met one of his recipients by CHANCE at a baseball game Emotional moment musician with Alzheimer’s plays a guitar 5 YEARS after the cruel disease forced him to walk off stage because he kept forgetting the words Emotional video reveals what it’s like to suffer a panic attack: Man makes film to prove ‘anxiety IS real’ – and tells viewers it feels like his ‘brain is on fire’ Emotional video shows 13-year-old cancer patient crying as he rings the hospital bell to celebrate going into remission after gruelling chemotherapy Employees who deliver ‘service with a smile’ are more likely to drink heavily because ‘faking a grin is draining’ Empty state-of-the-art hospital in the heart of Liverpool costs £500,000 a MONTH to run even though it is not expected to open until the end of next year Empty-nesters turn to junk food: Parents of children who have left home admit having worst diet of their lives because they no longer have to set an example Encounters with God, even if they are drug-fueled, provide lasting mental benefits, study suggests Encouraging doctors to COMPETE to refer more patients for cancer testing ‘could save thousands lives’ Encouraging the elderly to play Wii and Xbox could prevent dementia, study reveals End of anti-depressants? Magnetic pulse therapy eases depression in third of patients End of HRT? New breakthrough drug that ‘cuts hot flushes in days’ could benefit millions of women End of postcode lottery for cataracts treatment: Victory for the Mail as thousands are to be offered surgery End of smoking in sight? More than 3 million people in Britain now vape as charities say smokers are ‘finally getting the message’ that switching to e-cigs can improve health End of the cataract postcode lottery: NHS are told to halt rationing and offer surgery to all sufferers as soon as their quality of life is affected End of the eye surgery lottery: Jeremy Hunt hails Mail campaign as he pledges fair deal for elderly cataract patients End of the vasectomy? New implant allows men to turn their fertility on and off with the flick of a switch (inside the scrotum) End of the yo-yo diet? Scientists discover key protein which piles the weight back on End our daughter’s suffering, plead heartbroken parents of girl, 4, whose cancer has left her with huge, agonising facial tumour End the donor shortage: A kind man’s death, the little girl he saved and a very special friendship End the tyranny of trying to be perfect, comfort food to give your mood a boost and how to soothe away your child’s fears: Beating anxiety by a woman who suffered it and found a cure End those snory, sleepless nights… with a throat lift! People who suffer from a severe sleep disorder to benefit from pioneering new throat procedure End to doctor visits? Large study reveals most parents plan to use telemedicine for their kids in 2017 to skip hours-long wait times Enduring just THREE awful events is all it takes for a woman to end up with heart disease, reveals study Enduring the misery of menopause? Try acupuncture! Treatment ‘reduces hot flashes and night sweats by 40%’ Energy drink called ‘Natural Power High Energy Drink SX’ is banned in Zambia ‘because it has been spiked with VIAGRA’ Energy drink is banned for causing erections: Investigation reveals ‘herbal’ libido booster was also laced with impotence drug Energy drinks ARE more dangerous than other caffeine-laden options and raise blood pressure in just 2 hours Energy drinks ‘change the way the heart beats’ Energy drinks ‘increase the risk of mental health problems and drug and alcohol abuse’ Energy-boost vitamin B pills linked to lung cancer: Risk can be double in men who take high doses over long periods Energy-boosting supplements may be deadly: ‘The 12 most popular’ brands contain ingredients linked to heart problems, adrenal failure and depression Engineer becomes victim of yet ANOTHER exploding e-cigarette battery: 24-year-old’s leg is set on fire after device blows up in his pocket Engineer claims he pulled out his own TOOTH with pliers after waiting more than 18 months to find an NHS dentist Engineer saves his own life and 40 others by inventing device to repair life-threatening heart defect Engineer, 27, who pulled her hair for TWO DECADES finally has thick locks after creating the world’s first lotion to treat the disorder that left her bald and feeling like a ‘freak’ England is buying more recreational drugs on the dark web than every country except FINLAND as major study reveals the country also takes the most MDMA England rugby stars lead heart-warming campaign to raise £500,000 for a drug that could save a 10-year-old boy’s life by stopping his cancer coming back for the THIRD time England’s breast cancer screening programme is running on ‘ageing’ and ‘risky’ IT systems, official review warns England’s death hotspots: Interactive map shows the 32 areas where you are 29% more likely to die of avoidable causes ‘because of NHS funding issues’ (so how does your town fare?) England’s STI hotspots: Map reveals the areas where you are most likely to pick up a sexually transmitted disease (and the top 10 are ALL in London) England’s crack cocaine and heroin divide: Bristol and Middlesbrough have the highest rates (but how does your area fare?) England’s damning pregnancy smoking map: Graphic reveals expectant mothers in Blackpool are 23 TIMES more likely to smoke than those in West London England’s dental crisis: Rotting teeth is the leading cause of hospital admissions in young children – while half of adults haven’t been to the dentist in two years England’s depression crisis: Antidepressant prescriptions double in a decade – costing the NHS £780,000 a DAY England’s healthy eating hotspots: Northerners are less likely to eat their ‘5-a-day’ than their southern counterparts England’s lazy children: A third of youngsters are doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day, world’s biggest study reveals England’s mental health crisis: Shocking figures reveal the number people being sectioned has risen by 10% in just a YEAR England’s north-south PAIN divide: Northerners are up to 38% more likely to endure chronic discomfort than their southern counterparts English and Welsh lung cancer patients are being denied the tumour-blasting drug which is available to Scots English are ‘healthier than Americans at all ages’ despite spending far less on healthcare English breakfast tea may aid weight loss by boosting metabolism – but one key ingredient needs to be absent English children are fatter than ever: More than 24,000 10 to 11-year-olds are ‘severely obese’ with those in poor areas TWICE as likely to be overweight as their rich schoolmates English man catches SUPER GONORRHOEA after a one-night stand with a woman in south east Asia, in world’s first confirmed case (and it’s resistant to two crucial antibiotics) English patients with an eating disorder are being sent to Scotland because of the NHS bed shortage English teacher, 40, has been left with brain damage from a TICK BITE after misdiagnosing his symptoms for flu Englishman who caught the ‘world’s worst’ case of super-gonorrhoea from a one-night stand in south east Asia (despite having a girlfriend) has been CURED after scientists find an antibiotic that works Enjoy a turkey dinner on December 24 to help youngsters nod off when they are excited about Santa, claims therapist as she reveals FIVE other tips to induce sleep Enormous cervical tumour makes single woman, 39, look pregnant with TRIPLETS and has robbed her of her dream of having children Enough to make you think about giving up? Hard-hitting video shows the damage to your lungs after smoking just ONE pack of cigarettes Entrepreneur starts new cosmetics brand donating make-up to cancer patients ‘to make them feel beautiful during chemo’ after losing her friend, 24, to the disease Epic bucket list of boy who has incurable cancer: Eight-year-old has driven supercars, flown helicopters, met his celebrity heroes and has been given a Harry Potter wand from JK Rowling Epidemic of elderly people too afraid to admit they’re lonely: A million people are suffering in silence because of the ‘stigma’ of isolation Epidemic of health tourists ‘costs us billions’: Thousands fly to UK for treatment and leave without paying… and NHS is powerless to act Epidemic of old men suffering a life of loneliness: But they are too stoical to admit it says charity Epidemic of the 30-something men with NO libido – with the stress of juggling work and family life to blame Epilepsy charity’s slogan urging people to ‘Seize the Day’ sparks criticism as even sufferer Katie Hopkins brands it ‘crass’ Epilepsy drug linked to birth defects in 4,000 children: Women who took medicine were four times more likely to give birth to a child with a malformation Epilepsy drug risk hidden for 40 years: Estimated 20,000 children were severely harmed because dangers of common treatment were not disclosed Epilepsy drugs increase people’s risk of dementia by up to 60% by breaking down brain cells Epilepsy spotted by suit that tunes into the brain and can be worn at home or under everyday clothes Epileptic boy, 11, who became the first Briton to be prescribed cannabis on the NHS, makes ‘incredible’ recovery after having NO seizures for 10 months Epileptic boy, seven, whose plight triggered the Government’s medicinal cannabis review now attends school every day and can even ride a bike thanks to taking the oil Epileptic girl, three, whose family couldn’t get medicinal cannabis on the NHS is ‘saved’ after Canadian firm gives her the drug for free meaning she no longer suffers 30 seizures a day Epileptic girl, two, who is one of the first British children to be prescribed medicinal cannabis STILL can’t get the treatment on the NHS as her father has to pay £1,000 a month for a private supply Epileptic girl, two, who is one of the first children in Britain to be prescribed medical cannabis can’t get treatment because it ‘will take weeks to import’ – as MP vows to fly to Canada HIMSELF to get it for her Epileptic mother passes out on top of her curling tongs during seizure leaving her with horrific burns that need skin grafts and six operations to repair Epileptic, 27, reveals she ‘died for six minutes’ and was left bed-ridden for a year after a deadly dose of prescription drugs caused her to have a cardiac arrest Epileptics are up to 5 TIMES more likely to die by suicide, be involved in fatal accidents or overdose, reveals major study EpiPen manufacturers did nothing to fix faulty devices despite reports of users DYING and developing serious illnesses, FDA says in damning report EpiPen rival to hit the shelves: French company to relaunch anti-allergy drug in 2017 amid outrage over Mylan’s price hike. But will it be cheaper? ER doctors cut opioid prescriptions by more than HALF by treating pain with laughing gas and dry needles Era of low calorie sweeteners: 200% increase in ‘diet’ drinks among US kids in 10 years – but are they REALLY much better for them? Erectile dysfunction supplements sold on Amazon contain ingredients which have NO scientific evidence to prove they work Escape from the gym! The weather is far too nice for thrashing away on a treadmill – discover new ways to burn those calories Essure coil contraceptive implant that has driven women to the brink of suicide has been withdrawn from sale in the EU – but is still available in the US Estate agent, 40, is left with a deformed lip after years of tanning without suncream caused a cancerous lump that she thought was just a spot Estate agent’s heartache after botched boob reduction surgery leaves her with a ‘third breast’ under her ARMPIT Estonia will screen nearly one-tenth of its population’s DNA in a controversial move to assess their disease risk Estrogen replacement patches really DO boost a woman’s sex drive during menopause – and pills are as useless as a placebo, study says Ethiopian woman bitten