Side Projects

Travel (2019)

I went travelling a load in 2019 and if you like shaky-cam videos of other people’s holidays you can see it all here:

Tinder Tips (2018)

In 2018 I entered the Screaming Frog company-wide ‘get the most organic traffic in 6 months’ competition… and won!

I made a website on how desperate dudes can get Tinder dates… I had to do a lot of research… honest… 

(Sometimes the styling doesn’t work, but whatever.)

Lord of the SERPS (2017)

I’m currently experimenting with a Twitter account that posts stupid SEO jokes with Lord of the Rings gifs.

It’ll probably surpass my real twitter in followers soon. That says a lot about SEOs.

Student Film Film (2014)

I made this short ‘comedy’ at university while procrastinating my finals. It’s a mockumentary which centres on a megalomaniac student director, as played by the magnanimous Alexander Bunzl. As his cinematic vision begins to fail, he finds increasingly desperate methods of motivating his thespians. I certainly could not have produced it without a great deal of help from the cast and crew, but I’m quite proud of my scripting, directing, and editing.

If you don’t like it, it’s supposed to be ‘crap’. It’s all an existential metaphor. Duh.

Good Evening All of Wonderland… (2011)

This poem won the Henley Youth Festival’s Writer of the Year competition:

Good evening all of Wonderland!

This is the news at six.

I am the Mad Hatter,

And these stories are our picks:

The police are looking for Goodie-Locks,

For renting without the fare;

As well as charges of porridge theft,

Put forth by Mr Bear.

Red Riding Hood has been given an ASBO.

The reasons are not clear.

Perhaps because she is a hoodie,

Or that Mr Wolf lives in fear.

CCTV is to be installed on the bridge

To catch those who pass without a toll;

Particularly the Billy Goats Gruff,

Who often intimidate poor Mr Troll.

The three little pigs have been building

Without planning permission,

And so the Council sent in Mr Wolf

On a mission of demolition.

The Dwarf Union is to continue its strike,

For their mining labour is not for free.

And of course they stand against the cuts,

That will reduce them from seven to just three.

As for weather,

Near frogs, high chances of a kiss;

And in the night’s sky

Many a shooting star,

for you to make a wish!

By Oliver Brett, age 16