Screaming Frog- Senior SEO Consultant

A fancy new word to add to my title and a small team to manage, too.

Screaming Frog- SEO Consultant

SEO is a game of two parts:

Content, where I get to devise ingenious ways of getting my clients into the news. For the most part we focus on infographics, which gives near limitless scope for exploring a huge variety of subjects, but there’s also a plethora of potential PR and link bait angles too.

Technical and situational analysis, a chance to delve into workings of client websites, test different onpage edits, and to work out what those blasted competitors are up to as well.

I also appear a lot on the blog when SF need to promote any merch.

Scout Association- Assistant Leader

I help out at the local scout troop, volunteering the occasional Friday night to organising bike rides, camps, cooking competitions. The Scouts have had a continued presence in Henley since 1907, and it’s great to be a part of it.


University of Warwick- 2.1 History

I did courses about all sorts of history, but tried to fit module selection around what I’d already studied, with the intention of copying and pasting large chunks of essays for future coursework. You can’t plagiarise yourself.

History is all about research, writing convincing arguments, and critical evaluation of other people’s arguments. And remembering dates.

From media societies I also got a grasp on newspaper writing, video production, and project organisation. At one point I was delivering live political punditry during the SU presidential election.

I also completed an evening course in Journalism which covered UK media law, journalistic writing styles, and broadcast production.

Henley College- A Levels

History, Politics, English Language, ICT, and Critical Thinking. Straight A grades, except for a C in Critical Thinking.

Whatever. It’s not even a real subject.

Other Achievements

  • I can legally drive.
  • I won a poetry competition once.
  • One time I did a speech in front of my MP- Boris Johnson.
  • I came 2nd in the office bake off.
  • One of my tweets got over 50 retweets, look: